Mistress Karen

Author: FK

Greg’s junior year in college was just beginning. His grades were good thus far throughout his entire college career. Moreover, he was studying mechanical engineering. His goal in life at this point was to become a designer of cars. He heard from various sources that automobile designing generated a lot of income for one who really knew what he was doing. Hence, Greg spent most of his time studying and taking his courses very seriously. As a matter of fact, one can describe our young man, Greg, as the quiet and serious type; he didn’t go out much or hang around with friends. More to the point, one can simply say that our student of engineering didn’t have any friends at all except for one. She wasn’t only his friend in a general description thereof, she happened to be his fiancee. Also, after graduation for both of them is complete, they intend to get married and spend the rest of their lives together. In addition, one can go further and simply say they were truly infatuated and in love with each other. Further, Wendy happened to be a sophomore at the university. Therefore, she was one year behind him in graduation. Nevertheless, this wasn’t a problem, for their love and respect for each other was so great that waiting an extra year before getting married didn’t produce a problem.

Furthermore, both young love birds happened to live on campus. This living arrangement made it easy for them to always see each other, exchange ideas, study together, and ofcourse make out.

As a matter of fact, Wendy was up in her dorm room one evening studying when she heard a knock on the door. As a result, the young lady got up and answered. Greg stood right before her after she opened the entrance. He said, Hi Wendy, how are things going tonight?”

The young lady replied happily, “Oh, everything’s fine, I’m glad to see you; I’ve been having some trouble with my calculus class; perhaps you can help me.”

Consequently, Greg smiled and said, “Ofcourse, what are boyfriends for.” She smiled back and motioned for him to enter the room. Also, that evening, the girl had the room to herself, for her roommate, Jessica, was away for a few days. As Greg entered, he walked over to her bed and sat down. The future engineer then ask, “ So lets see what you’re having trouble with.” The lady moved toward her desk and reached for the math text book. Wendy walked over to where he was seated and placed her nice ass down next to him. Next, she opened the book to the particular page and showed him the subject matter. He said, “ Oh, that’s no problem; that’s just simple integration.” The young man went on, “ All you’ve got to do is integrate by parts; here, I’ll show you how.” He reached into his shirt pocket and produced a blank sheet of scrap paper together with his pen. Next, he proceeded to write down the problem together with its solution.

Then, Wendy said, “ Oh, so that’s the way you do it; I’m glad you came over; now I can finish my homework.”

As she looked into his eyes, Greg remarked, “ Yea, I’m really glad to be here; can you teach me how to do something?” Wendy smiled sarcastically and grabbed his crotch. Immediately, he started to erect as she continued to massage his genital area. Then, Wendy got up and started to undress. Pretty girl removed everything and finally stood naked before her boyfriend. He got up and did the same. He pulled off all his attire and turned around to lay himself upon his back atop her bed. As he lay there, he remarked, “ You’ve got the greatest ass in the world; how about sitting on my face.” Wendy laughed and seemed flattered by his words. She immediately turned around and moved back until her gorgeous ass was directly over his face. Then, she lowered her rump into his big smile. The feline sat there for a minute until the student started to feel his tongue moving about. The horny girl pulled herself around so that she was facing his feet while still seated upon him. Finally, the sensation became intense as his tongue entered her slit. In response, Wendy started to moan and moan. Moreover, her sounds were becoming louder and louder until she caught herself so as not to have the next room hear her ecstasy. She continued to bathe in his servitude. At last, the happy girl came all over his mouth.

After her orgasm, Wendy got up off his happy face and turned around. The sexy college student moved a bit until she was over his cock. Next, she simply lowered herself upon his prick until it was completely inside of her. Once Again, she started to feel sexual delight on a massive scale. Further, Greg was also getting off. As she bounced about, he felt himself moving evercloser to a final burst of sexual euphoria. Eventually, in three minutes, he came into her cunt.

