Auctioned Ass

Author: Eileen

I sold my ass. Well, not actually sold it, but auctioned it off. Sorry, eBay wouldn’t let me do it so I had to go private. They didn’t get to keep my ass, but they did leave with my virginity. It wasn’t easy holding on to that either. I’m not exactly what you would call a good girl. Not totally bad either, somewhere just short of both.
I started out just wanting to wait for the right guy. But then I started to see all the stupid things people were doing: tattoos to advertise, surrogate mothering, selling organs. I was always in demand, and most were trying to demand a bit of ass, so I knew I was sitting on a great investment. The hardest part was the timing. To get more bidders, and to keep them all out of jail the date for collection was my 18th birthday, damn that was a long wait.
I got my boobs when I was 14. I finished 8th grade barely holding up a training bra. By my 15th birthday in Oct, I was just shy of a D cup. Boys noticed me that year. I’m not drop dead gorgeous, just pretty, but when my boobs out grew 2 bikinis that summer guys quit worrying about what the face didn’t do for them. About the time I was filling the B cup I never swam alone anymore, I always had 2 or 3 guys in attendance. I don’t know why I did it, but I finally let one of the guys touch my boobs. He was pretty awkward about it, but he must have done something right because I felt his touch all the way to my toes. I was going to let hi get a quick grab in and brush him away, but my hand wouldn’t move. He came up from behind me and grabbed my waist planning to pick me up and dunk me, but his hands slid up my wet body. The stopped just below my boobs. I didn’t move his hands and he realized I was going to let him go a bit further. He slowly slid his hands up, pushing my bra up. As his hands slowly cupped my boobs I heard him suck in a big breath. The other two guys couldn’t believe their eyes. As his fingers slid over my boobs they brushed against my nipples which were suddenly hard, each finger sending shocks of electricity down my spine. I let him hold my boobs for what seemed like forever. In reality it was just a few seconds before I laughed it off and swam away, but those seconds gave me a new kind of wetness. After my heart slowed down, I knew that I was going to let it happen again. And it did, frequently. Seems guys can’t keep a good thing to themselves. The 2 or 3 that kept me company were joined by more, now I had a minimum of 5 following me around. Depending on who they were, sometimes I might let one have a feel, and other days they all got a chance. The pool was big enough that we could usually find a quiet corner out of the direct view of the lifeguards. But since I knew many of the lifeguards, they usually left us alone. I was just loving the attention. By mid summer I was filling my C cup and the boys started to get a bit older. The 4-5 15 year olds were replaced by 2-3 17 year olds, they didn’t like crowds. The older boys were more experienced and more gentle, but they also knew there was more to be had. Late that summer one of the lifeguards was swimming with me. This time when he grabbed my hips, his hands didn’t slide up, they pushed my bottoms down. I was standing there with half my suit floating between us. He took 2 steps toward me, I couldn’t move. He put his hands on my hips again and pulled me to him, turning me so my back was against his chest. His hands then slid down, slowly meeting below my belly button, then further down. His hands slowly parted my legs and pulled me back tight, I could feel his growing cock against my ass. He started to rub gently across my pussy lips, I leaned my head back on his shoulder and closed my eyes so we could be alone. After a few minutes his fingers parted my lips and slid up and down through my pussy. I was feeling so hot I reached behind me and slid my hands into his suit. Although guys were always showing me their manhood, his was the first I actually touched. Carefully I started to stroke it, I could hear him moaning so I guess I was doing it right. Then he hit my clit, my knees almost buckled. I just froze while he massaged my clit harder. It only took him a couple minutes and I was cumming hard. I turned to face him, his arms wrapped around me. I slid my hands back into his shorts and started to stroke him again. I pulled his cock from his shorts enough to rub it against my belly. A few minutes later he tensed up and started to shake. After a few seconds he pulled my hands away. Smiling he grabbed my suit, still floating by us, and helped me put them back on. Of course word spread and by the end of the summer 2 others had managed to slip a hand into my bottoms a few times, but none resulted in an orgasm like that first one.
