The Rose Hotel – Chapter 1

Author: Manshimajin

The Rose Hotel – Chapter 1

Sitting in the library reading the ‘Situations Vacant’ pages Jason was a bit worried. He had successfully completed his university entrance exams but needed some summer vacation work to help pay for the year ahead. At 19 he was capable and willing to try anything. The problem was that the temporary jobs were all offering minimum wages which was not enough to build up a surplus to cover the next twelve months. All of a sudden his eyes focused on a job that sounded more interesting:

“The Rose Hotel requires a young man to join the team servicing our exclusive clientele. Must be flexible and accommodating to clients’ needs. Working hours will be long but satisfying. No prior experience required, this will be provided on-the-job. Excellent salary, clothing provided and large tips can be anticipated. Apply to The Manager etc…etc…”

Jason quickly wrote down the number and hurried to telephone the hotel. A man answered and they had a brief conversation about his age and his reasons for wanting the position.

“We’d better see you down here Jason” the manager said. “Pack something light and catch a train to Worthington-on-Sea. Let us know the time and a car will meet you”.

Jason hurried to comply and the next afternoon was alighting on the platform at the discreet seaside town. A uniformed chauffeur approached him and took his bags to a waiting Rolls. “We normally have this car for the guests” he said “They are the type of people who like to be picked up and taken to the hotel as quickly as possible. Don’t like hanging around. Our visitors are very particular. Then I’m sure you’ll find out about that if you work here.”

Jason looked out as the countryside slipped by. The hotel was obviously some way out of town. The Rolls glided up a quiet country lane and turned into a tree-lined drive. The only entrance sign for the hotel was a pair of intertwined roses painted on the stone pillars by the road. The car’s tyres crunched down the tree-lined gravel drive and pulled up in front of an old manor-house.

“Up the steps and ask for The Manager at Reception” he was instructed.

Jason was shown into a well-appointed office and a moment or two later a man came in:

“Welcome Jason, I am André, the manager of The Rose Hotel. I hope that your journey was comfortable.”

After a few brief introductions André began asking questions of Jason – his age, how he felt about serving clients, whether he had worked in hotels before and so on. After about half an hour of discussion he told Jason that he seemed perfect for the position that they had in mind.

“We need also to talk about what your salary and conditions will be. The success of our hotel is based on two important principles. Firstly we must do whatever our clients want – we are here to service their needs. Secondly because of the particular nature and requirements of our clientele we must be totally and utterly confidential and discreet. We require anyone working here to never discuss the hotel outside of these four walls. In return we pay our staff exceptionally well – in your case you will receive four times the minimum wage. Our clients are also most generous with gratuities if they like the service offered – so you can expect to nearly double your earnings.”

This sounded amazing to Jason – a summer at The Rose Hotel would almost pay for his full university course! Not many 18 year-olds would be in that position.

“I hope that this arrangement would be satisfactory for you Jason”.

“Oh, yes definitely yes it would be.”

“And how keen are you to earn this amount of money?”

“Very keen indeed sir – just tell me what to do. I never thought that I could be so lucky!”

“Well if you are sure of that, and want to earn that level of money for the summer, then perhaps I can tell you something more about the hotel services and our clients? You will notice something special about the hotel Jason. All our staff are male. This is because at The Rose we cater only for male guests. Our guests are often very prominent people. They come here sometimes on their own and sometimes with their male friends to relax and enjoy themselves. Our staff play an important part in this enjoyment, not only through the way we operate the hotel but also by catering for our clients’ personal needs.” Jason moved a bit uncomfortably in his chair. “That is why, Jason, you can expect to earn so much money here. Our clients pay well for what they want. Of course you may decide that you would prefer other types of work elsewhere which pay less…”

Jason’s mind was racing. He really wanted to earn as much as he could. The Rose Hotel offered him the chance in one summer to pay for his whole university course. But to do this he would have to be at the beck and call of gay clients and to do what André had described as ‘cater for their needs’. This he realised meant performing gay sex in various ways with them. But the lure of the money kept coming back to him.

“I’m very nervous about what you have described, sir” he replied “I have no experience of this type of activity. On the other hand working here would see me through university so I don’t want to say no.”

“Well” said André “I should dearly like to employ you. Our guests, I am sure, would find you irresistible. In situations like yours Jason we always make sure that you are well prepared before you deal with clients. There are a number of us on staff here who would delight in initiating you into our ways. If you are willing we can begin today. I just need to get you to sign these forms which indicate your consent to working here and then we can get down to business.”

Urged on by thoughts of a secure future and encouraged by André’s words Jason took the forms and signed them. Whatever reservations he had were outweighed by the financial prospects.

