Sexciting Anju-didi

Author: sexplicit yadu

As it is with apartments, our long time neighbour’s, the Patel’s, a Gujarati family, were almost a part of ours. So when Deepak Patel, who was leaving for his married sisters place in Surat, for some business work with his Jijaji, and requested me to accompany him, there was no way I could have turned him down. Deepakbhaiya, as I knew him, was eight years elder to me, and his sister Anju, at 30, was a good twelve years elder to me. Like Deepak, I had always been a kid brother to Anjudidi, who dotingly called me by my nick-name, Chotu, till we had last met ten years back. After her marriage she’d been to Mumbai every Divali, but with my vacations on then, I’d be away to my native place.

There was virtually very little else I could remember of Anjudidi, and was fairly inquisitive to know what she looked like, as we finally reached her place in Surat, after a boring over-night bus journey. There was a wonderful surprise in store for me alright. Opening the door of her apartment for us was Anjudidi, who I must admit, I hadn’t in my wildest dreams anticipated to be the stunner she palpably was. Not even one percent did she look the Gujju house-wife she essentially was. Her tall figure, well-draped in a greenish-yellow saree that miserably failed to conceal her voluptuous assets, was an instant turn on for me. Her glossy make up, went well to compliment her complexion, that could go as a fairer shade of wheatish, and the hair done in a casually tied bun only added to her sensuality. Preoccupied in my exploration of Anjudidi’s ravishing beauty, hardly did I notice her husband Hemantbhai, coming to greet us. Even as the couple were engrossed in trading niceties with Deepakbhaiya, I marked Anjudidi hadn’t a clue of who this staring-stranger accompanying her brother was. Her inquisitive, intermittent glances at me were only getting interesting, when I heard Deepakbhaiya say, “…and guess who this here is?..I bet you can’t didi…..remember Chotu don’t you? ” he asked Ajudidi, who’s winsome smile shared the astonishment that was abundant in her lovely eyes as she looked me over, my 6ft. body, head to toe. Disbelief at large on her face, I thought I saw traces of sensuality being turned on, in her look that was at once approving and passionate. “My My, Deepu, you are right, Chooootu you look so different,” she said, continuing to stare at me, as she spoke to both of us. Though I hated the emphasis she gave on that stupid nick-name of mine, I loved the expression she betrayed as she spoke. There was lust in it. Or so I thought.

Deepakbhaiya left with Hemantbhai, right after the breakfast Anjudidi served us, for the business commitments he was there to oblige. I, as had been decided earlier, readily stayed back, desperately hoping the lusty expression I had caught of Anjudidi, was not just my imagination going wild. Already having developed crazy ideas of making love to this sexy didi while her husband and her brother were away doing business, Anjudidi provided further encouragement. “Where were you all these days handsome, hamari yaad bilkul bhi nahin ayin naaaa…….,” she said, more than once, with sensuous dexterity in her tone, as she poured tea for me at their dining table, standing very close to where I was seated. Serving me tea, she leaned over the table casually, giving me an ample view of her deep shiny cleavage from over her low-cut blouse, continuing to indulge in her horny toned petty talk that had now started making me go crazy. The pleasurable torture was only suspended temporarily as she tapped me on the shoulder and walked away to her bedroom gesturing, “I’m off to take a bath, make yourself comfortable handsome… knock on the door if you need anything.”

As much as I wanted to knock at her bedroom door right away and take this virtual sex-queen in my arms, I waited for almost an hour before my passionate impatience finally got the better of me. Picking on the pretext to ask her for their TV remote, I nocked at the door. What I saw as she opened the door, was mesmerizing. The temptress was in her element, with her voluptuous wet body wrapped tightly in a yellow towel, worn very low over her breasts. Difficult as it was to take my eyes of the inviting cleavage formed by those exceedingly exposed wet-melons of love, I was able to rob glances of her towel-clung thighs, that looked extremely sexy above the long exposed part of her beautiful legs.