With play time over, Wendy got off of him and walked back to her clothes. While putting the attire on, she skipped about the room in total glee, as he too returned into his underwear, pants, and shirt. Finally, he put his shoes back on and got up. The man said, “Well, I guess I’d better get back to my room. I’ve got some work to finish and also a test tomorrow.”

Wendy said, “ Ok, I’ll be turning in myself pretty soon.” Then, she ask, “ When will I see you again?”

He answered, “ In a couple of days, I really have much to study.” Wendy seemed satisfied with his answer as she kissed him goodbye. Her boyfriend left the room and returned to his side of the campus.

The next few days went past quite rapidly. Greg spent most of the time reading up on everything he could get his hands on, and she tried to teach herself as much as her math skills let her. All in all, four days went by with nothing of exception happening.

However, the days up, Greg met Wendy as he was changing classes. She ran up to him in some distress, “ Greg I’ve got to leave for a few days to return home; something is wrong with my mother; my sister called and said that mom past out and they took her to the hospital.”

“ I’m sorry; is there anything I can do?”

Wendy replied, “ I really would like to leave as soon as possible, can you please notify all my teachers that I’ll be gone for almost a week.”

“ Sure, that’s no problem.”, replied Greg.

Then, Wendy said, “ Here, this is a list of all my teachers together with the room numbers and buildings.”

Greg responded, “ Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

Wendy finally said, “ Thanks, I really gotta go.” She kissed him on the cheek and left.

That very same day, after Greg finished all his classes, he went to the specific rooms of Wendy’s instructors and relayed the message. Moreover, the teachers all understood and seemed concerned for Wendy and her mother.

The weekend came along and Greg spent it alone in his room reading and working on a term paper that would be due in a few weeks.

With the weekend over, the young college student returned to his classes. Consequently, Monday morning brought him to listen to the routine of the lecture. However, as the afternoon came about, he had some free time. Further, Monday happened to be a day of the week where he had three hours of spare time available. Therefore, the studious gentleman spent this time in the college library reading. After his last morning class ended, he got up and ventured to the said library. He walked over to the complex and seated himself at one of the tables that can accommodate a number of people. He sat down and removed a book from his school satchel and began reading. The work was of great interest; it happened to be a detailed engineering text that he burrowed from this same media center a few days back. Nevertheless, as his brain was buried in the pages of this exquisite masterpiece of the human mind, he head the sound of someone moving a chair at the other side of the table. With half of his attention, Greg could tell that another individual had taken a seat across from him. A minute or two went by; afterward, Greg happened to glance up and look straight into the eyes of manipulation. Before him were the two beaming gems of a sorceress. As a result, the form across the table took his complete attention. In fact, a sensation of interest and fascination took hold of him in a way similar to his intense interest in the books that he reads.

The form before him began to speak, “ Hello, my name is Karen; how are you today?”

Greg was momentarily stunned, for her image glowed with a force he never previously perceived in a woman. In addition, her blue eyes together with her dark hair combined themselves in such a way as to generate a statement all their own, a statement with a message coming from another world.

Greg continued to stare for a few more seconds when he finally managed to say, “ Hi, I’m Greg, pleased to meet you.” He extended his hand and she returned the gesture. While shaking hands, they continued to look straight into each others pupils. As he held her palm, Greg was helpless in not feeling the full force of her personality. Moreover, her physique seemed to radiate some form of mysterious power that wasn’t found in the average person. More to the point, one can say this lady belonged to a superior realm.

When both let go of one another, Karen ask, “ So what are you reading?”

“ Oh, nothing really, just something about physical engineering.”, Greg answered.

The blue eyed beauty then replied, “ Engineering’s intriguing; I’ve studied some myself.”

Cautiously, Greg inquired, “ Are you an engineering student?”

“ No, but some courses are required for what I’m studying.”

Afterward, the man ask, “ What’s your major?”

“ I’m a history major, but for some reason or another, this university requires a few science courses to be included.”

Greg said, “ There’s nothing wrong with that, its always good to know a little science.”

Haphazardly, the mystery lady responded, “ I guess your right.”

