Five Card Stud

Author: Western

Nancy Matten came awake as the red light above her door began flashing in time with a subtle beeping sound issuing from her ceiling. She sat up and yawned, stretching magnificently, before rushing over to the sink. She placed her mouth on the mouthpiece and flashed her teeth clean. Licking her lips, she sat on the bed and waited. In a moment she heard the gentle tap on her door. She stood, smoothed down her antiquated white girdle, and pulled up her black sheer stockings.

“Ok,” she said to herself. “Look happy,” a sarcastic note tainted her voice as she opened the door. A man in an old, corroded steal pressure suit entered, giving her a huge grin as he tossed his helmet into a corner.

“Hugh,” she said with some enthusiasm. Hugh was not only a steady, reliable John, he was also something of a friend. He was a jet jockey with a small mining ship called the Rushmore, which he mainly used for local exploration. In other words, he knocked around the asteroid belt until he became horny, then sought out one of the pleasure satellite’s notorious beauties. Nancy didn’t mind, he was a bit stingy, but not half as weird as most of her clients.

“Welcome back,” she said, guiding him to the red velvet couch. She helped him off with the pressure suit and held her nose as she pointed toward the showers. He chuckled as he stalked off in his longjohns.
“Feel free to use the laundry on those horrible things,” she called behind him. “Can this thing be washed?” she asked, holding the top portion of his pressure suit.

“Only with a chemical wash,” he called back from the shower. “Don’t worry, you get used to it,” he laughed.
“Oh no I won’t. If I ever get a ship of my own, I will have a change of suits, one for each day.”
“You, on a ship of your own?” Hugh chuckled as he returned, drying his hair.
“What, that’s funny?”
“Sure. Space is no place for a woman. women should stay in the bedroom where it’s safe,” he laughed, tossing the wet towel over her head.
“Be careful what you say, space boy, or you will have to find a new whore. And possibly a new set of balls,” she added in a mumble.
“Can I get a blowjob?” he asked, bouncing on the bed. He slid a hand up her shapely stocking-covered leg. She looked at the dirty, scarred hand and pushed it away impatiently.

“That’s all you came for, a blowjob?”
“Sure. We get to daydreaming out there, in the coldness of space. It’s what keeps us going. For me it’s a vision of you blowing me.”
“How romantic,” she said sarcastically.
“Yeah,” he grinned. “So how about it?”
“Sure, lay back,” she said in a bored voice. She sat motionless for a moment until a tick began in her left eye, signifying that her empathy chip had been activated. There was an immediate change in her demeanor. She suddenly desired the blowjob as much as he did. “Strip,” she said with a sexy smile.

“God how I love this,” he said, tearing the towel from his waist. He looked down enthusiastically, as she slid between his legs, rubbing them as she advanced. She gave him an erotic look before she went down on his throbbing cock. It slid between her warm lips and he gasped. “Oh yes,” he said, leaning back on the bed. He closed his eyes and ground his teeth as her talented mouth fully engulfed his genetically enlarged penis, swallowing the huge sausage as if it were nothing.

“My God, you are so good,” he gasped as her warm wet lips slid up and down on his cock. Her tongue slid along the side of his cock, touching just the right place beneath the circumcised head of his cock. How she knew where to stimulate, he never knew. It was like she could crawl into his mind and feel what he felt. She could, of course. Her empathy implant served that very purpose. Any whore worth her salt, sprang for the most basic of implants. Empathy was a big part of it.
Nancy stopped and slid her tongue back and forth over the head of his cock. He jerked upright. She gasped in response, feeling the intense pleasure shooting through her own body. They were phantom feelings, of course, not nearly as strong as those in Hugh’s own body.

She bobbed up and down rapidly, then stopped and sucked the head of his cock as her tongue danced across the sensitive head and along the sides. Hugh gave a slight scream and fell back, grasping the blanket in his worn, calloused hands.

“Oh fuck,” he screamed, barely able to endure the wonderful sensation between his legs. He reached down and held Nancy’s head in his hand, feeling it’s softness and warmth as it bobbed beneath it. Hugh began curling his toes, just second before the big explosion. He held his breath and clenched his ass muscles, before he finally screamed and fell back to the bed again.

