The Sexiest Kiss

Author: Maximillian Excaliber

The Sexiest Kiss
Version 1.10

By Maximillian Excaliber


While I try to make the sex as steamy as possible, I don’t write stories that just throw to people in bed by the second page. And no, I’m not criticizing those who do. Hell, I read them once in a while myself.

Except for my earlier stories, most of my work has a plot to sex ratio of somewhere between 75/25 and 85/15. So, unless you like your adult stories with a lot of much plot, you probably won’t consider them ‘jerk’ stories (unless you just skip to the juicy parts that is).

It is very important you understand that I am not, nor do I claim to be, a professional writer. I make mistakes and, despite my best effort to ensure otherwise, you will probably find some in every story I have written. I just seem to have bad luck keeping an editor. Good ones are too busy and bad ones just want to read something before everyone else does.

I encourage you to please take the time to leave some form of feedback, if for no other reason than to point out the errors you find.

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Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this story. Hope to hear from you soon.

Chapter One – “The Invitation”

My name is Celeste Johnson and I guess you could say my story beings in the present but actually, it really doesn’t. If that’s confusing, then I’m not surprised because it probably is. I’ll try to clear that up later but for now, I’ll start the most recent events.

First, let me tell you what I look like. I’m 5’10” tall and weigh about 165 pounds. I have short, curly auburn hair and brown eyes. My figure is 38-26-36 and my body is covered, except where I have bikini lines, with a deep rich tan. A friend of mine once said I looked very much like the famous actress Lucy Lawless; but, in her words, “With better tits!” Personally, I’m not so sure about that.

Anyway, I had been flirting with Jeremy Bennett for months trying to get him to respond, but he just never did. Probably because at the time he was just too scared to. It took me a while before I figured out that besides just a plain lack of confidence, he was simply too inexperienced with women to take the bait. But, I always liked a challenge and I’m not one to give up. I was driving us both back to work after lunch when I hit him with it.

“Come on Jeremy, it’ll be fun!” I told him.

“You’ve been saying for months how you wished you had a few friends. Well, now’s your chance! Go with me to the party.” I added, batting my eyelashes as I did.

He fidgeted and said uncomfortably, “But I won’t know anybody there.”

“That’s the whole point. Now’s your chance to meet some new people. And as far as not knowing anyone there goes, I’ll be there. Who knows? You might even meet the girl of your dreams there.” I told him.

I could see the pained look of hesitation on his face and could tell he was struggling with it, “I don’t know Celeste, I don’t do well around other people.”

I found out later that I was right too! The idea of having to ‘pretend’ to be the boyfriend of the one woman in his life he had ever met that was the very embodiment of the girl of his dreams seemed like cruel torture to him.

My woman’s intuition told me that he would do it anyway.

“If you won’t do it for yourself, then do it for me.” I pleaded. “One of the girls I used to go to high school with will be there. She was so mean to me back then. If I showed up without a date she’d never let me live it down and it would be like high school all over again. I’m really stuck; I can’t back out now. You’d be doing me a really big favor. You’re the only male friend I have that I can trust enough to play along with me on this. All you have to do is pretend to be my date for the night. You can do that can’t you?” I said reassuringly.

I new he would enjoy hearing me tell him that he was my friend and I could tell from the look on his face that it must have warmed his heart to hear it. Even so, I think at the time Jeremy was trying not to allow himself to get his hopes up. I suspect that he thought that a beautiful woman like me would never want anything to do with a man like him… a NERD, FREAK, GEEK!

He didn’t disappoint me, “Okay. What time do you want me to pick you up?”

“No, you’re doing me a favor; the least I could do is drive. I’ll play chauffeur tonight. You tell me where you live and I’ll be there at 7:00 P.M.” I insisted, smiling.

Even though the party didn’t start until 8:00, something told me that I might need to arrive early incase I had to give him some last minute wardrobe advice. But there was another reason I wanted to be early.

Despite the fact that he talked to me more than anyone else, Jeremy didn’t talk about much and he almost never started a conversation himself. So you can imagine my surprise when he started talking to me about how things were going with his house. Apparently, he was almost finished whatever it was he had been working on and the closer he got to completing, the more excited he became.

Seeing him animated so was quite a new, and to tell you the truth, enjoyable experience for me. So naturally, this provided me with the perfect opportunity to see what was so special about that house of his. It would also give me a chance to see how the man I had lunch with every day but knew very little about really lived!

Chapter Two – “Pocket Protectors”

Remember my saying that part of my story began in the present but actually it did not. Well, some of it that did not began about one year earlier. And it goes something like this…

“Mind if I sit here Jeremy?” I asked, pretty sure he wouldn’t object, especially because at the time, all eyes in the break room were upon me. It wasn’t because I was the most beautiful woman employed at Massive Mortgage, though I was! No, the reason everyone present in the room was looking at me was because I was about to sit at the one table in the break room considered by all to be no man’s land; and for that matter also no woman’s land. Now you might be wandering to yourself ‘What could possibly have earned this space such a dubious distinction?’ Well, I’ll tell you…

Jeremy is considered to be by all, beyond a doubt, the strangest, almost unsociable, albeit most intelligent, person anyone they had ever met.

He was the quiet, non-aggressive, unassuming type who, by his own accounts, was a loner. If there were a stereotypical nerd, Jeremy would probably have to be its poster boy. He was shy, stuttered a lot, and a terribly bad dresser. He even wore a pocket protector! In this day and age none the less!

Back to my story though.

Surprised, he looked up from the book he was reading and replied, “No.”

“No I can’t sit here or no you don’t mind?” I decided to play dumb. ‘Maybe it will get him talking.’ I thought to myself.

Embarrassed, he said, “Sorry, of course you can sit there.”

“Jeremy, do you mind if I ask you a question?” I said nervously, not quite sure how he would respond. I was looking around the room to see if everyone was still watching us. They were.

