The Pervert Of Tombstone

Suddenly the man rolled over on his stomach, crawled up to the pillow, and plopped down to sleep. Brian was startled, then he grew mad. You couldn’t trust a drunk, either man or woman. His cock was hard and throbbing. His balls ached with unbelievable burning pain. He needed relief and didn’t want to do it himself. He looked at his drunken companion and swore under his breath. Maybe if he put his cock in the sleeping man’s mouth… no, the son-of-a-bitch would probably try to eat it.

Brian jumped to his feet and went to the window. The wind blew in through the window, fluttering the lacy curtain. It felt good against his naked body. He normally enjoyed the yellow lights of the street lamps, lighting a thriving town which was open all night. But tonight he didn’t see it.

The Earps had their hands full, keeping piece in a town like this, but lucky for him, they did. Nobody had tried to rob the bank since Virgil and Wyatt took control, and there were very few shootings.

He could track each saloon down the road, by the sound it made. The Bird Cage Theater, a roaring saloon and gaming hall, had a bad piano player and a cheap piano. It was the best place to find an honest poker game, so the music didn’t matter to it’s patrons. A piano playing slightly less badly would probably be the Bon Ton.

An accordion played somewhere down the lane. That would be Hafford’s Saloon, they had a talent night, of sorts. Or it could be a street player looking for money. Another well played piano sounded down the way, probably the Longhorn or Big Nosed Kate’s Place. There were a dozen up and down the sandy lane.

He leaned closer to the window and surveyed the area around him. Directly behind the Epitaph was a house with a cute little blonde named Sandy Auld. Sandy liked to run around half naked on a good hot evening. He had caught her many times. She had been the source of more than one night’s incentive for a good masturbation at the window. But last time he had been seen, when an especially strong gust of wind blew the curtain out and left him standing in plain sight, naked with his cock in his hand. He had almost died of embarassment, and still blushed at the memory. But, in fact, it was the danger of most of his endeavors, that made it so damned exciting. He had paused outside of windows many times, knowing that he might be seen and horsewhipped. He had seen everything from exciting sex, to naked women of all ages.

Brian looked at the drunken cowboy and assessed the chances of a first successful homosexual encounter. A snore answered his thoughts. Gritting his teeth in anger, he turned back toward the window. His loins ached, he needed relief. But a hand was just not good enough. He needed something… he needed… The widow, his eyes lit with the memory of her hot pussy sliding up and down on his pole. She would certainly welcome him, even this late at night. It couldn’t be more than ten o’clock.

Brian spun and hopped as he pulled his pants over his leg. He let the suspenders snap on his bare shoulders. He pushed his feet into his black dress shoes and grabbed his shirt as he hurried for the door, then down the back stairs. He was dressed by the time he hit the street.

Gorgene shivered and reached out, closing her window. The desert nights were cold, but beautiful. By closing the window she shut out most of the night noises from the town below. Good, it was getting damned annoying. She rocked gently as she returned to her knitting, but she saw a dropped a stitch and had to pull out ten minutes worth of work, before she set it right. She knew what was wrong, her mind was on that young, lazy pervert from the bank. What was his name… Brian. Yes, that was it, Brian. But her fondest memory was not of Brian, but Brian’s small hot cock sliding up into her quivering pussy. She gasped in disgust and tossed her knitting back into the basket. She felt like a schoolgirl pining over a boy. Even if it was her first fuck in 11 years, she could do better if she tried. But hadn’t she tried?

Gorgene was distracted by the sound of footsteps approaching her front door. Feet pounded on her porch and a fist pounded on the door. She pulled the small pistol from it’s drawer beside her chair, looked at the caps and loads in the light of the lamp, then hid it against her dress as she proceeded to the front door. She almost dropped the little pistol in surprise when she saw Brian standing there at her front door. It was as if she had conjured him out of thin air.
“You,” she said accusingly.

“Gorgene,” he stepped closer. She stepped back, fingering the pistol hidden in the folds of her dress. “Gorgene, I can’t get this afternoon out of my mind,” he said breathlessly.
“I’ve given it some thought myself,” she said, eying him uncertainly. His black hair was slicked back with hair tonic. He clothing looked as if he had slept in it. He was wearing no shirt and no socks, she noticed as she looked him over. And still, he looked magnificent.
“Coffee?” she asked, stepping back so he could hurry inside.

