The Wayward Mailman

Author: Sch

Jill slid behind a huge oak tree. She watched the mailman advance toward 1793 Norwalk Avenue. So far the morning had been unsuccessful, but she was sure she would catch him in the act. After all, he had been doing this for three years now. Jill had to find out, the suspense was killing her. Also, her reputation as the neighborhood gossip had to be upheld.

The mailman dropped several letters into the dark mailbox on the wall, then crossed the neatly-groomed yard to the next house. A dog barked nearby. Jill looked around suspiciously, then glance at the mailman.

“Damned,” Jill mumbled. She had been sure that 1793 was the right house. A very sexy blonde divorcee lived there. Jill turned and rested with her back against the tree. She found herself looking into the eyes of a 12 year old boy on a bicycle. He was looking from her to the mailman and back again.

“What are you doing?” the boy demanded.
“Why aren’t you in school?” Jill growled in an evil mood. He looked like a nosey kid. He would probably grow up to be a drug peddler.
“I’m home sick,” he said condescendingly.

“Then get your ass into bed. You don’t go out and play when you are home sick. NOW!” she screamed, hurrying him on his way. Jill rolled around the trunk of the tree and looked for the mailman. He was gone! So it must be 1795. He didn’t have time to go anywhere else.

Unfortunately, she didn’t know who lived at 1795. Jill lived on the adjoining street, Madison Avenue.
Jill hurried down the sidewalk. She approached 1795, hurried across the yard and stood in front of a heavy hedge. She could hear voices coming through the open window, and one of them was definitely male. It must be him. She wanted to barge in through the front door and confront them, but she would be arrested for trespassing if she did. Unfortunately, screwing the neighborhood women was not against the law, even for a mailman who consistently delivered the mail half an hour late. She had set out to see who was stealing that half an hour. It was her half hour and she wanted it back. Her mail was supposed to be delivered at precisely 2:13 PM. Somebody owed her. Besides, her friends had challenged her. She had to find out all she could to satisfy them.

She heard a girlish peal of laughter and growled in outrage. Not only were they fucking, he was telling her jokes? How dare they. It was time to put an end to this. She broke a branch off the hedge before her, jabbed her arm with it and waited for a welt to appear. When one did appear she dropped the broken branch and approached the front door. She hesitated for only a moment, before pressing the button. A sweet black-haired girl in her early twenties opened the door. She gave Jill a questioning smile, looking around behind her, before looking at Jill again.

“I… I hurt myself on your hedge,” Jill said, displaying her marked arm.
“My hedge is on my lawn, fifteen feet from the sidewalk,” the woman said with a quizzical smile.
“Wha… oh,” Jill said in sudden embarassment.

“Come in,” the woman said, stepping back. Jill practically lunged inside. She immediately saw the mailman sitting at the dinning room table. He was eating a cookie. There was a tall glass of milk in front of him. His bag of mail sat on the floor behind him. If he had been 200 pounds heavier and dressed in red, he might have been mistaken for Santa.

Jill looked into his smiling, wholesome face, and piercing blue eyes. Her breath was taken away at that one glance. She had never been so close to him before. He was slender and handsome.
My God, what am I doing here? Jill suddenly wondered, feeling totally out of place.
“Hi,” the mailman said. “Come for cookies?”
“She had an accident,” the woman said with a warm smile. She needs a bandaid.
“I know you,” he shook a cookie at Jill while chewing thoughtfully. “1929 Madison Avenue?”
“Yes,” Jill said in surprise.
“Why that’s just across the block,” the black haired woman said in surprise.

Jill nodded, confused, embarrassed, horrified. “I… I wanted to meet you and couldn’t think of a rational excuse,” Jill lied to the woman. “So I made up…” she trailed off, wishing that God would strike her dead and save her from further embarassment. How could she be so dumb? How could she mistake an elicit affair, with a milk and cookie stop? She was so fucking stupid.