With renewed vigor, the black haired one ask, “ So what are you doing tonight?”

Looking at her intensely, Greg answered, “ A few things here and there, why do you ask?”

She replied, “ How would you like if I take you out tonight to see a movie?”

This was precisely what Greg thought she would ask.

Wishing to distance himself from the conversation, he said in reply, “ I’m sorry, but I’m already seeing someone.”

Karen leaned forward and said softly into his face, “ What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” Karen went on, “ She won’t be around for a few days, so what’s the harm if you and I have a little fun in the meantime.”

Despite his feeble desire to get away, Greg became curious and ask, “ How did you know she was gone?”

The feline looked at him slyly and said, “ I know because I’ve been watching both of you for the last couple of weeks.”

Greg was now a little surprised. He ask, “ Why were you doing that; I don’t think we ever met before.”

She said, “ We never did; however, I liked you from the first time I saw you two weeks back; you seem like the quiet type; I like the quiet type.”

For a moment, Greg felt flattered that she put in the effort to spy on him for some time; however, he finally said, “ Look, there’s no way we can start seeing each other; my girl friend, Wendy, happens to be engaged to me and it would break her heart if she ever found out I went with someone else.”

Karen was now probing him with her eyes which pierced forth with a haunting but gothic beauty. While looking straight into his face, she spoke, “ My, what loyalty; that’s precisely what I admire in a man; perhaps there’s a way in which I can channel some of that devotion in my direction.” The catty one said this as she slid even further toward him. Also, her gentle movement caused her low-cut shirt to begin revealing the upper parts of her two attractive tits. In fact, with a few more inches of movement, Karen was now exposing the brown circular rim of her right nipple. Moreover, her eyes dug their way ever deeper into his psyche as he finally took notice of her large and shapely breasts. Further, his brain was starting to become soft. Will and decisiveness were now giving way toward temptation.

Next, his mind started to think, “ She’s right, Wendy is away for a while and will never know if I don’t say anything.”

Wicked Karen could read him. Her eyes immediately picked up on his mental vibrations. Then, she ask seductively, “ So how about it?”

Greg remained silent for over thirty seconds as he looked ever longer into her blue abyss. Finally, the young man said, “ Ok, what time do you want to pick me up tonight?”

Karen smiled with the look of triumph and replied, “I’ll be at your room at eight o’clock tonight; I hear there’s a good movie on at the theater up the road at nine this evening.” For a moment Greg was about to ask if she needed his room number; however, he immediately remembered that the young vixen was spying on him for the last two weeks; hence she probably already knew his number.

Then, Karen looked at her watch and remarked, “ Oh, look at the time; guess I’d better be going to my next class.” She winked at him and spoke further, “ See you tonight.”

Greg said, “ Goodbye” and continued to read the book. Finally, it was time for his last and only afternoon class. He got up and walked over to the science building. As he strolled over, his mind would constantly generate images of the lady he just spoke with. Truly, she made a positive impression on him. In fact, darker thoughts started to go in and out of his brain. He said to himself, “ She looks better than Wendy; there’s something about her that speaks with force and power; its as if I’m hypnotized when around her.” However, he next thought of sweet Wendy and her feelings, especially now with her mother being in some sort of trouble health wise. With some degree of effort, he managed to temporarily erase Karen from his conscious awareness, only to have her emerge later on that day.

With all of his classes complete, Greg returned to his dorm room. He sat down behind the small desk and started to do some homework. Also, his roommate was there and ask him how he’s doing. Greg replied, “ Oh, just fine; how’s everything with you?”

The other individual answered, “ Great, couldn’t be better in the world.” Ken, the roommate, then put on a headphone set and laid himself upon the bed; he listened to the music for the next couple of hours.

As Greg read on, and the other guy listened on, a knock was heard upon the door. Greg immediately got up and motioned to Ken that he got it. Next, Greg walked over and turned the knob. He pulled the door open and stared directly into the eyes of that which he so desperately tried to forget. Karen stood before him as a cat before a mouse. She said, “ So, are you ready?”

