First Bi experience with the guy from the locker room

Author: Alex Sanders

I’m a 27 year old male from Portland, bi-curious, and in a relationship with my girlfriend Emily. This is a story about my first gay experience a couple weekends ago.

When I was younger I always considered myself completely straight although I have been fascinated with anal sex and playing with my own ass ever since middle school. I didn’t really find my obsession weird at all because I always watched straight porn while playing with myself, I saw how much the girls in the videos loved having a dick in their ass and I wanted to feel the same way.

A few months ago. I wanted to start working out so I joined my first gym. Until this point I hadn’t been in a locker room since I was little. When I was young I didn’t think anything about guys walking around naked together but now that I was older it was a different story.

When I was changing for my first work out, there was a guy next to me who looked to be about 22. He was sitting in his boxer briefs and I didn’t mean to look, but I noticed the outline of his huge dick. I was shocked by how big it looked and couldn’t stop thinking about seeing him without the underwear, unfortunately for me he was getting dressed and not the other way around. I left the gym slightly disappointed and also confused to why I wanted to see his cock, nonetheless I couldn’t get it out of my head.

I started going to the gym fairly regularly, about 5 times a week and always hoped to see him again in the locker room. A few months went by and still no sign of him. I thought for sure that he had quit the gym but about 3 months later while lifting I noticed him walking in the front door. I was completely surprised. I wanted to follow him into the locker room but I didn’t want to seem strange so I kept lifting weights.

As I lifted I couldn’t stop thinking about getting a glance at his cock and before long I started to get hard. Before other people could see the buldge in my shorts I quickly went into the locker room. When I walked in I glanced around for the guy but didn’t see him so I jumped into the shower to rinse off. As I got out I saw him get out of the shower next to me wrapped in a towel. I was naked when I got out and slightly hard still, as we walked to our lockers I noticed that he glanced at my cock then quickly turned away, which made made me even harder. At this point I was noticeably turned on, luckily it was a smaller gym so we were the only two in the locker room and he was the only person to notice.

I felt akward that I had a hard on with him there so I quickly threw my clothes on in the corner and started walking out when he said “Hey, what’s your name?”. I was a bit startled that he was was talking to me after thinking that I creeped him out with my boner. I stopped and said “Alex, and yours?”, “Drew” he said. “I saw you playing basketball last week, you seem pretty good, some friends of mine are starting a league and need another, any interest?” I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hang out with him more so I told him I would play. Feeling strange still about getting turned on by a guy, I quickly left the locker room and went home.

A week later Drew emailed me with the details of the basketball league and said that we were going to practice the next day for our first game. I met him and the rest of the team at the gym and played a few games before hitting the locker room to change and shower. This time I wasn’t going to leave without seeing what I had been thinking about for the past few months. While we were chatting he started to undress. First he took off his shorts to reveal the large buldge in his boxer briefs and then he pulled down his underwear, his enormous cock fell out and, although I tried not to look directly at it I couldn’t help myself. I glanced down at his package then turned away awkwardly. I was hard again so I decided I needed to just leave and get dressed at home, I told Drew that I would see him that weekend for our game and headed for the door. Still naked, he stopped me and said “Hey, doing anything tonight?”, I said “No, just watching some TV with Emily”, “Wanna ditch the girl for a while and get a drink instead?”, I figured this may be my only chance so I said “Yea let’s do it”.

We decided to meet at a local sports bar, I was still in my workout clothes, because I was nervous I think I forgot to change. We started off talking about the basketball team, who was going to play where, who was good and who wasn’t, and then about work, typical guy conversation. After a couple beers and a shot the conversation turned to my relationship with Emily and how we haven’t had sex in a couple weeks. He told me that watching porn together helps get in the mood. I told him that I wish Emily would be into that but that I didn’t think she would. From there we talked about what kind of porn each other watches. At this point we were about 5 drinks in and I couldn’t help but tell him the truth, I said that I had recently started watching gay porn a bit and have started to wonder what swallowing a cock would be like and tasting another guys jizz. He said he was straight, like me, but was curious also. I could feel myself dick growing as we were talking and I couldn’t stop thinking about touching Drew’s cock. We decided that we should take off, but I didn’t want the night to end so I asked “Hey, the Trailblazers game is on tonight, I could grab a 6 pack and, if you’re down, we could watch it at your place? Emily isn’t really into sports.” “Let’s do it!” he said.

