Night out in the rain

Author: bluebuddha

It was your typical Friday night. Same old haunt, same droning music, you know bump, bump, bump! Same old faces, loud, drunk, rowdy as they are every Friday night! As I sit in same old spot. That me and friends have held up for years. To my surprise a new face. A beautiful face, dark eye and long blonde hair, nice lean figure. Dress in sheer black top and the shortest of short mini skirts. With these incredible thigh high stocking and stiletto heels, which look like she could put them thru you chest? As gaze at her, I get the vibe that she is as trilled as I am about being here. My gaze turns into a stare.

She notices me look at her “busted” I say to myself. But instead of a piss off glare. I get this great devilish grin, you know the one, like cat who ate the canary then pissed in shoe! I raise my drink slightly, and smile. And turn to my drunken friends. As my friend tells me how many chicks he wants to bang. Look over at my blonde friend again. Now it seems I have peak her interest. We natural, being to flirt across the club. But her drunken girlfriend breaks up the whole mood. As raucous friend drags her out of her seat. She glimpse over to me shrugs her shoulders. As she lets her friend drag her upstairs to the other room. I watch them walk past me and climb up the stairs. There a rush blood to my heart as it breaks. But then rushes back to prick. As I notice her making her way up the stairs. Under her mini is an even smaller hot pink g string. Exposing this astonishing round ass. As mind goes numb, as gawk at her tush. I’m busted again for leering at her for second time. This time I get the grin plus a wink my heart goes to into my throat! As swallow my heart and the last of my drink, I look up to find she is gone. The next thing I know the drone of music has dies, and hear the DJ say “last call!” Having enough of another uneventful night, I make my way out of the club in to the night. To finding out that a light steady summer shower had begun. “Fuck! Perfect way to cap off the night.” As I make my way thru the shower. All I hear are the drunks yelling, screaming because they can’t kill any more brain cells. As climb into my car, thoughts of a pink g string spinning thru my head! At least I have something to brood over.

As it’s me and the ponds lotion, again! I turn the ignition, starter cranks and the radio blares. There is pounding on my driver’s windows. As the car rolls down the window. A drunk girl slurs “my car won’t start, can you help us out.” As I think for second how to get out of it. The Buddhist in me kicks in, and the boomerang effect of karma. So I get out and see if I could help. As we walk thru the lot. I see smoke coming out of the open hood of the car. As I make way to front of the car, my heart stops it her! Try to keep my composure I ask what’s wrong? She clears the cigarette smoke from her lungs, “not sure won’t start!” As look down, there burned up battery cable “well here’s the problem burned up battery cable” FUCK!” the drunken girl blurts out! And stomps away “Sorry” I said to the blonde stocking girl “it’s ok” she replied. “The car is piece of crap”! As she exhales the last of her cigarette.

I watch her put the cigarette out with her heel. My eyes travel up her legs. I see the rain glisten off thighs. As car lights flash by I notice that sheer black top has become see thru. As I adjust myself, because all blood has gone to my pants. “Need me to call tow truck” “not sure brooke took off, oh I’m Kylie bye the way.” I’m Zack I reply. Brooke, the drunken friend. Returns back from behind the cars. “Paul & Jack are on there way.” “JACK! That asshole. I hate that dirt bag” Kylie screamed! “What hell you want he’s got the car” Brooke replied “Kylie I could give you lift home. I exclaimed” feeling like the wolf in sheep’s clothing. “Really? that would be awesome” she said, with that devilish grin that I saw earlier! As she grabs her purse. Being a good guy I ask, “Want to come to, Brooke. “thinking to myself PLEASE SAY NO!” “No I have to go to work in the morning and need my car.” “Ok then I sees ya later!” Says Kylie. As she whisks me off to my car. The rain shower turns to drizzle. I throw my jacket over Kylie shoulders. “Thanks” she smiles. As she wraps herself round my arm. “Do you live far?” I asked, “Not real far, I live about ten minutes for here”. We walk around the front of my car. I open passenger door for her. She maliciously sets herself in seat, with feet hang out of the car. Slowly she swing one leg at a time into the car. I get another peek at her pink g-string this time from the front. I notice a twinkle, of a few rhinestones on front, the very tiny front. This time, I make sure not to gawk. I close door as she pulls her leg in. The door closes and she looks up at me with that grin.

I could almost see the yellow feathers in her mouth! As I climb in. She leans over the center console, Kissing me on the side my face more towards my and ear. And softly says “thanks for taking me home.” That whisper seem to reverberate and resonated thru my bones. As we drive away, she turns down the radio. Leans into the center console, puts her hand on top of mine on the shifter. As I’m trying to drive and keep my calm, and eyes on road. I feel her stare. She giggles as knows she’s getting to me! What are you giggling about I ask? Nothing, you’re very cute she replies, and make a right here please. “Okay, and thank you, you’re gorgeous” I added. As we make are way to her place. We get all the small talk out of the way. You know, job, and school that kinda stuff. We pull up to her place, a very nice three flat. She directs me to pull thru alley and park in back. I do so and then climb out of the car. Showers have stop for now. And fresh smell of cleaned air is robust. She climbs out of the car meets me in front of it.

