The brothers

Author: Michael Shuler

Audrey watched the flags flutter in the wind along the plush Coral Bay neighborhood. Sea gulls floated on the stiff breeze, somehow managing to sit stationary in the wind, while looking over Audrey, resting on a rock below.

“I won’t hurt you, you silly bird,” she called, shading her eyes from the sun. She kept watch in the morning sun for Charles, the new love of her life. Unfortunately, Charles was still crawling out of a bad marriage. Even now she was up there with him, trying to get her hooks back into him after almost a year of divorce. It obviously irked her to know that Charles had a very good lawyer, and pictures of her doing the nasty with half a football team. She still wanted some of that money, money which rightfully belonged to Audrey, in her opinion.

“Hey!” Audrey rolled her eyes at the shout behind her. She was not there to jump like a dog each time somebody yelled. What the fuck did he want anyway? It was a public beach.

“Hey!” he called even louder.

“Save your fucking hey, for somebody who gives a fuck,” Audrey yelled over her shoulder. Upon seeing the man leaning against a rock, she took more notice. He was buff and handsome.

“Are you Audrey?”

“Good fucking guess,” she said sarcastically.

“I’m Hank.”

“Of course you are.”

“Hank Smith, Charles Smith’s little brother.”

“Oh,” Audrey turned and looked directly at him for the first time. “So where is Charles?”

“Up there watching you through a pair of binoculars. He sent me down to say he couldn’t make it. The bitch is up there doing some reconciliation crap with a counselor. He’s stuck until this afternoon.”

“If he had some balls, he’d kick her lecherous ass out,” Audrey stormed.

“You’re right,” he said casually.

“How about you? Are you interested in a natural Florida brunette?”

“Sure. Know of one?”

Audrey untied her top and let it hang open, revealing her gorgeous breasts. Even the sea gull looked startled. She could imagine how startled Charles was. Startled enough to kick the bitch out.

“Are you sure you’re not interested?” she asked as she slid her hand down the front of her pants.

“You little fucking dick teaser,” he said, stepping up next to her. She undid his belt, then pushed his shorts down. She glanced up at Charles’ house and licked her lips.

“You fucking tease,” Hank said again.

“I’m more than a tease, Hank,” she said, holding his cock in her hand. “Now I know why the call you Charles’ LITTLE brother.”

“Ok, bitch, I’ve had about enough of you,” he started to grab his short.

“Hank, Hank. Are you going to leave without your blowjob?” she teased, pulling his little four inch cock in her hand. She had never seen one so small. They had surgery and stuff for that, but she didn’t want to mention it while he was so touchy.

“Am I getting a blowjob, or standing here listening to your fucking mouth all day?” he demanded. She clucked and slid off the rock to sit on a lower shelf. With a sultry look toward the house, she turned her head and took his small penis into her mouth. She sucked the warm, soft skin of his penis and flicked her tongue over it. He groaned and tipped his head back. Audrey found it a novelty to suck such a short cock. It easily fit into her mouth, which she liked and it was kind of cute.

Hank was in heaven. He put his hand on his cock and held it while she sucked. She was one fine little bitch, although too mouthy for his taste. He couldn’t believe he was getting a BJ from his brother’s girl. What a rush.

“Oh God yes, suck me bitch,” he whispered. She smiled as she sucked his cock for a moment, then began bobbing on it. He hissed, his knees shook, and his hand went to the back of her head. She knew that Charles was probably going out of his head by now. Either he would kick the bitch out and fuck her half to death, or he could kick Audrey out and look for somebody else. She didn’t care one way or the other though.

“Oh fuck,” Hank groaned. He shuddered for a moment, then his short little cock began shooting sperm into her mouth. She didn’t mind, she was a swallower. Her girlfriend wasn’t. She told Audrey that when somebody came in her mouth without warning, she fill her mouth with it and spit it out on their leg.

