The Pervert Of Tombstone

Her thighs began quivering. He could feel her ass tightening on his lap. She was close now.
The slam of the outhouse door almost went unnoticed. She still had her eye to the hole, but her eyes were closed. Her entire body concentrated on enjoying his manipulation. She began panting louder and louder until she suddenly cried out. Her hand went to the hand in her lap and held it in place. She shuddered and jerked uncontrollably, in the throes of the first orgasm in over ten years. She finally collapsed on his lap, breathing heavily.

“If… if you’re done with the toilet, I could use it,” she said, suddenly shy. He stood and pulled up his pants. He looked down at her in wonder. Her breasts were sagging, but still sexy for a woman her age. She was so slender that he could count her ribs. Age spots and freckles decorated her body, but did nothing to detract from the slender sexiness of that body. She must have been a hell of a looker when she was younger, so why was she alone? Oh well, it was none of his concern.

Gorgene balled up a piece of the Sears catalog and rolled it in her hands to make it absorbent. She then wiped her pussy and stood. Brian helped her rebutton her dress, then handed her the parasol.

“Drop by and see me some time, young man,” she said, hitting him playfully with the parasol. She stepped out into the sunlight and shaded her eyes, before stepping out of sight.
“I will,” Brian said in surprise. He hurried to his room, bathed and changed, before returning to work.

“Where have you been?” Tammy demanded, looking at the door behind them. Swanson had been working inside for nearly an hour. Tammy was just glad that Brian had returned before Swanson found out he was gone. Suddenly a shot sounded down the street, probably at Big Nosed Kate’s. Swanson suddenly appeared.

“Where did that shot come from?” he demanded, worried about his wife. Brian pointed to the south.
“Dam it, get down there and see what’s going on, Erickson.”
“Yes sir,” Brian said, giving Tammy a quick smile. He grabbed his hat and hurried out. It was soon apparent what had happened. Somebody had shot the window out at the Big Nosed Kate’s Saloon. Glass was laying all over the boardwalk. People stood on it as they looked inside the saloon. He glanced down and saw, in amazement, that several women were standing on glass. He shifted positions until the mirror-like pieces gave him and excellent view beneath their dresses. One was either naked beneath her dress, or she favored those very skimpy panties that some women liked to wear in hot areas. Either way he had an excellent view of her naked ass. He felt his cock growing hard and whipped the hat from his head, holding it in front of him. A man turned and stared at Brian suspiciously.

“What happened?” Brian asked innocently.
“Wyatt made an arrest.”
“Oh,” Brian said, looking down again as the man turned away. But the marshall pushed a man through the batwing doors and everybody moved. Brian lost his view and sighed. He wandered back to the bank, thinking that it had been a very good day for him so far. He was not proud of what he was, but he damned sure enjoyed the thrills. He had been a pervert for as long as he could remember. He had been driven out of Cincinnati because of it. They would probably shoot him here, if they found out. Oh well, he was certainly enjoying himself.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Brian felt like washing up before dinner. In truth he only ate twice a day to save money. Noon was reserved for his perverted pursuits. Brian made his way to the hotel washroom, paid the attendant his nickel, and stripped near the wooden tub. The attendant brought a wooden bucket of hot water from the kitchen. He poured it into the half full tub and nodded to Brian. Brian climbed into the tub with a sigh, as the tepid water enfolded his body. It had been a hot, sweaty day, it was good to bathe once in a while. He tilted his head back and nearly fell asleep, until a loud, obnoxious voice gave him a start. To his amazement, he saw that it was the cowboy he had seen in the outhouse, the one with the big dick. His eyes went immediately toward the crotch of the man’s pants, before he tore his eyes away. The man complained about nothing in particular, as the attendant added hot water to a second tub. The man stripped lazily. Brian’s eyes went immediately to the long, semi-flaccid cock the minute it was revealed. The cowboy looked up as he stepped into the tub. Rather than being upset at seeing Brian looking at his cock, he seemed pleased.

“Howdy,” the young man said as he eased into the tub. Brian nodded, his mind still on the large cock between the man’s legs. He was not normally man-oriented, but that large, semi-flaccid cock stayed in his mind. He wondered how it would feel to handle it. Probably very hot and soft. How would it feel in his lips?

“Hey!” the cowboy yelled, getting his attention.
“I asked if you lived here in the hotel. I’ve got a day before I have to head back to the ranch, but no money for a room. If you want to share, I’ll pay you the next time I get into town… hey, you work at the bank, don’t you? You’re probably rich anyway.
“A bank teller is one of the poorest creatures on the face of the earth,” Brian said with a twisted smile.
“Then why do you do it?”
“Have you ever been out fixing fences in the winter, when you hands were so cold you had to start a fire to get them warm enough to work?”
“Yeah,” the cowboys said in surprise.
“Me too, that’s why I work at the bank.”

The cowboy laughed long and loud, splashing water all over the floor. He finally wiped his eyes and nodded. “Know what you mean,” he laughed again.
“Sure, you can bunk with me any time you like,” Brian said, thinking about that large cock again. He would never go through with his half-formed plans, even he was not that perverted, but what the hell, it didn’t hurt to look.

“Room 12,” he pointed upstairs. Just tell the front desk that Brian said it was all right, if you ever get into town and I’m not around. Right now I’m ready to hit the sack myself,” Brian said, standing and grabbing a towel. Wrapping the towel around himself he gathered up his clothes, waved and hurried up the back steps, clutching the towel around him. He was lucky, nobody saw him. He changed into a clean set of drawers and sat on the edge of the bed with his shirt off. The slap of wet steps sounded outside, moments before the door burst open. The cowboy looked out into the hallway before turning and closing the door.

“Better lock it,” Brian said. “It keeps the drunks out.”
“Too late,” the cowboy laughed, “I’m drunk as a skunk myself. Couldn’t you tell?” he asked, dropping the towel and holding out his underwear. He gave them a forlorned look, then held them out, looking at Brian. “Dirty as hell,” he explained. “Mind if I wash them in your basin?”
“Go ahead,” Brian said, his eyes straying back to the long, wagging cock time after time.
“Th… that’s quite a gun you have there,” Brian said in a quivering voice.
“You’re a big man,” Brian nodded toward the man’s cock.
“Biggest around,” the man said proudly.
“Your friends must be very envious,” Brian said, swallowing quickly.

“Yeah, they are,” he said matter-of-factly. He wrung his underwear out and tossed them over the mirror. He came over to the bed and Brian moved over quickly. “You’re quite a partner,” he said, laying an arm over Brian’s back. But Brian couldn’t pry his eyes away from the man’s cock.
“It’s great, isn’t it?” the man asked, holding his semi-rigid member in his own hand.
“I’ve never seen anything like it. It truly fascinates me… not that I fancy men,” Brian said quickly.
“Partner, I don’t care if a hole is man, woman, or dog. When I get horny I’ll fuck anything… at least anything that doesn’t run as the sight of my pecker,” he said, swinging it like a lariat.
“Oh God,” Brian said nervously.
“What’s the matter, does that bother you?” he asked, reaching for a blanket.
“N… no, no it doesn’t,” Brian hurried to stop his from covering himself with a blanket. The man sat back with a smile, with his back against the wall.
“I can sleep on the couch if you want,” he pointed at the settee by the window.
“Oh, there’s room,” Brian said, now shaking visibly. He wanted so badly… if he just had the nerve, he could just reach out and…

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