TW2 Desert Trek

Author: Steve Nelson

Chapter 1 Thoughts on Leaving HS1

As we left HS1 the terrain was flat desert with nothing to even go around. Not a bolder or a rock, not a rise or a valley, just plain FLAT desert sand. And I thought Kansas was flat, now this!
I directed that the convoy be placed on auto drive so that the colonists could take a good long look at HS1in the rear windows and on the view screen. They did. female watched with sad eyes and a tear or two as did the others as HS1 shrank, shrank, shrank to a small spot on the horizon. Then they all gasped and me too when suddenly it winked out of sight, lost in the distance. “Ok everybody,” I addressed the colonists via the interphone comm. “Now we must look forward to our adventure and to our future. The development in each of you of the element of courage will now begin. Let us all attend to our duties. That is all.” The desert before us was a vast and forbidding expanse.
On we traveled at a speed I would guess was about 20 to 30 miles per hour. That’s about as fast as these tracked vehicles would go. Of course with no highways to swiftly whisk along upon, I guess that these slower speeds are entirely adequate. I don’t mind it at all.
I directed that no driver do more than an hour at the controls, so we rotated and everyone got a turn at driving the vehicle. I also suggested that the other vehicles do this as well. I wanted everyone to know how to operate these vehicles in case of an emergency.
Female and I took our turn at the driver seat and it was really fun to operate this type of vehicle. There were some similarities to the automobiles that used to exist in the 20th Century as well as similarities to Aircraft controls and the controls of a Tank. My favorite control factor was when Female took hold of my cock and worked her magic.
Stimulation from a female can really keep a guy awake! Yes Sir!

Towards the first evening there was a small rise over to our east a little ways off and I directed that we head for that rise and make our first camp up on the top of it. It was like a small mesa though it was crumbled and rounded, not really flat on top. We climbed to the crest via a slow gradual slope that was spotted over on the south side.
Obtaining the top we circled the ‘Wagons’ so to speak, obtained a hard dock with each vehicle so that we could move about from vehicle to vehicle in our little fleet. We celebrated our first day of safe travel with a healthy round of fucking as we also ate our evening meal. Happy fucking is sometimes more essential than food. It was sweet!
Female and I toured all vehicles to check on the readiness of all colonists. We found everyone in a well and ready state, most in positions of love, embracing and happy. “That’s what I like to see,” I said, “A happy crew!” “They seem to be adjusting well” said Female. Returning to our vehicle we ate and made love ourselves. I gave female a real nice fuck and she shrieked with joy! The same joy I had heard on or tour throughout the fleet. The female sound is swell.
As the fleet was shut down I assigned the navigator to program the RDV’s to assume positions at regular intervals on all sides of the convoy and observe our surroundings through the night via scanners.
Female and I retired to our bunk in the rear of the Command Vehicle. All compartments have an overhead view port and as we lay back on our bunk and turned out the lights, we gasped as we saw the multitude of beautiful bright stars that glittered and shimmered in the night sky. I saw this sight before when I was away from the bright lights of a city back in the 20th Century. I like a night sky of stars!
As a matter of fact I remembered a time when I went out to the countryside back in about 2003 I think. I was showing my children of my first marriage the beautiful site of a comet that was currently appearing to planet earth. This same comet that hadn’t been seen by the eyes of man for about 2000 years was particularly interesting to me because of all the stories circulated back then. The main story was of a child born to poor people in a stable about 2000 years before and about 3 wise guys, (scientists of their day), who followed this star and found the young child a few months or years later. What I thought was interesting is that this same comet or star hadn’t been seen by the eyes of man for about 2000 years and this same child was supposed to return to earth when this event occurred again. Yet none of the churches of organized religion set up to supposedly remember the child made any mention of the brilliant star or comet that was appearing in the sky. It was even in the right month of April according to some. But no, these religions went right on stealing money from the people pretending to save them from some imagined calamity. Salvation for your money was the deal. It never impressed me much.
The only calamity that came to earth was the plagues unleashed on earth that were manufactured by the greedy few to wipe out the ‘Useless Eaters’ as most of humanity were termed to be. The idea of these greedy multi-billionaires was to wipe out everyone but a few, a ‘Controllable’ few. Thus the greedy rich would have total control and live forever using the technology of the time. The plagues they had made wiped them out too! They got exactly what they paid for!
As I had learned from Vin, there were some earth movements as well at that time which most probably was the cause of the plagues going too far and accelerating to infect everyone even the filthy rich that started them. Thus they killed themselves when attempting to murder the rest of humanity. Humanity is lucky that Dr. Lee saw through it all.
Returning to my happy thoughts as Female lay there beside me, I said, “Gosh I hope humans will look to the stars and dream big dreams and go there this time.” “With you here to help up us, ‘We Will!’” said Female. I smiled in the dark, held her and said, “I’ll just do my part.”
We made love then slept soundly through the evening. All in our convoy enjoyed and were awed by the sight of so many brilliant stars. Making love under the stars inspired a lot of stories the next morning. With their city lights and their domed city enclosure these beautiful humans had never seen the stars in this way; now they had!