More than moments passed before she spoke, “Sorry dear…sorry for keeping you waiting.” The trade-mark sensuality of her tone drew my attention to her stare, that was fixed on the results of the excitement I was enduring between my legs. The increasingly developing bulge in my trousers. In her eyes, on her lips, hungry-lust was omnipresent, as she continued suggestively, “kitne baje khaoge….khaaaaana I mean?”. Almost convinced this temptress was all set to seduce her kid brother, I said “jab bhi tum chaho”. I could see in her eyes she had caught my studied effort to avoid calling her Didi. She apparently hadn’t called me by my stupid nick-name, ever since we were by ourselves. Chotu, for his didi, was either ‘handsome’ or ‘dear’ now. Excited, thinking of the plausible pleasures it promised, still mesmerized by this bitchy Didi, I barely heard her say, “please give me a minute handsome, let me change into something comfortable”. “Sure…sure”, I managed somehow, nodding and drawing away, even as I wanted so badly to grab at her right there.

I stopped cursing my discretion, even thanked it, as I saw her come out in a most revealing white sleeveless nightie, that barely covered her knees. By clinging so tightly to her voluptuous

body, the silky-nightie even revealed the adventurous curves of her seductive figure, it ostensibly was supposed to conceal. I’d had enough and was about to get up from where I was seated and commit the forbidden sin of taking her in my arms, when she alluded, “got to make lunch..”, and briskly walked past me, into their kitchen. Her assets bouncing in rhythm- tic- tune to her moves as she disappeared into the kitchen had made my dildo grow wild-n-crazy as ever, and I couldn’t take it any more. I waited nevertheless, for what appeared to be generations, before I made my way into her kitchen. She stood stirring something in a fuming vessel over the gas, with her bewitching back towards me. Gathering all the courage, that wouldn’t have obliged in the worst of moments, I walked up till I stood very close behind her. Close enough for the perfumed odour of her sexciting feminity to relieve me of whatever little restraint I had retained hitherto. Noticing me, “what are you doing here handsome?”, she inquired. Half an inch away from her shapely buttocks, my dildo was throbbing, as I placed my hands on her sleeve-less exposed upper arms and planted a light kiss on the invitingly seductive back of her neck, that was exposed under her casually tied hair-bun. Betraying a spasm at my touch, “Mmmhh, what’s this for?….Anjudidi ko kiss kis khushi me mmmm..”, she whispered, turning to look at me from over her shoulder. Moving closer to her, giving my rock-hard dildo the feel of his life, as I pressed against her spongy soft silk covered buttocks, I whispered back, “where were you didi..all these day’s”, “I could ask you the same handsome”, she said, even as I saw her put of the gas. The irresistibly evident, inviting pout, on her parted lips was too good for me to hold any longer. I let go, and kissed the bewitching seductress. She responded to my passions in kind, and was an exceedingly good kisser. I acted spontaneously when she suggested, “could we move to the bed-room darling?”, “of course.. sexy didi.. allow me”, I said, as I lifted her in my arms and started for the bed-room. For the innumerable assets this voluptuous beauty possessed, she was surprisingly light.

On the bed however, I wasn’t so obliging, much less courteous. Although as crazy with ecstatic lust as me, Anju, was much more in control of herself, as I kissed her even as I carried her to the bed-room. Desperate as ever, no sooner had I placed her on the bed, I got rid of my T-shirt and shorts and jumped for her with my undies still on. “Dheere…daring..dheere…”, she pleaded, as I grabbed for her panties from inside her silk dress. Still pleading to go slow, she helped me take them off. With my passions on fire, and my urges deaf to hers, I pulled up her nightie to her waist, and got myself to kneel between those incredibly awesome long legs. With vigour I planted kisses on her pristine shapely thighs, that oozed prolifically of sex.

I kissed them, licked them and bit them, all the way up to her well-shaved pussy-zone. She was emitting moans-n-words all along, “oooooyyyaaaachotuuuuuuuuu- didi loves this- ooooyyaaaahhhhh”, which got louder as I reached her love hole. Having tasted the honey around it, my lusty tongue explored into her wet cunt. She was screaming with spasms, “oooooeeeeeeeemmmmaaa-hhaaahhaaa-aaaaaaiiiiioooooo….choooottuuhh…..choooooottuuhh” with a firm hold on the back of my head pushing me deeper into her. It would have gone on for eternity, but for my hard-n-hungry dildo that was raring to go. I managed somehow to break loose from her grip, to free my hot-headed, agitated member. Watching me about to remove my undies, she begged, “please darling let me strip that at least…pleeeeeese na”, and sat up. Granting her wont, I obliged, and stood on the bed to make it easier for her. She instinctively got on her knees and took hold of my hard-on dildo over my undies. Anjudidi fondled, teased, and played with my agitated hard-on, murmuring, “chotuuuu, chotuuuuu, didi is finally going to see you chotu….”, before she finally stripped me off my undies. I was groaning-words all along, “aaaaahhhhhaaaaooohhh..don’tooohh…tease it didi…aaaaahhh….anju…anju.”, till there was absolute silence, and I was amused to see the glory of my hungry dildo being reflected by the awe-struck lust Anjudidi’s wonderful eyes betrayed. Her touch felt eternal as she ever so delicately took me in her soft palms staring adoringly at my pristine majesty.