Needless to say, when I started high school that fall I never had a problem getting a date. My other girl friends enjoyed my popularity too since I always managed to get them dates too. The next 4 years were just fantastic. Dates for all occasions and I went to the prom every year. The only problem I had was that since I already let guys get their hands in my pants before I started high school, they were wanting more. Two of the girls I was arranging dates for at the beginning of the year, lost their virginity before the end of their freshman year. Three of the other girls managed to make it to their sophomore prom virgin. I even watched my best friend Claire get popped in the hotel we got for the night. I was determined that I wasn’t going to put out yet. All my freshman dates knew they were going to get to feel me up, but they all had the hopes of more. Eventually they learned that I was going to let them get their hands into my pants. By the end of my freshman year I was giving great hand jobs. I even let them get me naked to do it. Being naked became my next hobby.
The next summer, and the ones to follow were pretty much the same. I had fewer guys following me around since they all knew they could have a turn when ever they called. There were occasional days when the older guys had baseball games that afternoon and evening, so only the young boys were around. I took to teasing these boys, letting my bra slip up or holding my bottoms in my hand as I swam away from them. I always gave them what they wanted in the end so they didn’t get vindictive, but I made them earn it. From the look in their eyes, I knew a couple boys came in their swim suits when I helped them slip their hand into my bottoms for their first touch of coochie. Eventually they all got the hand job they were dying for. In the evenings we would sneak back to the pool for some late night skinny dipping. Through the summer I started to look for chances to rid myself of my clothes. Guys would have parties and I would quickly lose my top. At the best parties I managed to spend half the night dancing buck nekid, and I wasn’t even drunk, most of the time.
My sophomore year started pretty much the same. Had plenty of dates, all of which insisted I end up naked at some point, but all ended up without me putting out. But things started to slow down since the girls I hooked up in 9th grade were now putting out to anyone. It was time to kick it up a notch. At the home coming dance I surprised my date a lot. He had me naked, as usual, and I was just starting to give him the usual hand job when I quickly turned and took his cock in my mouth. That first blow job really sucked (sorry about the bad pun), but he was so surprised that in no time he squirted a huge load of cum all over my face. I had no problem getting practice since my date book filled up again as soon as he got home and called his buds. At spring break one of the guys had a big weekend party (I stayed at Claire’s house). I got a bit drunk and started to give head to any guy who wanted it. From the rumors the following week, I must have blown about 15 guys, I don’t remember it all. Fortunately for me, several of the guys were long time friends who respected my no-sex rule and made sure no one took advantage of me. They freely accepted every bj I offered them, but they protected me like their sister. At the prom that year we got a hotel room. I watched Claire lose her cherry to her boyfriend, while I was giving a couple guys head on the other bed. About midnight a couple other guys showed up and suddenly her first lay turned into her first gang bang. It was all I could do to keep up with sucking the guys while they were waiting their turn for pussy. Early in the morning we kicked the boys out and slept the rest of the morning in each others arms. We had never done anything of a bi nature, yet, it was a tough night and we needed some comfort.
My junior year wasn’t much different than sophomore, I was still spending all my time naked and giving head. The only new adventure was when Claire’s brother snuck me into his room in the middle of the night. He is a very attentive lover, but he doesn’t like to waste a lot of time. By the time I got from the back door to his bedroom my clothes were scattered through the house. As we stepped into his room he took me in his arms and stated to kiss me. He wasn’t a real big kisser so this surprised me, but it felt good. He slowly worked his way down, nibbling my ear and neck, then kissing his way to my boobs which he now had one in each hand. He slowly walked me backwards to his bed and pushed me back onto it. Before I could slide up and under his covers he pinned my legs to the side of the bed. Continuing to kiss me he started to work on my belly, then slowly work further down. I was panting with anticipation. No one had ever given me oral, it was always me on the giving side. He slipped his tongue right into my hot pussy, I was already dripping. As I said, he doesn’t waste time, he immediately licked up to my clit and gripped it with his lips. Flicking it with his tongue I was moaning and kicking my feet back and forth. I thought I was going to cum right then, but he surprised me again by backing off. He worked his way back to my pussy lips, tracing them with his tongue, kissing them all over. The he started to alternate between dipping his tongue deep into my pussy, and licking around my lips some more. He kept me on edge, pushing me close, but each time backing