He looked quickly back down at the table suddenly and replied, “Sure Celeste, what is it? Are you having trouble with your computer again?”

There was an almost hopeful tone in his voice.

“No. Nothing like that. I was just wondering; where do you get your pocket protectors?” Okay, silly as it sounds, try as I may, at the time, I couldn’t come up with any other excuse to start up a conversation with him that day. I was going to ask him what he was eating, but he had already finished his lunch and I guess he must have disposed whatever containers it had come in before I arrived. Of course, on any other day, Jeremy would have had his nose buried in a book or magazine after he finished his lunch. But, for some strange reason, that day, he did not. So, the best I could come up with was pocket protectors!

And, to tell you the truth, it had been driving me crazy anyway. Where the hell had he found one anyway? Nobody makes pocket protectors anymore! Nobody! As I said it, it occurred to me that he didn’t have just one; he had several, all different!

He looked up at me and for a second, I could swear he was studying me. I think he was trying to figure out if I was serious or being funny. Then he said to me, “The Internet.”

“Oh! I never thought of that. Makes sense.” I said. Why hadn’t I thought of that? Then I said to him very seriously, “Aren’t they a bit dated?” I hoped he wouldn’t be offended by my candor.

He was still looking at me; studying me. “Best I could come up with.”

“Excuse me?” I asked. I had no idea what he was talking about.

Jeremy spent the next twenty minutes telling me how he hated pencils and loved pens, especially those pens with the rolling balls in the tips. His hearing was very sensitive and he said the sound of a pencil was to him just like someone grinding chalk on a blackboard but that pens didn’t bother him.

The problem was, he had a bad habit of putting his pens in his front pocket without capping them first. The ink would bleed right into the pocket and the stain would never come out. It had cost him several hundred dollars in shirts before he finally found a place on the Internet that sold pocket protectors. And they weren’t cheap either! Those little pieces of plastic they used to give away he was paying $3.95 each for. Social stigma or not, it made sense. It was cheaper than buying new shirts.

It was kind of funny now; that I think about it. No, not what Jeremy had said about the pocket protectors, though I have to admit that was too. Actually, what I found humorous at the time was the way that everyone in the room was listening to every word he said. I can’t say I blamed them though. After all, it was the first time anyone at work had heard him say more than two words in a row that was not computer related.

Well, to make a long story short. Once the ice had been broken, it wasn’t long before we were sitting at the table every day, to the astonishment of all, together eating lunch and talking occasionally about this thing or that thing. Mostly I did the talking while Jeremy just sat there and listened.

It took almost an entire year before I felt confident enough to bring up the subject of women with him. I guess he must have been comfortable with me, because that’s when, in a low whisper, he finally told me what had happened.

It seems that Jeremy had lost his virginity to some cheerleader back in high school on the first date.

When he tried to talk to her the next day in the hall at school, she laughed at him; called him freak and pretended that nothing had ever happened between them. Jeremy later found out that the only reason the girl had dated him was so that she could take his virginity. Once she had what she wanted, the teen aged vixen wanted nothing to do with him. Jeremy was devastated when he found out that to her he was just a trophy fuck.

It had been their only date, and more importantly, the only date he had ever had… ever! He never dated again.

I asked him why?

Jeremy told me that his father died when he was twelve and he was too embarrassed to talk with his mother about such a private matter. It was all made worse by the fact that Jeremy, being an only child, had no siblings to talk about it.

I realized then that’s why he had crawled into a protective shell and, except for work, lived almost reclusive life.

Chapter Three – “The Dream House”

That brings us back to present day.

I fed in the address Jeremy had given me into my GPS and began following its instructions to his house. When I got there, I had to drive around the block to see if I had made a mistake; I couldn’t believe my eyes I was that surprised! It was absolutely beautiful.

Since he had no kids, ex-wives or girlfriends to tie up his financial resources Jeremy invested all his time and money in his house and, from the way he described it, he must have put every spare dollar he had into the place. After twenty years and uncounted thousands of dollars, it was finally finished.

I had heard so much about it the past couple of weeks that it got my curiosity going so when I had any chance to come by and see it, I took it.

I parked in the driveway directly in front of the two-car garage and got out of my car. When I got to the door, I rang the doorbell and almost instantly Jeremy opened the door to greet me.

“Wow; that was quick! Are you psychic or what?” I said surprised.

He laughed, “No; not psychic. The motion sensor over the garage lets me know when someone pulls up.”

He stood there for several seconds as if he didn’t know what to do next.

“Well, aren’t you going to offer me in? We still got a few minutes before we have to be there.” I asked. After seeing the outside of his house, I was just dying to see what it looked like inside.

A look of embarrassment suddenly came on his face, “Sorry, I’m not used to having visitors. Would you like to come in? I don’t have much to drink but I can offer you some orange juice.”

“Sure.” I really wasn’t thirsty; but hey, it gave me a needed excuse to see the rest of the house.

Then, with a sparkle in his eyes, Jeremy asked, “Hey, you want me to give me you the fifty-cent tour of the place? I just finished it and you’d be the first to see it.”

The entire house was powered by solar panels on the roof. The electrical system was backed up by not one but two generators. On the inside, the whole place was decorated in an ultra-modern style. It seemed to be almost totally automated and just about everything was voice activated could be turned on my motion sensor.

Ten minutes later, we were just about through with the tour.

“We’ve got time, maybe while you can show me your wardrobe.” I said after glancing at my watch.

Astonished, Jeremy looked at me and asked, “Why? Is there something wrong with what I have on?”

“Well, to tell you the truth, it’s fine if you were going to work. But this is a social occasion. You might want to change into something a bit more casual.” I told him candidly.

He got a strange look on his face that I couldn’t quite make out.

“God Jeremy! I didn’t offend you did I? I never intended to hurt your feelings.” I said apologetically.

Red-faced now, Jeremy lowered his head and confessed, “Oh no. I appreciate the candor. It’s just that I don’t get out very often.”

