Party Animals

Author: Goblin

I work in a medium-sized advertising agency and every once in a while, the boss decides to throw a party that’s a kind of dog and pony show for our clients and suppliers. Lots of booze and boring conversation. I had been inclined to call in sick and miss this one, but after what happened, I’m glad I didn’t.

I was on my third rum and coke and my tenth boring introduction when I noticed our intern, Adam, across the room. He was working for us during the summer and usually ended up doing all our grunt work- copies, cleanup- all the little chores that busy account executives don’t have time to handle. You should have heard the secretaries talk about him. "Nice kid. When he bends over, I practically soak my panties." I knew what they meant. I’d often catch a glimpse of him as he worked around the office. Just thinking about it sometimes gave me a hardon.

Anyway, I extricated myself from this client who kept droning on and on about what a wonderful job I was doing selling some crap I honestly didn’t care about and headed for the bar in the corner of the room. I snuck another look in Adam’s direction. He was corralled by a couple of the office sluts. "He’s sure not going to be in any condition to work tomorrow", I thought to myself. The bartender was handing me my drink when, to my surprise, Adam appeared at my side holding out his glass.

"You’d better watch yourself", I said. "Those women have worn out younger guys." He laughed. "I’m sure they have. How about you?" I must have been a little drunk because I took this the wrong way and said "Me? Not lately." He looked me straight in the eye with those deep blue eyes of his. Set against his black hair they were incredible. It’s my favorite combination. Anyway, what he said took me completely aback. "Would you like to try?" I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I could feel my cock starting to firm up.

"I’ve seen you watching me", he said. "I know you get off on my ass. Sometimes at night I jerk off thinking about you cumming all over my butt." He nodded toward the door and walked off, drink in hand. My dick was pressing against my briefs and I’m not sure if anyone else noticed the nightstick that was raging to break loose, but I didn’t care. I followed him out into the hall. There was a little cul-de-sac at the end of the hall by a window. He was there, waiting for me. He pulled me around the corner and threw me against the wall. His lips met mine and I could feel his tongue forcing it’s way down my throat. His thigh began rubbing against my hot crotch and I could feel my cock flush full and hard. One of his hands moved down and he began rubbing me through my pants as he nibbled on my neck.

He reached around and grabbed my ass, pulling me close up against him. I could feel that he, too, was stiff as a steel rod. He had to be at least 8 inches. My hands slid to his firm butt and I grabbed to hold on. "Not here", I said. He was breathing hard, now. "Where, then?". I took him by the hand and led him to the door to the stairwell. My boss would have caught us if he’d been looking in our direction. We slipped through the door and I led him up to the next floor and my office. We could have some privacy there.

He got down on his knees in front of me and pulled out my cock, which sprang to it’s full 7 inches. The head was bright purple and it was feeling so hot. When he put it in his mouth and swirled his tongue along the underside of the head, I let out a moan. He looked up at me with a shit-eating grin on his face and began tonguing my balls. This kid knew what he wanted. I had to slow him down or I was going to cum, and I wanted this to last.

Adam stood up in front of me and as he pulled his sweater up over his head, I could see the firm abs and pecs I’d been fantasizing about. He was like one of those Greek statues brought to life. Then, he unzipped his pants and out popped his fuckstick. It was bigger than I thought. At least 10 inches and raring to go. He turned his back to me, I think to pose a bit, and bent over to slide his pants and underwear the rest of the way off. My eyes confirmed what my hands had felt up in the hallway. His ass was as hard as the rest of his body and it was all mine for the taking. I finished undressing myself and we embraced again, our tongues lashing each other like whips. Feeling his cock, hot against my naked skin, I just had to have him. I shoved aside the papers on my desk and lifted him up onto it. He wrapped his legs around my back and squeezed so hard I almost gasped.

I worked my way down his body with my tongue, stopping to tease his nipples. When I got to his cock, I wasn’t sure if I could take it all, but I knew I was going to try like hell. I let my tongue brush lightly around the head and let it’s tip slide into his slit. His body shivered. "Ohhh…..don’t stop.", he said. I worked the rest of his dick into my mouth. I could feel it slap against the back of my throat as he started to flex his body. I played with his balls a bit, squeezing them a couple of times. This made him shiver and I knew he was about to shoot. "Roll over.", I said. He did as I told him and his ass was laid open for me right on the edge of the desk. I licked his asshole, running my tongue around the rim ever-so-lightly.

"You’ve gotta fuck me, man. I want to feel you inside of me." I ignored him. I knew what I wanted. I slipped a couple of fingers up his tight shithole and worked them in and out until he arched his back. He began jerking off in rhythm to my strokes. His ass was tight and I was worried he couldn’t take my meat. "Don’t worry", he cried out. "Just fuck me, I can handle what you’ve got!" I grabbed him tight around the middle and pulled him into position on the edge of the desk. I could barely slide in my head, it was like trying to force open a closed fist. Then, it was incredible. This kid had such control, he relaxed his muscles and my jiz gun slid in. I knew that the friction was still enough to make me cum quick, so I took it slow. We were both sweating and papers were beginning to stick to his body, but we didn’t care, him working his tool like a bicycle pump and me slapping my thighs against his round, firm cheeks.

This kid was the most incredible fuck I’d ever had, able to make his muscles work my rod like a bellows. Squeeze and pump…..squeeze and pump. "Oh, JEEEZUS!", he yelped as he shot his load all over the desk. The musky smell excited me more, I plunged harder and harder into his orifice until I could feel my man juice beginning to boil. "I’m going to shoot!" He turned to look at me, sweat streaming down his face. "Do it like I dreamed, man. Cum all over my ass." I was in no position to argue, my balls were about to explode. I pried my dick loose and didn’t even have time to aim. It shot all over his ass and back and puddled up in the crack of his ass. I slapped his butt and massaged my goo around on his back before I collapsed on top of him, out of breath. Did I say I never had a fuck like that before? He wouldn’t leave until we’d done it twice more. Adam was incredible. We got cleaned up and straightened up the office and returned to the party, which was just then beginning to break up. From time to time, I needed a little help after hours with a project and Adam, being the up and comer that he is, was more than willing to stay late. I missed him when he went back to school, but I’m sure that with the glowing recommendation that I was able to give him, he’ll be back next summer.

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