Bound To Love –

Author: Maximillian Excaliber

Bound To Love – “The Bench Warmers” or “How the Rabbit Won the Argument”

Version 2.0

By Maximillian Excaliber

Chapter One “The Shower Scene”

It all started after the last customer left the gym. After Judy switched the “Open” sign around so that it displayed “Closed”, she locked the door.

Then, as if on cue, while Judy was turning out the lights, her bosses Luke and Jenna headed to the showers. That was not surprise to Judy since they had kept to the same routine every night for the five years Judy had worked there. Luckily for Judy, that night was no exception. Luke went straight to the men’s showers and Jenna to the women’s. Once there, Judy knew that, if Luke and Jenna stuck to their habitual routine, each would be in the shower for about thirty minutes.

Judy waited exactly five minutes, giving each of them time to get undressed, and then put her plan of revenge into action. Quickly, she went to each shower room and opened the door. She stood there and listened long enough to make sure a shower was running.

Confident they her bosses were both busy showering, she ran to her locker and retrieved the gym bag she carried to work with her each day.

Twenty seconds later, she was the main workout area and the bag was laying open on one of the unused benches.

The bench Judy had decided to use was designed so that the user could adjust the height of the receiver holding the barbell and both ends of the bench itself. It was long enough to allow the user to lay on it completely and had a small foot rest for leg support on opposite end from the barbell would rest. As with all the benches in the gym, for safety reasons, the bench was bolted to the concrete floor.

Since the three of them had cleaned up the gym, there was no barbell sitting on the bench; and, Judy had no trouble raising the weight rest to a height of six feet. The next thing she did was to raise the angle of the bench itself to a forty-five degree incline.

With a growing sense of urgency, she grabbed the weight bar, placed it on the receiver, and then began loading it up with weight until it was filled to its maximum safe capacity.

Judy opened her gym bag and retrieved a three inch tape roll of masking tape. She tore off a six-inch long piece and then she stuck it onto one of the barbells leaving one end of the tape dangling freely.
That done, Judy went on to her next task. From her gym bag, Judy took two three-foot and one six-foot lengths of chain. Attached to one end of each piece of chain was a quick release clamp. She laid the chains on the floor under the center of the weight bench.

Next, she removed from her gym bag a stun gun and three pairs of handcuffs, all of which she had purchased from a local pawnshop. What followed that was a single yellow rubber glove of the kind used for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms.

Judy then locked one pair of handcuffs to each of the legs on the short end of the weight bench.

The night before, she had wrapped the entire stun gun in cellophane and cut holes in the cellophane just large enough for the two metal prongs to protrude.

Judy donned the rubber gloves, picked up the stun gun, and headed to the men’s room shower.

When she got there, Luke had his head under the water and his eyes were closed. Like a tigress on the hunt, Judy crept quietly into the shower room and then behind him. Without warning, she struck zapping his soaking wet ass with the stun gun!

The powerfully jolt of electricity sent Luke to the floor instantly. Once there he began writing for several long agonizing seconds. It took Luke about thirty seconds to become coherent.

When he did, gasping for breath, Luke looked up at Judy and said weakly, “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Shut up or the next time I’ll zap your dick!” Judy threatened. “Now get up, keep your mouth shut, and do what I say!” And with that, she prodded the very frightened Luke with the stun gun. He pulled away instantly but then was relieved to find she had not pushed the button and shocked him.

He rose to his feet only to be shoved by Judy in the direction of the towel rack.

Two seconds later they were standing in front of the towel rack. Judy picked up one the towels and threw it at him, then said to him, “Dry off your face and throw the towel over there.”

Luke did as he was told.

Using the threat of the stun gun to prod Luke, Judy “persuaded” him to walk back to the weight bench and barbells she prepped.

Chapter Two “Getting Benched”

While Jenna was busy obliviously taking her shower, Judy and Luke were in the main workout area. It didn’t take her long to ‘persuade’ Luke to lie on his back on the bench with his head at the short end. It took even less time to handcuff each of his wrists to the legs of the bench.

