Elani’s Freedom

Author: Western

A tattered wooden ship under full sail smashed through 14 foot waves. Mist and white water deluged the weathered decks. Three sailors scurried up the main mast to trim the old, overpatched sails. A sailor coiled a rope on the deck of the ship. Concertina music played from somewhere down below. Seaman Parker, a burly sailor in a stocking cap stood behind the wheel, looking off into the distance. He glanced at the deck occasionally to check the position of his shadow, now cast by the setting sun. Thus, he was the only one to spot the Captain and First Mate carrying a struggling native girl between them. They came up out of the slave hold and dragged her to the Captain’s Cabin. He shook his head in disgust. As soon as they hit port he was leaving. He’d had enough of slave ships and the Captain’s private perversions.

The Black Swan was three days from San Francisco. It had been a rough journey, as the waters between Hawaii and the coast usually were. The crew of the Black Swan would be happy to see land. Then again they usually were. They were a lazy lot who thought less of the sea, than they did of saloons. Parker didn’t need that kind of ship.

Most slave ships bartered on the east coast of America, but the Captain of the Black Swan considered himself to be brilliant. Rather than taking the long, treacherous route from Africa to the Americas, facing freak storms, pirates, and unusual currents, he simply sailed to Hawaii, or the thousand other islands within reach, captured slaves there and returned. He had also made several trips to Mexico and beyond, raiding coastal villages for slaves. San Francisco was an open market and a lot of money could be made.

This was their 13th trip and all looked well. Some said their 13th trip was bound for disaster, but the captain paid it no mind.

Captain Marvin liked women. He had fucked women from Arabia to Tahiti, Hawaii to Sendai. To Captain Marvin the world was a huge sampler of soft, supple female flesh and he wanted to try it all. His first mate, John Migway, shared his lust for life, and women. At the moment he was holding a shapely wench over the chart table.

Captain Marvin knelt before her, lifting her dress. Migway held her on the table from behind, with one hand under each arm. The girl struggled helplessly. Her feet kicked at Marvin, but he dodged, laughing. Her dress had been provided by the missionaries. It was bulky and outlandish, but Marvin’s only interest was what lie beneath it.
“Hold her, Migway.”
“I’m trying, Captain, but she’s a live one.
“I am a princess,” the girl screamed. “I will have you beheaded.”
“Ouch,” Migway laughed. “I think she likes you, Captain.”
“She will. Hold her or I’ll knock her senseless,” Marvin said, suddenly angry. The girl continued to kick and scream. Marvin popped up and slugged her on the jaw. She dropped like she had been struck by an axe.

“Should have done that in the first place,” Migway said, rubbing his bruised arm.
“Let’s get these clothes off, then we can tie her up,” the Captain said, lifting her dress and looking underneath. When he looked up he found Migway pawing her small, firm breasts through the material of her dress. His hard cock was poking a tent in the front of his lose homespun pants.
“Oh hell, go get a girl of your own, Migway, we’ll open a bottle of rum and make a party of it.”
“Yeah, good idea,” Migway said. He turned and hurried out. Marvin tried to unbutton and untie her clothing for several moments, then pulled his knife and cut until she was naked. Her slender tanned body was perfect. She would bring a fortune on the San Francisco waterfront, either as a wife or a whore. To Marvin there was little difference. It was a shame to take her virginity. He stood, undecided for a moment, then fell to his knees with a groan of exertion. He slid one naked leg aside and stared at her buried treasure, savoring the moment.

“My God, how beautiful,” he said reverently. He touched her tiny pussy lips and she shivered in response, even while unconscious. He looked at her face in surprise, confirming that she was still asleep. Her pussy was small and delicate. He traced it’s outline with his index finger.
Her pubic hair was just starting to fill out. It would be a full pelt in a year or so. At the moment it was thin and delicate. Her legs were tiny, extremely sexy. Her waist was narrow and arms just large enough to be flawless. She had done little work in her lifetime. Maybe she really was a princess, he thought. Then again, the Queen had 12 daughters. One princess, more or less, would not be missed.

The room was thrown into bright daylight as Migway returned with his choice. She was even younger than Marvin’s, but not quite so pretty. He was carrying her over his shoulder.
“I saved time,” Migway said, grinning at the unconscious body across his shoulder.
“Have you ever seen anything as beautiful as this?” Marvin asked quietly. He was resting his chin on the table, between her open, unconscious legs. He watched the gentle rise and fall of her chest. Her breasts were small perfect cones with large dark puffy nipples. Her neck and chin were delicate and beautiful. Her waist was slender, with the ribs showing. Her ass was slightly large, meaty, and delicious looking. He reached out and touched her inner thigh, running his hand up and down her leg.

“She’s perfect,” Migway nodded, licking his lips. “Want to trade?”
“No, and I may keep this one.”
“A wife!” Migway gasped.
“No, not really. A consort.”
“The men would kill you. The profits from that one would be enormous.”
“I know.”
“Kamuela!” the girl suddenly screamed and sat up. She looked around desperately, then saw Marvin kneeling between her legs. She drew back a foot to kick him in the face, but Migway struck her from behind with a belaying pin. He dropped the short piece of wood and grabbed a rope.

Elani felt strange. In a world of pain and haze, she realized that she was feeling something which she had never felt before. Her pussy was burning, similar to a urination, but much, much stronger. Fire was spreading throughout her lower body. She couldn’t account for the feeling. Unconsciously she felt herself humping her pussy toward the wonderful sensation. She blinked open her eyes, stared at the irregular wood of the ceiling. Crossed beams made many white squares on the ceiling like… A SHIP! She jerked upright. She quickly found that her arms and legs were tied to the table legs. She struggled, uselessly.

Her legs were naked and widespread. She looked down to see the ugly captain licking her cunt lips. She was disgusted, but the shock was soon replaced by lust. His tongue felt hot and rough on her sensitive flesh. She could feel even the slightest lick or tickle in her moist flesh. It slithered from the bottom to the top of her fleshy envelope, starting a fire in her loins. Her thigh muscles quivered in response to the stimulation. Her stomach muscles were washboard tight, jerking as his tongue touched her clit and strummed it several times. The moisture in her pussy was coating her thighs, his ugly face, and running down the crack of her ass. She looked down into his green eyes and felt a jolt of revulsion.

“You taste delicious,” Marvin said with a smile.
“I hope it poisons you,” she spat.

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