Chapter 2 Day 2 of Our Desert Trek
I awoke the next morning to a pleasing feeling. Female was sucking happily on my erect 12” plus cock. I reached to caress her lovely bald head and I found she was not alone. “Mmm…. That feels real good”!
Our navigator, Female3, was licking and playing with my balls. “Oh he’s awake,” said Female. “And what a swell way to wake up it is,” I said. “Hi Male,” said Female. “Female3 would like to give you a sweet treat this morning”. “Sure!” I said, “Please proceed!” Right away Female 3 came over me and with her SEX ACCESS flap open she placed her delectable pussy and ass to my lips for pleasuring. I went to work!
Female3 was one of the new members of society that graduated just a short time ago from the Offspring Growth Section back at HS1. She was young and supple. I began another in a lifelong career of fun jobs as I tasted her tender pussy. Her sweet honey flowed from her like a river. I licked her folds with vigor not wanting to miss a drop. She moaned with pleasure as she squatted above me. “Mmm…. Yes”!!!
Female meanwhile mounted my erect cock & rode me with passion. The two females enjoying my services moaned with pleasure in a chorus of delight. I enjoyed this nice wake up exercise for some time, till the females groaned aloud with excited shouts of joy, “Oh Fuck! Fuck, OH FUCK!! Fuck OHHHH FUCK!!!” They finished with triumphal pleasure! “Oh Yes Fuck!” I intoned then pumped into Female my load!
Female3 moved off and moaned in pleasure. Female came up and spoke to me in her sweet voice, laced with moaning pleasure as well. She remained mounted on my cock. “We are ready to get the day underway Male,” she said sighing. “Well; whenever I went on vacation, I’d simply pack up, cleanup, eat and be on my way,” I said. “So let’s do that,” “Oh, also have each vehicle Captain report their readiness as they secure from the nights hard dock,” I said to Female.
Throughout the camp we proceeded to make ready for another day’s journey. Vehicles were undocked, our humans ate and cleaned themselves and soon we were ready for departure. Many made love.
As these activities went on I embraced our lovely navigator, Female3 and had her take some recon scans of what was ahead. She had lovely emerald green eyes and as she worked I also licked at her delicious ass.
I looked at these scans later over a nice breakfast plate. The scans showed we’d be moving into an area of rock strewn rolling hills. Some valleys showed signs of water erosion. That could mean occasional flash floods, I thought. What we needed to do now was stay as much to our course as possible and the positioning beacons that the construction robots had dropped along the way years ago would help tremendously. Some beacons had conked out so there were gaps.
I instructed our lovely navigator to plot us a course through these winding valleys and hills to match up with those old beacons along the way. It would mean going over some low hills and around some higher ones. “I can handle it,” she said. “Please proceed Female3, I have confidence in you,” I said. She beamed a nice smile at me, “Yes Male1,” she said. She gave me a sweet kiss employing her moist tongue. “Mmm… Yes,” Was about all I could say to that.
Female came over and reported that all were ready for departure. So I said, “Ok then, let’s get moving. Male5 head down the hill, Female3 will give you the course.” “I’m on it,” said Male5, our lead driver. The command vehicle moved off down the little hill we had spent the night on. Our other vehicles in convoy followed in good order.
Through the valleys and over some of the smaller hills we went, winding our way onward toward our new home HS5. We came across several of the beacons today. I decided to leave them there to continue their lonely job of marking the way. They may be useful for several more years to come. Lots of Red dust followed our progress.
The sky was blue with a purplish glow at the horizon even at mid day. The atmosphere must be loaded with chemicals and other biological agents. I remembered back when there was a lot of trouble over the harsh chemicals that the government was spraying into the atmosphere. One of their many goals was weather modification. To cause a drought in one region and overload another with constant rain, thus bringing the people under complete government control. The elite in government and society wanted all to be poor so they would have to fight in their empire building wars, with no end.

Well, no more. Those who made others poor are now dead along with those they made poor. The elitists that wanted to rule the world & make all others their slaves, instead destroyed it. But thanks to Dr. Lee and real Genetic Engineering the human race is on a comeback.
As we went on I heard the super sound of one of our hot females being pleased in a rear compartment. What music to hear as we travel. The sound of humans making love has a soothing quality to it.

**Onward the Humans travel. Naked most of the time with hot love and Action all the way!

****The Story behind The Tomorrow’s World Scifi/Love book series by Steve Nelson****

Imagine a World where:

*Criminality & Other Hostile behaviors no longer plague Humankind…
*Humans Love, Respect & Work for Each Others Benefit. Thus Money is no longer required for Life, Liberty & Happiness…
*Disease no longer attacks the Human body…
*The creation of New Offspring no longer requires the destruction of the lovely human Female form…
*The Human Female no longer needs to endure a painful monthly ‘Curse’…
*Humans are of One basic bronze coloring. Thus eliminating any potential for Racial discord…
*The Human male & Female form is carefully sculpted from the molecular level to ensure no deformities…
*Beautiful, Loving, Open Sex with Total Nudity is the norm of society…
*Religion no longer exists to SCAM Humankind with a False promise of mystical salvation…
*Real Science is made available for the limitless advancement of Humankind…
*Terms such as: Man, woman, Young & Old no longer apply. Instead, Male, Female & for a time, ‘New Offspring’…
*The Human body can endure for hundreds if not Thousands of years until multiple system failures cause the system to crash…
*Male & Female Sexual equipment is enhanced for maximum pleasure & comfort…
*Every Human is Planned, Wanted, Accepted & Loved!…

This is the story of the Tomorrow’s World Scifi/Love book series by Steve Nelson
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