I swung by the liquor store and grabbed some beer and whiskey then met Drew back at his apartment. I was so hard I thought I was going to cum my pants the whole where there. We popped open a couple beers and took a shot of whiskey, at this point I think we both knew what was going to happen so the liquor helped calm the nerves. We watched the first quarter of the game, chatted awkwardly about the referees and the team but the whole time my mind was on how much I wanted to rub his cock and put my mouth around his balls. Just thinking about it got me hard again and soon I had a noticeable boner, the basketball shorts made it hard to hide. Drew glanced down at my crouch, “You must really like the Trailblazers?”, I didn’t know what to say at first but his time, I decided to just go for it “Sorry man, remember how I told you I wanted to suck a cock? Well I saw yours in the locker room and I want yours bad.” He laughed awkwardly then said “Same here, I want your cock” also. I couldn’t believe this was actually going to happen, my mouth watering as I leaned over and reached my hand down his pants. His cock was warm and slightly hard, it was so big I could barely fit my whole hand around it. I started stroking him under his pants, I could feel him grow and within a minute, he was rock hard. I unbuckled his jeans and pulled out his dick. I hadn’t seen him hard before, I couldn’t believe how big it was.

I stroked his dick as he leaned over and pulled down my shorts. He began to rub dick, which is about 7.5 inches and thick, so not too bad myself. This went on for only a couple minutes before I had to take him in my mouth. I got down on the ground in between his legs at started sucking him. I had practiced sucking cock with a dildo of mine so I was actually able to take a lot of him in my mouth. He groaned every time I took him deep into my throat. I squeezed his balls as I licked his cock and he groaned even louder. I could taste his pre cum which I loved but I wanted his whole load so I started sucking faster. I could tell he was getting close, that’s when he told me “Hold up Alex, I want to suck you before I cum”, I got off me knees and sat on the couch, my dick was rock hard. He told me to lay down then he leant over and started licking just above my ass hole then up to my balls. He slowly moved up to my shaft to the tip of my penis. As he took my dick into his mouth he slid his finger into my ass. I groaned loud. “Fuck yes Drew! Keep going!” He started sucking deep and fast as I thrusted my cock down his throat. The pleasure was overwhelming, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. “Drew I’m going to cum!” “Give me it all!” He said. A moment later I exploded into his mouth. He tried swallowing it all but it was too much cum for him to take as it started running down his chin onto his stomach.

“Let me taste yours now” I said. I got back down on my knees and grabbed his hard dick. I licked up the river of pre cum running down him then shoved his dick in my mouth. I blew him for a couple minutes then he stood up, grabbed my head and starting thrusting himself into my mouth. He groaned with pleasure as he mouth fucked me. I could feel that he was going to shoot. I yelled “Fuck Drew I want your load! Shoot it into my mouth!” I stopped sucking him so he could see himself shoot his cum down my throat. I opened up my mouth wide as he rubbed himself. He groaned loud as he shot a huge spurt of cum into my mouth. I kept my mouth open as he poured cum into me. My mouth was full of his jizz and some was splattered around my mouth. When he finally stopped I swallowed the mouthful of warm cum. I’ve heard cum doesn’t taste good but I loved the taste of his.

After we got cleaned up and dressed, we decided to watch the rest of the game so that I could sober up enough to drive home. As I was leaving he said “Hey Alex, you know this doesn’t need to be a one time thing, right?”. I was happy to hear that this experience may happen again, “Of course, looking forward to next time.” I left feeling a little strange about hooking up with a guy but also excited for round two. When I got home Emily asked if I had fun with the boys, I told her I did and that Drew and I got along really well. Hopefully she never knows how well.

I plan on hanging out with Drew again soon and when I do I’ll be sure to write about the experience.

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