His hand secured, Judy used one of the three foot piece of chain to bind Luke’s ankles together under the bench before placing a piece of tape over Luke’s mouth.

What Luke saw next from his vantage point on the bench was Judy going to her gym bag and reaching inside.

As she approached him, he could see she what it was she was caring. He read the label on the bottle. “Strawberry flavored personal lubricant.”

He began struggling immediately.

She cautioned Luke, “I wouldn’t try to hard to get free if I were you. That barbell might come down on you.”

Realizing the truth in her words, he stopped moving.

Perhaps two minutes later Jenna, naked and still wet from her shower, was pushed indignantly into the room by Judy.

Next Judy reached into one of her pockets and pulled out two items. One was a vibrating cockring with wireless remote and the other was a bottle containing some sort of red liquid in it. With that, she opened the bottle of strawberry lubricant; poured a generous amount all over Luke’s cock.

Judy said to her female captive, “Rub that on him until I tell you to stop!”

“ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY? THERE’S NO WAY I’M GOING TO DO THAT. HE’D ENJOY IT TO MUCH!” Jenna asked, not believing what she was hearing.

She looked down at Luke and could tell from his eyes that he was shocked at her words.

Judy said calmly, “Do you have any idea how well water conducts electricity?”


Judy replied, “Probably! But right now unless you want to have you hot little ass toasted you’re going to do exactly what tell you! So start rubbing!” Judy replied. Then she glanced at down at Luke and added, “Enjoy it Luke, you know this is what you been waiting for!”

Reluctantly, Jenna wrapped the palm and fingers of her right hand around Luke’s limp cock and then began slowly stoking it up and down Luke’s penis. Within seconds it began demonstrating a life of its own and starting growing before her very eyes. When after a about a minute it was full erect, Jenna was sure that Judy would stop her. But she did not! And it wasn’t much longer before Luke closed his eyes, obviously enjoying the feeling of her hand massaging his now throbbing dick. Judy let Jenna continue stoking Luke’s cock for another minute.

When Jenna did, even thought he was gagged she could see a look of disappointment appear on Luke’s face.

Judy reached into another pocket and pulled out a small rubber looking cock-ring and then said to Jenna, “Very good. Now slide this all the way down on it.”

When Jenna looked at the sex toy, she noticed it had a built in vibrator.

Having no choice, Jenna took the mechanical stimulant from Judy and gently slid it down and around Luke’s cock.

Judy told Jenna as she prodded her in the ass threateningly with the stun gun, “NOW, GET ON THE BENCH FACE DOWN!”

Hoping she could hold herself up with her hands and not find her crotch on Luke’s lap, Jenna started to climb onto the bench with her head at the elevated end.

Judy demanded. “OH, NO YOU DON’T! THE OTHER WAY!”

Luke just stared at Judy in disbelief.

Jenna, looking at the stun gun Judy was holding menacingly, climbed onto the bench. Her legs were hanging over each side of the bench. She was using her hands to push herself up in an attempt to prevent her face from sliding right down onto Luke’s dick when she felt a handcuff go round one wrist. Jenna’s wrist was pulled under the workbench. Without her arm to support her; Jenna’s face began to fall forward. Judy grabbed Jenna’s other wrist and pulled it free from its grip on the edge of the bench so she could secure it with the other end of the handcuff. When she did, Jenna’s face went straight onto the side of Luke’s dick. When that happened, Luke’s mouth, stilled covered in tape, emitted a muffled scream.

Feeling around under the bench, Jenna’s hands found a crossbar there and pushed herself up and off of Luke’s dick.

Judy used another piece of chain to bind together Jenna’s ankles beneath the bench, and then, she used the last chain to bind Jenna’s waist to the bench. It left Jenna only about an inch of slack.

Reaching into her back pocket, Judy retrieved a black blindfold and placed it over Jenna’s eyes.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING YOU crazy bitch?” Jenna tried to yell but it came out almost muffled by Luke’s dick because just then her grip on the bar slipped. When it did she found herself talking into Luke’s dick like is was some obscene microphone.