off. My hands were entwined in his hair, pulling tighter each time he got me close. My moans never quit; I got louder as he pushed me close, then back to purring as he kept me on edge. Eventually he got my clit tight in his lips and worked it hard with his tongue. My vocabulary was limited to Ah-ah-ah, with a final AAHHH as I came. At that moment he could have taken my virginity and I would have been more than happy to give it to him. I held his head tight to my pussy and squeezing with my knees until he finally let me go and the orgasm ended. He never heard my moans, but his sister did. When he finally raised his head I heard from the corner of his room, “Awesome.” Claire had been in the room watching from my earliest moans. As she started to tell us how awesome it looked, her brother sat beside me and guided my hand to his cock. He has never been shy about being with me, and he wasn’t going to worry about his sister watching now. I’ve also never been shy so while I talked to Claire I continued to get her brother’s pants off. When I got on my knees she politely sat back and let me get to business. I was still light headed from cumming so hard, but I wanted this to make this a good one. I knew he liked to have his balls sucked, so I spent a lot of time with his balls in my mouth. Rolling each ball on my tongue, sucking the sack dry, then sucking on the other ball. I would run my tongue up his firm shaft to his bulging head, then wrap my lips around it. Working his head back and forth between my lips, making sloppy sucking sounds as I pulled my lips away. Slowly taking his cock into my mouth, taking it all in. Pressing until I had my nose against his belly. Each time causing him to suck in a lung of air. Which he could slowly let out as I licked my way down his shaft again. Working his cock back and forth like that I had him panting in no time. I managed to alternate between balls and deep throat and managed to make him last about 15 minutes. I wanted 20, but he was too far gone to hold him back. To tease his sister, when he came I leaned back and made him squirt all over my body. When he was done I licked his cock clean, then kissed him and walked out of the room with Claire to tell her all about it. None of her boys had gone down on her yet so she was full of questions.
It was just before my senior year started when I had my big idea to auction off my virginity. I started to talk about it on various chat sites and created a few anonymous facebook and my space pages to get the word out. Since I was under age I didn’t want to talk too much about what I was doing, and made sure they knew they couldn’t collect until I was over 18. All through the summer all the free e-mail accounts I had were filling up with questions. Most I couldn’t answer to keep everyone out of trouble.
When my senior year started it was time to set my plan in motion. My cousin had a friend who was good with Internet stuff. He set me up a site on some server he said he had access to. I didn’t have any money to pay him, so I had make other arrangements. Each day he sat down to work on the site I had to pay him a visit. While he worked on the site, I crawled under his desk and would work on him. For a geek he had incredible stamina. You would think that as often as a geek gets laid he would cum a lot faster. His cock was a solid 8 inches. I worked the head of his cock between my lips, getting it all sloppy and slippery. I’d take his wet slick cock and press it between my boobs. Slowly rubbing it up and down between my boobs. One hand would cup his balls, kneading them between my fingers, tugging and gently pulling on them. The other hand squeezing my boobs together. As his cock slid up from between my boobs I would lick his head and slobber on it a bit to keep it slick. His only requirement was that I keep him hard and prevent him from cumming until he was done for the day. As soon as he cums he stops work on the page and I would have to come back the next day. On my better days he would finish what he was doing and I would immediately deepthroat him and swallow every drop. Unfortunately quite often he came all over my boobs and I would have to come back the next day so he could finish what he had started. The actual auction only lasted 48 hours. Before we turned it on all the prospective bidders had to register, provide me a picture of themselves, and had to spend enough time to convince me or one of my friends posing as me on the chat sites that they were for real. All the guys were warned that I would walk away at the first sign of trouble. I had a friend who was going to go with me to help keep me safe. The guy who won the auction had to arrange transportation for me and by friend to the city of his choice. If the guy spent all his money on the auction and couldn’t afford to bring me to him, he was allowed to come to my town and set us up in a hotel. Which ever way he chose he was to pay my chaperone half the bid amount as soon as we arrived, and the rest when we were done in bed. The auction was exciting. There wasn’t a flood of bids all at one time, they came in steadily every half hour to an hour. Since I didn’t use eBay it didn’t have the automatic last bid feature. The rule was that any bid that stood for more than 5 minutes after closing time became the wining bid. At the end a few guys were back and forth bumping it $10 – $20 until one guy finally kicked it up an additional $200 in one shot, that scared the rest of them off. The auction started