The Fog : Part 2

Author: Sci

A snake wiggled frantically, trying to cross a large area of open water before jaws could swallow it from beneath the still water. A mayfly fluttered over the surface, dipping and dancing, courting death like a matador in a bull ring. A huge open mouth shot out of the water, grabbed the mayfly and sank once again below the surface. A large mouthed bass had it’s dinner for the night.
As the ripples from the fish died out, the snake reached the safety of the far bank. It would take him nearly an hour to realized that he was trapped on an island. The second leg of its journey would not be so fortuitous. An alligator would have his lunch before it reached the southern shore.

A hooked nosed snapping turtle surveyed the swamp, hoping to eat as well. Most animals ate well in the swamps. It was a continuous cycle of birth, life, and death. One life fed off the other. The weak fed on the strong, but they all died in the end.

The sun sank toward the west. A slight fog began rising off the water, collecting in the absolute stillness of the air above. Even the animals were wary of the fog. Just as they had learned to fear cars, and men, they also learned to fear the fog. Nature used such fear as a self-defense mechanism.

But it was not only the animals, which feared the collecting fog. William sat in the open door of his Lincoln Navigator, eating a sandwich and potato salad, as he suspiciously watched the endless waters before him. His eyes went to the collecting fog. Was it natural or supernatural? He paused, giving it a thorough examination, before resuming his dinner. It was just fog, no life and no light.
William took up his book of ancient spells. “The spell of sight,” he read as he chewed. A spell which would allow him to perceive evil. Hell, he didn’t need that. He knew where the evil was. It was only a matter of time…

A bird screamed not far off. He felt his hair stand on end. A bitter taste filled his mouth and made his sandwich unpalatable. He washed it down with a swig of coffee. He was in the act of wiping his mouth on the back of his hand, when all noises suddenly stopped. He gazed frantically around. It was behind him. It was building, expanding at a phenomenal rate as it climbed the bank of the roadway.

“Oh my God,” he gasped, dropping everything. He opened the back door of his Navigator, took out a bible and the Pope-blessed cross. He opened a rubbing alcohol bottle filled with holy water and splashed it over himself. Would it work? As Elizabeth had indicated, it couldn’t hurt. Maybe it would weaken the Collection long enough to attack it. The Collection would not expect an attack, it was used to cowering and screaming. Or was it? Would it read Elizabeth’s mind? Could it? Hell, he didn’t even know what he was fighting. He was a fool, and a coward. He was shaking on the inside. Too late, it touched him.

William first heard screams and moans. He saw shadowy shapes in the fog, then a light. He found himself frozen in place. He could not move a muscle. He tried to turn, when he heard footsteps behind him. With a force of will he had never exerted before, he turned his head enough to see an old woman dressed in rags.

“Who are you?” he forced from half-paralyzed lips.
“You know me and know me well,” she cackled.
“No… Masey?”
“Correct. You have heard the rumors that I was a witch?” she asked with a loud laugh.
“No, I know nothing about you. You died over 200 years ago.”
“So long?” a shadow passed over her face.
“It is a long time to live in hell,” she said in all sincerity.
“Hell is forever. 200 years is nothing compared to an eternity. Are you really so eager to spend an eternity in hell?”
“What do you know of hell, or eternity?”
“I know you have dragged your entire family down with you. I know that nothing good can come of your depravity and murders.”
“You know nothing.”
“I know everything.”

“You know nothing!” she shouted with her face just inches from his own. The aroma of rotting meat and decay filled his face. He felt weak, sick, revolted. “But you will,” she said in satisfaction. She lifted a hand and turned with her rags flying around her. William saw movement in the fog, laughter, mummers, slithering bodies. In a moment hands pulled him down to the ground. Clawed fingers ripped the clothing from his body. Long, agile tongues began licking his body, twining around his penis, slithering up his ass. He gritted his teeth, trying to endure the pleasure he felt, and the guilt it generated.

A mouth sank over his cock. Two warm, sucking mouths covered his toes, and the end of his feet. They sucked gently. William was surprised to feel excitement from this additional contact. The long, disgusting tongue invading his ass wiggled and slithered deep inside him. At times it hurt, at times it filled him to the breaking point and felt absolutely wonderful. It created an undescribable heat where he had never felt anything before.

