Going Home

Author: David Williams

When the pilot announced that they would be landing soon, Michelle breathed a sigh of relief. She had been in agony for two hours in the air, her ass cheeks still burning from the Spanking she got at the other airport before she left, and to add to the discomfort, she was dripping his cum out of her pussy and she was fairly sure she would have a huge wet spot when she got off the plane.

They turned, and the plane began to slowly drop from the sky. She tried to keep her mind off her adventure, but she wasn’t having much luck. As she began to make out landmarks of home her mind wandered back to being taken over his knee at the airport and spanked until she cried in sheer joyous rapture, her ass burning and stinging, pussy dripping wet. Then he had taken her yet again, his cock hard and deep in her over the car hood. She hadn’t cared if anyone saw, that wasn’t her job.

She was his amusement, sent to him to be used for a weekend in whatever way he wanted. Now, as she returned home, she smiled thinking of how many ways he had used her. Her asshole and pussy were aching from hard fucking and fisting and repeated orgasms until she was ready to drop. She dripped his seed out of her pussy and still felt the ache of his big cock stretching her asshole to the breaking point as he fucked her.

They touched down and she turned to look out the window. Her master was in the terminal waiting for her and he would want a full accounting of what she had done, of that she was sure. That was the fun part too. Telling him what a little slut she had been. He would be very proud.

She shifted and her and cheeks let her know that they were not happy. The pain, though, made her smile, knowing she had lots to show her master when she got off the plane. She took her purse and applied her lipstick again, making sure her mouth looked perfect for cock sucking. That was a steadfast rule in their house. She must look always ready to be used.

They taxied to the terminal and she undid her belt. The passengers all hurried to get their bags and leave. She took her time. The longer she took to get off the plane, the more agitated he would be. She grinned and sat down again and pretended to look for something, the stewardesses giving her annoyed looks. She wanted to make sure he was good and pissed.

As she got off the plane with her carry on, her only baggage, he was waiting for her. Yes, he did look very annoyed. She grinned and walked up to him and stood before him, smiling and waiting for him to speak.

“Have to be the last person off?” he asked.

“It takes me a while to get off some times, Sir.” She answered and gave him a pouty look.

“How was your flight?” He asked, trying not to grin at her response.

“It was good but my ass hurts very badly.” She gave him another pouty look like she was seeking sympathy.

“Trust me . . . not nearly as much as it is going to hurt.” He told her and stepped up and hugged her. “Welcome home, baby girl.” They kissed. “I missed you.”

As they walked towards the car he began to question her, first on the overall trip, was it fun? How was the weather? Did she enjoy herself? Finally as they entered the elevator to go up to their level of parking he began to ask what he really wanted to know.

“Were you a good slut?”

“Yes, Sir, a very good slut, Sir.” She assured him.

“You sucked and fucked well then?” He asked staring straight forward, trying not to appear too interested, but the growing bulge in his pants told a different story.

“Oh yes, Sir. I let him fuck every hole and sucked him good. He even fisted me and left my pussy gaping open so others could walk by and stick their fingers in me.” She answered enthusiastically.

He turned and looked at her. That part had shocked him a little, so she continued on. “First he fucked me hard for everyone to see, and then he filled me with cum and, Sir? He cums a lot. Then with my cunt dripping cum he fisted me and made me all messy. Then I came, and he left me on my hands and knees with my pussy gaping open and the people at the party stuck things in me.”

“Things?” He asked.

“Fingers, toes, cucumbers . . . Oh . . . And one girl sucked my pussy for a few minutes until she was caught.”

“She wasn’t supposed to be eating you?” He asked.

“I don’t know, Sir. I was just the amusement, so I didn’t ask.” She told him. She noticed his cock was so hard in his pants that it was nearly ripping loose.

“And what else?” He asked his voice ripe with excitement.

“Well, he took me over his knee on the hood of his car at the airport and beat my ass red and then fucked me hard and filled me with cum.” She said. He turned to her.

“Sent you back full, huh?” He asked. The elevator arrived at their floor and swished open. They stepped out into the dimly lit parking garage.

“Yes, Sir. Would you like to see?” She asked.

“Yes.” He answered and turned to watch as she lifted her dress up and pulled down her panties. Reaching back, she spread her cheeks and more cum oozed out of her pussy and dripped down her lips. He grunted approval of her cum filled pussy and bright red ass that already had deepening purple tones.

“I was a good slut, Sir.” She said, still bent over displaying herself.

“So it appears.” He smacked her ass once. “Pull your panties up and let’s get home.” He said and she complied and followed him as he led her to the car.

“So . . . You had a good trip then?” He asked.

“Yes, Sir.” She answered.

“And I take it my brother enjoyed his birthday gift?” He asked.

“Oh yes, Sir . . . he did very much, Sir, Many times.” She smiled as he opened the door of the car for her.

“Good . . . Get in. . .Time to go home.”

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