Last Days of Walter Smith : Part 2 – The Three Surprises

Author: Frank “Blue Moon” Berry

The next morning, Walter awoke feeling more alive than he had in years. Walking to the office, he cheerfully greeted acquaintances and strangers alike with a smile and a heartfelt “Good Morning.” Pausing to drop some pocket change into the hat of the derelict on the corner, he unlocked his office door and stepped inside.

Sitting down at his desk and looking at the pile of work that waited, he stopped. What am I doing here? he thought. Am I going to earn more money I don’t need and won’t have the time to spend? He accepted well wishes from Tom and Steve, who had come on board with him when the company was just an idea. They’d stuck it out through the early years and now earned healthy paychecks for their hard work and devotion. Walter didn’t feel the desire to share with them the bad news he had received, assuring them he was fine.

“It’s too nice to work today,” he murmured to himself.

“You say something, Walter?” Tom said.

“I said it’s too nice to work today. I saw the patio was open at the Wheel Inn. What do you say we play hooky today and drink beer in the sunshine?”

“This is so totally unlike you, Walter. Are you sure you’re okay?” asked Steve.

“I couldn’t be any better. What do you say?”

“Well…it’s only 10:30,” Steve answered. “We’ve got stacks of work to do, and…isn’t 10:30 a tad early for drinking beer in the sunshine?”

“It’s noon somewhere,” Walter answered. “Although, if you insist, I could order you to come with me.”

The two men needed no more convincing. They turned off their computers and left, locking up for the day. Walter tore a piece of cardboard out of a box and made a “Gone Fishin’” sign for the front door.

They spent the late morning and early afternoon enjoying a leisurely lunch, bottomless beers and, of course, the feminine charm of Miss Georgette. “It’s nearly three, guys,” she said, sitting down on Walter’s lap. “Can I do anything else for you before my shift is over? I need to cash you out if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind, Georgette,” answered Walter. “But can I ask you one thing?”

“Anything, Smitty darling.”

“Will you take me home with you?”

Tom and Steve, both a little drunk, burst out laughing at the forwardness of Walter’s request. Georgette stood and answered matter-of-factly, “Let me get my coat.” Tom and Steve stopped laughing abruptly, their mouths hanging open. Walter pulled a one hundred dollar bill from his pocket and left it on the table.

“When that runs out, you’re on your own, boys.” Walter waited until Georgette reappeared and they walked to her car together. He put his arm around her and let it stray down to her perfect teardrop butt. She made no move to stop him.

“I’ve been wondering what I’d have to do to get you into bed,” she said. “I thought dropping to my knees and sucking your cock right in front of your buddies would be a bit much.”

“Maybe for them,” Walter countered, “but I don’t always catch the subtle hints.” When they got into her car, she turned to him with a serious expression on her face.

“I need you to promise me no strings, Walter. I want to fuck you, I’ve wanted to fuck you for years, but I’m in a relationship and I need to know you can handle it when I make you go home. I’m not kidding. I already have one jealous lover on my hands, I don’t need two.” Walter promised. Her hand strayed into his lap at the stop light and she grinned, feeling his reaction.

He studied her as she navigated the streets to her apartment. The afternoon sun reflected off her shoulder-length strawberry-blonde hair. He could see her ribs through the tight sweater she wore, but above those ribs were generous scoops of flesh, with already hardened nipples. Mother Nature had been so good to Georgette. He couldn’t wait to see her long legs out of those blue jeans…and wrapped around his head.

They pulled up in front of her apartment building. “Both of our parking spaces are empty. That means we’re in the clear.” They got out of the car and she led him by the hand to the front door and unlocked it. “Come in,” she said, “and come often.” She kissed him deeply as she stroked his hair, then ran her fingers down his body, lingering on his nipples, as she knelt in front of him just inside the front door. She unhitched his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and slid them to the floor as she nuzzled his prick through his boxers.

She tongued his cock with no sense of urgency, wetting it inch by inch as she slowly pulled on his underwear. When his penis sprang free, she traced a thin line up its length and down his scrotum, pausing to suck each of his balls in turn. Gently stroking his hard-on, she looked up, smiling. “Here is surprise number one.” Placing her lips on the head, she slowly moved forward, gulping down inch after inch of thick, hard cock, not stopping until her nose was nestled in his pubic hair. Pulling back quickly, she repeated the action, until Walter was, in effect, fucking her throat. “You like that?” she asked, not waiting for an answer before she gobbled him up again. Pulling back, she rubbed her lips over the underside of his meat, as Walter began to groan. “Right here baby,” Georgette said, unbuttoning her sweater to reveal her perfect ice cream scoops, “come on my tits.” He erupted at that very moment, geysering his seed all over her chest and chin. She collected some of his come on her finger and put it in her mouth, then rubbed the rest of it into her skin. “Follow me,” she grinned, leading him by the hand to her darkened bedroom.

She removed her sweater, kicked off her shoes and instantly started taking off her jeans. Walter got rid of his clothes as well, nearly drooling as he inspected her flawless body. Her red bush shined with droplets of pussy juice as she lit the scented candles on her dresser. “You ate lunch quite a while ago,” she said, climbing up on her king-size bed. “Are you hungry again?” She luxuriated on the pillows stacked at the head of the bed, showing him her open, pink slit.

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