at Friday at 5:00 pm and finally closed Sunday at 5:45. My birthday was the following Saturday, the winner had until Wednesday to purchase 2 tickets to his chosen location or I would notify the next in line. The winner had tickets purchased by noon Monday. I couldn’t sleep all week, knowing it was finally time to lose my cherry. I had made arrangements to go visit an old friend on the weekend of my birthday. Saturday morning me and Claire (who else would be my chaperone?) flew first-class to Pittsburgh. I knew from the picture he sent that we was in good shape, but when we met I realized he was totally fit, and I was immediately impressed with his chivalry. Brad met us at the airport in a stretch Limo and made sure he had porters ready to handle our bags. He subtly tipped each baggage handler. His didn’t show off, but I could see in the porters’ eyes he was generous. When we climbed in he immediately handed Claire an plain envelope, half the bid, and then gave us each a glass of champagne. As we rode to town we all exchange some small talk. Brad was a very successful business man and enjoyed the company of attractive women. On the way to the hotel Claire said that we needed to stop at a bank so she could deposit the cash she had. The limo stopped in front of one of the branches and waited while she ran in. Seems no one gets mad there if limos park illegally. While she was in the bank I started to feel a bit frisky. I was sitting beside Brad and put my hand on his thigh. Since he didn’t flinch a bit I slowly slid it up to his crotch. He put an arm around me and leaned back. I could feel his cock growing through his pants. It was obvious he was starting to feel some discomfort, so I had to help him out. I pulled off his belt and opened the button and zipper of his pants. Fishing into his boxers I got a hold of his half hard cock. It was already long and thick and I could feel that it hadn’t fully grown yet. As I pulled his pants and boxers down I immediately noticed that he kept his cock and balls clean shaved. He must have someone do it for him since he didn’t have a nick or any razor burn. I started to stroke his cock and balls. getting down on my knees I started to lick his smooth balls. Gently I started to kiss and suck on his balls, slowly working my way to his cock head. He was fully hard now and his cock head looked like it was going to explode. He was more difficult to blow than any other guy because of how thick he was. I got his cock head in my mouth, but I wasn’t going to be able to deep throat this one. Not letting that stop me, I continued sucking on the head and licking up and down his tight shaft. His cock was so firm you would think he lifted weights with it too. Brad placed on hand on the back of my head, not to push, but to caress and play with my hair. I was doing him right because in about 10 minutes his breathing got real heavy and he started to tense up. He held my head so that his cock was just inside my mouth, but didn’t press like other guys as they start to cum. His hips started to buck and he was soon shooting his first load into my mouth. Just as he started to cum the driver opened the door to let Claire back in. I finished licking his balls clean as we pulled away from the bank and continues our trip to the hotel. As I sat beside him again he told me that it was a nice surprise. I said I knew most guys cum faster the first time, so I wanted to get that one out of the way early. After a few minutes his cock went fully soft again and he pulled his pants back up . All the time Claire sitting across from us smiled, but didn’t make comment.
At the hotel Brad took us up to our suite. He showed Claire and me our room, and pointed out where his was. The room had a private balcony with a beautiful view of the city. The bed room we were in had two huge beds and a hot tub in the bathroom. The main room had a fully stocked bar, and a freshly opened bottle of champagne on ice on the counter with 3 glasses waiting. We each had another glass and proceeded to freshen up. Brad arranged to take us on a tour of the city through the afternoon, returning to the hotel just before dinner time. Claire and I changed into our most elegant evening dresses, Brad wore a custom tuxedo. He took us to a fantastic restaurant on the hill side that looks over the city. We had a private section of the restaurant by the windows. The meal itself was incredible, and we all exchanged more small talk. The live band played music that let us all dance on the balcony by our table. After the meal and a slow ride back to the hotel it was time.
When Claire and I went into the bedroom to freshen up I found a new night outfit on the bed. It was a silk baby-doll that ties at the neck and behind my back, a silk thong and a knee length silk robe. He had my size perfect. I had never felt anything so soft. When I slipped it on it made me appreciate that I had waxed instead of shaving. It softly slipped across my body with every movement. The feel of the silk made me even more excited that I already was, my nipples were standing out so firm the robe was catching on them. Claire, being just the chaperone chose the big fluffy robe the hotel provides. By the time I stepped from the bedroom Brad had changed into a pair of silk boxers and robe. He greeted me with a glass of champagne and let me to the couch by the fake fire. Claire picked up her glass and sat by the windows to enjoy the view of the city, and be close enough in case he got too freaky.