“Want some help picking something more suitable out to wear?” I offered.

I swear I do believe I saw a twinkle in his eyes when he asked, “Would you please?”

There really wasn’t a lot to work with. From the looks of it, most of his clothing budget went into work clothes and most of those were plain white short-sleeve shirts. I was just about to give up when Jeremy starting digging though his closet for something. He emerged holding a bag containing five shirts along with an equal number of pairs of slacks.

He handed the bag to me and said, “Will they do?”

I looked at them.

“They’re perfect Jeremy, why didn’t put these on in the first place?” I inquired curiously.

He stuttered, “I…I had completely forgotten I bought them until you arrived. I never had a use for them until now.”

“Here, try these.” I said and handed him a pair of white slacks and nice looking purple shirt. “I’ll step out in the hallway. If it’s okay with you, I’ll leave the door cracked and spend the time while your dressing telling me what you intend to do with this beautify house you built?”

As I stood waiting on the other side of the door, Jeremy told me how he hoped one day to share his dream house with a woman some day. Unusually frank, he even told me he hoped to find one who could appreciate him for who he was inside and not the nerd he looked like on the outside.

I asked him how he expected to find her if he never went out anywhere to which he responded, “Find her? Oh no. She’ll find me. All I have to do is wait. Fate will bring us together.”

“But don’t you get lonely waiting for her? What if she’s waiting for you to come to her?” I asked.

There was a long silence, then he said softly, “I never thought of that. What if you’re right? What if I missed my chance?”

There was concern in his voice.

“It was just a thought. Still it’s probably a good idea for you to go to the party anyway. It’ll do you good to be around other people for a while.”

He opened the door to the bedroom and emerged. The new clothes were a big improvement.

“That’s much better! You look very nice… just how they expect my boyfriend to look. Now hurry up, it’s time we get on the road.” He smiled and actually blushed.

As we pulled out of his driveway, I was quite pleased with myself. It had all gone perfectly according to plan and I knew then that he suspected nothing. I was pretty sure that he had no idea at all what lay ahead waiting for him later that night.

Chapter Four – “The Party”

We walked up the pathway to the front door. A few seconds after ringing the doorbell the door opened and we were greeted by our hostess, ‘Barbie’. No, I’m not kidding; Barbie is really her name. Apparently, her mother had a ‘thing’ for Barbie dolls that she never grew out of. So, when she turned up pregnant with twins, Barbie’s mother decided it would be really cool to name the girl ‘Barbie’. Want to guess what Barbie’s brother is named? If you guessed ‘Ken’ move to the front of the line and collect your prize.

Unfortunately, the name is where any similarity to the plastic Barbie doll ends. Our Barbie is neither tall nor shapely; she’s about 5’4” tall and skinny but not anorexic. However, she does have a beautiful Hellenistic face and the most charming personality I have ever met.

Barbie was wearing a pink and white polka-dot bikini with matching pink high heals which must have taken Jeremy by surprise for his jaw immediately dropped open.

She smiled, gave me a big hug and said, “Hi Celeste, glad you could make it. And who is this handsome man you have with you?

“This is my boyfriend Jeremy. I thought it was about time everyone met him.” I said to her.

Barbie let go of me, turned to Jeremy who was standing there in shock and wrapped her arms around him. Then, preceded to hug him tightly as she said, “Welcome to our little group Jeremy.

He just stood there speechless for several seconds before saying, “Thanks.”

She let go of him, took him by the right hand and let Jeremy inside with me trailing not far behind. Once we were inside she said to him, “You’re just in time, Jeremy; the party’s just getting started. Before I forget, you’re going to need a suit, what size are you?”

“Suit?” He replied with obvious confusion.

Barbie replied, “A swimsuit honey, what size are you?”

“I, I don’t know. I’ve never needed one before.” He stuttered.

Grinning, Barbie asked enthusiastically, “Why Jeremy, you sly dog you. Are you a nudist?”

“No. I just never had a need for a swimsuit before.” He answered.

I later found out that the reason Jeremy had never needed a swimsuit before was because he hadn’t been swimming since he was a boy. Kind of funny when you think about the fact that he had a really nice pool laying in his back yard, isn’t it?

Barbie looked puzzled for a second, then said, “Well, no matter. I’m sure we can find one that will fit you. Celeste, you know where to change. Go ahead while I get Jeremy settled; then we’ll meet you poolside.

I went to the pool house to change while Barbie led Jeremy off to find suit to wear. When I got there, I reached into my purse, removed the bathing suit I had brought with me from the plastic bag I had packed it into.

It was a white bikini bathing suit. The top tied on in the front and the bottom at each side. I had also brought a pair of white touch-ups to wear with it. I quickly changed, and put my belongings in one of the empty lockers and, after freshen up my hair, went outside to join Jeremy at poolside.

As I walked out the door I could see that all the other guest had arrived. There were ten of us total, comprised of an equal number of men and women.

Jeremy, sporting a brand new black pair of bathing trunks and flip-flops was standing next to Barbie. As part of our plan, we had made sure to remove the draw string earlier and I could tell from the way he kept tugging on them, that the pair we had picked out was just large enough to be loose on him.

As long as he stood still, it was unlikely that they would fall off, but if he didn’t hold them up with at least one hand when he walked, they were sure to go straight to the ground and he would find himself standing there naked. And so, he stood there, with one hand every so often pulling up his bathing suit and the other holding a small glass of what looked appeared to all to be green punch. I smiled when I looked at it and saw that it was already half empty.

In her right hand, Barbie likewise held another glass of what appeared to be the same punch. She handed it to me and said, “The festivities will be starting in about an hour. There are finger sandwiches, chips and assorted snacks at the table next to the punchbowl; help yourself. Sorry to rush off but I am playing host. I’ll check back on you two later. Have fun. Nice meeting you Jeremy.” And with that she was off to do her hostess bit.