With a wide smile, and a slight giggle that nearly turned into a choking fit, she held his cum in her mouth until he was done, then spit it all out on his abdomen. He swore, swiped at the dripping cum for a moment, then grabbed his shorts and hurried down to the beach. She knew the water would be cold this time of day. If he thought that little guy was small before… Hank was still swearing as he made his way up the beach, and disappeared between the houses.

“Audrey, you are such a bitch,” she whispered in triumph. She raised her head, looked at Charles’ house, and gave him the finger. She dressed and went home.

6:30 PM, Audrey’s doorbell rang and she went to answer. Before she arrived the door was thrown open and Charles stood framed in the doorway.

“Charles, what…” she began, but he grabbed her roughly and pulled her into the house. He threw her on the couch and began tearing off his clothes. When Audrey moved too slowly he reached out and ripped her blouse open. She gasped, then giggled. She laid on the couch, raised her legs up in the air, and pulled off her short. Laying naked, she played with her pussy while Charles kicked his socks into a corner.

“You like sucking dick, bitch?” Charles asked in an uncharacteristic snarl.

“Why yes,” she said with a giggle.

“Then suck this,” he held his penis in his hand and approached her open mouth. She sucked the side for several minutes, working up and down his large shaft. Falling to his knees beside the couch he fed his throbbing penis into her waiting mouth.

“Um, now that’s what I call a cock,” she said before sliding it down her throat.

She allowed him to pump his cock in and out of her mouth for several minutes, while she rotated her fingers in her open cunt. His greedy eyes were locked onto that delicious mound for several minutes before he hastily pulled out of her mouth and went down on her.

She squealed in delight as his bearded mouth touched her sensitive flesh. She squirmed when his tongue snaked up inside her, then grabbed his ears and pulled his face up until his tongue was striking her clit.

Audrey panted like a woman giving birth. She loved it when a good mouth went down on her. Charles had a very talented mouth when it came to eating pussy. She hissed and tossed herself around, feeling the fire fill her ass and abdomen. Her thighs were shaking around his bearded cheeks. She thrust her pussy against his mouth, enjoying the impact almost as much as his tongue.

“I need to fuck you,” he said, trying to forcefully roll her over on her knees. With a laugh she rolled off the couch and laid across it with her upturned ass ready and waiting. She pulled her butt cheeks apart and looked over her shoulder at him. “Take your pick,” she laughed.

Panting in excitement, Charles crawled forward, took his cock in his hand, and thrust it up inside her wet pussy.

“Oh yes, fuck me you bastard,” she gasped.

He humped against her, grunting like an animal. The force of his thrusts drove Audrey deep into the cushions of the couch. The couch itself banged against the wall with great force.

Fire burned in his loins, balls, and ass. His breath came in harsh gasps over her shoulder. She turned her head and he bent down to kiss her, then concentrated on driving his cock into her pussy with great force.

“I’m quivering inside, you are fucking tearing me up,” Audrey hissed. He ignored her, driving his fleshy pole up into her vibrating mound of flesh. His balls were swinging up against her clit, the impact stimulating her beyond all belief. She cried softly into the cushions, feeling violated, defiled, brutalized. She knew she had driven him half mad, with her show with his brother. And now she was reaping the rewards.

Charles’ legs were growing tired. He paused and sat slowly on the floor, pulling Audrey down on top of him. Once settled, Audrey was sitting in the enviable position of power, now in control of the situation. Placing her hands on his ankles, she began sliding forward and back on his rigid cock. He fingered her ass with brutal fingers, then stuck his thumb up her ass. She cried out and swore, then began mashing her ass into his thumb.

They were both moaning loudly. Both were close to an orgasm. Both came at the same moment amid screams and moans of pleasure. Audrey bounced on his cock, grunting with each thrust. As Charles’ cock became sensitive, he tried to hold her down, but she was too far gone to be controlled. She bounced for several long minutes, then sat listless and panting until she had the energy to roll off his prone body and climb up on the couch.

“Next time don’t send a boy to do a man’s job. And speaking of men, kick that fucking bitch out, or find a new whore.”

“She’s out,” Charles said, still panting.

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