Luke responded by giving Jenna one of those “If Looks Could Kill” looks. Unfortunately, with the blindfold on her eyes, Jenna never saw it.

Enraged, Judy began, “Every day I come to work, all I do is hear the same old shit from the two of you! For five years now it’s been argue, argue, argue, bitch, bitch, bitch, nag, nag, nag. When you can’t bitch at each other you’re taking it out on me. You’re both driving me out of my fucking mind!” Then continued, “I don’t know how you both managed to stay in business together so long without killing each other! I’ve seen married couples that didn’t argue as much as the two of you do! You almost drove me crazy until I finally figured it out. You two want to fuck each other but neither of you are willing to admit it to the other!”

“You really are crazy!” Jenna said with her words once again almost muffled by Luke’s dick and once more received the same evil look from Luke.

Her face filled with anger, Judy said to Jenna, “Really? I’ll bet I can’t leave you two alone here for a hour before one of you loses control and starts something! Well, let’s just find out shall we?”

And then, from one of her pants pockets, Judy retrieved an eighteen in long piece of bungee cord and wrapped it around the bench about a foot behind Jenna’s exposed ass. She returned to the bench and when she turned around Luke stared in total disbelief at what she was holding in her hands.

It was the ten-pound weight with a large rabbit vibrator taped upside down on top of it. The functional end hung completely over the rim of the weight. Attached with duck tape to the weight was one end of a long elastic band. The elastic band trailed behind the rabbit as if it were a tail.

Judy set the rabbit mounted weight on the bench behind Jenna’s ass. The contraption was about an inch above the bungee cord. It began slowly sliding down the bench but stopped once it reached the cord.

Once she was sure it wasn’t going to move any more, Judy tied the free end of the elastic to the center of the barbell. The elastic wouldn’t stop the weight riding rabbit from sliding toward Jenna but it would ensure that the rabbit slid head first towards her.

The rabbit in place, Judy reached into the pockets of her shorts and pulled out a small bottle. It was labeled “Personal Lubricant” and below that were, in small letters, written the words… ”With Gentle Warming Sensation.” Judy lifted the nozzle on the cap then, she held the bottle about an inch above the tip of the rabbit and squeezed. Immediately the slippery liquid began covering it. When the tip was coated with liquid, Judy removed the cap from the bottle of lube and held the bottle directly over the top of Jenna’s ass crack. In one swift motion, she turned the bottle upside down.

“WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!” Jenna asked and suddenly raised her hips when she felt the slowly running liquid slide pouring down the crack of her ass, down into the mouth of her pussy and then onto her clit. When the bottle was half empty, Judy began moving it left and right from one ass cheek to the next. By the time the container was empty, Jenna’s ass was thoroughly coated with lubricant.

Judy smiled, the replied, “Oh, that’s just a little something to help you and your new friend here get acquainted!”

“WHAT NEW FRIEND? IS THERE SOMEONE ELSE HERE?” Jenna asked in blind confusion.

Judy laughed, “Patience! You’re about to find out in a few seconds.”

After tossing the bottle to the floor, Judy reached into her right pants pocket. It was a small white jar about an inch in diameter. Carefully, Judy unscrewed the jar’s lid and placed it in her pocket. Then, she held the jar so Luke could see it. The outside was labeled “Twat Tightener” and, the inside appeared to contain a clear jelly.

While holding the jar in her left hand, Judy inserted two gloved fingers of her right and swirled them around inside the jar. When they immerged, they were coated heavily with the jelly.

There was a one inch wide area on the shaft of the rabbit, close to the controls, that was covered with pea sized bumps. Their purpose was to stimulate a woman’s g-spot once the rabbit had been fully inserted into her vagina. Very carefully, Judy began rubbing the jelly all over the bumpy area of the rabbit.

Judy didn’t stop until every bump she could see was glistening with jelly. She took off the gloves and then unfastened the bungee cord from around the bench.

