No Dinner Tonight

Author: Cecilia

He’ll be home soon. I can’t wait. I’ve been missing him all day. I keep myself busy while waiting for him by cleaning the house, dusting, tinkering with things here and there. Any time now, he’ll walk through that door. I hear him pull up in his truck, his heavy boots clomping on the walk as he kicks off the dirt before coming through the door. As he opens the door, I’m standing nearby, waiting for him to come in.

As he walks through the door, I smile. At 6’2″, he weighs only about 190lbs. He’s got clean cut dark brown hair, deep hazel eyes, and a set of lips that send the mind reeling. He gives me a sweet kiss and announces he’s heading for the shower. Like a love sick puppy dog, I follow him.

Watching him remove his shirt, I’m hypnotized. His tan arms show that he swings a hammer for a living. Cut muscles, skin drawn tight over every curve and bulge. His shoulders are round and tight, and his chest is cut perfectly, leading down to his magnificent six pack abdomen. He works on his button fly, while looking at me with his head slightly tilted down, giving me those bedroom eyes he knows make me melt. He peels his jeans off, leaving him there in his tight black bikini briefs. His legs are just as fine tuned as his arms and chest, with black hair coating them perfectly. He turns around to start the shower, giving me a great view of his round, tight ass flexing underneath his underwear.

After warming up the shower, he removes his briefs, and I can’t help but let my eyes drop down to his flaccid penis. Even soft, he’s built better than many men I’ve seen in their most excited state. He turns again and steps into the shower. My trance is broken, and I quickly remove my clothes, and step in behind him.

Already he is soaked in the water spray, and is massaging shampoo into his scalp. I pause to let my eyes slide over his magnificent body. After he rinses the shampoo out of his hair, he looks at me and smiles. He reaches for the bar of soap and hands it to me.

I lather up the soap in my hands, and begin to slowly wash his masculine body, taking my time with my favorite parts – his chest, his buttocks, his groin. As I wash him thoroughly, he see his manhood coming to attention, begging to be touched. I wrap my soapy hand around the shaft of his dick, and start slowly, firmly stroking him, up then down, in one steady motion. Hearing a soft moan come from his lips, I look up and see that he has his head tipped back under the shower, and is fully enjoying my touch. He then looks down at me, and smiles. He pulls me closer and takes the soap out of my hands, and stands us both under the shower, pressing our bodies up against each other. He leans down and kisses my lips softly at first, then harder with increased passionate urgency. He then breaks our kiss, and leans over to turn off the shower. Without stopping for a towel, he pulls me out of the shower and into the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, I crawl up on the bed, and lay down on my side. He lays down next to me, and immediately swoops his head in to kiss my erect nipples, taking them into his mouth one by one, he sucks them gently, softly nibbling with his lips and teeth. I roll onto my back, and arch my chest out to meet his mouth
He comes back up and takes control of my mouth with his, as his hand slides down my body, between my legs, and he slips a finger in between my wet pussy lips. Expertly he finds my clit right away, and softly massages it in little circles, while mimicking those circles with his tongue, around mind. He then moves his mouth, with his tongue leading the way, to my navel.

Getting up on his hands and knees, he positions himself between my legs, spreading them wide apart. He then lowers his talented mouth onto my slit, his tongue working it’s way to its target. As soon as he starts tonguing my clit, my hips start rocking softly in their own rhythm, as the waves of pleasure coarse through me. I reach down and run my fingers through his hair and tell him how much I love it when he goes down on me. My encouragement is answered by more pressure from his tongue, moving faster until my moans are louder, louder, until I explode in a rush of fevered thrashing, calling his name over and over again.

As my orgasm subsides, he raises himself up, and presses his firmness against my pulsing crotch, and lays down on top of me. He kisses me again, then raises himself up over me, and positions his cock over my eager wet hole. At first he just barely slips the tip in and softly caressing my hole with the tip of his dick, he rocks back and forth just enough to drive me nuts. I cry out, begging him to enter me. Obliging, he slides himself deep into my body in one, long smooth stroke. We both moan together. I reach my hands around his muscular back, and grab his ass, and push him in further. Then, grabbing his shoulders, I bring my legs up and wrap them around his trim waist.

He starts pumping me at a speed that is just perfect for us. Not too hard, not too fast, but exactly the way that he knows will make me cum again, and fast. And, just like he knew I would, I start breathing heavier, and my pussy starts contracting down on his penis as he brings me closer and closer to another. Feeling his cock begin to swell inside me, pushing against the edges, hitting the right spots, I let my orgasm flow. I cry out his name again, as he begins to slam his body against mine, breathing loudly, grunting a little louder with each stroke, as he gets closer to filling me with his seed. Then, just as I was going over the edge, he grabs my shoulders and thrusts into me one last time, hard, as deep as he can get, and holds himself there as I feel his hot dick pumping his cum into my depths.

With a huge sigh, he collapses on the bed next to me, and pulls me into his arms. Laying there, we doze off together, smiling.

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