Will Power

Looking at the nipples of her small breasts poking against the thin white blouse, Erik felt a warm stirring beneath the sheet that covered his nudity, Vicky continued to talk, but her eyes were on the teepee rising in the center of the bed.

“It must be frustrating for you without Lisa,” she said. “Especially when you need satisfaction, like you do now.”

“What would your husband think?” Erik asked.

She laughed. “How will he know? To tell you the truth, I have several lovers to keep me satisfied, but none can satisfy me like you used to. Let me use my mouth for what I do best.”

Erik kicked the sheet off the bed. Vicky got to her knees and lovingly stroked his rock hard cock. Then, she brushed back her long black hair and lowered her head to flick the wetness from the cock eye with the tip of her tongue.

Erik shuddered as she licked up and down the length of his shaft. Vicky had a tongue like warm silk. When his cock was shiny with her saliva she kissed the tip and then took the purple crown in her mouth. Cradling his balls in one hand, she slowly swallowed his full length.

While she skillfully worked her mouth on his erection, Erik closed his eyes and savored the electric sensations. Vicky had a mouth better than any cunt he had ever pumped.

Just as he was about to climax she raised her head from his cock, holding her mouth open a few inches above. Site held his weapon steady between two fingers as jets of cum arced upwards into her mouth. Then, she tossed back her head and swallowed the mouthful of cream before licking up the drops that had failed to reach her mouth.

“That was good,” Vicky smiled, licking her lips, “You’ve always had the finest of cream.”

She stood up, unzipped her black leather skirt and allowed it to fall at her feet. She was wearing no panties and her shaven cunt was fully exposed. With her blouse off, she was in nearly naked glory. Erik did not need to tell her to keep her stockings on.

Her body crept close to his for the first time in nearly two years. Her stiff nipples were like miniature brown cocks. She loved to flaunt her expertise, so Erik relaxed and allowed her soft whispers and caresses to bring his cock back to life again.

She played with him for ages, until he was more than ready to plunge his stiffness into her lovely hot cunt. Seeing that the time was right, Vicky rolled onto him. He lifted his head just enough to see his thickness disappearing up inside her.

Vicky rode him frantically, her face contorted with pleasure. Erik cupped her small breasts and thrust upwards, his headache miraculously gone. He felt he could fuck this dusky seductress until she sucked the very life from him.

They fucked for over an hour, accelerating the pace and changing position from time to time. Only with Vicky could he maintain such a performance. When the climax finally burst from him, the euphoria was too much. Erik passed out, wishing he could pass into eternity with his cock forever buried in Vicky’s sweet hole.

Several hours later, she dressed and quietly let herself out of the bedroom. Erik was unconscious on perspiration soaked sheets. A short while after Vicky’s departure, the bedroom door opened again.

An attractive, brown haired woman, in her thirties entered the room. She carried a silver tray laden with two glasses of champagne. Quietly, she placed it on the bedside table.

Erik stirred and opened his eyes. The woman smiled. He studied her silhouette against the light from the window. Underneath a transparent white gown that reached her ankles, she was naked,

Lisa kissed him gently. “How do you feel?”

“My head is killing me” he answered, “But I can face the operating table happy now. You’d better give Davenport a call.”

“Later,” she said, undoing the belt around her waist.

The gown cascaded to the floor with a whisper of silk. Lisa had the kind of long-legged, full breasted figure that any younger woman would have envied. Erik knew he was a very lucky man.

“Let’s have some champagne,” she said. “Then, I’ll give you one of my special massages. We’ve got all the time in……….., lots of time just for ourselves.”

Nine years later, four women sat facing a balding, middle aged man in a gray suit, across a huge antique mahogany desk, The atmosphere in the lawyer’s office was solemn. Erik had been laid to rest only four days earlier. Having made a complete recovery from his brain surgery, he had finally met his maker in a helicopter accident. Samuel K. Davenport was about to unveil the racing star’s last will and testament.

“Ready?” he asked quietly.

The four women nodded. Davenport got up and inserted a cassette into the VCR in the corner of his office. Jackie, Elaine and Vicky exchanged glances of contempt. All three had been invited to this occasion, each quietly confident of finally receiving her just reward, yet perturbed by the presence of the other two. Lisa sat with an air of calm detachment.

After a few seconds, Erik appeared on the TV screen. He was dressed in a blue suit and seated in a plush armchair.

“Good afternoon ladies” he began, “I expect you find this scenario a little strange. I also expect you wonder why I asked you here at all. All is about to be revealed.”


The blonde sat bolt upright.

“We had a good afternoon, didn’t we? You came running as soon as you got the note.”

Elaine and Vicky turned to the shocked young woman with looks of stunned disbelief.

“You were as good as ever, Elaine,” Erik continued. “And as for you, Vicky, what can I say? For pure erotic pleasure I thank all three of you. Could any old man wish for a better farewell?”

The three mistresses looked as if they were about to collapse. Lisa had not moved. Sobs were stifled in her silk handkerchief. There was a pregnant silence before Erik spoke again.

“But my real gratitude must go to my darling wife Lisa, without whom none of this would have been possible. She arranged for you three lovely ladies to brighten my darkest days. Thanks to her, I can now repay you for your devotion to me in past times of crisis. I would love to believe you three have abandoned your gold-digging ways, but I’m afraid I have known you for too long. Mr. Davenport has a package for each of you. In those packages are my parting gifts to you. All my other properties, monies, etcetera – details of which are with Mr. Davennort – I leave to Lisa. Thank you for your time.”

The lawyer switched off the TV, unlocked a drawer in his desk and handed a labeled brown package to each of the three mistresses. They took then with trembling hands.

Vicky was the first to open hers. Inside was a videocassette with a note.


No further explanation was needed. Elaine and Jackie opened their packages slowly. They could almost hear Erik laughing from beyond the grave.

Davenport ushered the visibly shaken trio from his office. Glances of pure loathing for Lisa went unnoticed.

As the mistresses departed, Lisa wiped the tears from her face. They would be in a state of shock for some time. Erik had fulfilled her voyeuristic desires, as well as his own desire for revenge against the women who had used him.

In the end there was only one winner. Lisa choked back further tears of laughter and prepared herself to be declared a very rich woman.

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