His hands gently held my face as he kissed me. As I quit pushing toward him, his touch became soft again. Each time I moved toward him, he firmly held me back. I quickly realized he was taking charge of the night. When I took a passive role, he got down to business. His kisses were soft and light. He moved from my lips to gently kiss each eyelid and the tip of my nose. His fingers traced the lines of my ears as he nuzzled my cheeks and kissed my forehead. As his kissing moved down my face to my neck he pushed the robe off my shoulders, it silently slid to the couch, then down to the floor. He began to nibble and kiss my neck and bare shoulders. His touch was so soft I never felt him untie the baby doll neck knot. His hands held the silk and slowly slid down until he was cupping my boobs. He kept his fingers around my boobs without touching the nipples or aureolas. He continued kissing his way down, his kisses became mixed with little flicks of his tongue. He was determined to make this last a long time. I had yet to date a guy who spent as much time working on my pussy, as he has spent getting to my boobs, and he still hadn’t even made it to my nipples.
He released my boobs and slid his hands down to my hips. He leaned in to start to lick and kiss my nipples. By reflex my hands went to caress his head, but as soon as I touched him, he stopped. Once I put my arms to my sides he resumed with some playful nibbles. He had me totally turned on by now, and the inability to participate really pushed me to the edge. As he continued on past my nipples and boobs to my belly I was squirming on the couch and quietly moaning. He reached behind me to untie the back strings and the baby doll was on the floor with the robe. With just two fingers he slid my thong down and off, allowing him free access. His hands went to my hips again, and pulled me to the edge of the couch as he knelt before me, kissing and licking his way down to my dripping pussy. I constantly wanted to put my hands on him, if just to hold him, but knew he would stop if I even tried. I might as well have had my hands tied the way he had me controlled. As he moved in, licking and kissing at my pussy lips my moaning got louder and louder. The moment he kissed my clit he had me cumming and screaming. He kept me cumming until he thought I was going to pass out. While I caught my breath, he signaled Claire to refill our glasses.
After a minute to let me get my breath back he stood in front of me. When I reached for his boxers, he stepped back again and shook his head. I lowered my hands and he stood before me again. This time he pushed his boxers over his hips and they slid to the floor. His cock was once again waiving in front of my eyes; fully hard to the point of bulging. He had total control of his cock and without touching it guided it to my lips. I only held it in my lips, afraid to move lest he pull it away again. I looked up to him, this time he smiled and nodded. Keeping my hands to my side I started to work on his cock with just my lips. Pressing my face to his belly to get the whole cock in to my throat again, then sucking firmly as I pulled back from it, careful not to let it slip from my lips. After a few minutes of gentle sucking he grabbed my head and slowly started to fuck my face. While he held me I kept up the sucking and let him take control again. As his thrusting increased in tempo, I tried to suck harder and harder. Suddenly he quit thrusting, held a few seconds on my lips, then shoved his cock as deep into my throat as he could and held me there. I could feel each blast of cum both as his cock twitched between my lips, and as the cum splashed against the back of my throat and slid into my belly. He held me that way for a couple minutes while his body twitched and he finished cumming. We sat back on the couch, both totally naked as Claire once again filled our glasses. I noticed from the flushed look on her face that she was enjoying the show. Her robe wasn’t as snug as it once was, so I knew she was really enjoying herself.