Once he had been shown to his room and he had unpacked his few belongings Jason was asked to make his way down to the staff fitness centre. Here he was introduced to a number of the hotel staff who were doing work-outs on various machines. André said to him that the first thing to do was to measure him for his working clothes.

“Step out of your clothes, Jason” he was asked “Don’t be shy we all get to know each other very well round here”

Reluctantly he did as he was told, stopping with his briefs on. He was quickly told that they were to come off too. When he stood there naked in front of all the others he felt very vulnerable. He heard a few intakes of breath from around the room and one or two comments about his physique – which seemed to be a topic of genuine admiration. A man he learned was named William ran the tape measure across him calling out sizes to someone else.

“Not bad, not bad at all” said William “I am sure the clients will really like you – particularly when we have got you prepared properly.”

It was now explained that one requirement was for all staff to have their body hair completely removed. Jason squirmed at the thought. “How do I do that?” he asked.

“Come with us into the next room and we will arrange it for you” said William. Hands gently took hold of Jason’s arms and led him through to a plain room with a long narrow table in the middle. “Don’t worry we are not going to do anything extreme! We have our own special formula of depilation cream which we all use. Just lie right down and relax”

For the first time in his life Jason was experiencing men’s hands working on him. He could feel them starting at his neck and the cream being worked in down his body. His nipples attracted detailed attention being squeezed and teased by curious fingers. Then his flat stomach was being rubbed. He started to feel more than a little panicky as the hands progressed lower and lower. One of the other guys seeing his nervousness gave his hand a squeeze and lent over and kissed him. Jason was startled but found the sensation of having his body rubbed and being kissed stimulating. He could feel the blood expanding his penis. “Oh, yes” said a voice somewhere near by.

Then the massaging hand was rubbing the cream into his pubic hair and round the shaft of his erection. The man kissing him moved his tongue along Jason’s lips and he found himself opening his mouth to kiss back. The hand below was rubbing the cream sensitively into his penis and around his scrotum. He gasped. Then it moved away down his thighs.

When his front had been prepared he was asked to roll over so that his back could be checked. The main concentration of effort was on his buttocks to remove the light hairs there. Then the fingers prised apart his cheeks and searched through his cleft checking for signs of hair there. Another dose of cream was applied and rubbed into this sensitive area. “What a cute little rosebud you’ve got there Jason” said André, who had been attentively following the whole process.

“OK, get up and come to the shower area so we can wash the cream off you” said William. Jason obediently followed and was helped by numerous hands to wash himself down. As he did this any hairs on his body fell away leaving it completely nude and glistening. “Now you’re starting to look like a member of the staff” he was told.

That evening Jason ate sparingly in the staff dining room. Everyone was very friendly but he was still very nervous about what he had agreed to do. The talk around the table was of how generous many of the clients were. This made him feel a little more confident in his decision but he was still fundamentally nervous about what was expected of him. His clothes felt quite strange though. He was not at all used to have a hairless body and he could feel the cloth rubbing against him.

As he was finishing André called him over and said “Tonight I would like you to come to my apartment on the third floor. There are some things I need to discuss with you about life here. We can talk and see how we get on together.” A few of the others laughed at this and told him that they looked forward to finding out about his experiences the next morning.

Later that evening Jason nervously knocked on André’s door. It opened quickly and he went in. The living room was luxurious with beautiful drapes, large sofa and in pride of place an enormous four poster bed befitting the antiquity of the hotel. A fire blazed in the hearth. André himself was in a silk dressing gown and standing at a table mixed a Bellini for Jason. “If you haven’t had one before Jason, you will love it – it is a mix of peach brandy and champagne”

Jason took the glass, André chinked his glass on Jason’s and the young man began to sip carefully. The potent mixture soon began to make him feel more at ease.

The hotel manager gestured his guest to sit down on the sofa next to him facing the fire.

“Jason since I met you today I have been thinking so much what a lovely young man you are and how well you may fit in here. I am sure that our guests will adore you. But I want to check with you how willing you are to become involved in the kind of lifestyle we cater for here?”

“How do you mean?” Jason asked warily.

“Well you know that we run a men only establishment, Jason. We are very proud of our gay focus and do everything to meet our guests’ requests and needs. To be frank this includes their sexual needs. If you work here I am absolutely sure that many of them would want you to be a participant with them, you are such a lovely and beguiling youth. As I said to you at our talk this morning, there are very significant benefits that you can earn. Not only your salary but from the generosity of the guests you may have a relationship with and the introductions that they can make for you in the outside world – so many of them are persons of great influence in business, arts and politics. My impression was that you have no experience of this kind of thing and I wanted to see how you feel about it. Be honest with me, would you prefer to not go ahead or are you happy to be part of our team, knowing what I have just said?”

