WebCam Trouble

Author: David Williams

Laddy’s Lil Pixie, that’s what he called her. She was his mischievous little sexy girl. She was, more often then not, either about to get into trouble, getting in trouble, or getting a well deserved and appreciated spanking for being in trouble. That’s the way they both liked it.

She was not always bad. She slept sometimes and sometimes there was no trouble to get into. Other times though, she had a habit of finding trouble everywhere. The thing was, she looked so damn cute getting into it, it was hard to stay mad at her, which meant she had to try twice as hard as others to get the same spankings.

She would often find the smallest thing and then expand it, evolve it until he had to notice. Like the webcam . . . it was just too much temptation for her to resist. So when he left her alone to go to work, she just had to find some trouble to get into.

So as his car drove out of sight, she stripped naked and plopped herself down in front of the camera. She just watched her own video feed for a while, seeing what she could get good pictures of. Giggling maniacally the entire time she soon had a collection of shots of her ass and tits and smile and tongue and even her clean shaven pussy amassed on the system. Now, she just needed to figure out what to do with them all.

She waited for a half hour, just about the time he would be getting to work and then she knew exactly what to do. Typing out a quick message to him she attached several pictures to the email and sent them. She grinned thinking of him getting them in his office, worried someone else in IT would see them. The thought made her giggle and her pussy started to get wet. This was fun.
She waited for maybe 15 minutes and then the phone rang. She knew it was him so she didn’t answer it, she waited for the machine to grab it. Seconds later there was the beep and then his voice. “Cute. . .very cute. I just hope no one else gets a hold of these emails baby.”

Okay….not mad enough. She’d have to do better obviously. He was mildly annoyed but also turned on. Both were good starts but she wanted him totally pissed and horny as hell for lunch. She grinned and sent another batch to him, this time of her fingers in her pussy and then also of her pulling on her nipple ring. That should get a lil more ummphhh out of him.

She waited and waited and when nothing happened in the first five minutes she began to experiment again. She took the webcam down and tried different angles. Finally as she squatted over it and began to play with herself, she got several very good close up shots. You could see how wet she was, that was what she wanted.

The phone rang but no message, that was good. He was getting a lil pissed. She grinned and sent the new ones to him with an Urgent header on em. Better chance someone else would look at them that way.

She waited and then he called again and she answered it sounding all innocent. “Hello?”
“Ha…hello. . .all innocence… you know what happens if I get caught? Do you? What the fuck are you doing? Do not email any more pictures!”

Oooo he was getting good and mad. But not quite there yet. She sat and thought and thought and had to get something totally over the top to get him there. More pictures in email would be….boring….needed something new.

She grinned ear to ear and knew what she had to do. She knew the perfect thing. This was the best…she laughed. Oh, he was going to be so pissed off it’s not even funny. She knew just what would drive him insane. She began playing with the webcam until she had the perfect shot. Her fingers in her pussy, pulling on a nipple, her cum dripping down the crack of her ass. Perfect!
Opening another program on the computer, she began to put her plan into action. She looked through the stored numbers until she found it, his private office fax number, it came to the machine right next to him. She giggled and found her seat was all wet in excitement.

The program picked up the modem line and dialed, then his phone answered. The computers talked and finally, the picture was being sent. She was laughing and playing with herself, she could almost feel the sting of his belt on her ass already. She earned it dammit!

The picture wasn’t even all the way sent when the phone rang; she turned off the ringer. She knew it was him but, it was too late to stop. She bit her lip and waited, sure enough her cell phone rang. She laughed. Oh yes, that was the trick, he was good and pissed now.

The computers clicked and disconnected, the deed was done. She giggled and came and laughed. This was too much fun! She licked her fingers clean and that turned her on more so she started playing with herself all over again. Oh she was gonna be sloppy wet when he came home for sure.

She turned the ringer back on and picked up the hand set. Before he could call again she dialed his office number. He picked up the line and said hello just in time to hear her cum hard and then hang up again. She giggled. Waited. The phone rang again.

“Hello?” All innocent and shy.
“Don’t. . . .Don’t even play innocent. Don’t even try that.” She giggled. “Ohhhh yes…it’s hilarious. Have the belt out when I get home, she how funny it is then.”
She giggled and he continued. “No more pictures, faxes, calls, just get away from the computer. I am taking an early lunch. Just stay fuckin still till I get there.”

She hung up and sat on the couch waiting, naked, belt in hand. She earned this dammit. She watched the minutes tick off the clock. He would be home soon. She could almost hear him cussing under his breath the whole way home. She grinned. She was sooooo good at this.
He came through the door pissed, hard, and with that evil look in his eyes. She nearly came at the sight. He was smiling, that was a good thing, he was in that mood. He raised an eyebrow and looked at her waiting for him. “Aren’t you cute?”

