A not so relaxing day at the beach…

Author: Tessa Hodge

“Aahhh, I could relax here all day,” Sarah said. She was on the beach of a remote Carribbean island all by herself. Her servant was inside the cabin she had on her island. Sarah knew he was asleep so she didn’t bother to call for a drink. Also since he was sleeping she knew there would be no one around to see.

One of the things Sarah hated the most was when the sun left a fine, white image on her skin of a bikini after tanning with her swimsuit on. Since there was nobody to see her, she slipped out of her tiny red bikini and bra. “Thats better,” Sarah said. Then she laid back and in moments she was fast asleep.

Sarah didn’t fully wake up, but in her subconscious mind she thought she felt someone watching her. ‘Oh it’s probably just in the dream,’ Sarah thought and passed it off as nothing important. Another half hour or so Sarah felt it again. This time she woke all the way up. Sarah looked around but there was still no one in sight. Sarah inspected the jungle where the sand stopped and turned into vegetation. Sarah was gifted with very acute vision but she still couldn’t see anybody or anything.

‘Maybe there’s a ship or something,’ she thought. Sarah grabbed a pair of recreation wildlife binoculars and scanned the waterline. There were no ships or anything else that would’ve given Sarah that feeling. The only thing she saw was a few playful dolphins jumping out of the sparkling blue water. Sarah shook off the strange feeling again and rolled over to let her back catch some sun rays.

Sarah woke a third time, but this time was different. She could actually feel a presence standing over her. Sarah cracked open one of her eyes but she couldn’t see any one. Then she turned her head slowly and opened both eyes. Sarah’s mouth dropped open in a silent scream.

There dangling over her were three slimy, green tentacles. Barely protruting from the water was the face of some alien water monster the tentacles must belong too. Sarah was sure she heard the name of the monster one time but right now her memory was frozen from fear. Moving as slow as possible, Sarah slid off her lounge chair and started backing away toward the house. All of a sudden one of the tentacles lunged and wrapped around her waist. She tried to scream but as soon as her mouth opened another tentacle plunged into mouth.

Sarah could feel the slimy limb slide into her throat and rub up against her vocal chords. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, in fact Sarah thought it was kinda soothing. The monster pulled its tentacle out of her mouth and Sarah tried saying something but no sound came out. She tried again. Nothing.

‘Great,’ Sarah thought, ‘a monster is going to eat me and I can’t call for any help.’ Sarah was right about not being able to talk but she couldn’t have been more off about getting eaten.

The creature dragged her across the beach right to the waters edge. Then it laid her down and let go of her waist. Just as Sarah started to push herself up a tentacle shot out of the water and pinned her legs to the sand. Another one also shot out to pin her chest to the ground. The one across her chest was pressing right on top of her ample breasts.

Somehow the thing knew she liked having her tits carressed and the tip of the limb started to play with her already firm nipples. Sarah started to moan unconsciously as the tentacles (now another one had joined in) were massaging her soft, perfect c-cup breasts. Then one of the ends of the tentacles split to reveal a small hole which the creature neatly fit right right over one of Sarah’s tits. Then it started to suck on her nipple with perfect ability. As soon as it started Sarah could feel her body releasing milk to this strange creature.

Sarah enjoyed the feeling and just laid her head back when she felt the tentative exploration of another tentacle. This one had just barely brushed against her firm clit which made her shudder with horny passion. The monster must have sensed her reaction because imediatly it went back and began playing with her erect clit. First, it started just by rubbing it. Then it became more adventerous and started flicking her clit and sucking it the same as her nipple.

While the creature was playing with her clit Sarah felt an orgasm building. Without realizing her voice worked again, she started to moan as her feminine juices started openly flowing. Her moaning began to increase in volume until she was almost screaming with pleasure. Then Sarah hit her climax and shivers of pleasure ran up and down her body. The sand between her legs was soaked with the juices her pussy had discharged.

While she was still trying to catch her breath a tentacle reached out and forced its way into her mouth again. This time however it was extremely rigid and much bigger around. It forced her mouth open and began thrusting in and out. Sarah didn’t bother to resist. ‘I mean how people get fucked by a huge sea monster?’ she thought.

She gently pushed the tentacle on her chest off and sat up. Then she leaned her head back opening her throat. The creature must have sensed her intent because it slid its limb deeper into her throat than Sarah thought possible. It swelled to fill evey small space in her throat and resumed fucking. Even though her whole throat was filled Sarah could still breath. ‘It must be able to seep oxygen through its tentacle,’ Sarah thought.

Since she could breath fine Sarah had no problems with the throat fuck. Every now and then her air supply would be cut off and the monster would, at the deepest point of thrust, hold it there. Then just as quickly as her air suppply was gone the monster gave it back.

Then Sarah realized that she was at the complete mercy of this strange creature and she became very turned on. Once again the thing sensed her feelings and at the same time both nipples and her clit started to get massaged.

The tentacle in her throat picked up its pace and pretty soon Sarah felt it stiffen even more than it was. Then it throbbed. Sarah felt something warm and thick shoot down the back of her throat. She knew it was the exact same consistency of thick cum but it tasted better. The monster’s jizz tasted like a combination watermelon and other fresh fruit, which was what Sarah was craving before she fell asleep. The thick, sticky cum tasted so much better than human cum, she was addicted to it after the first drop. Sarah tried to suck as much of it out as she could, and she was dissappointed when the monster pulled its limb all the way out of her mouth.

Sarah’s dissappointment lasted only a few seconds as right after she was pushed flat on her back. The creature used two tentacles and each grabbed one of her long, thin legs and held them wide open. Sarah knew what was coming but it was still a suprise because she still wasn’t over the fact she was getting fucked by an alien monster.

Then two extremely thick tentacles snaked their way out of the water and swung towards her. Sarah saw them just before they penetrated. At the exact same time one thrust into her pussy and the other pushed into her ass. She screamed slightly as both her holes were brutally stretched at the same time. Once she got over the pain, Sarah started to move to each thrust. Each time the limbs pushed in, Sarah used her pussy and ass hole and pushed backed.

Her eyes were shut tight as her passion was rapidly transforming into the biggest orgasm she ever had. Sarah was moaning so loud, that when she looked back on it, she was suprised she hadn’t woke up her servant. Then shivers shook her whole body as the monster worked her towards her climax. All of a sudden her whole body stiffened and her pussy exploded into a water fall of her juices. She had never had anyone make her squirt so much before.

At the same time she reached her climax the monster’s tentacles both opened up at the same time. The creatures thick cum shot deep into her from both holes and Sarah thought she was going to die from the overwelming pleasuring sensations running the length of her body.

Then dissappointingly it stopped. The thing gave each limb one last good thrust and pulled out. Sarah, gasping for breath, managed to ask, “When will you be back? I want to do this again very soon.” The monster wrote, ‘Tomorrow if you want to,’ in the sand then pointed at it. Sarah read it then looked at the creature, “You bet I’ll be here. I’ll be waiting for you.” with that the thing lifted her up and set her gently back on her lounge chair. Then it slowly sank down into the water and until the next day.

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