Becky and I got Even

Author: wyoversagent

Becky is a very beautiful androgynous lady who I now have the good fortune to be married to and who is the mother of our 2 wonderful children

Becky and I have met in kindergarden and have become instant friends and found we lived close to each other. After meeting each other we quickly became unseparable she would either be at my house or I would be at her house. One day being normal curious children and playing in the woods we found a private spot.

She said,” I have a ding-a-ling.”

I said,” No you don’t only boys have those.”

She said,” Uh-ha.”

She pulled her pants down and her panties I saw she had a penis and a vagina. I was so surprised that I touched her penis and vagina. Years later I found that there were androgynous girls and women. We remained friends and still inseparable of course I asked her if she sat down while peeing.

She told me,” Yes, mommy told me to do that except if I am home and I have to go real bad. She told me to pee sitting down or some people wouldn’t understand.”

We would sleepover at each other’s houses until the 6th grade because our parents decided by than it would be inappropiate with girls and boys having sleepovers at the age of 11 and 12.

After that we were inseparable during the day and we went out on our first “date” with my dad taking us and chaperoning us.

After that first date that child friendship evolved into Becky and I falling in love with each other.

One time I overheard our parents saying there would be a good chance of us getting married some day and of course my parents knew that Becky was an androgynous female and they still thought I couldn’t have found a better woman to have fallen in love with.

Now to skip foward to where we thought of the revenge against the jock. Now by high school Becky was a knockout. 5’9″ 114 pounds with the dark olive skin she had latino somewhere in her ancestory black shoulder length hair and amber eyes and yes she is a head taller than me.

Now there was this jock who was obnoxious and I think he decided he could take her from me. Even though we weren’t married yet we were still very commited to each other and were saving ourselves for marriage as luck would have it she would marry me. I know saving ourselves for marriage sounds corny but that is what we commited to.

He kept bugging her and the reason why I didn’t step in between is one Becky said she would handle it and I trusted her.

It was a Friday and we were Juniors in high school and I was looking forward to our daily lunch together. Biology class just let out and I went to my locker and started putting my stuff in it and my best friend other than Becky Chad was putting his stuff in his locker.

He asked,” So how is Becky today?”

I said,” The last time I saw her was between 2nd and 3d period and we stole a kiss outside of the building.”

Chad as well as most of the school knew she was androgynous she didn’t broadcast it but she didn’t try to conceal it either.

He said,” I know one thing she is one of the sexiest girls in school.”

I said,” Yeah I know.”

He asked,” How did you 2 know each other again?”

I said,” Since kindergarden and we have been the best of friends since had sleepovers until the 6th grade went out on our first date a year later.”

” Yeah I know when we met in 9th grade she was with you everywhere.”

” I know I am a very lucky guy.”

” Are you guys going to get married.”

” I don’t know yet.”

We said bye to each other and I headed to the cafeteria even though some people came up behind me they let Becky cut ahead to me.

I turned around and notice she didn’t have that normal beautiful smile and she had been crying.

I carressed her face and wiped away a tear and asked,” What is wrong honey?”

She shook her head no.

I pressed 2 more times and she said,” I will tell you when we get a fairly private spot.”

We got our lunches and than sat at a spot that was empty.

She gushed out,” That jerk Brett after I turned him down for the 50th time he said loudly all I am is a drag queer and to go back to my queer boyfriend.”

That did it and I started thinking if I caught him by surprise I knew I could kick his ass but than his football buddies would retaliate soon after that.

I said,” We need to get him back.”

We thought about it and than she lit up like a light bulb.
What she said next surprised me because she doesn’t normally talk like that.

She said,” You will have to be at my place to film it for posterity. I want to show him what it is like to be fucked by a shemale. I tell him I will go out with him but first he would have to come over to my house and do everything I order him to do not only will I fuck him but I will have him in garters and a garter belt. I still have that stuff from last Halloween.”

I asked,” What good will filming it do?”

“After I am done I will have copies done, I have friends in photography class and I will give him 2 choices either A he leaves me alone or B his football team gets to see what he enjoys. On the tape it will have him sucking my cock and me fucking him like a slut.”

I asked,” When can this be done I know I can’t do it at my house my parents wouldn’t approve of you penetrating a guy at our house.”

She said,” My parents are going to be gone this weekend so we can do it this weekend.”

Well the day went by quickly and now Becky and I rode back forth to school. I waited by my car for 15 minutes after school and I saw Brett drive by.

He yelled,” I guess you are no longer lucky.”

About 2 minutes later Becky came out with a devious smile and kissed me.

I asked,’ What did Brett mean by that?”

She said,” That imbecile thinks he is going to score tomorrow night when it will be me.”

I said,” So I presume it is set up?”

“He has bitten down on the bait hook and line and sinker now I just have to reel him in,”

I just shuddered at the thought of what he is in for because I accidently walked in on her when she was over at my place before she pulled up her panties and pants and that cock was now 8 1/2″.

I got over there right after dinner and I rung the doorbell and I was bowled over I saw her in a black negligee that I hadn’t seen her in before and black stiletto heels. She was definetly in the right wardrobe for the role of dominetrix and she also had ruby red lipstick.

I whistled and said,” All I can say is I am glad I am not Brett.”

She laughed and grabbed me and gave me a passionate kiss.

I pulled away and said,” Wooo I am trying to save myself for marriage but you are weakening my will.”

” After the idea and as I kept thinking about it, it took everything to keep my penis tucked.”

We went up to the bedroom and I looked on the bed and was shocked there were 4 velvet ropes a wig garters and garter belt.

She said,” I borrowed the 4 velvet ropes they are strong but they won’t cause any scarring I found the wig along with the garters and garter belt.”