“Oh God,” he screamed into the fog above him. He heard a cackle which he had come to associated with Masey. He looked desperately for the source of the laughter, but the fog hid her. He knew from his books that his mind was clouded, not his vision.

William felt his balls churn with a hot, boiling liquid heat. He gasped, clenching his ass muscles, but this only intensified the heat he felt in his ass. Suddenly he felt his cock spurting cum. He felt a warm pair of sucking lips milking him dry, savoring every last drop. This had some significance, but he didn’t know what. He looked down but could only see a shadow on his cock. He didn’t know how old the being was, or of what gender.

Far away he heard a scream, a long drawn-out scream of horror. This was followed by giggles and guffaws of laughter. After the mouth had hardened his cock once more, he felt a pussy slide down over it. The stench he smelled was the most horrible of foul smells. He didn’t know if it came from the being fucking him, or some other source. He felt dirty, vile, used. He knew they were trying to use guilt, to drive him to despair, and self-destruction. Guilt was the key.

He heard the scream again, even closer. He looked down past his feet to see shadowy, hooded figures of women, sucking on his toes. Beyond them was a fire, and behind the fire was a naked man tied to a pole. Small beings which looked like children drew brands from the fire and touched them to the body of the naked man. Again he screamed in mortal agony. When the brands went cold the children tossed them back into the fire and grabbed more.

“God, save me,” William screamed. “Save us,” he said again, looking at the man on the stake, wishing he could help.

He felt an immediate change. His surroundings began to lighten. The stench lessened. The beings sucking his toes fled. The tongue up his ass withdrew. He felt his ass slowly closing up after it departed. The being on his cock screamed and fled last of all. To his amazement, he saw Elizabeth standing over him.

“Help me,” he said to the angelic face looking down at him.
“I told you I would help. She lifted her filmy dress, spread her feet and stepped over him. She sank slowly down on his hard cock. He felt her warm pussy enfold his cock.
“Oh yes,” he gasped, no longer feeling guilt at his pleasure.

“Better?” she asked with a smile, slowly sliding up and down on his hard cock.
“Oh yes,” he said again. He suddenly found that his hands could move. He reached out and grabbed her waist. It was warm and firm in his fingers.
“You are real,” he said in surprise.
“There is no way to explain, so I will not even try,” she said. Pleasure twisted her face. She closed her eyes and rode quietly. The piercing screams of the man on the stake destroyed his calm lovemaking session.

“I wish I could help,” he said through clenched teeth.
“You can, you will. But, forget him for now, that has been going on for years. He is one reason why I contacted you. Forget him, concentrate on the pleasure.”
“How can I, with that going on?”

“Shut up and make love to me. His is not the only stake in this hell hole, there are many. One for every man, woman, and child trapped here. Now shut up and concentrate,” she gasped. She leaned forward and pulled his mouth into a passionate kiss. He was reluctant, at first. But as her mouth searched his, the pleasure of the contact intensified. He could feel his orgasm nearing. Like a vision of beauty, she rode gently up and down, looking down at him and giving him a beneficent smile.

“You are so beautiful,” he panted.
“Am I? Can you be so sure? This place is filled with magic, I could be clouding your mind.”
“Are you?”
“You decide,” she gasped, tightening the muscles of her pussy around him.
“I’m going to cum,” he whispered.
“And I as well. It had been so long, so…” she clamped her mouth shut with a click of teeth. She resumed the kiss, her tongue searched his mouth, while her hands searched his body. Naked and sweating, he humped his pelvis against her warm mound. The material of her dress smelled like flowers. Her skin smelled heavenly, as did her hair as he broke the kiss and buried his face in her hair, waiting for his loins to explode.

“Oh yes,” she gasped, looking at the sky as she began sliding forward and back. He could feel his hard cock churning the wet pussy flesh deep inside her. It felt so hot and wonderful.
“Oh God,” he hissed. She smiled down at him, giving him a quick kiss before she closed her eyes and rode herself to an awesome orgasm. With a loud scream she clamped her legs tightly against his own. She shuddered as his cock unloaded it’s contents between her legs. Her pussy grasped his throbbing cock, milking it with strong muscles.