“How sweet,” the woman said, pressing a bandaid over Jill’s welt. “Ok, you sit and I’ll get another glass. Today is chocolate chips, Todd’s favorites.”
“That’s me,” the mailman raised his cookie.
Jill reluctantly picked up a cookie, bit into it, and moaned in enjoyment. By the time that the milk arrived, she was just finishing her second cookie.
“Another happy customer,” Todd said, wiping his face. “I got hooked on Janice’s cookies when she left me a batch for Christmas one year. I thanked her, she invited me in and I’ve been stopping ever since.”

“I think that was four years ago,” Janice said.
“Three,” Jill said automatically. She didn’t look up to see the surprised looks on their faces. She finished her third cookie and downed her glass of milk. Todd was lifting the bag of mail to his shoulder.

“Wonderful,” she gasped as the milk cooled her stomach. “Thank you very much,” Jill said, getting to her feet. “I have to get back to my… house,” she said, running out of excuses. She practically ran from the house. Todd and Janice looked after her in surprise. Todd shook his head, thanked Janice, and walked out. Janice looked at her crumb-covered table, shook her head at her peculiar neighbors, and started collecting glasses.

“How could I be so fucking stupid?” Jill mumbled, pacing from one side of her dining room to the other. “How could I be SO fucking stupid?” she yelled. She looked out the window and saw the mailman approaching. She was still so embarrassed that she wanted to die. But she wanted to fuck that good looking son-of-a-bitch even more. Out of sheer desperation she rushed toward the front door and yanked it open, scaring him out of his wits. He paused with the mail in his hand and handed to her with a smile.

“Please, come in,” she said, pulling him forward.
“Well I really have…”
“I wanted to apologize. I thought you were having an affair and I was jealous. I went to confront you and…”

“Why would you be jealous?” he asked skeptically.
“Because… because… Because I wanted to have an affair with you too,” she finally gasped.
“Really? That would be wonderful. Nobody has ever offered before,” he said happily. “I’ve heard stories, you always hear stories, but to actually meet…”
“Will you fuck me or not?” she demanded.

“Well sure. I’d be happy too,” he dropped his mail bag on the floor. She gasped in surprise, then quickly slammed the door behind him. She led him to the couch, abruptly at a loss. She really hadn’t expected him to say yes.

“You have a nice place here,” Todd said, looking around. “Does a husband come with it?”
“No, not any more. We were only married for a year.”

“Too bad. It’s a hell of a waste,” he said, suddenly touching her shoulders. She shuddered under his touch. She bent and began patting couch cushions into place. He leaned forward and placed his nose near her ass. He sank down to his knees behind her. Her pussy was so close he could smell it. It smelled delicious, a little like pussy and a little like lilacs. He inhaled deeply, taking in her heavenly aroma. Slowly, with a will of their own, his hands came up and touched the back of her legs. Gently, they slid up into her shorts, until each hand held a cheek of her ass. He kneaded them firmly, while pulling her pussy up against his nose. He inhaled again. He heard her take a deep, shuddering breath. She moved slightly, spreading her legs.

Todd pushed up the left leg of her shorts until he found the soft crease just below her ass cheek. He kissed it gently, then licked it. It was fresh, warm, and slightly salty. He licked his lips for a moment, then licked the other crease. She shuddered, melting in his hands. Suddenly eager for more, Todd spun her around and sat her on the couch.

Her slender soft hands came down to rest on his head. She caressed his hair absently, while he inhaled the aroma of her pussy once more. It was more that he could stand. He yanked down her shorts and panties in one quick jerk. He sat facing her lightly-haired pussy. He spread her pussy lips with his thumbs and sucked her clit into his lips, nursing gently on the throbbing member. It was like a little cock.

“Oh yes, suck it,” she whispered, almost in his ear. eating pussy was something that Todd seldom did, but he could make a slight exception. He reached out and licked her long, stiff clit lightly, while his right thumb plunged up inside her pussy. She gave a shuddering gasp and pulled his face tight against her pussy. He sucked the clit into his lips and milked it, before strumming it with his tongue.