Greg nodded and turned to Ken; he said loudly over the music, “ Hey Ken, I’ll be going out for a while.” Ken only looked up and motioned that everything is ok. Finally, Greg got his coat and followed Karen down to her car.

As he left the dormitory, he moved straight to the campus street alongside his college residence. Next, he was struck with the most beautiful Mustang GT that he’d ever laid his eyes on. The black vehicle seemed to go hand in hand with the lady who stood before him. Moreover, the image of a black cat somehow entered his mind. He stood before the curb at the passenger side of the car and waited until she got in and reached over to unlock the door. Afterward, he opened the door and got in. “ Nice car”, he remarked as he pulled the handle and finally shut the means of access.

“ Thanks”, was her reply.

The gothic looking young lady started the car and pulled away from the curb. While she drove, Greg would at times glance over and eye her features. Indeed, she was something to look at. With her dark hair lifted to the top of her head, she radiated a higher form of sophistication. This superiority was combined with individuality expressed by her leather jacket. Also, he gazed downward and noticed that she wore black jeans. Furthermore, as his eyes would sometimes move all the way toward the floor, he saw that she was wearing black leather stiletto boots which probably went up to her knees under her jeans. “What an image”, he thought to himself. Further, his mind went on, “ This bitch isn’t normal; sure she’s good looking, but someone who dresses herself in black from head to toe and drives a black car to match must have a screw loose upstairs somewhere.” Finally, he said to himself, “ What does she think this is, Halloween every day of the year?” However, try as he may to generate negative comments about her to himself, he couldn’t shake off the attraction he had for her. He wished the feeling would go away; but alas, time would yield a different fate.

Eventually, she pulled into the parking lot of the movie theater. They both got out of the car and Greg humbly ask, “ What movie are we seeing anyway?”

The lady in black replied, “Titanic, I can’t wait to see all the detail; I heard this movie is the best film so far about that fateful night so long ago.” Karen looked straight into his eyes as she said the sentence. Moreover, her blue eyes took on a cold glow that generated a chill down Greg’s spine.

“ Voyage of fate”, he mumbled to himself. Further, he thought, “ Fate is all I need at this moment.” With all as it may, the two young individuals went into the movie theater. She bought the tickets and they went to their seats. Sitting down, Greg was overwhelmed by the dimness of the lights in the theater. It was almost as if something was about to encompass him and take complete possession of his being. He couldn’t shake off the feeling. In fact, the sensation became more intense the few moments preceding the movie. The lights went out, and the epic voyage to death and destruction began.

While watching the motion picture, he heard her voice as she leaned toward him, “ Isn’t it funny how everything can be going all right and steaming full speed ahead, then all of a sudden something comes up and throws everything off course and eventually to the depths of damnation.” Greg just sat there stumptified. He could say nothing, for it was as if she were implying something to him.

Finally, the picture ended, and the lights in the large room went back on. Then, Karen exclaimed with delight, “ What a film, I just loved it; how about you?”

Looking into her eyes, he saw the crystal hard coldness of yet another iceberg. Her eyes were coming strait at him, or so it seemed. He answered her question with a simple, “ Yea, it was all right.” However, inside, the young man was apprehensive about the whole situation. Moreover, he was also somewhat nervous; her presence was starting to frighten him. But nevertheless, despite his fear, he couldn’t work up the courage to brake himself away and call a cab to take him back to the university.

The woman in black walked out of the theater and he followed. Her stride was a magnetic force that pulled him with her. More to the point, he walked behind her and moved along as a prisoner pulled on with a rope or chain. Likewise, his mind was becoming shackled. Will and resistance were now almost non existent.

She got to her car and opened the door. After the vixen entered, she leaned toward his direction and unlocked the passenger door. Our engineering student got in and locked the door afterward. It was as if he were sealing some form of predetermined course. She started the car and drove off.

Greg looked in her direction and inquired, “ Where now?”

“ Let’s go to my place.”, she responded.

“ Your place?”, Greg ask.