“If I’m honest” Jason replied “ I have very mixed feelings. I am very nervous about it all. I have no experience of this lifestyle but on the other hand the idea of funding my career is so attractive. It’s all a bit confusing for me”

“It is always hard to anticipate every possibility Jason, but being absolutely blunt, it means letting men make love to you and maybe doing the same for them. Our guests would see you as a major part of the service available to them. I have to tell you that they are not shy about asking. And this means sex – I can’t be more direct than that. Does this horrify you?”

“It’s what frightens me André. I have never done anything like this and it’s a scary prospect. You and the staff seem very nice and the opportunities sound so good. What do you think I should do?”

“If you are willing to do it I should feel very happy to have you around here to develop and guide you in our ways. I think you are so lovely and someone who will fit in so well with us. But I don’t want to push you into something. I would love to hear you say you will try it but it really is up to you to balance your feelings about what will be required of you and of your chances of paying for your education this way.”

Shakily Jason said ‘Oh God, its so hard to say no to the chance. I’ll try my best but I just don’t know what will happen. Please be tolerant with me. I have never done this sort of thing. I have no idea how I will react to a man trying to have sex with me.”

André put his arms around him and gave him a little hug.

“Jason it’s wonderful to hear you saying you’ll give work here a try. Maybe I can help you learn. We know each other a bit. From experience I think it may be better for you to let me introduce you to our ways than to leave it to a complete stranger. In any case if I am absolutely honest with you I would be very jealous if you were to give yourself to someone else first”

Jason just nodded his head, too nervous to say anything.

“Let me mix another drink for us to celebrate. Meanwhile the fire is hot and you look overdressed my dear” André said. “Whilst I get us the drinks go into my dressing room through there, slip out of your clothes and put on a dressing gown like mine – you’ll find plenty in there. You will feel much more relaxed and we can enjoy the evening together.”

When he emerged André commented how much sexier he looked, handed him a drink and ‘chinked’ glasses again “To a long and satisfying relationship” he said.

He patted the couch and invited Jason to sit next to him again and using a remote control dimmed the lights in the room until only the firelight cast a warm flickering, glow on the walls and ceiling.

“From tomorrow I shall have to share you with our guests” he said “But tonight I want you here with me”. He pressed another button on the remote control and soft music filled the room. Telling Jason not to be nervous he moved close to him. “You looked so lovely this afternoon” he said. “When I saw you naked after you had showered you looked like a young Greek God with the water dripping off you. I was hoping then that you felt that you had made the right decision. Now I am really so pleased”

His hand slipped around the back of Jason’s neck and pulled the young boy towards him.

“Jason, if you will let me, I want to introduce you to gay lovemaking tonight”

He started to kiss the boy passionately on the mouth and on the neck. Tears welled up in Jason’s eyes as he tried to adjust to what lay ahead.

“It’s alright” said André “I realise that this is all new to you, that you are a virgin to my kind of sex, but let me be your teacher. I promise to be a very caring one”

Saying this he once again kissed the emotionally charged youth and encouraged him to part his lips so that their tongues could meet in passion. After a few minutes of deep kissing Jason felt the André’s hand tugging gently on the cord of the dressing gown, undoing it and opening the garment. A hand searched across his chest and found one of his nipples which it started to brush and squeeze. Despite his reservations Jason could not help sighing at the sensation this teasing evoked. The other hand started to rove and wander more across his smooth body. Before he could ask André to take it away a voice whispered in his ear

“Jason, I want to take you to bed with me, I want to make passionate love to you, take your virginity, to deflower you, and begin to initiate you in the pleasures that men can bring to each other. Will you do that with me? Unite our bodies and let me be the first man to come into you so that you and I have that sense of oneness?”

Tears welled up again in Jason’s eyes “Please, whatever do you think of me, I have never done this type of thing and I am very scared about it”

“Don’t be frightened – we will be slow and gentle with each other. I think you are a most beautiful, adorable Adonis whom I truly want to make passionate love to”

André’s reached for Jason’s hand and pulled it inside his own dressing gown and down onto his erect penis.

“Take it and feel it. See how much it wants you too. Imagine the pleasure you can give to me and I can give to you. Let me show you how much it wants to be in you”

Jason could feel the warmth in his hand and the stiffness of the erection. He felt himself being encouraged to stand up, was being kissed again and then led towards the four-poster bed. The dressing gown was drawn away from around his shoulders and slid to the floor. André stared at the shapely youthful body, the still unconsummated rear and the shapely hips and legs. He pulled back the sheets and slipping off his own gown held out both arms, took Jason by the hands hugged him tightly and then guided him onto the bed. Now Jason was lying down with André naked beside him.