When she was out of earshot, Jeremy leaned over to me and whispered, “Celeste, what kind of party is this?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot to tell you. My bad! Well, it’s kind of a charity thing. Once a month, Barbie throws one of these little parties to raise money for whatever charity happens to be her favorite at the time. This time it’s a pool party, but as the night goes on and it gets cooler, we’ll all go inside. Usually, she have something to sell; and, after expenses, the proceeds will go to the charity.” I told him nonchalantly.

The entire time I was speaking he had been sipping from his punch. The glass was about empty. I held out my hand and asked said, “Whew, you drank that pretty fast. You must really like it! Want another?”

“I didn’t realize I had. I’ve never tasted anything like it before. It’s really good. I could swear I taste alcohol in it but I really can’t tell. Maybe it’s just the unique taste. Can you ask Barbie what it is that gives it that peppermint flavor?” He replied.

He finished his punch after which I took his glass and said, “Sure, but she just tells me the same thing she always does, “It’s a secret”. Maybe if you’re nice to her, she’ll tell you where she won’t tell me.” Then I added, “Here, let me get you refill.”

I walked over to the punchbowl and while I was there Barbie came over, leaned her head next to mine and said, “So how’s it going. Everything okay?”

“So far, so good. My compliments on the punch; you’ve really outdone yourself this time. I can hardly even taste the peppermint schnapps. The only problem is, now I’m going to have to watch him or he’ll be too wasted later on for our plan to succeed. I’m pretty sure he has never drunk before. See if you can’t get everybody to help distract him if he heads towards the punch bowl; that way we can make sure he doesn’t get any more than necessary.” I asked.

As I walked back to Jeremy, Barbie began slowly working her through the other guest passing the word.

Chapter Five – “The Challenge”

We were all standing in the rather spacious den where we had assembled.

“First, I want to thank everyone for showing up tonight and supporting my favorite charity… The Foundation For The Preservation Of Eximius Cornu Vir.”

Barbie paused dramatically, then continued. “As most of you know, the Eximius Cornu Vir is an extremely rare species of Primate that is facing worldwide extinction. And, unless we act now, if the current trend continues, the Eximius Cornu Vir may be all but be wiped out by the predatory Terror Mulier in our lifetime. Your support and participation in tonight’s events is key in our ongoing fight to make sure that this most important, little known creature of nature.”

“Now before I go any further I want to introduce you to Celeste’s boyfriend, Jeremy. Everybody say hi to Jeremy!”

The words “Hi Jeremy!” came in unison from all attending as they waved in his direction. He blushed, I guess he was not used to being the center of attention and Barbie continued.

“I think you guys will get a special kick out of tonight’s fund raising festivities. First, were going to start with a lingerie modeling show that the ladies have so graciously consented to put on for us. Remember that all the items they will be wearing tonight will be available for sale and that the proceeds will be used to further fund our fight to save the Eximius Cornu Vir.

Since this month is ladies’ choice, the girls have decided that we are going to have a ‘Sexiest Kiss Contest’. Once it’s over, the girls have planned a very special competition that I think you all will enjoy.”

One of the women in the audience yelled, “What do the winners of the ‘Sexiest Kiss Contest’ get?”

“I’m glad you asked. The woman who wins will receive $100.00 credit that she may use to order her choice of lingerie items in the catalog and the man gets the honor of judging the next event.

Now before you guys think you are getting the short end of the stick, let me assure you that event will only have female contestants in it and I guarantee the lucky man who wins the ‘Sexiest Kiss Contest’ will not be disappointed.”

“There is a $25.00 per couple entry fee for the Sexiest Kiss Contest. Also, every girl participating in it will automatically be entered in our very special competition. I’m happy to say that we’ve already had two couples enter our first contest… Celeste and Jeremy, and Allyson and Herman.”

At that very moment, Jeremy looked straight at me and just stood there speechless. Barbie however, had not stopped talking.

“As you all know, Celeste and Allyson go way back and I have a feeling that this is going to be one hotly contested event. But, that’s no reason for the rest of you not to enter. So how about it? Any takers?”

Two more couples walked up and handed Barbie their entry fees. When they were finished, she turned to the small crowd and said, “Last call, any more takers?” No one else stepped forward. “Well, now that that’s out of the way, we’ll be starting our Lingerie Modeling Show in about fifteen minutes. I like to see all you ladies in the pool house in five and we’ll get this show on the road.”

As she walked away, Jeremy said to me, “You entered us in the Kissing Contest? Why did you do that?”

“I had to. Allyson challenged me.” I told him. I could tell from the look on his face that he still didn’t understand. “Remember when I told you that someone I used to go to high school would be here?”

He thought about it for a second, then said, “Yeah, what about it?”

“Its Allyson. That’s what Barbie meant by we go way back. Apparently, Barbie told Allyson about the kissing contest a couple of days ago. Allyson made it a special point just to show up for it. I knew she would be here tonight, but I had no idea she would challenge me. I didn’t know what else to do. You aren’t mad at me are you?” I asked him.

He started fidgeting nervously, “Well, no. But I wish you had told me first.”

“You are going to be my partner; aren’t you? If I dropped out now, I don’t believe she’d ever let me live it down.” I knew if I told Jeremy that he would never back out.

Sure enough, he went for it. “If it will make you happy. Then I’ll help you.”

“Promise me you’ll make it look good. It doesn’t matter whether we win or not, as long as we make it look good.”

He nodded.

Then I added. “Don’t look so worried. Everything will be fine. It’s all in fun anyway. Here, sit here on the couch and enjoy the show. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

I took him by the hand and led him to the couch.

About five feet in front of the couch, Barbie had a really large, heavy, wooden coffee table made of solid oak. The table was a good six feet square, twenty four inches high and had rounded corners. The entire surface of table was covered with about a milk chocolate colored leather beneath an inch of padding.
He shook his head yes and then I left to join the other women at the pool house, happy that everything was proceeding as planned.