“ Yes”, she said, “ I’ve got my own apartment.”

As the vehicle moved on, he wondered, “ How does she go to school full-time and pay the rent?” He was about to ask her but decided not to at this point in time.

With twenty five minutes of driving complete, Karen pulled up into the parking lot of an apartment complex. The place looked pretty good from the outside. In fact, Greg actually was impressed with the front of the structure. They both got out of the mustang and walked toward the main lobby. They entered the glass enclosure and Karen proceeded to open the inner door with her keys which she removed from her purse. Next, the gothic girl pushed the glass door open and held it for a second until Greg got his hold. They entered the downstairs hall and proceeded to the elevators. She walked toward one of them and pressed the button. Seven seconds later, the door opened and the couple walked in. On the way up, she turned to him and winked. Greg looked into her eyes and smiled. Further, he was excited and felt a rush overtake him. Finally, the elevator stopped and they both got out. She went toward her apartment and opened it with the key. Karen and Greg entered, and she closed the door behind him. Looking around, Greg was impressed with the place. Sure, it wasn’t the greatest suite in the world; however, for a young college girl, there was much to be proud of. In addition, as he glanced about, the answer to the question that he ask himself in the car now produced itself. All about there hung pictures and photos of the lady which now stood before him, telling Greg that she was somehow in the modeling business. However, the pictures weren’t the average images one glanced upon in the everyday fashion magazine. He ask, “ So what kind of magazine do you have your pictures placed?”

She gave him an inquisitive glance and said, “ How perceptive, you guessed right; I’m in the fashion business; my pictures go into a number of magazines.” She went on, “ Dominant Mystique, Mistress, and Exotique are a few of them.”

Thinking to himself, Greg recalled these magazines from somewhere. Then, it occurred to him, these are fetish periodicals that he glanced at once in an adult bookstore a few years back before he met Wendy. Next, he ask, “ So you make enough money with all of this to support your way through college?”

“ Oh yea, I make enough; I even have a few bucks left for myself on the side.”

Her words were all now beginning to take a different tone. The voice which spoke within these walls was becoming more and more seductive and tempting. Next, she moved toward him and stuck her face directly into his. Karen eyed him as she removed her coat. Moreover, her eyes were those of a snake taking hold of its pry. He immediately followed her example and let his jacket fall to the floor. The black haired beauty took hold of his shoulder and slowly pushed him down to his knees. Then, the temptress spoke in a commanding tone, “ Remove all your clothes.” Her words pierced his soul. She wasn’t just going to make love with him, she began to take possession of him. A second later, he started to undress. However, for a monument after he had removed his shirt, he hesitated. “ What the fuck’s the problem?”, she yelled down at him.

Her tone startled him. For a second he felt anger, but that sensation quickly gave way to a humble reply, “ What about Wendy; I can’t do this to her, Karen, let’s forget the whole thing.” With every fiber of his being, he finally managed to work up enough strength to begin standing up.

However, all was to no use, for Karen simply pushed him back down and said, “ She’s not around; and besides, I think in the long run, you like me better.” Greg just knelt there and stared up into the power of her eyes. She yelled, “ Now finish up; take off the rest of your shit!” He obeyed. He removed his shoes, pants, and underwear. The studious individual was now naked and on his knees before the lady who would change his life forever. Quietly, the gothic beauty turned around and walked over to a china cabinet that was standing against the wall of the livingroom. She opened a drawer and produced two pairs of handcuffs. Without another word, the lady moved back to Greg and said, “ Place your hands behind your back.” He did as she said. Also, he noticed that he was having a sexual rush. She obviously noticed this also as his cock erected before her. The vixen smiled in delight as she placed the cuffs upon his wrists. Next, she ordered, “ Stick your ankles together.” Again, the evermore compliant Greg obeyed and did as he was told. Mistress Karen placed the metal cuffs on his ankles and snapped them shut. “ There” , she said, “ Now you can’t go anywhere you piece of shit.”