“You are so beautiful to have beside me in bed. I want to explore you and fill you with my being, spiritual and physical – I need you so much – I want you to surrender yourself wholly to me. There are things I will do that will be unfamiliar to you and may make you feel a bit shy. But try and let me do them. They will seem a bit strange to you at first but I can assure you that they will make things more pleasant and easier for you. Now just relax your mind, let the tension drift out of you as we hold each other close”

For a number of minutes they kissed and caressed each other as André’s arms wrapped themselves around the smooth skin of the nervous young man. As his tongue sought out the inside of the youthful mouth André also pressed his body tightly against Jason, letting his chest rub against his companion’s hairless torso. Below his waist Jason could feel André’s erect penis rubbing on his naked groin. Despite himself he felt his own member stiffening in response.

Waiting for the right moment to progress further André ran his hand up and down Jason’s spine, holding him close and moving slowly towards touching his buttocks. As his fingers reached the base of the spine he felt Jason shift and wriggle a bit but continued to hold him in a passionate embrace and intensified the actions of his tongue inside the mouth he was kissing with intensity. With deliberate slowness he let his hand wander across the still virgin buttocks. Lightly he traced up and down the dividing crack. His mind visualised parting the white cheeks, of mounting behind the young man and the tightness and tension of entering Jason’s virgin love tunnel for the first time.

Now the fingers on Andre’s hands started their own exploration, penetrating deeper into the hitherto unvisited territory between the boy’s buttocks. Skilfully André probed in the tight cavern until he reached the little rosebud of Jason’s sex. The young man’s body jerked involuntarily at the intimacy of the touch.

“Oh, God, you are beautiful” moaned André as his hands flickered on the sensitive pucker. “Jason, enjoy and remember these moments. You should remember in future how you went from a virgin to a sexually consummated male. Just let me make a few more preparations for your comfort.”

Saying this, André began re-arranging the bed, placing two extra large pillows in the middle of the mattress.

“Jason I want you to lie face down with your stomach resting on the pillows” he said “make yourself comfortable on them and spread your thighs out a little. Let me do the rest for the moment. Now relax”.

The young man complied. He eased himself over the down filled supports and obediently spread his legs open. André slipped down the bed behind him. All of a sudden he felt his buttocks being parted once more and heard André’s voice saying

“God, you are beautiful, so beautiful”.

As he lay there Jason became aware that a face was pressing between his buttock cheeks. A tongue started to lap up and down the cleft. All of a sudden he could feel it applying itself in circular motions to his sphincter. He jolted a little at the unexpected feeling of his most private area being explored by a tongue.

“Jason, your gorgeous. Your sex is so pretty, like a flower bud – you have a wonderful sensuous little mound. My tongue can feel the little opening into your body. I can just imagine it opening up for the first time to swallow my penis as I make love to you – as I deflower you. It really will be like petals opening. Its so wonderful to think of teaching you how to use your perfect, tight little entrance to give and receive sexual pleasure There are so many men who will be staying here who will want to take you to bed with them but here am I the first to have you in my arms and to make love to you.”

As Jason blushed at the intimate language, one of André’s hands rubbed on his thigh to calm and comfort him. He could hear the manager making little slurping sounds as his tongue returned to flicking its tip across the tender area between his opened buttocks. As he continued André seemed to be trying to part the cheeks in front of him even further wanting to purse his lips on the raised mound. Suddenly he seemed to be sucking the rosebud out and up between his lips, savouring its shape and taste. He just managed to nibble on it lightly with his teeth bringing more wriggling from the prostrate figure on the pillow.

As his buttocks shook slightly Jason emitted a long “Ohhhhhhhhh” sound, his inexperienced body responding to the sucking and gentle chewing sensations as André reamed him.

The targeted area got moister and moister and the quicksilver movements seemed to be pressing harder against the entrance muscle. He groaned and moaned as André worked away on him. The manager seemed to be in his element and continued his sucking for a long, long time. On occasions Jason found his raised buttocks responding involuntarily to the exploration. Little tremors ran through his body.

André’s hand now began to play on the flesh between buttocks and genitals. He gently stroked and scratched the youth’s testicles making Jason once more shudder and moan:

“Jason, your balls look like two perfect little eggs in their sac” whispered André as he moved his mouth down onto them. Jason felt the lips touching him there and then the warmth as his scrotum was swallowed whole into André’s eager mouth. Teeth closed gently onto the flesh that joined the ball sac to the penis. The tongue in the mouth lapped around the captive testes, dividing them one moment, bringing them together the next. One moment the flesh of his scrotum was sucked tight, the next it would slacken a little.