I asked,” Are you going to apply lipstick and makeup?”

She said,” I thought about but decided against it i don’t want him too pretty I want the football squad to be able to identify him as soon as they see him on video.”

” You really want to destroy him don’t you?”

” I just want him to leave me alone and it is up to him if he gets destroyed. Now what are you going to do with the tape?”

I said,” As soon as I leave I drop it by Chad’s house and Chad has a friend who he will hand it to. I gave Chad the name of your friend in photography class to hand it off to.”

She said,” Good because I know Brett will probably try to go over to your place to retrieve it. I won’t let him go until tomorrow. He will stay tied up in my bed until tomorrow.”

I asked,” Where are you going to sleep?”

She said,” My parent’s room it has a heavy door with a real good lock and he won’t be able to get to me because our rooms are on the second floor.”

We talked for an hour and than we heard Brett’s car we ran upstairs and I got in the closet with the camcorder and she made sure the closet door was closed and went back down stairs.

I heard the front door open and I heard their voices including Becky speaking sweetly as soon as the door closed her tone changed.

She said,” Brett we are going upstairs and you will do everything I tell you.”

I could hear the horniness in Brett’s voice,” He said yes Becky.”

“You won’t address me as Becky you think you are my boyfriend! You will address me as Mistress Mam or Boss nothing else.”

Brett said,” Yes,Mistress.”

I forgot she also had a riding crop and she used it I heard her crack the crop on his butt.

She said,” You move much too slow.”

They walked up a little quicker and they walked in the bedroom and Becky closed the door.

She said,” Take off all of your clothes and put on the garter and garter belt and that wig.”

He said,” What the hell, I won’t do it.”

She slapped the crop up between his legs and hit his balls and said,” You don’t do it and I promise you you will not be able to father children, you got that? These crop can neuter you.”

He quickly stripped naked realizing he put himself in a trap and he put on a garter and garter belt and that wig.

She said,” Lie down on the bed.”

He did and she quickly tied him up spread eagle on the bed.

She went to the foot of the bed and said,” You know there is one thing you should know about us shemales.”

He said,” What is that?”

” You men shouldn’t make us mad. You called me a drag queer and you still thought you had a chance with me. All you jocks are alike you only think with one head.”

She was back on the side of the bed and upon that statement she hit his cock with the crop.

” I am not in drag I am a adrogynous female not only do I have a functioning vagina but I also have a functioning cock.”

With that she unbuttoned the front of her negligee and her 28C breasts came to life but it wasn’t her breasts that he was looking at and he wasn’t even looking at her vagina but at her hard 8 1/2″ cock.

She straddled him and said,” Open up for mama.”

She shoved his cock into his mouth and he started sucking and after a minute I quietly walked out of the closet and I started filming him sucking off Becky. After about a minute she started rubbing his chest with her pussy leaving her juices on his chest. After about 10 minutes she pulled out her cock and got up off the bed with her cock glistening with his salava.

She looked at him and said,” You look depressed since I pulled my cock out of your mouth you look like a baby after somebody pulls him off the nipple. I still haven’t totally fulfilled my plans for you that was just foreplay because you know we girls do like foreplay.”

She went to her dresser and pulled out a tube of Ky Gel and put it on her fingers and shoved two fingers into his ass and started finger fucking him.

She looked down and saw him hard and leaking precum and said,” Make sure you catch him getting aroused.”

I caught it all and was amazed he was getting aroused like he was a woman and getting her vagina played with.

She did it for 10 minutes and than she took her fingers out and he saw what he was about to be fucked with.

He said,” I can’t take that you will kill me.”

She said,” I did fuck one other boy and it hurt at first but now he loves cocks in his ass-pussy.”

She shoved her cock in and he yelled out in pain but she kept driving deeper into him.
I than filmed her balls on his cheeks and she stopped on top of him for a few minutes.

What he said next surprised me,” Fuck me like your bitch.”

She pulled out and than shoved her cock back in.

She fucked him for about 45 minutes and captured him driving his ass up as she thrusted down.

45 minutes later she drove down deep and said,” Make sure you catch the cum leaking out of his ass.”

She laid on top of him until her cock softened and popped out of his ass. After all that I turned off the camera and handed over the tape to her.

She than turned on the TV she brought and installed in her room and the VCR she had in her room and pressed play. It played back Brett in garters and garter belt and wig sucking on Becky’s cock enthustically and Brett saying fuck me like a bitch.

She didn’t play it all but it was enough because Brett said,” Please don’t let anybody see that.”

She said,” I won’t show it on 2 conditions one you apologize to me in front of your whole football squad and 2 you leave me alone.”

He nodded to both of these conditions and I could not believe it he was no longer an obnoxious, cocky jock but a broken man.

She said,” One more thing if I see or hear that you treat another girl as a sexual plaything I will air this tape.”

He said,” I won’t do it again.”

She releaseed him and he slowly got dressed and caught a quick glance of me and than he lowered his head we heard his car start and slowly left the house.

She laughed and said,” This went better than I thought after fucking him I knew he was broke because I saw it in his eyes. I think he was broke because he realized he enjoyed having a cock inside him and knowing it was a girl who was using him for a change. I love you John and I always will and thank you for helping me.”

She handed me the tape and I did as was planned and by Monday there were so many copies of that tape he couldn’t get to all of them.
Brett ended up being a tame submissive guy through his last year of high school and besides Becky and I there were only a couple of other guys that knew why.

Becky’s and I last 2 years in high school went well and I went to tech school and I became a local mechanic and we got married in Becky’s sophmore year in college. We have been married for 18 years and we are still in love as much as we were after our first date in 7th grade.

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