“Oh shit,” he groaned, trying to endure the earth shattering pleasure in his loins. They relaxed together, warm and comfortable in each other’s arms.
“We have shared love,” Elizabeth whispered in his face.
“We sure did,” he said proudly.
“That bonds us, makes us stronger than any single entity.”
“Does it?” he asked, almost amused.
“It does. Are your ready to face the Collection?”
“What is it?”
“A Collection. It is a collection of spirits. Death occurs constantly in this swamp. It has occurred here for millions of years. The spirits of those beings have collected into one powerful entity.”
“Can I kill it? Should I?” he asked as his cock wilted inside her.

“Listen,” she said, holding up a hand. Again William heard the terrifying screams.
“I must help him,” William said, surging up off the ground. He grabbed the bible and cross, still lying in the grass among the torn rags which used to be his clothing. Elizabeth rolled off him and looked down at his naked body. She smiled, then hid her face behind her hand. He opened the door of his Navigator. Dropping the bible and cross, he retrieved his suitcase, tossing clothes around until he found the right ones. It wasn’t long until they started for the fire, and the poor soul on the stake.

“Is he dead, a ghost?” William asked as they crept closer.
“No. He has been here for years, unchanged, feeling each brand as strongly as he did on the first day. But here they can torment the soul as well as the flesh. There are others, many others. This one is special, like you he returned after being released. They all do, of course. As I said, a piece of them resides here forever. But this man has powers that you can use.”
One of the children turned and looked in their direction. It was a black, leathery face with wrinkles. Small little yellow eyes surveyed them before it gleefully took up a brand and held it against the man’s penis.”
“Let me see some of the others,” William said, hesitant about confronting the demons.
“Are you sure?”

“Sure, let’s go,” he grabbed her arm and hurried her along. The next victim was a woman. As William drew closer he saw that she was a beautiful red-head. He felt his dick hardening. She was naked, with a perfect body, a body just made for fucking. Her gently rounded ass glowed white in the firelight. In a few more steps he saw even more details. He was revolted, and yet fascinated.
The naked woman was chained to the top of the post. Standing behind her was a mosquito-like creature with six legs and a long tube for a mouth. The tube was shoved up the woman’s ass, sucking. As the creature sucked, the woman moaned, backing her ass against his impaling nose.

On the other side of the pole, standing before her, was a toad-like creature about two feet tall. A tongue was connecting the creature with the woman. The long pointed tongue was sliding up inside her pussy. He could see it bulging in her abdomen, as it rolled and undulated inside her. She seemed to be enjoying it, alternately thrusting forward and back against each being.
William was highly aroused, guilty at his arousal, and fascinated. He would have liked to stay, but the Elizabeth pulled him along.

“Are… are there more like her?” he asked in embarassment.
“Many,” she said shortly.
“They came to a second woman who was staked to the ground. She looked at them imploringly through a shower of liquid. A man stood over her, urinating on her face. She was finding it hard to breath through the shower of urine. As she turned her face, the man moved his cock in an attempt to drown her.

“Stop that!” William demanded. The man didn’t even look in their direction. “I said… stop that!” William said, throwing the man to the ground. The man stood slowly, looking at William. The fog turned dirty brown behind the man, churning and growing as the man stared at William, glaring his hatred. William could feel Masey inside the man’s head.

“You’ve heard the chant, use it,” Elizabeth whispered.
“The chant?”
“The chant we used to set you free the first time. Remember?”
“Oh yes,” William said, once again hearing the chant in his head. He joined the ancient words while glaring at the man. The man took one step back. William felt the amulet growing warm on his chest. He looked down and grabbed the amulet. It glowed even warmer in his right hand.
“Use your strength,” Elizabeth whispered.
“Your force of will. You’ve used it before, many times.”
“I… think I… can,” William said as he used his mental muscles to reinforce the words. It worked, the man staggered back with a look of shock on his face. In a moment he blinked and stumbled, falling beside the woman on the ground. He shook his head and looked around, then leaped forward to grab the woman.