As he was doing this André used his hand to seek out the penis lying against the bed and began slowly to masturbate Jason. André could sense the tension and expectations rising in the body he was now so purposefully enjoying. His free hand returned to the sphincter mound and started again to squeeze it, to press it between his fingers, to draw it up and to mimic the movements of the hand masturbating Jason, making little up and down rubbing motions on it. Jason’s breathing was becoming more irregular and André suddenly heard strangled sobs begin again from the head of the bed. He eased away gently from what he was doing and sidled alongside the teenager’s body and head. Caressing his head he said to Jason:

“What is the matter, why are you sobbing?”

“Some of the things you have been doing have woken all sorts of feelings in me. I’m scared of what will happen tonight of what you are bringing out in me. I am so confused. I feel I want you to make love to me. It is like I do and I don’t want you to do it, but here I am and I just feel scared about making that final step. Do you understand”

By way of reply André stroked Jason’s hair and kissed him on the cheek:

“I understand, of course I do. It’s a feeling we all had the first time. You are crossing a watershed. I think that your fears will become less and less as we make love together, once you feel me inside you. Let me show you what it is like when someone wants you very much…”

Then André lifted himself up with his body leaning across Jason kissing the back of his neck and ears. From beside the bed he produced a tube of lubricant and began to apply it to his stiff penis.

“I am going to put some of this on you as well” he said.

André used the fingers of his left hand to squeeze Jason’s little pucker into a tight mound and with the index finger of his right hand rubbed lubricant into the area standing up for attention. He was very tempted to insert a finger past the clenched anal muscle but decided that the pleasure of deflowering Jason should be left entirely to his penis. It was so rare to be able have a young man for his very first penetration.

His attention was therefore concentrated on spreading the slippery gel to Jason’s sex mound, paying particular attention to the little star shaped eye through which he planned to push his throbbing erection once the boy was readied..

“Now I want you to just relax Jason and let me come on top of you and try to put myself into you. You are a virgin now. In a few minutes with patience you will have been deflowered and experiencing the movements of my penis inside your body. I’ll go slowly – it may be a bit painful for you first time round so let me know if I need to slow down more for you”.

As his thighs were edged a little further apart Jason could feel André’s weight coming onto him. He stifled his tears. More kisses rained on his neck and then he felt for the first time a hard erection moving in between the globes of his spread buttocks. Aided by the lubricant it slipped easily up and down the cleft warming the area. André found the bump made by the sex mound and for a short while stroked his penis back and forth across it feeling its little rise and its small movements as it was gently pushed by him. He felt the excitement rising to fever pitch as Jason responded to this stroking with little sighing “ohhh uhhhs”.

As this attention became more focused on the as yet un-probed entrance André changed his technique a little. He began to rub the tip of his penis round and round in very small circles centred on the middle of Jason’s ring. This elicited more moans from the head of the bed as the young man responded:

“Please be gentle”

André continued to concentrate on doing this for a minute accustoming Jason to the feel of the shaft. Then he repositioned himself and started to probe inwards on the puckered mound with the head of his penis. He could feel the raised flesh being flattened by his pressure and retreating a little into Jason’s body. He did this over and over again, letting it rise up, circling it, and pushing it in. Feeling this close attention Jason wriggled his hips slightly but the penis behind him stayed focused. The series of little in and out pushes against the muscle had so far made no progress in terms of opening the star shaped bud. André sensed that the virginal sphincter muscle was very tight and clenched. He increased the inward pressure, still meeting resistance. As he pushed he could feel the little gateway retreating deeper into Jason’s buttock cleft but still refusing to open itself.

André’s hands momentarily massaged Jason’s back and spine.

“Now Jason I need you to really relax as much as possible. I am going to push a little harder to encourage your sphincter to unlock itself for me. When it does you may feel some discomfort to begin with as you lose your virginity. I shall try to go as gently as possible but you are very tight and I may have to push quite hard this time.”

The pushing in Jason’s rear became more intense. André now had his penis pressed firmly into the boy and held fast against the unyielding muscle. He wriggled it with his hand to try and spread and warm the lubricant more. Gradually the circular movements seemed to be making progress as the sphincter was pushed down retreating in front of the stiff erection. André reckoned that the moment would come soon when his ministrations and the inability of the entrance to retreat any deeper would make the bud inevitably burst open like a gate before his determined battering ram.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, ooooooohhhh” moaned Jason timorously, responding with inexperience as the sensations from the increased pressure of André’s penis spread through his body.

“Oh, I love you so much, so much, ohhh I want to take you now, to penetrate you for that first time, to push my cock into you, to fuck you deep, to leave my sperm far inside you my love”

“Oh Jason I am ready to take you! You’re so tight but I need to enter you….”

The young man felt a firmer push from behind. The clenched portal of his sexual passage seemed to be more hard pressed than ever. Something in his backside seemed to yield suddenly to the urgent pressure of André’s penis. He groaned. He cried out. He jerked, as his sphincter muscle was prised open and for the very first time he felt a stiff cockhead passing his entrance and inside into his anus.