Her magnetism was now taking complete hold. He was not in the least annoyed by her negative remarks. In fact, they seemed to have a certain validity to them. His self image was falling, all confidence was evaporating, and to his greatest horror, everything seemed correct. Further, a masochistic vice was enclosing itself around him. Escape was now impossible. He was caught in her web; she had him pure and simple.

College boy just knelt there as she looked at him and said, “ Your gonna be all mine; there’s nothing you can do to escape me.” Karen turned around and walked into another room leaving the helpless male kneel there completely naked. She closed the door behind her, and not a sound was hence forth heard.

Greg knelt there in silence for ten minutes before he finally decided to yell in her direction, “ Karen, where are you, what are you doing?” There wasn’t any response. Two minutes later, he tried again, “ Please Karen, let me loose, what’s going on?” Again, only silence emanated from the adjoining room. Further, he stared at the closed door with awe, fear, and respect. What lie beyond was becoming an ever greater mystery. Eventually, thirty minutes past without any response or sound from the gothic lady.

Moreover, our male slave was staring to become desperate. His fear became intense. In addition, he noticed that his naked body started to tremble. With the time of year, he wasn’t surprised to feel a slight draft flow over his helpless frame which was now becoming everthemore fragile by the minute. However, the worst thing of all wasn’t any of the physical inconveniences, but the constant and errie stares looking down at him from all sides of the room. Her eyes were everywhere on the walls. Each portrait of her ladyship penetrated to the depths of his inner soul. Wherever he turned his gaze, there she was, an omnipresent entity, being everywhere and nowhere. In fact, this lady was starting to give him doubts about his own effectiveness as a human being. He couldn’t explain it, but for some reason or another, the life was slowly waning away within him. Likewise, Greg felt as a balloon slowly loosing air and sinking further and further to the ground.

Another thirty minutes had past and still there wasn’t a sound or response of any kind from Karen. He began to wonder of there existed another way out of the apartment and she used it to leave him here to wither and fallow. Clearly, she used some form of psychological preparation and conditioning. He couldn’t do anything but wait. On occasion, he would once again yell for her, “ Please, please, Karen, come back, let me loose.” Again, nothing but the same haunting silence.

The isolation treatment went on eighteen more minutes until Greg heard the spine tingling sound of the room door slowly opening. The apartment building was kept up; but nevertheless, it was an old building. Moreover, her apartment still had the original doors within it. Hence, as the door slowly moved, it moaned and sweeked with a gothic anticipation. The revolution of the door was such that the wooden plane moved toward him as it cautiously crept its way open. He could see nothing save the door. Further, his heart was pounding in fear and anxiety. He knew not what to expect from the creature at the other side, for it was already clear to him from the last hour and a half that there’s indeed something wrong with the lady. In addition, while the shackles held him in place, she could do anything to him; he was as helpless as an ant before the footwear of a giantess.

Finally, her stature emerged from behind the moving panel. Her figure was as radiant as ever. Further, Greg was struck by the leather attire attached to her magnificent body. Upon her feet, she had the most exquisite pair of highheeled leather boots he had ever seen. Moreover, the black leather rose up to her hips, producing an image of uncompromising force and elegance. Also, about her waist, this femme fatale had only a black leather corset. It covered nothing else. Her cunt and ass were displayed with all their glory. To add to her image of domination, she had a pair of black leather gloves which ran up the entire length of her arm and just came to a halt three inches below her armpit. And last but not least, in her hand was the instrument of persuasion, the whip through which her message of self emulation would be conveyed.

This dominatrix of darkness walked up to him with a casual stride and said after she stood directly before him, “ You really do want me; in fact; you need a dominant woman to take care of you. Truly, I’m the mistress to fulfill that role.” Next, she started to gently caress his neck with the coiled whip. Slowly, she worked her way around him. As she circled his frame, Karen noticed his erection returning. “ See”, she said, “ I’m always right, am I not?” Greg just knelt there like a docile fool. However, he was immediately awakened from his delirium by the yell of her voice and the crack of the whip next to the side of his face, “ Your mistress has ask you a question; I demand an immediate response!”

