The Neighborhood Tramp

Author: CyberAge

Taking care of rental property for other people had proved to be lucrative for Ted. It also from time to time proved to a wellspring of gals wanting to be fucked. Being a manager Ted had to be careful but that didn’t stop him when the right circumstances came up. At one of the apartment groups he took care of lived two cute petite blondes.

Neither of them seemed against showing off a little of their feminine charms to the men in the neighborhood. Ted eyed them both wishing he wasn’t in his late forties as they both were almost 20 years younger than he which quite often proved to be a stumbling block between the sexes. Ted grew up being shy with the girls and some of that had carried over into his adult years. He seldom made an overt advance on a girl without some indication of willingness on her part. For the longest time neither of them gave any indication of that willingness so Ted made no move on either of them.

One of the blondes moved away so Ted decided to move into her old apartment which happened to be next door to the other blonde. He had only been there a day or two when the blonde, named Laura, came visiting. At first she just seemed to want to talk about her relationship with her husband which was not all that good to her tell the story.

Ted listened to her rattle on about things in general for several visits. Since these visits lasted several hours with her husband right next door Ted had to wonder about Laurs’s motives. He decided to test her. Laura had always sat on another piece of furniture instead of the couch next to Ted and did seem a bit nervous but one evening Ted invited her to sit next to him, commenting that he wouldn’t bite her. Laura sat down next to Ted. By this point in the conversation Laura had already divulged to Ted some of her sexual preferences.

Ted had that effect on women once they loosened up a bit with him. He had a way of making them feel at ease and spill their innermost secrets. As Laura had brought up the subject of sex Ted decided to take it a step further by putting his arm around her. When she didn’t move away he let his hand drop down and cover one of her tits. When Laura pressed his hand to her breast Ted knew he was going to get some pussy. He began playing with her one tit while his other hand was busy sliding up her leg under her short skirt. When he felt her panties there was already a wet spot there. He slipped a finger under the edge of her panties and began rubbing her clit. Laura squirmed and her hips began a slow rotating motion. Ted slipped first one then two and finally three fingers into her cunt.

“Let’s go into the bedroom”, said Laura, “where there is more room”. As they headed for the bedroom they were shedding clothes on the way. By the time they reached the bed both were stark ass naked. Laura laid down on the bed with her legs spread wide open. “Now fuck me”, she pleaded.

Ted rammed his dick into her in one motion and began pumping in and out. Laura bucked like a wild bronco. Ted fucked her hard slamming his thick dick in and out rapidly. Laura shuddered each time she exploded in a climax. All of a sudden she exclaimed “I ought to get back to the house as my husband may get suspicious”. She started to get up but Ted reached over and grabbed a tit. As he kneaded it with his hand Laura just moaned. “You bastard”, she said. Ted flipped her over on her belly and rammed his dick into her from behind fucking her even harder than the first time.

After they finished, Laura said “I really have to go now but we will get together some more. After all we are neighbors.

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