Chapter Six – “The Festivities Begin”

I had previously picked out a black lacy bra that opened in the front, with matching garter belt, black silk stockings, a pair of sheer black lacy panties and lastly, a pair of black five inch high heels that laced up around the ankles.

Once we were all dressed, we walked from the pool house to the double doors that led from the back patio into the den. Barbie had set her satellite radio to one of those commercial free club music stations, which helped to create a more realistic runway like atmosphere for everyone.

I peeked through the doorway so I could see the expression on Jeremy’s face as, one-by-one, the other women paraded seductively before him. Even though he was not cheering loudly and making catcalls, as were the other men present, I could still tell he was enjoying every moment of it for there was a look of mixed dismay and erotic fascination on his face. Finally, it was my turn to enter the room. By design, I was to be last.

Almost as if we had choreographed it so, a new song started playing on the radio just as I strutted into the room. All eyes were on me as I began by showing off my best supermodel poses. I made sure to stop, turn slowly and then wink over my shoulder at Jeremy before exiting the room.

I could feel his eyes upon me the whole time taking in every inch of my body.

The Lingerie Show over, Barbie called us women back inside for the line up and while we stood there posing, she began taking orders. Once the last order had been taken she began to explain the rules for the great Sexiest Kissers Contest.

“Okay ladies and gentleman, here’s how it works…

You and your partner will be judged based on your ability to kiss. I want you all to remember that we are expecting to see more than just lip-lock; in other words, you aren’t limited to kissing just the mouth. Also, you will have to demonstrate your oral skills both standing and laying down. Therefore, the contest has been broken up into two events:

The first will take place standing. Each couple will be limited to a total of five minutes in the standing position. The couple may be awarded between 1 to 5 points based on how well they kiss in that position. Then we will move on to the second event which will take place laying down and will be in two parts.

And before anyone asks, yes the carpet is clean. In fact, it just finished drying this morning that’s why you may have noticed the pleasant strawberry scent in the air.

But enough of that.

The last event, and most important one, is worth a total of 20 points. Each part is worth a maximum of 10 points and will last a minimum of 8 minutes. In part one, the woman will be on top and then you’ll switch and so us how good you do with your man on top. The judges, who are comprised of all spectators present, will tally their scores and I will announce the winner.

In the event of a tie, each female from the tying teams will draw straw and the short straw wins. Does everyone understand the rules? Good, then lets get started. Bob, you’re the official time keeper.”

While those of us models that had entered the Kissing Contest paired off with our partners, the spectators stood with their backs against one of the walls so they would be out of the way of the contestants.

“Couples take your positions; we’ll start in two minutes before competition starts. If you need to take off your shoes, or anything else for that matter, now’s the time to do it!” Came Bob’s voice in the distance.

It seemed to me a good idea to loose the shoes before they got in the way. I walked over to where Jeremy was sitting and said to him, “Can you be a gentleman and unlace these for me before we start? These damn heels may look nice but not very comfortable.”

With shaky hands, Jeremy reached forward and began gently untying them. About thirty seconds later, I stepped out of them and he picked them up off the floor and handed them to me.

“Ready?” I said after throwing my shoes onto the couch beside him.

Reluctantly, Jeremy nodded and rose to his feet. Instantly, he put one hand on his trunks in an attempt to keep them from falling down around his ankles.

I led Jeremy by the hand in the direction of the coffee table and turned him around so that his back was to the table. Facing the way he was would prevent him from seeing everyone else in the room and I knew if he couldn’t see them, he wouldn’t worry so much about them.

“Just put your arms around my waist and pretend I’m your girlfriend.” I said reassuringly.

Concerned, he said to me, “But my trunks are awfully loose. I’m afraid they might fall off and…”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let them fall. You just relax and make it look good.” I told him and pulled his hands free and pulled up his shorts for him.

Next, I took his wrists in my hands and began moving his arms around me as I whispered to him, “Go ahead; put your arms around me; I won’t brake.”

Cautiously, Jeremy wrapped his arms around me and held me so loosely that I could barely feel him touching my skin.

“Here, let me show you how it’s done.” And before he could say anything, I reached around his back with both arms and pulled him to me until his chest began to flatten my breasts. For just a moment I could swear I felt something hard poke me right at the mouth of my pussy through my panties. Then, just as quickly, it was gone and I realized he must have developed an erection sometime during the lingerie show. “See, I told you I won’t brake. You can hold me tighter. It’s okay, really.”

I lowered my hands to Jeremy’s waist and pulled him even tighter than before. This time I locked my arms around him and held him there. Just as I had expected, the head of his cock was pushed once again into my pussy. His trunks started to slip a bit and just as Jeremy was opening his mouth to say something Bob’s announced loudly, “Begin!”

Before Jeremy had a chance to say anything, I put my mouth upon his, thrust my tongue into his mouth and began kissing him passionately. At the same time I grabbed his waist band with my left hand and placed my right hand right onto his ass so that I could hold him against me.

At first he was very nervous and it seemed like every muscle in his body was tense and hard as stone. But after a few seconds, I felt him begin to relax and he started kissing me back. Soon our tongues were intertwining freely. It seemed to go on forever but then out of nowhere we heard Bob’s voice, “Time! Alright, move into the laying position and remember ladies are on top!”

Without breaking our kiss, I began moving us closer to the coffee table. When his legs were up against the side of the table, I pushed him gently in its direction forcing him to bend his knees. He fell upon it taking me with him and I found myself laying on top of him.

I rose up on hands and my knees breaking our kiss.

“See if you can side up a little; I feel like I’m going to fall off.” I told him.

He scooted on his back until his head was almost to the end of the table, then said to me, “How’s that?”

During that time, Jeremy’s trunks had ridden down just enough so that the had of his erect penis was just barely protruding above the waistband.

“Much better!” I told him; and, before he had a chance to reach down and pull up his trunks, I crawled over him until I was straddling his pelvis with my pussy and then lowered myself down upon him once more.