She finally broke her silent adulation saying, “kitna bada hai…chotu..!”, “It’s all yours didi..”, I said, as I kneeled on the bed. She was about to resume her passionate hand-job when the chord-less besides the bed rang. Without letting go her grip over me she stretched backwards to fetch her chord-less. Even as she gestured, it was her husband on the other end, I found difficulty in suppressing my groans, for Anju’s mind-blowing hand-job had resumed without any inhibitions. The expressions of a real slut that this exceptionally beautiful woman emitted, as she spoke with her husband while obliging her new-found lover with a hand-job, were making me go mad with joy.

But I wanted her to know what it was like to hold ones emotions in such divine moments. She was fairly comfortable in her conversation with hubby Hemantbhai, till I moved closer, and over her, making her lie on her back with my legs on either side of her silk-draped love-globes. “What-R-U-Doing?”, I could make out her gesture, even as her telephonic talk continued, and my throbber had found it’s way into her silk nightie, and between that sexceedingly inviting cleavage of love. Her love-globes felt soft but firm as I held them from over the silk, pressing them against my ecstatically throbbing dildo that was already comfortably ‘globalised’ in that eternally sexciting valley. With one hand engaged in holding the chord-less, didi was gripping my thigh hard with the other in sexcited protest, as she tried in vein to suppress her emotions while I squeezed her erect nipples from over the satin. “Oohh kehhh..hhuuhh..”, she managed before hanging up and flicking the chord-less, letting her passions go vocal, “mmmmhhhhh..yyaaaa..yyaaaa.. yesssss.. youve uh uh grown naughhhhttier choohhhh tuuhhhh”. The ecstatic boob-job was giving me the time of my life, and I kept groaning back with wild passion, “ooooohhhhh-mmmmhhhh-didi-oooohhhh-mmmmmhhhh-Anju”, till she finally said, “don’t make didi wait any longer..aaaahhhmmmmm..cum..into her..mmmmmhhh- her real her, real her chotu…” Anju-didi was speaking my mind, as it were, to which I readily obliged and let go her lovely globes of love, to explore the paradise between her legs. My hard-n-hot dildo back in the her gentle grip she guided me to her clean shaved wet pussy-zone and into it as we briskly adjusted positions.

We kissed, we licked, we bit each other, on the lips, on the neck, on the ears, everywhere, overtly revealing our ecstatic lust, as we rocked against each other. Words had lost to our increasingly elevated growns-n-moans, till I finally muttered, “I’m cumming didi.. hhaa hhaa,” pumping into her with sheer ecstatic bliss. “yyaaahhh-yyaaaaahhh-give it all to me-oooiiiihhmmaaaa-yyaahhh-now…now..”, she almost screamed in approval. I jetted and sprayed into didi, pumping harder than I ever had. “Take this, and this, and….”, I was cumming in synchrony for the umpteenth time, when the door-bell rang. “Dont.. dont..dont stop now.. chotu..pleeeeese dont na, dont stop….”, she kept pleaded till she had drained me absolutely. There was just time enough for a quick kiss, and I put on my T-shirt and pulled my shorts on, before I left to see who had come. “You cum great….its sad they had to come now”, she muttered, as she closed the bedroom door behind me.

Anju-didi’d guessed right, it was her hubby and her brother I opened the door to. Indeed, they had come when we were cumming. The telephone call, we later learnt, was to give us a pleasant surprise by turning up right after it. The delay nevertheless, was due to a talk they had with a neighbour they bumped into on their way up the staircase. Although not pleasant, both the rings did indeed surprise us. But for the obliging soul on the staircase, the stupid surprise could have been even more irritating. Pleasant nevertheless, it was to learn from Deepakbhaiya, we would have to stay put in Surat for two days more. Anjudidi’s mischievous blush at the news was passionately reassuring.

That evening when the hubby and the brother settled for drinks, on the pretext of showing me Surat’s skyline, Anjudidi took me to the terrace…

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