Todd didn’t mind stimulating the woman, but he needed attention himself. It was time to sink his cock into some hot meat. He stood, spun her around, and bent her over the arm of the couch. She laid with her ass presented, her hands on the cushions of the couch, as he stepped out of his uniform. He grabbed his cock and pressed it against the entrance to her pussy. He rubbed it up and down briefly to lubricate it, then shoved. He sank his cock into her pussy up to the hilt. She gave a little cry, but pressed back against him. Her pliable ass cheeks were mashed out of shape by his hard hips. He shoved hard to get the best penetration he could. His hands went to her hanging breasts. He pulled her blouse apart and filled his hands with womanly globes of flesh.

“Oh fuck yes,” he sighed. Slowly he began pistoning his cock in and out of her wet cunt. The slap of hips against soft ass cheeks grew loud in the room. Her moans of passion were even louder. Mashing her tits in brutal fingers, Todd fucked Jill hard. Outside, children passed on the way home from school. He watched them absently, as he plunged up into Jill’s sweet ass. His cock was well-lubricate, sliding in and out smoothly. Her moist pussy was hot now, very hot. Moisture from her pussy was dripping down from her pussy and creating a wet spot on the carpet. Her hands clawed the material of the couch, as his hard penis filled her body cavity to the breaking point. She felt his cock clear up to her abdomen. It was just what she needed.

She had been watching Todd since the day he first became her mailman. She had even gone into her bathroom to masturbate. Now she was actually being fucked by the handsome young man right in front of her window, and she didn’t care. She loved a man in uniform.

His hard, pistoning cock was filling her ass with fire. He was wild and young, his desires were as hot and urgent as her own. Who would have thought that SHE was the illicite affair on his daily rounds. Should she tell her friends, or keep them in suspense?

fuck me good,” she screamed in sudden abandon. Todd pumped into her ass several more times, then stopped. His legs were getting tired. He pulled out of her wet pussy and pushed her down on the couch.

“Roll over on your back and grab your ankles,” he whispered. She hurried to comply. Feeling silly with her feet up in the air, she waited as he knelt before her. She gasped at the first contact. His cock entered her pussy, pushing slowly, intolerably slow until his full length was inside her. He felt even larger from that angle, and she could watch him as he fucked her. He fucked her pussy for several more minutes, then pulled it out, rubbed it against her ass and shoved. She screamed as the huge cock seemed to split her asshole apart. He reached down and rubbed his hand over her pussy, rhythmically massaging her clit and wet pussy lips, while his hard penis slid in and out of her rectum. The fire from both seemed to blend together into one massive fire. Before she could get ready, her pussy began to spasm and she found herself in the middle of one massive orgasm. He continued to pump away in her ass, while she mindlessly babbled and raved, hunching her pussy against his rotating hand, and her ass against his pelvis. All too quickly, it was over. But to her amazement, he was not through. He continued to pump away inside her ass, renewing the glow that had just been extinguished by her orgasm.

She felt the fire building again, much faster than it had before. To her astonishment, she felt her pussy clenching stronger and stronger until a second orgasm tore her loins apart. A twisted smile lit Todd’s face, while he watched her thrash around on the couch. He liked the feeling of her ass clenching on his hard cock. He liked how she hunched her pussy against his hand, trying helplessly to satisfy herself. He liked showing her who was in control.

Then the smile left his face. He was going to cum. Pumping faster and faster, thrusting in tune with the loud slap of flesh, and the sticky liquid sounds that came from his hand in her pussy, he groaned and closed his eyes, only aware of the heat and spasms in his own loins. With an animal cry of lust he heaved his cock into her ass and froze. His cock hesitated, then spewed hot cum into her ass. She withered on his cock, bringing herself to orgasm. They intertwined, gasping and clutching at each other as their bodies exploded.

They finally stopped and lay side by side on the couch. Todd got up slowly and redressed, while watching the happy glow on Jill’s face.

“That was even better than cookies,” he said happily.
“Can you stop by tomorrow?”

“I don’t see why not. I may have to start an hour early, to deliver the mail on time. Thanks a million,” he gave her a jaunty salute and made his way through the front door.
“Fuck them,” Jill said, thinking about her friends. She would tell them that she found out, but not tell them who. It would drive them fucking nuts.

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