Soft Assets

Author: LDG

I looked up from the massive print-out I was trying to decipher when someone knocked on my office door. It was Alyson. She was one of the two auditors still left behind to tie up some loose ends. “Another question?” I asked.

She nodded her head shyly. She couldn’t have been more than twenty-one and our company was her first client assignment. “Yeah, sorry to bother you again, Mr. Judge, but we’re just checking the inventory count results and I had a question about some of the items in the furniture warehouse. Would you mind coming with me for a minute and taking a look?”

“No problem,” I said.

I shifted the pile of computer paper over to the corner of my cluttered desk and joined Alyson in the hall. I let her lead me through the cubicled maze of the deserted outer office and into the attached warehouse. As she did, I couldn’t help but notice the sweet sashay of her hips. Her buttocks bounced rhythmically, straining the thin, black fabric of her skirt. Her legs were long, tanned, and toned, and her flowing blonde hair was pulled back in a loose, playful ponytail that dangled down her silk-bloused back. I gave myself a mental slap. I felt sorry for the young girl – as a first year staff assistant at her firm, she was loaded with all of the grunt work; the dirty jobs like checking inventory in a cool warehouse on a warm Sunday afternoon.

“Right over here, Mr. Judge,” she said.
“Clay,” I responded. “I told you before, you can just call me Clay.”

We were right in the back of the brightly-lit warehouse, where the sales staff set up various displays for furniture store buyers to peruse and hopefully purchase. Alyson stopped in front of a dining room exhibit – huge oak table, eight chairs, and a couple of large china cabinets; all enclosed within faux half-walls. “I can’t find this exhibit in your inventory listings … Clay,” she said, turning around to face me.

“Really?” I frowned.
“Yeah.” She drew nearer, opened the blue cover on the inventory ledger she was carrying. “I’m sample-checking stuff on the floor back to the listing and I can’t find this one exhibit. Here, let me put the ledger on the table so you can see it better.”

I nodded. She walked up to the table and set the ledger down. I started towards her, then stumbled on the ledge of the exhibit and almost took a header into her chest. She grabbed my arms and straightened me up. She looked at me with her emerald eyes as I leaned against her, her warm softness cushioning my hardness, her intoxicating perfume flooding and clouding my mind. Her moist lips split apart in a seductive smile.

I mumbled something like: “Okay, then, let’s look-”

She suddenly pulled my head down and savagely pressed her ruby lips against mine, hungrily kissing me with astonishing desire. I felt her wet tongue dance across my shocked mouth, coating my lips with saliva. An electric current rocketed through my body and everything turned warm and fuzzy. She thrust her darting tongue into my mouth and I liquefied. I desperately grabbed her in my arms and mashed my mouth against hers, her small, firm breasts pressing into my chest, her body molding its soft contours to mine. Our tongues fought a lover’s duel until she finally claimed victory and took mine in her mouth and began sucking up and down on it like it was a swollen cock.

I groaned.

Her pouty lips clamped down on my slippery tongue and sucked over and over again. “I want you to fuck me, Clay,” she breathed into my mouth.

My cock had no objections – the blood-rich appendage had been gathering fuel for blast-off for weeks now. “Yes, Alyson,” I murmured.

Her hands roamed all over my chest, caressing me, and then she pushed me back slightly and began the sensuous process of stripping. She teasingly unfastened the buttons on her blouse, shrugged it off of her shoulders. I gasped in wonderment – she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her body was smooth and golden brown, her breasts deliciously firm and round, her nipples long and rigidly erect. She cupped her tits in her soft hands, squeezed them, stroked her nipples. She bit her lip and moaned, her smoldering eyes half-closed with woman-made lust.

I reached for her, ready, willing, and wildly able to fuck the gorgeous, bronze temptress, but she held me back with an extended arm and shook her head. She shimmied out of her skirt, revealing her unclothed pussy – completely shaved save for a triangle of downy, blonde fur just above her glistening slit. She had come prepared, and I was prepared to come.

