Under The Stars

Author: Goblin

I met my first boyfriend, Jarrod, when we were freshmen in college. Neither of us were very experienced with men and he had even been out with a few girls in high school. We found each other one day in the cafeteria serving line. We’d started talking and ended up sitting down for a long conversation over our meal. I don’t know what possessed him to be so forward, whether it was a look I gave him or just some vibe that set off his gaydar, but he started playing footsy with me under the table. Anyway, we exchanged phone numbers and things took off from there.

For the first few months, we fucked like bunnies just about everywhere we could find. His dorm room, mine, in the car on a dark country road, under the stage in the auditorium. And we were so in love. He didn’t know that much about romance, but eventually he learned he’d get further with a bottle of wine and a rose than he would with "Hey, let’s fuck!" We were so in love. It was near the end of our freshman year, that spring, when he did the most romantic thing, though.

The day we had our last finals for the semester, Jarrod took me out for dinner at an expensive restaurant and then, over dessert, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a box with these ten karat gold dog tags with both our names on them and put them around my neck. It was really sweet and he pulled a matching set out from under his shirt. The whole evening, he’d been hinting that the most special thing was yet to come. I couldn’t imagine what he was talking about.

After dinner, we got into the car and drove out into the country. I couldn’t understand where we were going until we got to the entrance to this huge park on the outskirts of town and Jarrod took the turn. Technically, this late at night the park was supposed to be closed, but they don’t really enforce the rules all that well as it’s in a more rural area. We followed a road through the park that led past the lit picnic and parking areas until the lights along the roadway ended and we found ourselves rolling through inky blackness pierced only by the car’s headlamps. We finally rolled to a stop and Jarrod shut down the engine and turned off the lights. All was silent. He reached into the back seat and grabbed a blanket as we got out of the car. I took a look around. It was a beautiful night with a full moon bathing everything in a soft, white light. The only sound was our footsteps and the sound of running water from the nearby creek as he took my hand and led me off into the night.

We climbed a tall hill crowned by this giant old oak. Jarrod spread out the blanket on the ground and we sat, hand-in-hand and just surveyed the scene for a moment. Off in the distance were the lights of the town, sparkling like thousands of jewels and above us was the moon and the stars that winked like white diamonds on black velvet. He leaned in and gave me a long, warm kiss on he lips and we sat and talked for a while about our good times and our future together. As he cuddle me up to his chest, he undid the buttons on my shirt and slipped his hand underneath. He kissed and nuzzled my neck as he pinched and played with my nipples. A little shiver went through my body.

I turned my head up to face him and our lips met and parted, our tongues roamed each other’s mouths. I pulled off my shirt and laid back on the blanket. He slipped his off and we began caressing, kissing, grinding against each other’s bodies. Jarrod kissed and bit my neck and ears and slowly kissed his way down my neck and chest. His tongue found my nipples, which are especially sensitive and it was like I’d stuck my finger into an electric socket. My whole body shivered as he bit them and tickled them with the tip of his tongue. I could feel my cock beginning to swell. He worked on my nipples for quite a while before he slowly ran his tongue down my abs to my belly button and ran it round the rim there. It tickled and I laughed. He just looked up at me and smiled.

I placed my hands lightly on his shoulders as he pulled down my pants, freeing my boner to spring out and I could feel it rubbing against his chin as he kissed and licked his way down past my belly and buried his nose in my pubes. I closed my eyes and gave out a little gasp as his wet mouth closed around the head of my cock and he began running his tongue around the rim. He sucked it and kissed it until it was hard as a steel rod and then he swallowed the full six inches until I could feel him nuzzling into my trimmed blonde bush. Then he began to bob up and down on it slowly. My hips began to involunarily rise up to meet him on the downstroke. The rough flat of his tongue pressed tightly against the throbbing vein on the underside of my penis and when it rub across the base of the head, tingles went throughout my body and I could feel the hairs standing up on my balls.

My fingers tangled and pulled on his hair as he left my dick and began giving attention to my nuts. His tongue ran over them lightly and he would suck first one, then the other into his mouth. He nuzzled them with his nose as he slipped a finger behind and began massaging that magic spot right behind them. I began giving out low moans as he began kissing and licking his way back up my abs and chest to my lips and we french-kissed for what seemed like ten minutes before he took me by the shoulder and rolled me over onto my stomach. I felt the tip of his tongue on the nape of my neck and then a shiver ran through my body as he ran the tip lightly down the length of my spine to my ass.

I felt his strong hands grasp the cheeks of my butt and give them a tight squeeze as he spread them wide and then his tongue as he began to eat out my asshole. He ran it across and around the rim, liberally lubricating it with his saliva. When he began boring deep into me with it, wriggling his way deep into my anus, I gave out a yell of pleasure and I lifted up, trying to drive that tongue deeper into my hungry hole. He pulled out his tongue and began working on me with his fingers, spreading apart the muscles and massaging my prostate. He’d had four of them up there before, working me to get a comfortable fit for his thick seven and a half inch tool. It felt like he was going for the record tonight and I tensed my muscles to hold them tight, wanting to keep that feeling. I raised my butt and swayed a little as he worked his fingers in and out, occasionally working them from side to side to spread me even wider. By the time he was through, I was begging him for his cock. He was more than happy to oblige.

Jarrod unzipped and slid his pants down over his fat meat. It was uncut and the foreskin had pulled all the way back, leaving the head fully exposed, and I could see the glint of his precum which oozed out of the tip in copious amounts. I can swear I felt a few drops land, feeling hot on my exposed butt. He rubbed the head against my now- relaxed poop chute, lubricating me with his own natural juice, before slowly pressing the head in. As I felt it slide in, I groaned and my butt clenched involuntarily because of the thickness of his dick. I’d never had a problem with the length of it, but it was so fat it felt like it was going to tear me apart. He lowered himself down on top of my back and whispered into my ear that he loved me as he slowly worked the full length of it into me. We lay there quietly, with him covering me all comfy and warm, as I got used to the feeling. Then Jarrod began to slowly move it in and out. It felt like a red hot poker had been shoved up there and kind of tickled, too. As my insides became slicker with his precum juice, he began stroking faster and I could feel him rise up off of my back as he lifted himself up onto his hands to get a longer stroke.

His hips thrust faster and faster and I could hear the slap as they hit the skin of my ass. I could feel drops of his sweat dripping onto my back from his hair he was grunting with every hard slam into my ass. I ran my tongue along my lips and moaned. I wanted to feel his man juice in me. I wanted to feel it’s heat and get all sticky. He began to slow down and take longer strokes. I knew that Jarrod always did this when he was about to cum. He slid all of his cock but the head out of my hole and then slammed it in hard. He ground his hips, rubbing it all over inside of me and then he did it again. The third time, I felt the hot surge of his cream. It burned and made me tingle and I felt this orgasmic wave shoot through my body as every muscle tensed in release in unison. I bore down and squeezed his cock with my butt muscles, wanting to milk him dry as he slowly worked his still-hard and hot tool so as to spread his jizz in me as much as he could. He collapsed onto me and I could feel his sweat being rubbed all over my back as he continued to work my bum. I loved the feel as his cock got soft inside of me and the wet, sticky sensation of his huge load.

When he finally recovered and was able to pull out, he ran his hands down my sides and kissed an bit my neck. We lay that way for a while and then fell asleep naked and in each other’s arms under that beautiful sky. When I woke the next morning, it was to a beautiful sunrise and to the feeling of his warm, sweet lips on my cock. There were other nights of passion out under the stars over the next three years, but none was ever quite as special as that first time.

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