Face to face again, I used my elbows to support my upper body while I moved my hands under his arms forcing him to lift his arms. It effectively prevented him from pulling up his trunks.

He was struggling to reach his the waistband of his swim trunks, Bob called out, “Everybody ready?”

“Yup!” I yelled and put my mouth upon Jeremy’s and began kissing my deeply once more.

“Ummph!” He said in surprise but did not try to stop me. While we lay there, our tongues once more mingling, we heard the voice of Bob say once more, “Begin!”

I started undulating my hips slightly and every once in a while I would feel the head of Jeremy’s cock poking at the entrance of my pussy through my through my panties. I rolled my hips forward and pushed backwards against him causing the head of his cock to be pushed up and backwards forcing the waistband down even more . There was no doubt in my mind that most of his cock was now free of the confines of his trunks.

Jeremy broke the kiss suddenly and whispered in my ear excitedly, “Celeste, my trunks are coming down!”

As soon as he had taken his mouth from mine I had begun French kissing him on the neck.

“See if you can pull them up.” I said and began kissing him on the mouth once more.

While trying to kiss me, Jeremy tried vainly to get his trunks a bit higher. However, each time he came got them back up, I squirmed my hips and used my pelvis to push them back down.

He broke our kiss once more and whispered in my right ear, “The keep coming down.”

“Don’t worry about it. Their not even looking at us. It’ll be fine. Quick! They’re looking this way! You better kiss me or we don’t stand a chance at winning.” I said excitedly.

And so, as we lay there kissing each other passionately for what seemed like an eternity as I slowly ground my pussy up and down the length of his cock. By the time we heard Bob tell us to change positions, my pussy was soaking wet and there was a burning desire in my loins screaming to be quenched.

He looked up at me and asked, “How we going to do this?”

“I going to put my legs together, then we’ll both roll over together.” I replied.

Concerned, he asked, “But what about my trunks?”

“Once you’re on top of me, all they’ll see are my legs after I raise them.

“Look at what they’re doing!” I said as I nodded in the direction of Allyson and Herman. The had rolled over and she was cupping Herman’s ass with the palms of her hands while he was fondling her left breast.

I felt his cock throb against me when he did.

”We can do better than that. Come on, let’s make this look really sexy, kiss me and hold on tightly while we roll!” I put my mouth to his, and rolled us over. Jeremy, holding on for dear life, went with me.

Now I was on the bottom with my legs held tightly together. Jeremy was laying completely on top of me and in our new position, I could feel the bottom of his shaft laying halfway between my legs and halfway onto my mound.

Just then, Allyson started moaning erotically.

“Damn it! She’s wining!” I exclaimed.

Jeremy looked over at Allyson, Herman had pulled her panties down and was now cupping her ass with both his hands while they kissed.

After watching them for several seconds, Jeremy asked, “We can’t compete with that!”

“Yes we can if we make every one think we are really doing it! All I have to do is part my legs. Then, if you start moving up and down like were doing it, no one will be any the wiser.” I whispered as I kissed his neck once more.

He said hesitantly, “I don’t think that’s a good idea, my trunks came down even more when we rolled over!”

“Go ahead. It’ll be okay. I’m wearing panties remember?” I urged.

With nervousness in his voice, Jeremy asked, “Are you sure?”

“Yes! Now hurry up. As soon as I raise my knees, you start thrusting like crazy.” I replied as I pulled him to me so our lips could join once more.

Before he could object, I placed my mouth on his once more and began kissing him passionately.

As soon as I felt his body begin to relax again, in one quick movement I spread my legs wide and bent my knees until my feet were flat on the table.

The lower half of Jeremy’s body fell slowly knees first to the table. At the same time, his cock slide right through the furrow of my pussy leaving the head of his prick was resting right on my clit.

“NOW!” I said as I suddenly pulled both knees towards my breasts while at the same time I rotated my pelvis upwards slightly.

Right on queue, Jeremy thrust his hips forward.

“AHHH!” We moaned in unison as the full length of his stiff cock to slide suddenly into the depths of my pussy for upon opening my legs, I had allowed Jeremy’s cock to have unimpeded access to the entrance of my pussy.

Jeremy looked at me in a mixture of shock and horror while his mind struggled with the realization that he had just buried his cock deep inside my pussy.

After he recovered his senses, he said, “Oh my god I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to. It must have gone right through your panties. I’ll take it out!”

“DON”T YOU DARE!” I told excitedly.

That was probably the last think he expected to hear me say. I’m sure at the time he was thinking that it shouldn’t have happened and, under any other circumstance he would have been right.

Confused, he asked, “What?”

“You didn’t rip though them!” I explained.

Still not comprehending, he started to ask, “But how did I…”

“Because they’re crotch-less!” I told him, cutting him off in mid-sentence.

And that they were, deceptively so. You see to the casual observer, as long as I didn’t bend over or do something like a split, they appeared to be just a very sexy pair of panties.

But, as Jeremy had just discovered, if I spread my legs, they bottom opened up and fully exposing everything I had from two inches below the waistline in the front to two inches below the waistline in the back.

I not sure which had surprised him more, finding himself buried deep inside my warm wet pussy or the fact that as he had entered me, I wrapped my legs around him locking him inside!

Even after I explained it to him he still hadn’t caught on, “But why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I wanted you to find out for yourself! Got it!”

He tensed up and looked around the room to see what reaction the others might have only to find that they were quietly leaving the room. Confused, Jeremy just looked down at me expectedly for an answer.

“They’re all leaving now so we can have some privacy.” I told him.

I put my hands to the side of his face and turned his head until he was looked down at me once more. Still trying to understand he asked, “But why?”

“Because even though you didn’t realize it, I’ve known for months how you feel about me. After what happened to you, I didn’t think you’d believe me if I told you I felt the same way about you. I’m sorry but didn’t know any other way to make you believe me. That’s why my friends and I planned this.” I waited to for him to say something but no words came out of his mouth. He just stared in disbelief.