Until that point, the weight had been sitting stationary, unable to move. With nothing impeding it, the weight immediately began slowly sliding downward in the direction of Jenna’s ass.

At first, there was enough friction between of the surface of the bench and the bottom of the weight to cause its decent to be constant and slow.

Jenna could barely make out the sound of something moving on the bench behind her. However, she couldn’t tell what it was.

Mere seconds later, the bench began to shake heavily when Jenna started struggling violently against her binds.

When she saw Jenna tighten her ass cheeks in an attempt to evade the oncoming head of the rabbit, Judy cried out gleefully, “Oh Goody! I see he’s introducing himself to you now!”
The weight had hit the slick spot on the bench. The slick spot had been created when Judy poured lubricant on the tip of the rabbit. Once that happened, the weight, and the rabbit ridding it, began moving much faster.

“YOU STUPID BITCH! GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME!” Jenna cried out indignantly.

Judy responded indignantly, “Why Jenna, I’m hurt. In case you don’t know it, that’s one of the best rabbits money can buy. I think was money well spent; he seems very friendly. Don’t you think he’s friendly?”

“FUCK YOU!” Jenna’s replied.

Judy laughed and then said, “No thanks, I wouldn’t want to come between you and Bugsy there.” Then she walked over in front of her two captives, removed the blindfold from Jenna’s face, and the tape from Luke’s mouth. After she’d through them on the ground, Judy wasted no time in reaching into her right pocket. A second later she placed something in Luke’s hands.

When Jenna saw what Luke was now holding a look of fear appeared on her face. It was the wireless remote control for the rabbit!

Smiling, Judy said to Luke, “That controls Jenna’s new friend.”

Luke’s anger disappeared and he laughed insidiously as he grinned.

Giggling, Judy reached into another pocket and removed yet a second remote. Then she bent down real close to Jenna’s ear and whispered, “There’s no reason he should have carte blanche on torturing you. This one goes works that toy around his dick. I’m sure if he decides to use that remote in his hand you’ll think of some way to get back at him.”

Luke knew something was going on, he just didn’t know what.
Judy began, “If you two start arguing the way you usually do, this bench is going to shake. When that occurs, that rabbit is going to find a hole to crawl inside and things are going to get real interesting for both of you.”

Luke looked at her in disbelief.

Judy continued, “That’s right, Luke! I said the both of you. Unless I’m wrong, Jenna is not going to take getting rabbit fucked lying down. Then again, in that position, I guess she’ll have no choice. One thing you can count on, whether or not you’re the cause of it, she’s going to want take it out on someone. That’s probably because she sure as hell won’t be able to take it out of herself!” She giggled again. “I can tell you this… I won’t be here when that happens because, while I have no problem fucking up the rest of your night, I’m not going to let you two fuck up mine. While you’re busy here settling your differences, I am going to watch Survivor on the large screen TV in the waiting area. That means you, Luke, will be the only one around for Jenna to take out her frustrations on.

Now before I go one last thing. Nothing has to happen while I’m gone. All you have to do is get along together until I get back. On the other hand, if either of you really has been looking for an opportunity to screw the other, now’s your chance.”

Judy started to walk out of the room, stopped halfway toward the door and then turned around abruptly and added, “Make all the noise you like. Go ahead and moan all you want or, scream if you need to. Nobody will hear you this time of night and anyone who does will just think it’s the TV. I’ll be back when my show’s over and discuss my severance package with you.”

And then she was gone.

Chapter Three “The Rabbit Wants In”

Once she was out of site, Luke said to Jenna, “I swear when I get out of this thing I’m going to tear that little bitch apart.” And with that, he began trying to work his legs free.

Meanwhile, Jenna was herself similarly trying to free herself from her own bonds but was having no better success than was Luke.

But unlike Luke, Jenna stopped struggling when she realized that the harder she struggled, the more the rabbit seemed to try and pry its way into her ass. She decided the safest thing to do was to just lay there and concentrate as hard as she could on keeping here asscheaks as tight as possible.

Luke, however, did not stop struggling. All he managed to do though was to rub his strawberry coated dick directly onto Jenna’s face and, while doing so, shake the bench.