Tammy tossed on the bed, turning first one way, and then the other. The memory of Brian’s mouth feasting her sensitive pussy, as Gorgene Fine stared her in the eyes, was the most exciting memory of her life. She slid her hand between her legs, then pulled it out guiltily. She turned toward the wall. The bed squeaked annoyingly as she tossed and bounced into position. She held her hand to her neck for a moment, then found it creeping down to her breasts. She gasped in response to the slight touch on her responsive nipples. It was almost too much to take. The worst of it was, she hated Brian. He was the most obnoxious, most perverted man she had ever seen. He was always trying to get beneath her skirts… Beneath her skirts? That was exactly what she needed now, and Brian was just two doors down the hall. The bank owned three rooms on the upper floor of the hotel, Brian and her lived in two of them, then one in the center was empty. It would just be a matter of seconds.

With a gasp, Tammy bound up off the bed, threw on her shawl and opened her door. She tiptoed down to Brian’s door and knocked. Knowing that the pervert would welcome her at any time, she pushed her way inside without waiting. There was just enough light to see a sleeping body on the bed. With a shiver of anticipation she hurried closer to the bed.
“Brian?” she whispered. She heard a snort and he looked up at her in surprise.

“Holy cow,” a voice whispered. He quickly sat up and watched her approach. She sat on the bed and immediately pulled his face close in the darkness and gave him a passionate kiss. He responded immediately. To her surprise, his hand claimed one of her breasts, sliding down into the top of the lacey material of her nightgown. Her first impulse was to stop him, then she smiled to herself when she realized it was exactly what she needed. He tentatively moved her hand over to his lap and found him naked. Her eye flew open in awe as her hand came into contact with his snakelike penis, laying lifeless between his legs. She squeezed the huge member and lifted it, weighing it in her hand. Her breath came faster as she imagined that huge beast between her legs. Why had she held off so long? Of course she could not have known that Brian was hung like a horse.

“My God,” she gasped, breaking the kiss. The more she handled his penis, the bigger it got. She leaned closer to it in the dark. It seemed an eternity before the warmth of his cock touched her cheek. She rubbed it against her face and lips lovingly. His hands searched out her pussy in the dark and began playing with it. Gently, almost reverently, she slid the end of his cock into her mouth and sucked gently.

“Hot dang,” she heard the gentle whisper. Her eyes flew open in the darkness, wondering where Brian had picked up such crude lingo. Brian was a well-spoken, if obnoxious man. The thought left her head as her mouth gently slid up and down his huge cock, while his hands played in her pussy, getting her very moist and hot. It wasn’t long until she decided the best place for the monster cock, was between her legs. She rolled over on her stomach, knowing that this form of entry would limit how much cock invaded her pussy. She knew she couldn’t take the whole thing. With an anxious whine, he squatted over her lily white ass and fed his cock into the entrance to her pussy. They both cried out at the contact. The man pushed harder and the cock slid up inside Tammy, seemingly endless as it filled her to the breaking point. She had never felt anything so wonderful inside her before. As he began sliding in and out she was sure that she would faint from the intense pleasure she felt.

In minutes she had her first orgasm. He seemed used to this because he waited as she vibrated on his huge, throbbing cock, thrusting her ass up and back toward him. In a minute or two she was ready to continue. He slid his cock in and out of her pussy with the ease of long practice. A man who wielded such a huge cock, had to learn to use it properly or he could hurt somebody. And that somebody usually had a husband, father, or pimp, who was more than happy to teach him manners, at the point of a pistol or shotgun. Yes, the cowboy knew what he was doing, but he didn’t know who he was doing. He really didn’t care. She had a small, hot pussy that felt incredibly wonderful around his cock.

Tammy shivered and gasped into the darkness as she had her second, then her third orgasm. They were coming just a few minutes apart now. The cock was generating incredible heat and feeling inside her that gave her stimulation she had never felt before. It was as if a man had shoved his arm up her pussy. She waited for the latest orgasm to pass, then reached behind her to urge him on again.

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