Greg looked into the cold, yet determined glare of her blue eyes and whimpered, “ Yes Karen, you’re right.”

Again, his body immediately recoiled as her whip snapped a second time, “ Let’s get one thing straight, whenever you address me, it’s as Mistress or Mistress Karen; is that clear you pile of garbage!”

The frightened little boy looked at her and said, “ Yes mistress.”

Next, lady dominatrix squatted down in front of him and stuck her face into his. With her free hand, she reached for his cock and started to pull. As she continued to eye him, she pulled ever harder on his manhood. Without blinking, she continued to stare at him as he began to scream. If she pulled a little harder, he would lose his cock. Karen retained the tension for a whole minute until she finally released her grip. As he breathed a sigh of relief, he was then stunned by the impact of her spittle in his face. The phylum hit him in the right eye and slowly ran down his cheek until it finally left his face and fell to the floor. Then, the mistress said, “ Now tell me what you are; tell me your whole purpose in life; I want to hear it loud and clear.” His fear was mixing itself with his sexual attraction for her. Moreover, her physique and eyes were taking hold of his mind and rendering him helpless. The more he looked at her, the smaller he felt. Again, he heard her demanding voice, “ Well”.

As if a force took hold of his mouth, the words came out with a smooth and consitant tone, “ Oh Mistress Karen, you’re the supreme force that has entered my life. From this moment onward, I want to do nothing but serve and obey you.” With some surprise to himself, he continued, “ At this point, I renounce all individuality on my part; I want to be nothing but an extension of your stronger and superior personality.”

A diabolical smile was now crossing Karen’s face as she responded to his words, “ Yes, that’s right; I claim you as my own. Your mine and will do whatever I say.” Further, she went on, “ You can forget about little Wendy, she can go to hell as far as I’m concerned; your loyalty is to me now and no one else.”

Greg was totally hypnotized, he could only say, “ Yes Mistress”.

The witch reached for his cock again but this time only toyed with it, “ My, you’re cute; I really like you; you and I are going to go a long way together.”

After saying these last words, the dominatrix and mistress raised herself up and turned around, shoving her firm and lovely ass right into his face. Next, she moved her head back and gave the command, “ kiss my ass little slave boy; kiss it now; show me what you can do.”

The sight of her ass in his face tripled his sexual yearnings. Also, humility surged forth as never before. She heard him say, “ Oh great lady of power, its an honor to kiss your ass.” He pushed his face forward and started to kiss. He began at the lower part of the right side. He kissed and kissed. Further, he worked his way upward and then back down the other side. All the while, she gazed downward and absorbed it all. Greg moved his lips over every part of her rump until he had every spot covered.

The young lady then remarked, “ That’s not bad, you really know how to kiss.” Next, she ask, “ Did you ever kiss Wendy’s ass?”

Greg answered, “ Yes Mistress, at times I have.” Before he knew what hit him, her whip came down upon his left shoulder. The pain was intense. He glanced over to find blood starting to ouz out of a line which extended over his entire shoulder arch. Then, he turned his head to look up at her in horror. Her voice screeched to a fever pitch as she exclaimed, “ From now on, my ass is the only ass you’ll ever kiss again in that pathetic useless shit pile you call a life!” Her voice now reached its maximum as she yelled, “ Is that clear?”

To his surprise, the pain she inflicted was pleasantly intoxicating. The sensation did nothing but heighten his respect for her. Consequently, he responded to her demanding question, “ Yes Mistress”. After he said that, the humble one fell forward and shoved his face into her boots; the words which next came from his mouth were everything that she wanted to here. “ Mistress, oh mistress, I worship you, I praise you, please let me adore you in any way you so desire.”

