A day of firsts

Author: Belle Dimond

My high school graduation was a time of firsts. For my school, it was the first time every graduating student was over the age of 18. For my best friend, Cyndi, it was the first time she had the courage to prove her stepfather wrong about something and actually graduate. For me, it was the first time I had sex with a boy. And the first time I had sex with a girl. And the first time I had sex with more than one person at once – and…well you get the idea!

It all started the day before graduation. Cyndi and I were in my bedroom getting ready to go to the rehearsal when she started crying. I put down the dress I had been getting out of the closet and put my hands on her shoulders. “Cyndi, what’s wrong??”

“Nothing is wrong, I’m just so happy! (sob)”

“Cyndi!” I put my arms around her in a nice, comforting hug while she shook, the sobs eventually dying down.

“It’s just – well, you know my stepfather.”

I nodded. I knew her stepfather only too well. Cyndi’s father had left when she was 11 and her mother had married this arrogant bastard in less than a year after that – probably out of loneliness and needing to pay the rent. “Go on” I said.

“Well, he is always telling me what a loser I am. That nothing will ever come of me and that I might as well become a prostitute or a phone sex actress! Now here I am, about to graduate high school and I’m going to college in the fall. I did it all on my own – but your emotional support has been what’s pulled me through when I didn’t think I could do it.”

I smiled at Cyndi and we sat down on the edge of my bed. She really had come a long way. She was smart, funny and beautiful in such an innocent way – because she didn’t even know she was beautiful – probably because of her stepfather undermining her self-esteem all the time. But *I* knew she was beautiful. I gave her another hug and inhaled the fragrance of her. Before I knew it, I felt her breathing get heavy as her hand slid so slowly and gently under the strap of my bra in the back.

I sucked in my breath, but didn’t move. I immediately felt the blood rush to my crotch as I realized what Cyndi was doing. I was shocked but not unhappy – I had often fantasized about Cyndi when I was alone and under the covers at night. I just never knew she felt the same way about me.

Her hand moved, under my bra, around to the front and slid up . . . slowly . . . until the fabric was moved up over my breast, and her hand now covered where the fabric had been. My nipple was growing hard, as she began to carress and knead. She began to say something when I covered her mouth with mine in a long, slow, tounge-teasing kiss.

She broke away and just looked at me, wild-eyed! Then we both ripped off our bras and embraced again, this time it was she who kissed me, and pushed me back on the bed. She continued to kiss me as her hand found my right breast and fully explored it. Cupping, carressing, kneading – and then pinching my nipple gently between her thumb and forefinger and just rolling it so exquisitely that it just drove me insane!

My hips were beginning to writhe a little by this time and she slipped her hand just under the elastic in the waist of my panties. I let out a slow, involuntary moan as her hand slid further under my panties. I felt her fingers slip over my mound and stop just above my clit . . . my pussy lips were already open and my panties were soaking wet.

I began to feel her breasts, too, her nipples were rock hard. It seemed to turn her on just as much fingering me, as it turned me on to get fingered! She started carressing her middle finger over my clit, rubbing it in little circles. Lightly at first, and then harder and harder. Until she was pressing against it so hard that the juice from my pussy made her finger slip off and then she’d do it again! Over and over – faster and harder! My hips were bucking against her hand, as I sucked on her tounge and clutched at her breast.

I heard Cyndi moan, a lustful and whimpering moan, and that was more than I could take. My orgasm shook my body and the bed and my thighs clutched her hand to my crotch as wave after wave swept over me. I fell limp against the bed when I heard a knock on the door!

We both jumped up and went to opposite areas of the room, quickly putting on our bras and dresses as I said, “Yes!”

“Are you girls almost ready? It’s time to go…”

“Yes, Mom.”

“Ok, I’ll wait down in the car. Hurry up, you two.”

I grinned at Cyndi and she grinned back at me, both of us knowing that her turn would come later.

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