But he also did not pull away. I decided to I begin moving my pussy slowly up and down onto his rigid cock to see how he would respond. After a few seconds, he closed his eyes and a look of blissful began to come appear over his face.

I lay there for a minute like that taking fucking his cock into me. At first, I moved in slow short thrusts upward. Deliberately, I began to gradually lengthen each thrust until after about two minutes; I was taking all of him inside me.

It was then that I began to notice that heightening my pleasure was a slight movement coming from his hips each time I took him deep inside me. I increased my pace a bit. His reaction was to do the same. I started moaning when I felt his cock began to make thrusting deeply into which each push of my body towards him.

In the heat of the moment, he placed his mouth upon mine and allowed his tongue inside as he began quickening the pace of our fucking.

“FUCKKK!” I exclaimed as I tried to lower my hips and pull some of him out of me, but to my delight, every time I had half of him out of me, Jeremy thrust his cock back in pinning me to the table. Then, he would pull himself out just far enough that so that I would want to push myself up so that I could take him back inside me. However, rather than waiting for me to come to him, Jeremy would drive his manhood home again at just the right angle to allow the head of his cock to ride my g-spot with such force that his pelvis stuck my clit with a tiny jolt of electricity.

Gasping, I held him tightly as I began to writhe from each joining we made. Each thrust of his cock into me sent me nearer and nearer I came to what I was sure was to be a powerful orgasm as the jolts got stronger and stronger.

My breathing was so hard and fast that the snap in the front of my bra came undone exposing my firm breasts with their hard nipples to him.

“YESSS!” I cried for when Jeremy realized what had happened; he reached under with his left hand and placed it below the small of my back and then, he moved his mouth to my right breast and began to devour it like a man starved for nourishment.

His tongue rolled around my nipple as he sucked first one breast, then the other as he continued to fuck his cock into me.

We stayed that way for what seemed like an eternity until suddenly, he raised up to support himself with both hands and began driving himself rapidly into me making sure that each time the entire top of his shaft rode my clit like a sexual highway.

“AHHH GODD!” I screamed when I felt the first wave of orgasm come crashing down upon me suddenly causing my whole body to suddenly tense up.

When the second wave hit me I opened my mouth to scream but found I could not for it was even stronger than the first and any thought I may have had about being in control of my own body disappeared. I began fucking him like a woman filled with an unquenchable desire. I was a prisoner of my own lust and I couldn’t have stopped now even if I had wanted to!

With all for of my limbs wrapped around him holding him in my loins, Jeremy too was as much captive of my lust as was I.

When his cock reentering me caused the third wave to hit me my pussy began to involuntarily contract around it making the sensation even more intense than before.

It wasn’t long before the waves became so strong; the pleasure so intense, that I found all I could do was lay writhing under him as again and again my body convulsed in ecstasy. Together we rode the crashing waves of my orgasm higher and higher until the calm began to come over me as they began diminishing ever so slowly but just when I thought I was about to they were gone, Jeremy quickened his pace once more.

Like a man possessed he began fucking with the frenzy of a demon and it wasn’t long before I felt the wave of orgasm crashing over me with the force of a tsunami.

“OHHH FUCKKK!” I cried loudly and pulled his mouth onto to mine.

I don’t know if it was the renewed spasming of my pussy messaging his cock or the glorious feeling of our tongues in union that caused it but at that very moment he went over the edge and exploded inside me filling me with his seed.

We lay there in each other’s arms holding each other while our mutual orgasms faded.

Twenty minutes later, after a rather erotic shower together, Jeremy asked, “Just out of curiosity, what kind of contest was it that the winner of the competing was supposed to judge? Or was that just a put on too?”

“Oh no! There really is going to be a contest but all the girls are going to be competing in it.” I replied. “And by the way, Barbie said we won. Nobody else even came close. Although from what I hear, a few came later.”

Hey before I forget, what was all that stuff Barbie was spouting about the Foundation being a charity for the preservation of some such thing and whatever it was being wiped out by some predator? It sounded Latin to me.

I laughed.

“It was. That was my idea; I majored in it in my first two years in college.” And then proceeded to explain, “To quote: ‘Eximius Cornu Vir, the Very Horny Man’ and ‘Terror Mulier, the Frigid Woman’

He laughed as continued watching me intently while I finished drying my hair, “So what am I supposed to be judging again?”

“Ever heard the word Latin word fellatus?” I asked.

He shook his head, “No but it sound similar to one of the few Latin words I do know.”

“Well, if that word is fellatio then you’re on the right track. Fellatus is from new Latin and is the past participle of fellāre meaning ‘to suck’. So the next competing was to see who gives the best blowjob.” I told him casually.

“By the way, I forgot to tell you… all my friends you met here tonight are swingers. Barbie said to tell you can join the club if you want to.” I added.

He looked thoughtful for several seconds; then asked, “Are you a member?”

“Not really; I just visit every once in a while when I get really horny. I’m not into the whole group thing. What about you, feeling adventurous?”

Jeremy came over, took me in his arms and said, “If that’s what you want. Otherwise, I’d like to spend some time alone with you for a while so I can find out what makes you happy.”

“Good answer! Still, does that mean you won’t be judging the completion tonight?”

As Jeremy’s hand was roaming gently up and down my nude back; his soft touch tingled everywhere it went and began making my nipples hard, he replied, “Are you going to be a contestant?”

“Yes, I get to go last, assuming you make it that far!” I answered.

Smiling, Jeremy said insistently, “Then I wouldn’t miss it for the world!”

“Why do I have the feeling you wouldn’t have missed it anyway?” I asked.

Grinning from ear to ear as he began rubbing my pussy lips he said, “Probably because you’re right!”

Later that night just before Jeremy and Barbie were getting ready to leave, Barbie and Allyson were in the kitchen talking while Barbie filled the dishwasher with the last of the punch glasses.

