I Will Return

Author: Sci

“It was a wonderful wedding,” Alice Burton said, kissing her new husband on the neck.
“It certainly wasn’t CT, your father treated me like a complete asshole. I hate him, by the way.”
“You didn’t hate the five thousand dollar check he gave us.”
“Payoff, a mere payoff. I’ve got my pride, you know.”
“Dad absolutely adores you,” Alice said, pulling his arm hairs. “That’s why he paid for our Niagara Falls honeymoon.
“Ouch! Hey, hey, don’t mess with the driver,” Gary said, playfully pushing her away. He kicked on the heater, then put both hands back on the wheel. The moonlit landscape passed by in a dream-like fashion. Upstate New York was beautiful in the fall. It wasn’t equal to Vermont or Maine, but it was still beautiful. The moon left skeleton-like shadows on the road.
“You didn’t say that last night,” she said, grabbing his balls with an impish grin.
“It was my wedding day, they got me drunk,” he said, “why else would I bed such mouthy little bitch like you?” Laughing, he ducked her right cross.
They settled into a comfortable silence. Gary placed his hand on Alice’s smooth, shapely leg and caressed it softly as he drove. He still couldn’t believe that such a wonderful leg now belonged to him, in a marital sense. Her entire body was an adult playground. He seemed to learn or find something new each time he saw her naked. The thought made his cock grow hard, but he decided to save such thoughts until they reached a hotel room. He was tired of making out in the car like two young teenagers.
“Light me a cigarette, will you CT?” CT was his pet name for his new wife. It stood for Candy Tits. The first time he saw her sweet, perky tits he swore they would taste like candy.
“Sure,” she said, digging their last package out of her purse. She lit two up and passed one to Gary. She puffed the other, then flicked the ashes into the ashtray.
Gary took a long drag from his cigarette, then turned and rolled down the window slightly. He flicked his ashes out through the crack in the window, then looked up to see a huge whitetailed buck bounding across the road in front of them. It took him a moment to realize what he was seeing, then he slammed on the brakes. The headlights, and the squeal of brakes were too much for the frightened deer. It leaped straight up into the air.
“Get down!” Gary yelled as the rear of the whitetail approached the windshield. Alice ducked. Gary started to duck down above her, but the deer and broken windshield, hit him full in the face. His neck snapped, killing him instantly.
The car careened off into the wide, gently-sloping ditch, with the deer carcass still lodged in the windshield opening. The car bounded a few times and hit an old maple tree with a horrible, sickening crash. The sound echoed through the quiet woods for a moment, then all was quiet.
The tree shook, raining down it’s last few dead leaves. The compacted remains of the car, and the dead buck, rested against the old tree. Steam poured out from under the hood. The tail lights of the car still shined into the darkness. All forward facing lights were extinguished. The deer kicked twice, then remained still.
Despite the horror and unreality, the world continued to function. The moon continued to shine down on the horrible scene, lending an absurd beauty to the abstract unspeakable horror. Far above a jet airliner gained altitude and turned east for the long flight to London. An owl flapped it’s wings nervously, looking around in fear, then it settled back into it’s nightly watchful vigil.
The hiss of steam, accompanied by the click of cooling metal, slowly subsided. Inside the car nothing moved. An uneventful hour passed with no change. The smell of burning rubber and engine coolant perfumed the air until these too passed.
A truck appeared far away on a hill. It picked up speed as it descended. The musical hum of it’s tires echoed off the trees lining the road. Savoring a fresh cup of coffee, it took the driver a moment to notice the lights in the ditch ahead. Swallowing quickly, he slammed the cup down into the cup holder and grabbed his cellphone.

Days later, Alice awoke to the sound of a siren. She blinked and rubbed her eyes, then looked at the white room around her.
“Gary? Gary!” she screamed, remembering the accident. A nurse rushed in. A doctor appeared in minutes, ordered a sedative, then began relating the bad news. Alice’s mother stood by, shifting from foot to foot and biting her lip as the doctor spoke. They had asked her to relate the bad news, but she refused. She didn’t want her daughter to hate her, it was better to hate a complete stranger.
“No!” Alice screamed when she heard about Gary. The lonely scream echoed down the hallways of the hospital. Some cringed, others closed their eyes, trying to tune out her shouts and screams of outrage and horror. They knew what the sounds meant.
Three weeks later Alice limped out of the hospital, helped to a car by her mother. She walked like a zombie, talking to nobody, recognizing nothing. She hated life itself. She was too religious to take her own life, so she was trying to will herself to death. She decided that such a thing was a myth, otherwise it would have worked already. Life was a cruel joke, she believed. It was said that people were tested by hardship. She believed they were simply tested in the way that a fly was tested by having it’s wings torn off. A cruel master was at work in heaven, one who liked to bestow pain and savagery. The scum of the earth survived, while the good people were slaughtered. Alice hated life and anyone who enjoyed living it. She simply wanted to die quickly. She began contemplating different methods of painless suicide.