“Aaaaargggghhhhhh, ah nooooo, eehhhhhhhhhh” he cried out trying to eject the intrusion by wriggling forward. But his body was held firm. André’s hips pushed a little more to secure his entry and now Jason could feel the other man’s penis moving a little deeper into his behind. He could feel its living presence inside him sensing its way through the soft, caressing dark flesh in his rectum.

“Oh no! Ohhh no! Please it is hurting”,

“Relax Jason, just relax and it will be fine – your little ring was so tight I had to push hard but now your virginity is gone and I’ll go slowly”

“ First though I am going to pull out for a second or two to put some more lubricant on you to ease the way”

Jason felt the penis leaving him and his anus closing. Then André’s finger was rubbing his sore entrance with something slippery. The man’s weight came back onto him, holding him against the pillows. Once more the cock slithered in his cleft but this time moved rapidly to his sex to take advantage of the lubricant. Jason felt the stabbing push. His body again suddenly yielded to André’s erection. Again “aaghs” seemed to spring out of his mouth without prompting as the pain of his body being opened this way impacted on him.

This time André did not stop at the entrance. He pushed himself further into the well-lubricated passage. He began to feed his erection into the boy, bit at a time, no hurry, resting to let the tight muscle adjust, until the full length was inside the fresh youthful rectum. There he held it still and let his weight settle against Jason’s back.

“You are so beautiful inside, you feel like silk against my penis. Can you feel me inside you?”

“Yes, yes I can. It’s a bit better now but it still feels sore.”

Slowly, very slowly André began to move his hips back and forth feeling the soft, warm flesh inside Jason’s rectum caressing his penis and the tightness of the sphincter sucking its shaft as he moved back and yielding in turn as he edged back in. Jason too could feel the intimate movements and grunted into the mattress. His fists clenched an unclenched at the feeling of penetration. His anal muscle seemed stretched beyond its capacity and he was experiencing sensations that were simultaneously painful and pleasurable. Now he could also begin to sense André’s growing excitement.

The Manager worked in and out of the tight opening for what seemed an eternity sampling all the sensations of deflowering the boy. Then, as he felt his own growing excitement, he encouraged Jason up onto his knees to be able to push in deeper. A hand reached under Jason, rubbing his hairless pubic mound and reaching for his by now fully erect penis. André started to masturbate him vigorously working his hand along the full length of his shaft. The new recruit’s shyness had left him and he was yielding to his own feelings of sexual desire. The stiff rod working in and out of his behind was starting to rub his prostate into action. The speed and the depth of the penetrations increased until Jason sensed André was building to a climax. The youth could feel a tingling sensation in his own testicles and he started involuntarily to wriggle his body. André rode him expertly as if he was breaking in a frisky colt.

Then the movements of the man on top became frantic and any gentleness and consideration of Jason’s inexperience was totally forgotten. He humped furiously with his hips, pulling out as far as he could and then pushing in hard and fast seeking to plumb the depth of the rectum. The hand on Jason’s penis pumped faster. André’s voice went up half an octave and he began to pant and groan like a wild animal. Jason’s own feelings were caught between the boiling sensation in his own thighs, the stretching of his back passage and the knowledge that André was starting to climax in him. Then André gave out one almighty moan and his hips began much shorter, deep, thrusts. The seed flowed ecstatically along his penis and into Jason’s previously uninitiated bowels. The volume and intensity was much greater than André normally experienced – he was filling the boy with greater force than he had done to anyone before. As André began to ejaculate Jason sensed the complete change of rhythm and in the tension and excitement of being implanted with André’s seed he was no longer able to control his own orgasm. Sperm flew from the tip of his penis onto the pillows beneath him and he lifted his neck back and made a low howling sound.

For a few moments longer the cockhead seemed to spasm inside Jason’s tight body. The young man could feel the penis jerking slightly as it gradually finished emptying into him and began to lose its size. André was kissing deliriously at Jason’s body and neck, trying to reach his mouth. Slowly the deflated shaft began to slither out however much André would have liked to leave it inside his conquest. As it finally exited Jason gave a little ‘Oh!’ and rolled over to look at his satiated lover.

André took the opportunity to kiss Jason and then placed his mouth over the youth’s own softened penis sucking and licking at the remaining sperm. He felt totally satisfied and fulfilled. He knew that later on, maybe several times, he would want to take his pleasure of Jason again. But for the moment he was just happy to hold this delightful young man in his arms. Gently rubbing the silky smooth body of his partner he drifted happily into sleep.

It was well after midnight when Jason awoke. He became aware of André stirring in the bed next to him. Feeling the slightly strange sensation between his buttocks he recalled what had happened to him before he fell asleep.