“Thanks for the help girls; I owe you one!” I said to them both.

Barbie closed the door on the machine, pushed a button, then turned to hug me as she said, “Forget about it; that’s what friends are for.”

Allyson added, “I just wish I could have done more. Hey, if you want, I’ll teach him how to give good head for you?”

“Thanks! But I think I’ll handle that personally. If you ever get a hold of him, he’ll never want to come back!” I replied.

Allyson frowned, “Well, I tried. If you change your mind, let me know.”

“I’ll keep it in mind. But just in case, I wouldn’t hold my breath on it if I were you.”

Two minutes later, Jeremy and I were headed back to his house where we spent the rest of the night making love in his bed. And, as promised, I introduced him to the delights of cunniliungus. When I was satisfied with his abilities, I taught him the joys of 69.

Chapter Seven – “High School Days”

By now you are probably wondering what would make a beautiful woman even consider a somewhat reclusive, socially withdrawn man like Jeremy and to really understand that we have to go back to the spring of 1980.

My senior year of high school began in September of that year and, like most girls my age, I had changed a lot over the summer. Unfortunately, most of the changes were for the worse.

My acne was so bad that I looked like a victim of the pox and the dentist had decided that I need to have braces. Compounding the situation was that fact that, while my father and mother tried, we still barely made ends meet. So, when I had started to sprout out in all the right places quite suddenly to the extent that I needed a new wardrobe, things just got worse. I found myself having to decide choose between three options: trying to wear my old clothes, most of which I couldn’t even fit into; wear some of my mother’s clothes, most of which were a size too large for me, or go naked.

I tried the first until I ripped out two pairs of pants and the buttons popped on of my blouses leaving me sitting at the breakfast table one morning with my tits hanging out. When I saw what I looked like in my mother’s old clothes, I suggested the third option and was politely told by my father that I could do anything I wanted when I turned 18 and had enough bail money saved up.

Needless to say, when I had just walked into the cafeteria that first day of school wearing baggy blue jeans and a blouse that almost didn’t fit me, I found myself, much to my humiliation, instantly the center of attention.

The first thing I heard was Allyson Baker laughing in that high pitched squeal of hers. That was followed by her saying in a voice loud enough for everyone in the high school cafeteria to hear, “God look at her! I didn’t think it was possible but she actually got more hideous over the summer.”

I remember thinking at the time how I wanted to kill her; well, maybe not kill her, just wound her a little!

“Come on Allyson, that’s not fair. She can’t help it. I don’t think you’re giving her enough credit. Why I’ll bet by the time school’s out she’s going to be giving you some serious competing for the boys.” Barbra Rollins said to Allyson.

Barbra’s friend looked at her in astonishment and exclaimed, “You’re kidding me right Barbie? You’re just saying that because she’s your friend.”

“No, actually, I’m not. Those braces are going to come off some day, and eventually that acne is going to clear up. Once that happens, all it’ll take is a little makeover and she’ll be fighting them off with a stick!” Barbie told her.

Disbelieving, Allyson asked, “How the do you figure that?”

“Hell, look at the way she’s starting to fill out, she’s already got more chest than you do and she told me she changed her diet. You didn’t see her last month, her acne was much worse. The diet is really working.” Replied Barbie.


“Like to bet?” Barbie said challengingly.

There was a pause while Allyson thought about it for a second. Then she asked, “Okay, what you got in mind?

“Simple. If I’m wrong and by the end of school she doesn’t look ten times better, I’ll give you my new stereo.”

Curiously, Allyson asked, “And if you’re right?”

“Then you will help me give Celeste a complete makeover! Nails, hair, makeup and wardrobe.”
Allyson thought about it a second, before saying, “I don’t know; that could be pretty expensive.”
“Come on Allyson, your old man’s rich. Why, I’ll bet you could take it out of the money he gives you for lunch every week and still not starve. Or are you afraid I’m right?” I’ve got to give it to Barbie. She always did know exactly what to say to get people to do what she wanted.

Allyson’s face turned red with embarrassment. Barbie was right and she knew it. Seeing now way out, Allyson replied, “Fine, you’re on!”

For most of the next several months, I was the punch line of about every bad joke told at the school. Then almost overnight, everything changed. As Barbie had predicted, about the same time my braces came off, my acne cleared up. Not only that, but my figure was the envy of every girl at school. Except of course the ones that were busy swallowing their fingers every night.

I was shocked when one afternoon, Barbie showed up at my front door with Allyson in tow. It turned out that, true to her world, Allyson swallowed her pride and actually helped Barbie give me that much needed makeover. It all worked out for the best and eventually Allyson and I became good friends and we both pretended that it hadn’t been her who, until I blossomed, had given made my life miserable. She really wasn’t a bad girl back then and to tell you the truth, I think the changes I went through at the time had as much impact on her as they did me.

High School did end and, just as Barbie predicted, by the time I started college I practically was beating the boys off with a stick. And that became a whole another problem.

You see when all the boys think you’re a beautiful woman, you find yourself attracting one of two types of men: the arrogantly over confident and pretty boys stuck on their looks most of which want to treat you like a hood ornament. You suddenly find yourself becoming more of an inanimate object than a human being just there to be looked at and make them look good but not much more.

It really taught me a lesson and if I didn’t learn anything else back then I did learn one thing: you really can’t judge someone just on appearance.

After years of dating the male model wannabes and assorted obnoxious assholes, I finally remembered what kind of person I was on the inside while everyone was making fun of me because of what I looked like on the outside.

And so, by the time I met Jeremy, after a lot of bad relationships, I was wise enough to look past the shell and see the man waiting for someone to love.

We’ve been together for about five years now and I love him with all my heart. His wardrobe has changed and he most certainly has become a lot more confident, but for the most part, he’s still the quiet nerd he was when I first met him. But you know what, he’s my nerd and I wouldn’t change him if I could because I know he loves me more than life itself. What more can a woman asks?

The End

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