Railroad Crossing

Author: Cecilia

They were coming home from the football game, and to avoid traffic, Tracy suggested a back road, and Michael, trusting his girlfriend of over 6 months, turned off from the congested main road onto a 2 lane, yet straightaway road. As the lights in his rearview mirror faded into the background, Tracy slid her hand across the console, her fingertips finding his knee, bent as his foot pressed against the accelerator, causing Michael’s muscles to involuntarily press harder, increasing the car‘s speed. She rounded her hand to his inner thigh, leaning her body toward him, her full breasts pressing through her blouse against his arm as she pressed her lips against the soft skin of the side of his neck.

Michael began to tremble, feeling his cock beginning to swell under his jeans as her hand slowly, teasingly, made its way along his thigh. Letting out a soft moan, he removed his hand from the gearshift, and laced his fingertips around her thigh, slipping his hand slowly underneath her silken skirt. Tracy’s legs began to quiver in anticipation as her legs parted, inviting Michael’s tender caresses between them as her hand rounded up, cupping her palm against his cock, it beginning to pulse through his jeans. His fingertips made their way upward, grazing along her inner thigh, reaching between them, he discovered Tracy was wearing nothing underneath her skirt as his fingers grazed softly thru her wet curled hair above her folds. Tracy moaned loudly, her fingers trembling as they reached the button of his jeans, unzipping them slowly, feeling his cock instinctively spring out from them.

Right at that moment…Michael, barely having composure to keep eye on the road, noticed red flashing lights up ahead, began to slow the car down, they arriving at a train crossing, which… with impeccable timing, a train was crossing. Tracy bit her lower lip as the car came to a steady stop, then smiled at Michael as she unfastened her seat belt, and in one motion swung her right leg over, turning her body to straddle Michael in the driver’s seat. Michael brought his free hand to turn the ignition off, his other hand still exploring under her skirt, rubbing his fingertips back and forth at the top of her wet mound, finding her clit, it swelling from her passion for him.

Tracy brought her lips to his, sealing tight against them as she pressed her weight down into his lap, groaning loudly as she felt his flaring head pierce through her folds, his precum oozing out, burning against her inner walls. Michael moaned loudly as her muscles began to milk his shaft, it burying deeper within her tight pussy every time she grinded into his lap. Michael’s hands rounded her waist, reaching the buttons of her blouse as his hips rocked up against her, his full length buried deep within her pussy, their pubic hairs meshed against one another.

He unbuttoned her blouse, one button at a time, exposing the silky smooth skin of her tummy, to her full rounded breasts, her nipples hardening as the cool air hit them. The sound of the roaring train became distant as they became lost in each other’s passion, their juices mixing within her, coating over his shaft as it filled and released deep within her tight canal. Suddenly, just as the intensity of the moment grew near its peak … a knock upon the driver side door was heard…. both Tracy and Michael looked over … and standing before them was a police officer. Their motion ceased, knowing the trouble they were in.

Tracy, however, glanced down, noticing a budge under his pants, and knew he must have been watching them for a couple of minutes, bit her lower lip, and continued her grinding motion with her hips against Michael’s cock, it still throbbing and erect inside her. The officer caught wind of the lustful stare within Tracy’s eyes, and although knowing it was his duty to stop them, even arrest them, he said not a word as Tracy brought her hand up, rubbing her palm against his cock slowly. Michael turned his head, watching intently as Tracy unzipped the policeman’s pants, she slid her hand in, cupping it around his shaft, coaxing it from the opened zipper.

Grinding down harder against Michael’s lap, she brought her lips to the stranger’s head, already wet from his precum, rolling her tongue over the tip slowly. She lifted her eyes up into the cop’s eyes as she slipped her lips around the head, and began a slow methodical suckle against it as she cupped her other hand around the back of Michael’s head, guiding it out the driver side window too. The cop let out a loud moan as Tracy drew Michael’s lips to the shaft of his cock, and Michael, knowing from what Tracy shared with him about her fantasies, laid his tongue flat at the base of the officer’s shaft as Tracy removed her lips from around his head. Michael licked slowly along its throbbing vein, to the head…the officer letting out a louder moan as Tracy slid down harder onto Michael’s lap, feeling his full length press hard and deep within her pussy, a tightening feeling developing in her tummy as her climax drew closer.

Michael wrapped his lips over the thick head, and in one slow steady motion, sucked his way down the officer’s cock, inch by inch, until his soft hair tickled against Michael’s lips. Tracy let out a loud scream as she watched Michael’s mouth fill with the shaft, rolling her hips in a circle, grinding down hard against Michael’s cock as he began to bob his head repeatedly, his cheeks hollowing with each suck against the policeman.

The policeman and Michael both began to moan, very loudly, both of them feeling their climaxes drawing closer, stimulated by Tracy’s sensual screams as her walls gripped tight against Michael’s shaft. Her orgasm commenced, her body jerking wildly as her sweet juices flooded out, coating over Michael’s cock as he bit down against the cop’s thick muscle, feeling it jerk wildly between his lips…he began to bob his head faster, and right at the peak of the policeman’s screams, Michael slid his lips up to the head of his cock as Tracy took hold of the shaft, and began to stroke it wildly.

The cop ‘s entire body trembled deeply as his thick cum released from his cock, spilling out onto Michael’s tongue, he swallowing his thick load hungrily as Tracy’s hand continually slid up and down the length of the shaft. As their bodies began to settle from the intense climaxes, the last car of the train passed by the RR crossing, the lights went off, the guardrails began to lift, the officer then told them to drive safely, and went to back to his car. Michael looked over into Tracy’s eyes as she rolled off his lap, lowering her skirt, fastening her seat belt once again. Before they drove over the railroad tracks, Tracy pressed her lips against Michael’s, sliding her tongue between them, tasting the officer’s thick cum still within her boyfriend’s mouth, a fantasy she had so much desire to explore having finally be fulfilled, then whispered softly against his lips…. “I love you sweetheart, mmmm so very much.”

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