I tore off my tie with trembling fingers, and my shirt and my suit pants, never once peeling my rapturous eyes off of the girl’s spectacular, sun-kissed body. My cock was a rock-hard, seven inch outline bulging angrily inside my white briefs.

She smiled coyly, reached out and traced the swollen length of my cock, her fingers lightly caressing the bloated hard-on. Then she dropped to her knees in front of me and tugged down my briefs. My cock sprung out like a jack-in-the-box and dangled directly in front of her delicate face. I ran my fingers through her rich, blonde hair and gently brought her expectant face closer to my straining cock. “Suck it, Alyson,” I whispered.

“Client satisfaction is what we’re all about,” she replied solemnly. She grabbed my heavy cock with her small hand and stroked up and down its boiling length, considering its size and thickness. Then she engulfed its huge, purple head with her mouth and began sucking.
My legs jellied and my brain imploded as I felt her hot, wet mouth swallow the rest of my engorged shaft. I closed my eyes and hung onto her head for dear, sweet life as she sucked up and down my rigid pole in a rhythm as ancient as double-entry accounting. She licked me from tip to base, teased my slit with her slapping tongue, then lapped at my tightening balls. I opened my eyes to stare down at her bobbing head – she was blowing me like a seasoned amateur. She glanced up, locked her jade eyes on mine, then slowly jammed as much of my granite manhood into her mouth as she could – and that was fucking everything!

“Oh my God!” I shrieked, when her crimson lips brushed the base of my dick and my cock pushed hard against the back of her squeezing throat.

Her breath rushed through her flared nostrils, my dick jammed to the very hilt into her fiery throat, and her eyes were glazed with depraved, cock-hungry lust. She kept my cock buried in the wet cave of her mouth and throat for an impossibly long time. Then she carefully disgorged it. Inch after inch of soaking wet cock slid slowly out of her talented mouth, like a snake uncoiling. I watched in exultant awe as she dragged the rest of me out of her mouth with a pop and then began jerking me off with a flailing hand, her saliva and my gooey pre-cum lubricating her frantic stroking.

Her hand became a blur as she squeezed and stroked with utter abandon, and my burning world melted down to two things: her hand and my cock.

Just before all was well and truly lost, she suddenly released my raging hard-on. I stumbled against her, blindly beseeching her to finish me off with her craven mouth. She smiled at me, then stood up and leaned back on the gleaming surface of the dining room table. “Fuck me!” she commanded saucily. She lay back on the brilliant wood and spread her long, sun-dipped legs.

“Yes,” I mumbled. I leaned over top of her and sucked greedily on her extended, inviting tongue.

She raked her erotic talons lightly up and down my back. I licked her lips, her ears, her neck, her shoulders, her tits. She gasped with mounting excitement as I sucked on her tits, nibbling her soft firmness, swallowing whole first one glorious tit and then the other. I sucked and sucked on her sun-caressed breasts, then slowly exhaled them and went to work on her inch-long nipples – licking and biting and polishing those brown gems until she cried out in pleasure.
suck my tits!” she screamed, feeding her nipples into my devouring mouth.

My head bounced back and forth between her gorgeous mounds, bathing her breasts with my tongue, sucking madly on her blossoms for what seemed an eternity. Then, when she could take it no longer, I captured her silky legs in my hands and introduced my swelled cockhead to her slippery gash. She gasped as I guided my steely shaft between her flaming red lips – slid inch after fire-hardened inch of cock into her hot pussy. I stopped my erotic advance only when my balls pressed against her ass. I shouldered her slender legs and began pumping; banging in and out of her tight wetness, slowly at first, then faster and faster and faster.

“Yes!” she hissed between clenched teeth. She grabbed her tits, pushed them together, pulled and pinched her drenched nipples. Her golden head bounced on the sturdy table as I thrust desperately into her. The air became thick with the heavy musk of our sexual frenzy.

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