Male Escort Experience

Author: Dan

Jenny and I have had a fantasy for a long time, where she would take the backseat role while I had the pleasure of a male escort. With my life changing and having a mild mid life crisis Jenny and I decided that it was time to live out our fantasy. Not only would she sit back and let it happen she will encourage us to suck and fuck each other and to join in when she could, even if it was just touching or kissing me for starters and when our fuck session was over, the male escort and I would service her.

With our special night already upon us we found a great motel room. It was comfy with a huge bed if needed and a very private outlook, which is what we really needed.

When Mike walked in I was standing in my Speedos the day was warm out so what I was wearing was appropriate. The video was taping everything that happened and I was shocked when everything happened immediately…. Mike stripped down to his swimming trunks so we were at a level playing field so to speak…

He walked over to me and kissed me passionately for a few moments before pressing a condom into the palm of my hand. I could hear Jenny breathing loudly in the background… it was a sensual sigh as he shocked me by kneeling in front of me, putting his moist lips against my growing erection. I could feel his breath on my cock through the thin layer of cloth of my Speedos. The warmth of his breath made my cock throb against his lips as I felt a drop of pre-cum form and begin to slide from the eye of the head of my cock down my shaft…

Jenny joined Mike and she touched me as Mike’s firm but gentle hands slipped my blue Speedos down over my hips making my cock slap back against my stomach. Both Jenny and I moaned as my massive cock was finally released from captivity. Mike took my cock in his hand and gently applied the condom to my rigid tool. He immediately closed his mouth over my cock, his tongue teased me and he succeeded in making my balls tingle from the sensational pleasures.

I looked down admiring his succulent features as he nuzzled my balls and sack before sucking on my throbbing knob like the true pro that he was. Jenny knelt down next to him, she watched closely as Mike sucked my huge cock sharing it with her. Mike held it while she closed her lips over the head of my penis, her tongue teasing me the best way she knew how, just catching the sensitive part for just a second, enough to make my knees almost buckle underneath me.

Jenny pushed my cock towards Mike ever so gently, he sucked me into his mouth forming a suction I’ll never forget and with my heart racing and my cock throbbing I knew then I wanted to return the favour. With Jenny standing by my side now, she touched my chest briefly before moving her hands down to play with my ass. She wanted to tease my hole, lubing it up for what may happen a little later.

I moaned with pleasure but still knowing I wanted to please Mike as well I finally managed to drag him off my body. We were all together to please each other and Jenny followed my lead. She stepped back for but a moment as I had him stand before me… It took but only a second for us to slide his bathers down over his hips to his ankles allowing us to look closely at the manhood we were about to enjoy.

I wasn’t sure how Jenny was feeling at that very moment, but my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I came face to face with a monster cock. His cock was huge, his balls hung down between his legs and when I took his cock in my hands it was longer than two hands. With it in my hands I wondered what I had got myself into, I looked briefly at Jenny who was licking her lips in anticipation, but it was too late for us to back out. We were both as horny as hell and my cock was tingling in anticipation of what I was about to do and what we were going to enjoy together.

I licked my lips and began concentrating on sliding as much of the rubber protection as I could manage down over his cock. I looked at it admiring the beauty of such a fine organ before closing my mouth over the massive head.

With Jenny sharing this beautiful specimen we licked and licked as I lowered my hand down the shaft, my mouth took as much of Mike’s organ down my throat as possible. I surprised myself when I buried my nose in his short and curly pubic hairs, Jenny had her hand on his shaft stroking it back and forth and for a moment I felt I was living a real life fantasy and when I heard him moan above me I looked down and saw Jenny sucking his hairy balls into her mouth, suckling on them with a passion that only belonged in fantasies.

Mike pulled us both off his cock and led us over to the king size bed, not a word was said as he pushed me back so I was comfortable, my cock standing tall and erect ready for the attention I was hoping to receive. Jenny sat back against the headboard and waited for the right moment to join in. Mike knelt over me; his legs straddled my head and as he leant forward his cock slipped into my mouth, Jenny was there to guide his cock, she needed to feel it as much as I did.

His warm moist mouth sucked my cock deep down his throat at the same time. I found swallowing his thick shaft right down to the end of the condom was easier this way, my mouth was open and relaxed with this hot cock sucking session, but even with me taking as much as I could, there was still a few inches unattended which Jenny noticed of course and she helped out by wrapping her hand around his cock stroking him in order to give Mike’s massive cock full stimulation in our heated session.

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