There was a movement elsewhere in the room and the sound of logs being placed on the fire.

“Who’s there?” he asked. “It’s just me, William,” came a voice from the end of the room. “André likes me to make sure the room stays comfortable. I usually do this just before I go to bed.”

By now André himself had come more awake. “Thank you William, you are very kind doing that for me. It would be a shame to waste all that effort. Why don’t you go through, have a shower and come and join young Jason and me here? I saw how you were looking at him this afternoon…Jason, I think that you will like William too. He is what we would describe as quite well endowed. You need this kind of experience to prepare you for the guests.”

Before Jason could protest André held him down and started kissing him once more. As this was going on he could hear the sound of the shower running close by. A few minutes later a door opened and closed and the mattress momentarily sagged as William mounted the bed. As André kissed him he could feel William snuggling in behind him, his body pressing tightly against the small of his back. A pair of large hands came round and started to play with his nipples. His tongue went deeper into André’s mouth.

“Let’s see what you have done to the young buck André” said William and one of his hands came round to Jason’s buttock cleft. What felt like an unusually large finger started to play around his sphincter. “Golly, you must have come buckets in him” said William in tones that made André giggle and Jason wince. The finger began to probe. Thanks to the slippery residue of sperm it slid into Jason’s anal passage with relative ease. He twitched at the feeling of the digit wriggling inside. “I don’t think I’ll need any fancy lubricant Jason” said William.

In the flickering firelight Jason could see William lifting himself up. He had found André’s penis to be reasonably large but the rod between William’s legs looked much broader and longer. He quickly turned to André “I don’t think we should do this. William is too big for me”.

“One of the things that you will learn, Jason, is just how flexible and accommodating your sphincters is. You need the experience, so stop worrying and relax. Our guests beg for William to look after their needs, don’t they?”

“Yes they do” came the reply “and I earn handsomely for it. But Jason I am not going to charge you!! Now lets try it with you lying on your back. André and I will fix some pillows under your bottom. OK now I’m going to get hold of your ankles and raise your legs up onto my shoulders. Just let me move them nice and easily.”

Jason felt his calves and thighs being moved upwards and backwards until they were above his chest. Jason saw André stretch his mouth around William’s shaft and suck and lick on it as if it was a piece of delicious fruit. He did this for a minute or so, William groaning with pleasure. “That’s enough I think” he suddenly said and looked down on Jason.

“Now to give you my full attention. Just to think a few hours ago you were a virgin. And now you’re going to have William pleasuring you!”

Saying this he lent forward, making sure that the back of Jason’s knees were firmly against his own shoulders. Jason could feel the large head of William’s penis trying to probe his anal entry. The big man was clearly taking his time. Each time he pushed against the tight opening Jason gave out a little “Oooff!” sound. William smiled. Over and over again he patiently tested the entry in pure anticipation of what he was planning to do. Under this probing Jason’s head was moving rapidly from side to side as if he was hoping nothing more would happen. Then William began to rub up and down on the young man’s penis encouraging a new erection. Still the pressure on the muscle was maintained. Jason started to feel excitement increasing in the shaft of his penis. It had been some time since he had last come and the rubbing below his testicles was starting to have an effect. But the fear of William’s size dominated his mind.

“Please. William, I am sore from André. I don’t think there’s any way I can take you.”

William turned to André “I think you should join in too” he said. Jason felt the hand withdrawing from his groin to be replaced by André’s warm mouth expertly working on his penis. He could not last much longer. He started bucking up and down a little as André rubbed lightly on the scrotum. He knew that he was about to burst and started to moan.

André let out a muffled “Now William, I can feel him coming” and Jason started to spurt semen. Instantaneously William pushed the head of his penis past the reluctant sphincter muscle into Jason’s passage. Jason’s moans of ecstasy mingled with a cry of astonished pain as the monster slipped into him. As this was happening the waves of ejaculation seemed to redouble and he came over and over again into André’s waiting mouth. André sucked and gulped at Jason’s penis gorging himself on the fresh juices spurting from the moaning, crying, boy.

As his flow of semen came slowly to a stop the young man realised that he was now impaled deeply on William’s erection. His bowels felt totally occupied with the hard meat – André’s erection had been nothing like this. Having seen the tableau of Jason and André’s oral performance in front of him William was in a hurry to achieve his climax. His broad member ploughed up and down Jason’s tunnel. With alternative strokes the skin around the sphincter was pushed in and then pulled out like a cone around his penis. Jason was being forcefully initiated to accommodating large men. Thankfully, after about five minutes, William had built himself up to the point of no return. His hips flailed back and forth and he grabbed Jason’s ankles and pushed them as far back and as wide apart as possible. With the youth in this position William could maximise depth for his insemination. The whole of his shaft felt on fire with lust. He started to pump out his seed. It felt like an explosion from his inner depths. He pushed in as far as he could go, ignoring the cries coming from Jason. He kept pumping and pumping until every last slippery drop was injected into Jason’s ravaged rectum.