“Stop moving damn it!” Jenna said, as she licked the fruity syrup off her lips.

“Every time you move, that fucking rabbit tries to worm its way into my ass, not to mention you shove your dick in my face!” She yelled. She was right, for every time Luke moved the bench bounced; and, each time the bench bounced the head of the mechanical beast slid a bit more through her ass cheeks.

Luke, stubborn as ever, disregarded her words and continued moving.

“Didn’t you hear me you stupid prick? I said stop moving!” Jenna yelled again.

Luke started getting angry and said, “Prick, coming from a pain in the ass like you that’s quite a compliment. Hell, I hope you do take it in the ass; then you’ll finally know what the rest of us feel like. And while I’m at it, try to control yourself. I know how badly you want it but keep your damn mouth off of my dick!” Since he’d never stopped moving, his gyrations coated her mouth and face with strawberry syrup again.

“DON’T YOU WISH? THAT’LL NEVER HAPPEN; NOW STOP FUCKING MOVING BEFORE I END UP WITH THAT GOD DAMN THING IN MY ASS!” Once again, Jenna tried again to use her tongue to remove the syrup from her mouth.

Her words infuriated him more and Luke yelled, “FUCK YOU!” and then pushed the vibrate button on the remote.

Instantly the vibrating rabbit started borrowing its way past Jenna’s ass-cheeks so it could gain entrance to asshole. If that wasn’t enough, the liquid from that Judy had poured on her ass was beginning to create a most pleasant warming sensation in and around her labia and clit.

“TURN IT OFF YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!” Jenna screamed as she began squirming her ass around in an attempt to keep being impaled. She was momentarily distracted when she started feeling the warm liquid begin to trickle inside the opening of her pussy. Like a sex drug, the chemical began warming her body from the inside and had her pussy juices flowing uncontrollably.

Seeing her expression change, Luke laughed and replied, “NO! But from the look on your face, I’d say you’re about to have a fucking asshole… or is that ass fucking?”

“NEWS FLASH SHIT FOR BRAINS, YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE SHE GAVE ONE OF THOSE TO!” Jenna yelled and pressed one of the buttons on the remote in her own hand. Immediately, the vibrator on the cock ring started humming.

Just as the rabbit was about to touch her anus, Jenna tried to raise herself up in an attempt to move herself out of harm’s way. With the chain around her waist restraining her, she couldn’t move up enough to avoid the invading love toy completely. While she was successful in keeping the vibrating head of the robotic beast away from her anus, she couldn’t avoid having it land squarely on her clit.

If she lowered her pelvis too much, lubricated as she was, the rabbit would most certainly find her asshole and work its way inside. If she lowered it too little, the sex toy would try to burrow its way into her pussy soaking wet pussy.

She froze in place and, for a split second, Jenna sighed in relief when she realized that device would not be impaling her ass. That relief became short lived when Jenna the vibrations on her clit become so intense that she began squirming uncontrollably. The damn thing was resting solidly on her clit and sending jolts of intense pleasure shooting through her whole body.

If she didn’t do something fast she was going to lose control of her body and then there was no telling where the rabbit might end up. She decided to risk moving again. Cautiously, Jenna began moving her hips up and down slowly. She didn’t have any real plan other than to try and get her clit away from the rabbit without getting herself stuck in the process.

She jumped suddenly forward in surprise when the head of the rabbit lodged itself firmly in her labia. It was now poised at the very entrance of her pussy.

As she did, her lips ran the entire length of Luke’s penis from base to tip.

Now she was truly afraid to move.

Without thinking, she’d moved her hips downward and placed the mouth of her pussy perfect alignment with the invading rabbit’s head.

Instead of escaping the machine; she helped it find its mark!

“OH FUCK! NOW IT’S AT THE MOUTH OF MY PUSSY!” Jenna cried out suddenly and gasped as the vibrating bunny trying to push its way inside her pussy.