She nodded. He laughed and bit his lip. “You have no idea how close you came to getting me. .. . .do you understand . . . do you know. . .” He kept cutting himself off. Then he stopped as he looked at her. “Is that all cum?” he asked pointing to the huge wet spot under her.
She nodded and grinned.
“Holy shit. That’s all cum?”

She nodded and spread her legs and showed him her cum covered fingers. “Uh huh. See?”
He laughed and shook his head. He was ready to kill her and ready to fuck her. Oh, she did these things to drive him completely nuts she. . . she . . . she. . . .she. . .
“Gimme that God damn belt and bend over now.” He held out his hand.

She grinned and handed him the belt with a little squeal of glee. Oh yes, she had earned this. She bent over and presented her bare ass to him, cum half way down her thighs. She was so ready for this, so ready for the first hit. She quivered in anticipation. “Come on Daddy! Show me I was a bad girl!”

The first strike was hard and painful, the leather stinging across both cheeks at once and making her cry out. He didn’t wait for her to recover fully, the spanks came hard and fast on her bare skin, great angry floods of sting that made her feel like her ass was on fire. She cried out and enjoyed the heat as it rampaged through her body. He was so good with a belt, fast and hard and brutal with her. She earned it, her mind screamed, she earned that pain!

He stopped for a moment, wiping the sweat from his brow. He waited for her to stop her knees from wobbling and present her ass full again. Her cum was down to her knees now as she had continued to cum and cum as he struck, every slap on the ass making her drip that much more. When she was steady again, he raised the belt back.

“Three emails. Count them out.” he said and she nodded. She knew better then to sass now.
The first strike hit, this was harder to take then the spanking. The hits were harder and not in a blur of hits. She had to feel each one individually and count it out for him. “One Sir!” she cried out.
The second one stung so God damn bad. She felt her knees wobble but she stayed up and cried out in a wavering voice, “Two sir!”

The third was soft. She was worried, he never ended soft. She was expecting him to really wail on her but it came soft. It still hurt like hell on her already red and marked ass but not as bad as it could have. “Three sir?” she called out.

He leaned in close to her, his breath raged and excited, “One fax sent to my office. Count it out.”
Oh shit, she thought. Here it comes.
She was expecting the long thin sting of the belt across her ass so when his bare hand hit her with a perfect spank and the whole big hand covered one ass cheek, she screamed out in pain. Her whole ass was on fire from the sting but still, she was a good girl when ordered and called it out, “F…….f…f.f.f…four sir!”

His voice was at her ear again, his breath tickling her skin as he whispered in a low and deadly tone. “One phone call, count it out.”

She braced herself but the spank was too much as his hand covered her other ass cheek and set that one fire as well. She cried out and managed to get “Fiiiiiiiiiiive” out before she collapsed to her knees. Tears flowed down her cheeks and she sobbed. It was not in pain she sobbed but in purification. She took her punishment and now she was a good girl again; he had redeemed her.
He was kneeling next to her, holding her, comforting her, telling her how good she was for counting them all out. How proud he was of her, how sexy she was. Stroking her hair, kissing her, making it all okay again. He had that power, to make everything okay with a kiss and a touch.
She cuddled into him and was surprised to find his chest bare. She cuddled into his lap, she found he was naked, his hard cock standing straight up. He chuckled at her slight shock. “Oh. . .you think those pictures didn’t have an effect on me?” He laughed and she grinned up at him.

Pulling her up to her hands and knees, he bent her over and positioned himself behind her and slowly slid his long hard cock into her. Sex was gentle because of her spanking; her ass couldn’t have taken a hard slam fuck. Instead she felt every inch of him sliding in and out of her slowly, painfully slow.

She moaned and felt herself leaving her own body as she got close to cumming. The orgasm ripped through her and tore her apart like tissue paper and she was loose and free. His cock continued to slide in and out of her and she felt the fire of orgasm after orgasm ripping through her.

Finally his cock buried deep in her erupted, his cum filled her pussy. She could feel him coursing through her, dripping out of her, so hot…so sweet. . . so much cum in her. He slid in and out as he kept cumming and his cum squished and dripped with hers down her legs, covered her in their sex.

He kissed and held her for a long time, then she began to drift. Nibbling on her neck, he covered her with a fleece throw and let her drift off to sleep. She grinned and purred as he stroked her hair and kissed her face until he had to go back to work. She was so content feeling her ass burn and his cum dripping out of her. She was his.

He got back to his office about 15 minutes late but, it seemed no one noticed. He sat down and hurriedly tried to get back into his work so his tardiness would remain a secret. Clicking on his desktop he opened a waiting email from an unknown name. The email clicked open and he was greeted immediately by an image of her pussy, welts and the start of bruises across her ass cheeks. He laughed and began keeping track all over again.

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