Upon her face glowed the expression of complete selfindulged satisfaction. Also, her vanity began to shine as a supernova in the night sky. As a result, the mistress of darkness said to her newly acquired slave, “ You’re not finished with my ass.” Again, she turned around and placed her rump in front of his face. Turning her head back, she looked downward as her greatness used both hands to spread her rear apart. The noble vixen then spoke, “ See my asshole; well give it a nice long kiss like you’ve never kissed before.” Greg immediately responded and stuck his lips up her ass crack. He kissed her nether eye with complete devotion. Next, she said, “ Now start licking; lick the crack of my ass from top to bottom; I mean now!” Slaveboy dutifully performed his task. He started at the patch of skin between her shit hole and her cunt, working his way up to the tale bone. “ Now do it again.”, she ordered. Again, he started at the bottom and worked his way to the top. Finally, after eleven long and smooth strokes of his tongue, the lady had enough, “ You can stop now”, she said as if speaking to a small child.

Lady of power turned around and then said to her property, “ There, see how easy it is to serve and obey a superior being.” Greg just knelt there and nodded in docile compliance. Next, the mistress walked back into the room from which she initially emerged and returned five seconds later with a small key. Kneeling in front of him, the vixen unlocked the cuffs about his wrists and ankles. The metal fell to the wooden floor with a penetrating sound. The lady stood up again and let the key fall to the floor. Afterward, she moved her hand to her crotch and said in a moaning voice, “ Oh, I’ve really gotta piss.” Her tone became louder as she ordered, “ Open your mouth asswhipe and stick your degenerate face below my glorious cunt.” The broken male did precisely as she commanded. Then, she said, “ Well, here it comes.” A warm sensation started to overcome every corner of his mouth. The saline flavor was everywhere that his taste buds could reach. The pissing continued until she had finished and filled his mouth to capacity. The fool now knelt before his dominant mistress with a mouthful of her golden nectar strait from the slit of Goddess Karen. She said, “ Get up whimp and go into the bathroom down that hall and spit it into the toilet. Furthermore, you’d better be quick about it, or the next time I’ll have you swallow my imperial fluid.” The conquered one got up and moved in the direction of her pointing hand. The image of her physique and the gesture of giving direction was a force all to its own. Likewise, the sight in and of itself was enough to make him surrender to her. Hence, he walked quickly to the bathroom and spit the piss into the bowl. Also, he couldn’t help but notice that the seat was down. The image of the lowered seat signified the presence of a lady, and a very noble one at that. With the golden honey out of his mouth, Greg returned as fast as he could back to the livingroom. There, she stood waiting for him, whip in hand. When he reached a position directly before her, he sank to his knees and looked upward into the eyes of the diabolical beauty. He heard the superior sound of her words, “ That was almost quick enough, but just to ensure you move quicker the next time, I’ll give you a lashing.” Next, he heard her yell, “ Lay down on your stomach!” He immediately fumbled with himself for a second but managed to get himself in the position she desired. As he lay on the cold wood completely at her mercy, he heard the repeating crack of the whip in the air above his exposed back. Then, without warning, the most intense sting of his life came across his vertebrae. The pain was incredible; it burned and dug deep into the core of his being. Again, another came. Another and another. Finally, after six lashes, the mistress decided he had enough. She stopped and exclaimed, “ Get up and kneel before my greater glory!” He immediately complied. However, as he knelt, he noticed that blood was now running down his back and dripping upon the floor. Moreover, the pain was excruciating. However, the intensity of the negative sensation only increased the magnitude of devotion he had for her. The fact that she’s a source of pain implies she’s a source and reservoir of power; consequently, her image was greatly enhanced in his captivated mind.

Kneeling before Karen, he once again fell forward and started to kiss the lower portion of her boots, “ Oh Karen, please own me forever, please, I’ll do what ever you say, oh Karen, I respect you.”

Before he could say another word, he once again felt another strike of the whip across his back, “ What did I previously say?”, she yelled down at him, “ You will address me as mistress.”

“I’m sorry mistress, its all my fault, please, oh great lady, forgive my gross ineptitude.”

“Good”, she replied, “ Just remember that I’m your mistress and will tolerate no dissent.”

“ Yes Mistress” was his humble response.

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