“Yesssss!!!” he screamed, withering on the bed. He looked down at the beautiful face, now sipping his cum, and threw his legs around the incredible beauty. It was only a moment before the entire contents of his loins had passed from his cock, into her mouth and down to her stomach. She smacked her lips and sat up, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand.

“Incredible!” Hugh gasped, springing up on the bed and pulling her into a hug. “That was fucking incredible.”
“It was a fucking waste,” she said with a slight pout on her face. “All that meat and not even one little fuck. I miss the feeling of that huge sausage of yours splitting my tail. When do I get mine?”
“Next time, I promise,” he said, hugging her again. Her eye twitched as she mentally disconnected her empathy chip. She suddenly needed to wash.
“I think that’s what you said last time,” she said, climbing to h
er feet.
“Did I? Sorry about that. How much time do I have?”
Nancy looked at the back of her hand. The chronometer chip implanted there ran off the nervous energy of her body.
“Three fucking hours,” she gasped. “Do you want to get cleaned up and try again?” she asked hopefully.
“No, I’ve had enough. I was only out for a week. I mostly wanted companionship. Hey, do you play poker?”
Nancy felt her hackles rise. Didn’t he know? She had an empathy chip, a mathematics chip, and about fifteen other’s. He didn’t have a chance against her.
“Weren’t you ever told, never play poker with a whore?” she said resentfully.
“No, I don’t think so.”
“Well I’m telling you now. Never play poker with a whore, they have an unfair advantage.”
“What?” she asked in amazement.
“Afraid to lose your hard-earned money,” he said, patting the bed. “Afraid of getting fucked by a real man in a man’s game?”
“No, you son-of-a-bitch, I’m not. If you want to lose your money, that’s fine with me. But I want an impartial witness, I’m not getting stiffed.”
“Fine. Elton, get in here,” she shouted at the ceiling. She heard the heavy footsteps rushing toward the door. Too late she realized that he expected an emergency. He busted through the door with an enforcer in hand, looking for somebody to shoot. He automatically centered his weapon on Hugh.
“Whoa,” Hugh shouted, holding up his hands.
“At ease, Elton,” Nancy said, holding up a deck of cards from her dresser. “This is a friendly game. Put the gun away.”
“You little bitch,” Elton said, wiping the sweat from his bald head. “I lost a year of life getting here.”
“This man wants to play poker,” Nancy said incredulously.
“Are you serious?” Elton gasped.
“I insist,” Hugh said confidently.
“You’ll lose?” Elton shrugged, sitting on the red couch.
“I think I can beat one little whore,” Hugh sneered. Nancy suddenly wondered how she could have liked the guy. He was an asshole. Elton suddenly realized why she wanted to teach him a lesson. He was an asshole.
“New deck,” Nancy said, showing him the seal, then tossing the cards across the table.

Nancy walked through the BX looking at pressure suits. She found a rack of suits her size and waved to get the clerk’s attention.
“I’ll take 7 of these,” she pointed. The girl behind the counter hurried up to the rack of suits and began tossing them on the cart.
“That’s a lot of credits,” she warned over her shoulder. “Hey, don’t you work here?” she asked in surprise.
“Not any more. I own the Rushmore, a small mining ship. Oh, and I will also need some cleaning supplies, the last captain was a slob.

Nancy waited for clearance from the tower, then broke connection with the dock. As she drifted away from the Pleasure Palace she looked at the charts, conveniently left by the previous captain. After much study, she decided to follow his leads. If he was right, there was a large deposit of silver on GW3-13. It wouldn’t bring her a fortune, but it was a start, and it was close by. He had been too lazy to mine it for so little return. Nancy was not.

She couldn’t wait to fill the hold and return. The Pleasure Palace had a new whore. He was inexperienced, but he had a cock like a sausage. Just what she needed after a long tour in space.
With a loud, almost insane laugh, Nancy pushed the stick forward and blasted out into the unknown.

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