“God, if you were a women you’d be pregnant now. Consider yourself well and truly impregnated” he laughed.

All Jason could do was to take in deep sobbing breaths and to moan in ecstatic pain as William’s engorged penis deflated inside him. He felt utterly exhausted from the combined effects of being fellated and fucked at the same time. Once again he found himself wrapped in male arms, held tenderly from the front and from behind. William was kissing him and André’s fingers were exploring between his buttocks, slipping in and out of his anus using the semen oozing out of his body as lubricant.

As the firelight flickered across the ceiling they drifted into sleep. Occasionally one or the other would waken and listen to the soft breathing of his companions. As dawn broke Jason awoke to the sensation of André rubbing his penis once again up and down the cleft of his buttocks. With a sudden sharp jerk the Manager penetrated the youth. Jason cried out as he felt the penis coming into his body and rubbing the sensitive soft tissue inside his bowels.

The movements and the sounds woke William. He saw what was going on and smiled. Making room in the large bed he let André climb into a better position on top of Jason. He watched the sight of the smooth skinned young man being exercised by the Manager and felt his own lust being roused. By this time Jason was panting and groaning with each new thrust and André, whilst working slowly in the youth, was looking totally absorbed in his love making.

William slipped behind André and watched the buttocks and hips moving rhythmically in front of him. He reached out and used the tube of lubricant on his now rock hard penis. Choosing his moment he place himself between the other legs on the bed and rubbed on André’s puckered opening. He knew the manager liked to be taken forcefully. With little regard for the effect it would have he pushed forward and down as hard as he could with his hips. For a moment André’s ring seemed to resist but the pressure was too great. The tight entrance popped open and William’s penis entered several inches in one thrust.

“Oh, hell, goodness it hurts when you do that. You’re just so big”

“Yes, but you love it don’t you!”

“Yes, go on fuck me, fuck me, ream me out” said the manager

Gradually William and André were able to co-ordinate their thrusting. André began to build up ready to burst into Jason. The pressure on his own insides was making the sperm boil and he knew he could not last much longer. As William began some deep, quick thrusts André was unable to hold back from spraying Jason’s rectal womb. The sperm shot out of him in a series of jerking thrusts. William lent down to his boss’s ear

“Move over” he said and André obediently, and exhaustedly pulled out and away from Jason. Before the latter could move William was onto him. The large penis was pressing hard against his cum lubricated entrance rubbing and pushing. He wanted to complain but there was nothing he could do to stop being taken once again. Suddenly he could feel the head pass the portals and start to expand his tunnel. As he pushed in William could feel the warmth of André’s sperm inside Jason. He felt on fire with desire. As his climax grew nearer he placed his own legs outside Jason’s and pulled the boy’s spread buttocks closer together. This tightened the passage he was servicing and increased his own excitement to a point of incredible intensity. Beneath him he could hear the muffled “Oh! Oh! Oh nooo, nooooo” from the well-used youth.

William decided to give the boy some more practice. By slowing down he let the intensity in his loins pass over and then began to thrust in and out again stretching the tight walls of the until recently virgin anus. William felt in control. He continued this pattern of love making for nearly half an hour. He knew that when he came it would be like turning on a fountain. Jason was still making tense little sounds from under him particularly when he held himself deep inside the inviting rectum. Hearing more and more stifled “noooo!” sounds coming from the mattress he decided to allow himself to climax. His body had become so accustomed to the self-control that he now had to move with much greater pace inside the boy to build up his orgasm. As his hips started to thrust rapidly in and out he could feel Jason’s body bouncing beneath him and the intensity of Jason’s cries increasing to a crescendo of “Aaaghs!”. But he was not going to slow down. His hips pushed faster and faster. The climatic sensations started to grow. All of a sudden he was moving deeper than ever pounding his semen into the dark depths far inside Jason. When he had finished jerking he could hear the boy moaning beneath him. He stroked him gently.

“Jason, you were terrific. It is wonderful to make love to you. You have some of me, and of André swimming round inside you. Now we all belong to each other.”

Jason moaned again and rolled onto his back. Both André and William began to embrace Jason’s body. The young man’s head, neck and chest were being fondled whilst simultaneously his toes were sucked and a tongue ran up his leg towards his crotch.

“I think our guests will really love you” said André “but today you can lie-in and relax. Tomorrow, though, we must start you working. I think the breakfast room-service would be a good start. Anyway let’s have another rest – you’ve quite exhausted me!”.

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