“Wake up, CT,” a voice echoed in her mind as her eyes flashed open. She shot upright in the bed, looking at the darkness around her.
She waited, but heard nothing. She fell back to her flowered pillow and cried herself back to sleep.
Three days later the same voice seemed to wake her. The room around her looked surreal. She couldn’t be sure if she was awake or still asleep. She seemed to be awake and aware.
“Gary?” she asked hopelessly.
“I’m trying to reach you,” he spoke from far away. “Help me.”
“How?” she asked desperately.
“Will me to be with you. Reach out,” he spoke, even farther away now. In desperation she tried to will him to her. It didn’t work. After an hour she realized that he was not there, and would not appear that night. Again she cried herself to sleep. Again she contemplated suicide. When she looked at the razor blade that morning her wrists began to ache as if they had already been slit. She angrily tossed the blade into the wastebasket.

“Leave me the fuck alone!” Alice screamed, without opening her eyes. She didn’t want to cry any more. She didn’t want to hurt.
“CT, you must try, sweetheart.”
“Because I can be with you again, at least in your dreams. We had so little time, sweetheart. Won’t you try?”
“Will you come this time?” she demanded.
“Yes, reach out. Welcome me into your bed,” he sighed.
She closed her eyes and willed him to her with all her might. Even though she expected him, she screamed at the first touch of his hands on her hip.
“We did it, Candy Tits,” he said from all around her. His hand caressed her hip. The other rubbed her small, shapely ass through the material of her filmy nightgown. She began to heat up beneath his touch. It had been months since she lost him, now through some unbelievable twist of fate, she had him back.
“Take off your clothes,” he whispered. She quickly rolled over on her back and began pulling off her nightgown. Her panties were nearly ripped from her body. She hesitated, then reached for Gary.
“No, over on your side,” he whispered. “Curl up in the fetal position.”
“Huh? Why?”
“Do it, it will be wonderful,” he promised. Alice reluctantly rolled over on her side. She felt a mouth nuzzling her aromatic pussy from behind. It licked from her moist pussy, to her fragrant ass hole, then back again. She shuddered and had two minor orgasms in the first few minutes. Finally Gary hunched closer, with his legs touching her back and legs, and his cock touched her quivering pussy.
“Yes,” she gasped in anticipation. She had only made love to Gary a few times. She missed this almost as much as she missed him.
Her moist pussy was easily accessible from this position. She felt the tip of his hard cock touch her tender lips, then he thrust. She screamed as a huge cock seemed to tear her apart. It extended well up inside her. She swore it was at least a foot long, if not longer. It felt like she was being fucked by a horse. Before she couldn’t stop what was happening, the huge cock was relentlessly plunging in and out of her pussy at a rapid rate.
“It hurts!” she screamed, reaching back behind her and trying to pull away. But his hands held her in place, clamping onto her hip like a vice.
“I told you that you’d like it,” he chuckled. “It feels big, huh?”
“It hurts!” she screamed again. Her body was being jarred by the force of his thrusting cock. His pelvis and hips slapped her small firm ass repeatedly. It was loud in the room. Alice whimpered, grabbing the blankets on the bed for support. His pistoning cock plunged in and out relentlessly, jerking her on the bed. She screamed again as the heat and size hurt her.
“Relax,” he gasped from behind her.
“You’re hurting me,” she screamed again. “Stop, Gary, please.”
“Gary is not here,” he said with a chuckle. “He couldn’t make it.”
Alice felt the hairs stand up on the back of her neck. Who, or what, was fucking her?
“Go away,” she screamed, trying to pull away. He rolled her over on her stomach and settled on her outthrust legs. His cock again plunged up inside her. Thankfully it was slightly shorter at this angle.
Alice’s ass jiggled as the pelvis smacked it. Her pussy was stretched to the limit around the huge, unearthly cock. It was relentless, cruel and mechanical. To her horror, Alice felt her orgasm beginning to warm her loins. How could they betray her?
“Oh yes, I feel it too,” he whispered from above her. She couldn’t move with him straddling her legs. Her ass was beginning to hurt from the force of his thrusts. He reached down with huge hands and massaged it cruelly.
“Oh no,” she moaned as her pussy began to heat to an intolerable level.
She began to thrust back against his huge cock. For the first time she began to enjoy it’s immense size.
“Oh yes,” she gasped. “Yes, yes,” she said more loudly than before. “Oh fuck me,” she squealed at the top of her lungs. She whimpered and babbled until her horrible orgasm stuck with the force of an explosion. Screaming at the top of her lungs, she twitched on the bed, hunching her ass back against him. He moaned and laughed behind her, enjoying her humiliation. His cock slid more easily in her wet pussy now. He stimulated her to a second and a third orgasm. Babbling like an idiot, she shook in the throes of her last orgasm. Slowly she wilted beneath him. She turned and begged him to stop.
“My pussy hurts,” she cried.
“Then you can take me up your ass,” he laughed, pulling out of her pussy. Her eyes widened and mouth flew open when she felt his incredibly huge cock touching her ass.
“Nooooooo,” she screamed as the cock was pressed inside her asshole. She squealed in horror as it forced it’s way up inside her, tearing her asshole apart. Screaming and beating on the bed, she wiggled beneath him, trying to pull away. But he had her trapped. The blood from her torn flesh soon made his intrusion less painful. Whimpering beneath him, she laid as limp as a rag doll, while he pistoned away inside her ass, finally releasing his jetsam in huge, hot, painful spurts.
Pulling out with a final laugh, he leaned down and kissed her tortured ass, then disappeared.