He laughed at her, “Really! Too Bad! And I was so looking forward to seeing you take it up the ass!” Luke said tauntingly. When Jenna failed to respond, Luke added, “I’ll tell you what, you turn mine off and I’ll turn yours off?”

“YOU FIRST!” Jenna responded.

But instead of turning off the remote, Luke laughed once more and replied, “Hell no. I can as long as you can.”

But because Jenna was as stubborn and unyielding as Luke was, she simply gritted her teeth angrily and tried to not to move lest the love machine enter her. After a few seconds, she broke her silence.

“I’M WARNING YOU! TURN THAT THING OFF OR I’LL…” Jenna started to say but Luke just ignored her.

He smiled at her smugly and said, “Maybe your new buddy there can convince you otherwise.”

“YOU WOULDN’T DARE!” Jenna exclaimed.

Smugly, Luke informed, “Watch me!” After which he asked, “Hum, what do you think all these buttons do?”

Jenna remained mute. Most of her effort was going into attempting to keep the rabbit away from his new found hole.

Believing her silence as defiance, Luke said to her, “Look, here!” He held up the remote for her to see. “This one says ‘ROTATION’ I wonder what would happen if I pressed it? I know, why don’t we find out?”

He waited for her to respond. When after several seconds Jenna didn’t, he pressed the switch on the remote activating the rabbit’s rotation function. Ever so slowly, the rabbit began trying to burrow its way into Jenna’s pussy.

“DAMIT! FOR THE LAST TIME, TURN IT OFF OR ELSE!” Her words were in vain though because the rabbit had already started wiggling its vibrating head past her resistance. Less than two seconds later it was an inch inside the mouth of her lubricated pussy.

Mockingly, Luke countered, “Oh else what? You’re in no position to do anything. What are you going to do, yell at me some more?


Luke chucked, “And just how what do you mean by that? You have nothing to threaten me with. That little bit of vibration isn’t enough to frustrate me.” He thought a second and then added, concern in his voice, “Unless you intend to bite me?”


Luke pushed a button on the remote increasing the rotation speed. In response, the rabbit began burrowing, inch by agonizingly slow inch, even deeper into Jenna’s wet pussy. After what seemed like an eternity, half of the toy was buried inside her. Then he said to her, “YOU HAVEN’T GOT THE BALLS!”

“REALLY? HOW DOES THIS FEEL?” Jenna said; pressed the button on her own remote causing the vibrations around his cock to intensify and licked straight up the shaft of Luke’s dick. Then she said, “OH YUMMY! STRAWBERRY! MY FAVORITE. AND THERE’S SO MUCH OF IT! THIS MIGHT TAKE ALL NIGHT LONG!” And once more Jenna slowly licked her way from the base of his cock to the head.

No sooner had Jenna started then the weight hit an especially wet slick spot on the surface of the bench. With no friction there to stop it, the weight riding rabbit slid forcefully the rest of the way into Jenna’s love tunnel.

Chapter Four “The Rabbit Hole”

“OH MY GODDD!” Jenna screamed out in surprise when a split second later, Jenna found the entire shaft of the sex toy buried completely into the deeps of her pussy. To make matters worse, the little “Rabbit” itself was touching her clit sending tiny little jolts of pleasure through her body.

“OHHH FUCK!” Jenna moaned as her breathing became more rapid as another jolt hit her.


And she meant it! If she was going to have to endure the indignity of being sexually tormented by that damn rabbit, then he was going to have to suffer right along with her; and she knew just how to do it! She’d lick every bit of that strawberry off. And then she’d keep on licking his cock and bring him to the very bring of orgasm. But she wouldn’t let him cumm! No, she would keep him there and she would enjoy every moment of it! Either he’d turn off that damn rabbit, or he’d stay that way all night long!

Jenna engulfed the head of Luke’s prick with her mouth and frantically started rolling her tongue around it causing it to grow to full erection.

It wasn’t long before every revolution of Jenna’s tongue on his now enflamed cock-head had Luke involuntarily arching his pelvis upwards. He couldn’t help it when his pre-cum began to flow from his cock further lubricating Jenna’s mouth.

