The Submission of Bobbi Eden

Author: Dan

I’m not sure when I first became attracted to my mistress but I often saw her when she came in to the coffee shop where I worked to pay my way through university. She was a regular and she would always take time to talk to me as well as laugh and joke with the other regular clients.

She was definitely older than me and I somehow find that comforting. A confident, successful and attractive businesswoman in her 30’s was everything that this painfully shy 20 year old wanted to be. Exactly what sort of business she was involved in was a little vague but that didn’t bother me.

One day she suggested that we meet after I finished work for a drink. I was flattered and eager to say yes. We talked and laughed and had a great time and so I met her a few more times.

From there it just seemed natural that we should end up in bed together. I had slept with a few boys but even though I had dreamed about having a female lover I had never actually done anything like that. She was an exciting lover and taught me many things. I was totally inexperienced when compared to her so she would tell me what I was to do and I found that really excited me. Before long I had become submissive to her.

It was just what I had always wanted and I found myself drawn even more to her until she commanded many parts of my life and when she told me to do something I would do it. We had fallen into the classic Mistress and slave roles and I loved being her submissive.

One day she called me at work and told me that I had to be at her place at 7.30 that night. She even told me what I was to wear. I had no idea what she had planned but the list of clothing that I was to wear made me feel just a little horny

I arrived at 7.30 wearing a white bra, red panties, white blouse, short black skirt and high heels as she had instructed. She showed me into the living room and ordered me to stand in front of a man who was seated in there. I had never seen him before and she made no attempt to introduce me.

Instead she stood behind him and they looked at me in silence for a minute or two.

Then she said:

“Bobbi my business is not what you might expect. I am a very successful Madam, I have a number of girls working for me and I have decided that you will work for me too.”

The words surprised me and the thought of becoming a prostitute should have scared me away but I was completely submissive to her will and there was no thought of doing anything but obeying.

“Before you can do any work for me I have to see how good you are with men. Come with us into the bedroom and you will service this man by doing what I tell you to.”

The man got up and they walked into the bedroom and I meekly followed.

The man took his clothes off and lay on the bed. My mistress sat on a chair in the corner and I looked to her for instructions.

“Take your blouse off and pull down the front of your bra so that your breasts are exposed. Then kneel over him.”

I did as she commanded and the man, this complete stranger, reached up and touched my breasts. His hands explored and squeezed as they wandered further over my body, down over my ass and up under my skirt.

He was certainly more confident than the fumbling young men I had experienced before.

“You will refuse him nothing!” my mistress’ words were sharp and I could not resist.

He sucked on my breasts and his hands roamed between my legs and around my ass. He was not rough but he certainly wasn’t gentle. There was no doubt in my mind that I was his plaything.

“Assume a 69 position so you can suck and stroke his cock.”

I did as ordered and his pre-cum was sweet on my tongue. I stroked his throbbing cock and felt it grow. I also felt his hands. He slid my skirt up to my waist and pulled my panties to one side. Demanding fingers reamed my pussy while I sucked greedily on his cock.

He obviously knew how to please a woman and I was enjoying the attention he was giving me.

I deep throated him as a finger slipped into my ass. I moaned with pleasure and looked up to see my mistress. She sat quietly watching the action and the thought of her watching and directing but taking no active part made my pussy ache with excitement… I felt my pussy throbbing as it moistened, droplets seeping from my tight hole….

“Now stay kneeling facing me while he fucks you from behind like the whore that you will become.”

He came out from underneath me and knelt behind me. While I looked into the eyes of my mistress he pulled my red panties to one side and took hold of my hips in a grip that I could not have escaped from if I had wanted to. My pussy was wet and tight as he buried his hard cock deep inside me, filling me with an unimaginable pleasure.

His balls slapped against my ass and I moaned and dropped my head as his steady thrusting swept me away.

Suddenly pain seared through my head as he wrapped a hand in my long blonde hair and dragged my head up so that I was looking at my mistress again.

“Do not look away unless I tell you!” she said harshly and as a counterpoint to her displeasure the man slapped my ass hard. More pain joined the pleasure and as I looked in the eyes of my mistress I exploded in an orgasm that shook my body.

I wanted to come back down and regain control but the cock in my pussy held almost as much control over me as did the piercing gaze of my mistress.

“Now you will take him in the ass!”

“But I …” another stinging slap landed on my ass.

I had never had anal sex before and even being under the command of my mistress was not strong enough to prevent me from protesting.

I felt the head of the man’s cock between my ass cheeks, pushing, demanding and stretching me wide. Pure pain was all I felt and I struggled to plead with my mistress.

“Hush child! You will take it and you will enjoy it and you will not disobey me!”

He was inside me and the pain was worse. I wanted to stop, I wanted to escape but her gaze held me. I couldn’t even look away because his hand was still wrapped in my hair.

He continued to force his way deep into my ass and suddenly the burning pain was gone. I could feel pleasure and I began to moan loudly when he withdrew before thrusting his hips forward, his cock slipped into me again.

This time he reamed me gently and the pleasure built slowly. He released my hair and tool hold of my hips again and began to fuck me harder. The pleasure screamed into my brain and down through my fingers and toes. My nipples were like rocks and felt as though they were on fire.

He continued to fuck me until I was howling like something wild, his cock began throbbing deep within my anal passage and suddenly he exploded filling my ass full of hot sticky juices. I was laughing and crying as I enjoyed every spasm that pumped more cum into me.

When he was finished my mistress stood up and came over to the bed. She took me by the arm and pulled me off the bed and pushed me into a corner of the bedroom. My juices and his cum were running down my legs. While the man wiped himself with a clean towel and got dressed, my mistress put a ball gag in my mouth and sat me on a towel. She made no suggestion that I should wipe the man juices from my legs.

“You will be gangbanged next week by four clients. I’ll give you the details later but for now you must be punished. You just fucked my husband so you must stay there, like you are now, till we get back.”

With that my Mistress and her husband walked out of the room and out of the house.

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