Alice’s mother found her that way the next morning. She quickly called the 911.

“I’m here, dear. What happened, who did this to you?” she asked. Alice opened her eyes and looked around the hospital room.
“I don’t know,” she said in embarassment.
“Sweetheart, you must tell me. The police have been waiting for you to revive. He may come back,” her mother said in anguish.
“On no, he can’t… he wouldn’t… he will,” Alice said in horror. “I know he will, I can feel it.”
“Who did this to you?”
“A demon, I think.”
“Alice, that’s not funny,” her mother chastised.
“Oh, really?” Alice asked sarcastically. “You don’t think getting your asshole ripped out by a cock the size of a horse dick is funny, mother? You think I did this to pull a joke on you!” Alice screamed.
“Shhhh, quiet down,” her mother said, rushing over to sit on the bed. “I didn’t mean that, dear. It just seems unlikely.”
“I thought it was Gary,” Alice whispered, now in her mother’s arms.
“Sweetheart, Gary is…”
“Don’t tell me that Gary is dead, mother. I’m more than aware of that. Give me some credit.”
“So how…”
“He came to me in my dreams. But it wasn’t Gary. He changed when he started… fucking me.”
“Oh dear,” her mother said uncomfortably.
“Do you want to hear this or not?” Alice demanded.
“Yes dear, I’m sorry. Go on.”
“He said I had to welcome him into my bed. I know that sounds stupid now, but it was just a dream,” Alice started to talk hysterically again.
“Shhhh, shhhh, we will get you some help,” her mother said urgently.
“Where’s the doctor? I have to get out of here,” Alice said, jumping to her feet.

Alice first went to the church, and was rebuked. She went from there to the library. By evening she was ready.

“CT?” a playful voice interrupted her dreams.
“What took you so long?” she chided.
“Ah, you missed me?” he teased.
“Of course. I’ve never felt a cock like that before in my life. How could I not miss you? But, there’s one slight problem,” she whispered with her eyes closed.
“Problem? I don’t see a problem,” he laughed.
“I welcomed my husband into my bed, not you.”
“So sue me,” he rumbled.
“I’ll do better than that. I read in the universal book of magic and myths, that if a demon tries to possess you unwelcomed, it belongs to you.”
“Oh, but you did welcome me,” he said with less confidence.
“No, I welcomed my husband. And if I read the book right, my husband can now posses your body by default,” she said maliciously.
“No, that’s not true,” he showed the first signs of nervousness.
“Of course it’s true.”
“You can’t… you are just a… noooooo” he screamed in an ever-dwindling voice. In a moment a familiar, if hesitant voice spoke. “CT?”
“Is that really you, Gary?”
“Yeah, sure, I guess,” he said uncertainly.
“What’s my maiden name, who’s my father, what brand of cigarette do I smoke?” she demanded.
“Answer me.”
“Mouthy bitch, God, and Winstons,” he said with a laugh.
“Close enough. Fuck me,” she demanded.
“Your wish is my command,” he laughed.
“Oh, I know. And when you’re done fucking me there is housework to do,” she laughed.
“May I lick your pussy first?” he asked with deceptive politeness.
“Good. Oh, did you know that this guy’s tongue must be a foot long,” he asked, before plunging his long tongue up his wife’s pussy. Her squeal could be heard throughout the neighborhood.

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