As the jolts now running up his shaft became stronger with each flick of Jenna’s tongue causing his hips to begin moving up and down in a gentle fucking motion and just to torture him more, she began moaning loudly as she did. He said half-heartedly, “STOP IT!” As he thought to himself, ‘FUCK! SHE’S GIVING ME A HUMMER!’

But she didn’t. Instead, just when he though he was about to explode, she pressed a button on the remote in her hand causing the vibration to all but diminish and began running her tongue up and down the outside of his cock bring him back from the edge.

Luke jerked suddenly upward when he felt Jenna’s tongue lick up and down his shaft to return to the head of his cock and begin dancing around once more on it while she simultaneously turned up the vibration a bit more. Then, the taunting mouth pulled from his cock and Jenna began to slowly lick and suck her way up and down the bottom of Luke’s shaft only to rise and once more to engulf again his cock-head and cried out, “OHHH GOD!”

Once there, Jenna began softly twirling her tongue around Luke’s now swollen prick.

As jolt after jolt of exquisite electricity began emanating from his dick, Luke began openly thrusting his dick into Jenna’s devouring mouth and he felt himself riding a wave toward glorious orgasm.

She had planned to keep him that way for hours and could have done so; but, Jenna was also riding her own wave for each time Luke would writhe, the bench would move just enough to cause the shaft of the vibrator deeply embedded in her pussy to bump her g-spot. With each bump onto her g-spot a powerful charge of pleasure jetted through her body and she found she couldn’t maintain her concentration.

As his whole body tensed up and he began to writhe uncontrollably, his hands clinched tightly as he filled Jenna’s mouth with his seed. “I’M CUMMMING!” He cried out ecstatically and the fingers of hand his in which he was holding the remote gripped it tightly. As they did, he pressed the buttons on the remote that sent both vibration and rotation of the rabbit to maximum level.

As the power level suddenly rose, Jenna began to feel her pussy begin to tighten from her labia to her g-spot. The vibrators rapidly rotating beads began rolling unmercifully against her g-spot as the insides of her pussy griped them like a vice.

The “Twat Tightener” had taken effect!

Jenna could feel the vibrating head of the shaft snaking its way around and around the deepest parts of her pussy. At the same time, her sensitive clit was getting given a thousand caresses a minute by the little “rabbit” himself.

“YESSS! I’M… I’M…” Jenna moaned and plunged her mouth one last time as far as she could onto Luke’s dick as the first wave of orgasm racked her body.

In response to the crushing waves of orgasm the rabbit was bringing her, she opened her mouth in a silent scream while her pussy gripped the love machine time and time again of its own volition.

Both their pelvises were still rocking back and forth onto the objects of their pleasure when Jenna felt the rabbit stop and Luke’s erection began to subside.

Finally, after a few minutes of silence, Luke said, “My god that was so good!”

And for once they agreed as Jenna, still slightly short of breath said, “I’ve never felt anything that intense before in my life! I just couldn’t control myself.”

Thinking a minute, Luke asked with a mischievous look on his face as his erection began to return, “How long did she say she was going to be gone?”

“At least another half hour if the clock on the wall is correct.” replied Jenna.

“That’s a long time for us to just lay here like this, isn’t it?” Luke inquired as his thumb began running back and forth over the buttons on the remote.

“What are you suggesting we do to pass the time?” asked Jenna feigning ignorance.

“Oh, I don’t know. I’m sure you’ll think of something.” Luke responded nonchalantly and then pressed both the vibration and rotation buttons on the remote with his thumb.


When Judy returned to discuss the terms of her severance pay she was somewhat surprised that her bosses, Luke and Jenna, had decided to giver her a raise.

Both promised her that the atmosphere at the gym would be much better from then on. They also promised her a “Very Special Bonus” on payday as an incentive for her to stay.

What Judy did not know, was that her rather creative use of gym equipment had given the both some ideas on how best to “Reward” her for the aggressive employer evaluation she had given them.

But then, that’s another story!

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