Three Sisters

Author: Western

Matthew Harbor pulled his roan to a halt at the top of the small hill overlooking a storybook like farm. The gray house, bright red barn, and white picket fence looked like a little piece of heaven to an outlaw who spent most of his time on the run. Something looked wrong about the place, but he couldn’t spot it. To his eyes it was absolutely perfect.

He knew old man Carson and didn’t want to be shot by mistake. The old man was mean and cynical. Raising three beautiful daughters could get a man that way, Mat mused. The roan threw his head. Mat automatically reached down and patted the horse’s neck.
“Easy, boy. It’s better to take things easy, you’ll live longer.”

The horse turned his head, either to listen or to give Mat the evil eye. The horse knew there was fresh water and mounds of hay below. The only thing keeping him from both, was the sharp tug on the reins.

Mat watched a figure carry a bucket from the house to the well. It was obviously a woman, no other creature would dress up in so much white fabric on such a hot day.

“It looks like a good time to ease into the yard,” he said in a mumble. His eyes traveled over the corral. It was empty, except for the team which pulled their wagon. Few posses used wagons, although some had been known to use horseless carriages lately. He couldn’t trust his life to something without a soul. Besides, it was harder to talk to a horseless carriage.

The young woman lifted her hand to her face, shading her eyes. Mat’s heart beat in excitement. That was one hot young woman, he thought to himself. He could see the rise and fall of her ample breasts. She was quite a woman. The woman suddenly looked down at herself and turned, fleeing into the house. Mat chuckled. He was not concerned, he knew the difference between a filly concerned about her appearance, and one running for a gun. A gun was the farthest thing from her mind.

“Well that’s better than a load of buckshot,” Mat laughed. “But I wonder where the old man is?” he added, surveying the windows and outbuildings.

The woman suddenly reappeared. To his delight he saw two more appear beside her. His eyes went down the line of delicious womanly flesh. Each one was more beautiful than the next. If height was any indication, they were lined up according to age. The oldest bulged out in all the right places, the middle daughter was fine, but the youngest immediately caught his eye. She was a skinny little minx, possibly not old enough to marry, but certainly old enough for a ride. Even as he watched, she used a handkerchief to wipe the ample bulge of her breasts, in her liberal cleavage. Mat licked his lips and rolled his eyes. The oldest sister suddenly slapped the youngest’s hand away.

“Howdy,” he said as the roan pulled up in the shade of the porch. “Is your papa around?”
“Papa died nigh onto last spring,” the oldest said breathlessly. There was obviously no love lost there. She certainly wasn’t broken up about it.

“Step down,” the youngest girl breathed quickly. Feeling his heart beating in his chest, Mat stepped down, tossed the reins over the saddle and slapped the roan on the ass. It drifted off toward the watering trough. “Just for a moment,” he said, his eager eye’s taking in the huge expanse of womanly flesh, white cloth, and even the smell of lilacs as he moved closer. He was immediately surrounded by females who escorted him up to the porch swing.

“I’m Meg,” the oldest said, “this is Milly, and that is…”
“May,” the youngest girl piped up with a quick smile.
“I’m Mat. We are all M’s. Ladies, I would love to get… well very well acquainted, but there may be a whole heard of men pouring over that hill in a moment, hell bent on stretching my neck. As much as I’d like to stick around…”

“We can handle them, if they come,” May said quickly. “We’ve dealt with posse’s before.”
“Daddy was an outlaw,” Meg agreed.

“I… I know that,” Mat said distractedly as May draped a leg over his. The material of her dress stretched to show the outline of both legs. The dress slid up to show an ample display of leg. His cock grew hard in his pants. He had not been touched by a woman in… hell, a very long time.
May smelled good. Meg, who sat on the other side of him, slid a hand down the opening of his shirt. He looked around for Milly and found her leading his horse to the barn. He started to stand and shout an objection, but Meg pushed him back down.

“Relax,” she whispered. “Milly is getting him out of sight.”
“But if I need him…” Mat started to object.

“You won’t, we will protect you,” May whispered. Mat believed them. He would have believed anything they said, with May’s hand exploring his muscular chest.

“Let’s go inside,” May said, standing and pulling Mat to his feet. He meekly followed them through the screen door. Mat’s eyes went to the metal pitcher on the table. The sides were coated with condensation.

“Are you thirsty?” Meg asked.
“Yes ma’am,” he nodded.
“We make real lemonade,” she said with a smile. “A man brings us lemons all the way from California.”
“Darned nice of him. I would do it myself, if I had the chance,” Mat said, his eyes going over Meg’s perfect ass. She turned back and caught his glance. She giggled as he turned red.
“It looks like you’re hungry, too,” she giggled.
“Oh yeah,” he agreed, taking the glass from her hand.

“Why don’t you drink that in the bedroom,” she said, turning and leaving the room. May led him toward the bedroom. He drank in real appreciation. He had only had lemonade once in his entire life, and that was in a fancy San Francisco restaurant after a big score.

“When’s the last time you had a good fuck?” May whispered. Mat almost choked on his drink.
“Four years ago in Montana,” he finally said, pretending to be unaffected by her crude language. “I spent the winter with a Sioux squaw and her sister. I have some offspring up there now, if I’m not mistaken. I may head off in that direction when I leave here,” he said as if an afterthought.