She leans on the hood and pulls me towards her and smiles. She thanks me again for the ride. Then I being to bumble my way thru to ask her for date. She grabs my shirt and begins to kiss me. I return the kiss. As I do so this, I feel her heels of her stilettos rise between back of my legs. And push me between her thighs. Within same motion she puts her hand on crotch. Knowing some how that I would be instantly hard. She breaks from kissing me and says. “Take me now.” Then returns to kissing me. Then she beings to leans back on to hood of my car. Pulling me with her. I don’t know what was hotter. Are breath between us, or her pussy. As we continue, my hand runs up her side, to her breast. I begin to caress her breast. She spreads even wider across the hood. My mouth slowly makes the trip to her breast via here neck shoulder. She let’s out a playful moan, as pull away cup of bra from breast. And begin to roll my tongue around her nipple. As this going on, she has made away with my belt, my fly, and my pants are wide open. Her hand rubbing my cock now! I’m doing everything to keep my control. With her other hand she runs her fingers from the back of my head to front. Firmly grabs tuff of my hair drags my mouth down to her pussy! It’s like trip to the equator. Closer I get the hotter it becomes. Her mini skirt has now become belt from all sliding and grinding that we have been doing. As reach her crotch, I now see how small her g string is. Just barely enough to cover her shaved pussy. I run my run tongue along one side of her hip string to the triangle of satin. With on hand I push her leg up to chest and the other leg follows.

With my other hand take triangle of fabric and pull it between her lips and begin to suck and lick them. She lets out moan that thought would wake the neighborhood! As I continue to engorge myself in her, I move sopping wet g string away, push her legs up to her chest again and plunge my tongue into her! Her moans turn to muffled whimpers as she bites her bottom lip. Unaware of the environment around us. It had begun to shower again. Think bolt lighting could go off next us and we would have known! She pushes me up from her lap. Forcing me stand up. She slid down hood to her knees and begun to suck me off. It seem almost seemed choreographed. With one swoop of her mouth, my shaft disappears. As she pulls back, I let out gasp, doing everything not shoot my load all of her! Slurping her salvia back into mouth, she looks up to me grins and laughs devilishly! I realize just then, that I’m the canary! She pulls her long blonde locks back, and goes back to my cock. Running her tongue around head of my dick.

I reach with one hand to grab her mane and pull it back to see her handy work. Other is clinching in a fist trying desperately to keep from losing it! Without me noticing she’s giving me control of her head and mouth. I’m sliding her mouth back and forth down my entire shaft. A trail drool has started from her chin to her breast! As I continue her eye flare as my shaft is pulsing in mouth. I feel the cum course to head my prick I gasp a pull myself out her mouth. Trying to catch my breath! I spin her around, to face the car. Bend her over the hood. Begin to plunge my index and middle fingers in her. And being to fuck her! My fingers and arm move in out her at feverish pace. Groans turns into encouragement. “Faster” she moans. My finger and arm are like jackhammer! As I carry on, slip another finger to her cum soak pussy. As my ring finger make it in. She moans with approval. My fingers are becoming water log from her juices. Kylie being to slink her torso flat across the hood leaving has ass up in the air. Then I take my free arm and wrap it around her round ass continuing my feverish pace. Then just like that she beings to squirt, all over my hand! I completely lose it. And grind my face into her. I being to slurp, lick every last drop of her! We both collapse on the hood, panting gasping for a breath I side my up to her. We’re face to face now.

We being to kiss each other. She beings to taste herself on my lips and chin. Like ambrosia to the gods. It sends us into frenzy! She climbs on top of me, and slides my shaft into her searing hot pussy! I about burst! I can feel her pulse, throbbing around my shaft. As I’m sure she feel me pulsing in her! With rain shower still going on around us, both us now drenched from rain. Between moans and kissing, you can all most here sizzle as the rain drops, as the hit are bodies. It so cold, it almost stings! Hood of car now wet from us and rain. We being to both start slide down hood. With her still on me. I plant my feet on ground. And she effortlessly wraps legs around me. Her stockings acting like grips. As I lift her she continues to ride me. She goes back to lick and kiss the rest of her juices off chin and neck. Know that I can’t hold back load any more. Flip her on to front part of hood. I push her legs apart. Grabbing the back of her thighs being to thrusting my shaft in out her! She goes back encouraging me to keep fuck here. With Kylie lying across the hood and me standing at edge of the car. I get a great view of my cock sliding in out her pink lips. Looking up at me, she’s watching me watch my cock travel in out of her. She smiles and says “you like that don’t you, ya deeper.” All could do is moan. There was steam rising from her body now. Her grip around my shaft tighter than ever.

She begins to cum again. She moans “cum for me Zack!” “Cum all over me!” While this is going on, I’m sliding in and out of her still, the rain acting as lubricant. I pull out and shoot load all her! The first blast goes from her crotch to her tits she scream with delight. The second blast, to both of are amazement splash her across chin and mouth! She enthusiastically runs tongue along her lips chin this cause both of us go into overload. Then take the shaft of my cock slide between here throbbing lips. Not in her, just between them with head cock rubbing her clit.

This causes us both to spurt even more all over each other! Send us into convulsion. Just then huge clamp of thunder knocks back into reality! “Think we should take this inside” Kylie grins……….

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