Hot Fantasy Session

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Author: Dan

Jen my wife worked for one of the biggest telecommunication offices in Melbourne and has done so for several years, which has enabled her to develop friendships and a healthier workforce within her department as well. Most the of the people who work with her are male so when it came to fantasy sex between the two of us, we were able to conjure up the wildest pleasures that involved both of us.

Jen is well liked and with her gorgeous body, the guys found it hard to keep their hands off… There was one guy in particular who turned Jen on and if she had had a hard day at work we would both talk about him to relax her. Our fantasy included him, and with the hot sexual erotic sessions performed in our bedroom at night, Jen relaxed so easily bringing about wild orgasms for both of us…

Jen describes this hot hunk as being six foot three inches tall, dark skinned, short black hair and a cute smile. His pearly whites shining bright whenever he smiled at her. Our fantasy had Derek fucking and sucking both Jen and I. Just the thought had my cock growing hard as we both talked about having Derek join us, so he could slip his cock deep inside Jen’s hot pussy and at the same time I would feel his mouth close over my swelling organ…

In all our fantasies we were both included and both serviced by Derek’s massive cock. Jen always tells me I’m good looking and she was sure that a threesome would work well for us and out exciting sex lives. It was after a steamy love session with me licking her love nest, teasing her ass with my fingers as she described what she wanted Derek to do to her that we decided that it was time to invite Derek out for dinner and drinks and back to our place for a nigh cap and for whatever else may happen that evening…

Jen went to work the following morning a little nervous but excited at the same time. She even arrived early knowing Derek was always at work whenever she arrived for the day – he was such an early bird when it came to his work… Jen needed little encouragement to invite him out, but she also wanted to keep this very private to prevent tongues wagging throughout her workstation.

Derek was a little taken back when Jen asked him out, but with her flirtatious expertise she persuaded him into thinking about the possibility of an exciting night if he accepted… He did agree to join us but under the proviso that she went out to dinner with him. Jen didn’t hesitate in accepting his invitation because with her plans in place for the evening a disappointment was not something she looked forward to.

Jen’s lunch proved to be very exciting. Derek flirted all time they were together turning her on more and more and it didn’t take a lot of convincing for her to suck his big black cock, right there in the diner when he asked her to. She looked around ensuring that there were no prying eyes before pretending to drop her napkin. Jen slid under the table; unzipped Derek’s fly releasing his thick cock.

She sucked him deep into her mouth teasing him with her tongue as she stroked his cock with. Derek let her know that he was about to come but she didn’t need his warning, his juices flooded her mouth and what she couldn’t swallow dribbled down her chin… her dropped napkin coming in handy wiping the drops away from her mouth…

Jen came home bubbling from her exciting lunch with Derek. She was all over me, her pussy dripping as she recalled his big black cock and his sweet tasting cum.

At 7pm we met him our favourite restaurant, Jen introduced us and I noticed that Jen was right about one thing… Derek was a hunk… For a guy looking at another guy, he was special. His looks, his smile and the way he looked me in the eye when he talked was enough to make the straightest guy melt in front of him. For me, well I could feel my cock swelling as the evening progressed.

With dinner over, we headed back to our place for that special night cap of Jen’s hot pussy, Derek’s massive black prick and my threesome fantasy of horny cock sucking guys with a sexy babe ready for hot action and if we played our cards right there will be three pillows in our bed tonight…

Derek surprised both Jen and I, he took control of our hot session, telling us what to do. He was very dominating when it came to sex, somewhat different to how he appeared at work. He told Jen to drop to her knees and suck my cock the way she had sucked his earlier that day. Jen hungrily pulled my rod from its captivity and sucked me deep into her mouth. Derek made his move; behind her he played with Jen’s thighs through her short skirt before slipping his hands up and under pushing her skirt over her hips. His hands slipped inside her skirt, his fingers diving between her pink pussy lips and deep into her honey pot.

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