“Winter is only three months away,” she said with a smile, “what’s your hurry.”
He quickly finished his drink. He sat the glass on the dresser and turned to find Meg wearing only her undergarments. He swallowed quickly, looking at May, who was also denuding her slender little body.
“Oh God,” Mat said, tearing off his shirt.

Milly came in, smiled at the occupants of the room, and began pulling her dress over her head. Mat had a raging hardon by now. As he stripped down to his longjohns, May approached him and led him over to the washbasin. She pulled off his underwear without embarassment and began washing his naked body. Milly and Meg sat on the bed, transfixed by Mat’s nudity. He turned red in embarassment, resisting the urge to cover his manhood. Mat gasped as May’s insistent touch slid the rough washrag up the crack of his ass. She came around to kneel in front of him. She rinsed the rag and began washing his cock and balls. Before he knew what was happening, he felt intense heat on the end of his cock. He looked down to see the head of his cock in May’s sweet warm mouth.

“Oh God,” he said again. He reached down and massaged May’s head, as her mouth bobbed on his cock. The intense heat and feeling made his toes curl and ass clench.
“Bring him over here,” Meg called. May nodded, with his cock still in her mouth and reluctantly stood, smiling at her sisters.
“He tastes as sweet as sugar,” May giggled.

“Oh, he does not,” Meg said in disgust. “You always exaggerate,” she said as she guided Mat down to a place between them. He was immediately touched by six hands, hands which freely and reverently explored his body. May had a sweet little body, barely 18 years old, but Meg, bless her heart, was all woman. Her ample breast bounced as she settled Mat on the bed, kissed him soundly, then spread her legs and placed her delicate petals against his mouth. Mat normally refrained from cunninglus, since most women were less than clean, but on Meg it was very pleasurable. She was clean and smelled of lilacs. He held her warm legs in his strong hands as his eager tongue and mouth explored the depths of her womanhood. He felt May slide down over his raging cock. It was too bad that he couldn’t see her, she was one hot little bitch.

“Oh God,” May screamed in rapture.
Mat groped around on the bed until he felt warm female flesh in his right hand. He turned his head to see Milly inching closer to his hand, with her legs spread. He willingly inserted his middle finger inside her pussy and let her ride it brutally. In a moment he added a second finger. She moaned, hunching her pussy against his hand. He liked the feeling of his fingers piercing the hot flesh of her womanhood. But Meg insisted that he concentrate on her. He stuck his tongue up inside her vagina and watched as she hunched her pussy against it, effectively tongue-fucking herself on his stiff member.

May was bouncing freely. At times he was afraid that she would bend and break his cock in her enthusiasm, but her insistent grasping pussy continued to greedily engulf his rock hard cock, freely swallowing it up, despite her youth and petite size.

“Oh God,” Mat gasped into Meg’s sweet pussy. He knew he had been given a glimpse of pure heaven. He could die happily right now, he decided.

May bounced savagely, crying out as her pussy clenched and released his cock, just beginning the first throes of her orgasm. She tried to hold off, but it had been so long for each of them, months without sex.

“Oh, oh, ah ah…” May screamed, bouncing wildly on his rigid cock. He could hold off no longer, the hot little minx was milking him dry. Her moist little pussy was covering his cock with insane heat. Her moisture was dripping on his pelvis, filling the crack of his ass. She screamed again and sat rigid on his cock as it filled her pussy with thick cum.

Meg turned and watched May’s wild gyrations, nearly missing the first signs of her own orgasm. She turned back in surprise, hunching forward and watching Milly with hooded eyes as her pussy clenched and suddenly exploded.

Mat continued eating Meg for as long as she could set still and enjoy it. All too soon she lifted off his mouth and fell to the bed with a hiss. She laid beside Milly, watching the rapture in Milly’s face, before rolling over and capturing Milly’s warm red mouth with her own. Milly’s eyes flew open. She looked at Meg, then pulled her close, grasping, pulling and panting until she suddenly stiffened and screamed.

Mat worked his fingers around inside her until she gasped and pulled away. She lay in Meg’s arms, relaxing and gasping for breath.

“Wow, some show,” the Laramie sheriff said from the open doorway. Mat belatedly grabbed the blanket and pulled it across his body. A Group of men crowded into the room behind the sheriff, all gaping and smiling at the room full of beautiful, naked, female flesh.

“Good work, Meg,” the sheriff said as he strolled forward and picked up Mat’s gun, from where it lay beside the washstand.

“Glad I could help, but don’t forget about our reward,” Meg said as she lolled on the bed in her unabashed nakedness. “Is there anything we can do for you boy’s?” she added, looking hopefully from one to the other.
“Naw,” the sheriff said, looking over his men. “Most are married, those that aren’t are too damned young. Just the prisoner,” the sheriff pointed at Mat.

The sheriff threw Mat his clothes. Mat dressed slowly, sheepishly. He couldn’t help but glance at the girls in admiration, even though they had turned him in, and made him look foolish.
“Come back when you get out,” Meg whispered, kissing him on the cheek. He licked his lips, still tasting Meg’s delicious pussy on them.

“I will,” he said, surprising even himself. “I sure as hell will. And now I know what was wrong about this farm, it was too damned rich. Bounties are more profitable than farming, I should have guessed.”

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