We sat on the couch a few minutes, sipping the chilled champagne. His arm around me gently playing with my boob and pinching y nipple. His touch was gentle enough to be pleasant, but firms enough to keep me hot and my juices flowing. I noticed it didn’t take long for his cock to slowly rise to attention. This time when I reached for it he let me touch it. I was allowed to touch and stroke it just enough to get ti solid again. He turned to me and pushed my hands to my side again, with just a look I knew he meant for me to keep them there. He kissed me forcefully again and was immediately at my nipples again. his fingers reached down to part my lips and gently probe my hot pussy. With no effort at all he started to slip a finger just inside my pussy. I was immediately moaning and quivering. After a couple minutes of preparing me he stood up again. He bent down and picked me up as if I weighed nothing and carried me to his bedroom. Kissing me again he put me on his bed. Then gently parting my legs he crawled up between my knees. I looked down and saw him swinging and ready. With one hand he took me by both wrists and held my hands over my head. His other hand grabbed his cock and guided it to my pussy. I now understood what he had to keep himself so fit; he held himself above me with one hand above and his knees below. I could see his abs tighten as he rubbed his cock back and forth across my lips. I was again moaning in anticipation. He paused for a second. I looked at his face and could see that his eyes were locked on mine. As he held my gaze, he slowly pushed his cock into me. Slow and steady until he was fully in me; only for a second I felt a touch of discomfort as he popped my cherry. Slowly at first he started to thrust; my eyes rolled back in my head. I could feel every inch of his cock as he pulled to my lips and then slowly pushed in until his balls were against my pussy lips. Over and over again he slowly thrust into me. He kept this slow thrust going for a long time. My breathing becoming heavier and heavier as my moaning became deeper and deeper, as if I was growling. As he started to increase his thrusting speed, my panting increased. A few times I struggled to use my arms, to try to wrap them around him, but each time he just gripped my wrists tighter and thrust harder. He built up speed until he was in a frenzy. Suddenly he started to moan and pant. He had previously been a quiet lover, now he was moaning like a wild beast. From the corner of my eye I could see that Claire had stepped just inside the door to make sure I was Ok. I could also tell that she let the robe hang open and she was furiously fingering herself to an orgasm of her own. I could feel him tense up again; his thrusting moved from steady to fast and hard in followed by a short pause, then another hard slam. Releasing my hands he arched his back and slammed into me one more time. Keeping his cock buried he would press against my body with each spasm of his cock. It was the third time he came that day and it felt like he came another gallon. When he finished cuming he pulled out and quickly moved me to my knees. He mounted me doggy style continued the rhythmic thrusting. His fingers reaching around to pinch my clit. It took only another minute before I came again, harder than before. From all the panting I passed out as I came. I was only out for a few seconds, and when I came to we had collapsed on the bed, he on top of me, his cock still in my pussy, I could feel it slowly lose its firmness and slip out.
The whole night was awesome. No one had ever treated me as gentle as Brad. He made that one session of love making so intense that I was unable to do anything but lay there. I thought I would want it again; I had planned to get it repeatedly through this first night, but I was totally spent. I just lay there in his arms. He held me tight and pulled the covers over us. I couldn’t believe it, but I was asleep in minutes. The next day when we woke I went in to the other bedroom to freshen up and shower. As I stepped from the shower Claire was there. Naked with a fresh glass of champagne for me. She took my hand and led me to the other bedroom again, then into the master bathroom. The hot tub inhere was twice the size of the one in my bedroom, and it already had a hot naked man in it. Claire helped me step into the tub, then joined us, Brad sitting between us; an arm around each, a boob in each hand. We talked a little about the night before, with Claire relating what she had watched. As Claire talked I reached down to play with his cock again, but was surprised to find she already had a tight grip on it. She smiled a bit embarrassed, I smile to let her know it was OK. With that she went under the water and began to suck his cock. I could tell he was enjoying it, the guys all say she gives great head. when she came up for air the third time he turned her and took her doggy style there in the tub. I sat back with my Champagne and enjoyed the show. He again started slow and steady, with one hand rubbing her swollen clit. He quickly worked her to her first orgasm and followed it quickly with his own. He filled her with enough cum I could see it start to drip off his balls. When he pulled away I could see his cum glistening on his cock, little streams running down to his balls. Not being shy I leaned to him and licked his cock and balls clean, tasting a little girl cum mixed with his. We all resumed our previous positions and passed the bottle for re-fills. In a few minutes it was my turn to play with his cock until he was hard enough to fuck me too. We took turns through the morning, until the water had gone cold. After having lunch service delivered by room service we returned to Brad’s big bed and spent the rest of the afternoon sucking and fucking. That evening as we went back to the airport we each got one more turn riding on Brads cock; he didn’t cum, he just let us each take a turn riding him. As we pulled onto the airport grounds we quickly got dressed in our shorts and t shirts again. Brad saw us to security where he gave each of us an open ended first class ticket to come back any time we want, alone or together. He also gave Claire the rest of the auction money, not a cent more so we wouldn’t think we were just a pair of well paid whores (but weren’t we?). We know we will go back, we just haven’t decided when, or if we want to make it another incredible threesome.
When we got home it was life as usual, except there were now a dozen boys expecting their turn. Of course in exchange for his work during the auction, he was awake for most of the 48 hours, I went to see the geek first. He again surprised me with how good a geek can actually fuck when you get past the thick glasses, I will be doing him on a regular basis.
I realized later that what I earned with the auction was nothing compared to the serious fucking we received that night with Brad. A night like that made waiting to get laid worth every year I put it off.

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