“Sarah?” he screamed, holding her close to his body. He began yanking at the stakes until she was free. She sat up, with the stakes swinging by the leather straps, and hugged the man who had been urinating on her.
“It is her husband,” Elizabeth said warmly.
“I gathered as much.”
“They will be our allies now. We can use their strength.”
“What are you an angel or something?” William turned to confront Elizabeth.
“No, just a woman. A very old woman, I am afraid.”
“H… how old,” William asked hesitantly.
“We can discus that later,” she said with a wave of her hand. “Now you must choose another.”
“Another victim to release. With each new victim, you grow in power and the Collection weakens. Your final conflict will be with Masey, I’m afraid.”
“Who would you recommend?”
“This way,” she said with a disgusted grimace.
“Oh, now there’s a recommendation,” he sighed, trying to hide his fear. If it disgusted Elizabeth, it must be bad.
“There,” she pointed. At first William believed he was looking at one woman eating another woman’s pussy. One woman was staked out on the ground, while a second woman squatted above her. It was soon apparent that she was not eating pussy, she was eating shit.
“Oh fuck,” William gasped, feeling his stomach churn. He watched the cheeks of the bottom woman as she ate constantly, swallowing what should only be buried.
“Remember, they use perversion and guilt against you,” Elizabeth whispered.
“How can she do that?” William gasped.
“She has not choice.”
“No, how can she shit constantly like that?”

William rushed forward and grabbed the squatting woman. She struggled for a moment, but he shoved her off with a mighty heave. She screamed an objection. He remembered to use his will to bind her. She struggled against this new invisible foe, then screamed and ran away, disappearing into the fog. The woman on the ground began spiting. She looked up at William. His heart went out to her. He reached down and yanked her stakes loose.

“Thank you,” the woman moaned. William helped her to her feet. She stood shakily, looking around. She was a slender ivory complected woman with black hair. Her tits were firm and small. She was very nice, William decided. She was too severe to be beautiful.

“How long?” she asked, her eyes going to Elizabeth, then down to the ground.
“Over two years,” Elizabeth said with a sympathetic smile.
“It seems longer,” she wiped her mouth on the back of her hand. She refused to meet their eyes.
“They use guilt against you,” Elizabeth whispered urgently. The woman looked up, started to look down again, but Elizabeth lifted her face in her hand.
“You had no choice,” Elizabeth hissed.
“It was my fault. I chose that form of punishment,” she said, pointing toward the departed woman.
“How?” Elizabeth asked.
“I cursed the old witch, while holding a similar thought in the back of my mind,” she said in embarassment. “They used that as my form of punishment.”
“We all have stray thoughts. They had no right to use that against you. They have no right to punish you at all.”
A tentative smile lit the woman’s face. The fog around them immediately brightened.
Elizabeth looked at William and nodded. “We are stronger,” she whispered.
“Strong enough?”
“No,” she looked sad. “Find a sturdy pole,” she pointed at a dead and dry pole laying not far away. William lifted it, tested it in his hands, then whacked a nearby tree with it. It was strong.
“And?” he asked.
“And it’s time to wack a toad,” she led him back the way they came.
The redhead was still moaning and struggling against her chains. As they drew closer William again felt his cock hardening. Elizabeth looked down at the bulge in his pants and clucked, shaking her had sadly. “No control,” she whispered.

“Hey, lay off,” he said rudely. “She’s hot,” his eyes went over her creamy complexion and wildly flailing hair. Only a few things detracted from her beauty, the giant mosquito with a tube up her ass, and the toad licking her pussy from the inside.

William raised his stick and brought it down across the back of the mosquito. It’s wings began beating madly, but it didn’t withdraw it’s beak from the woman’s ass.

William noticed that it’s beak was semi- transparent. He could actually see it sucking the contents from her ass. It rested between two absolutely perfect ass cheeks. The curve of the toad’s tongue was also visible between her legs where it bent and went up inside her pussy. It wiggled and undulated, giving her great pain and pleasure. Even as he watched, she shook in the throes of a gigantic orgasm. She gasped, tossing her head from side to side. The three inch wide tongue continued to pump in and out of her pussy as it had for years on end.

“Release her,” Elizabeth hissed.
“But she seems to be enjoying it,” he hesitated with the stick raised.
“There is a point when even an orgasm can be painful. She reached that point long ago. Masey ensures that pain and pleasure are never deadened by time, in this place. It is as strong today, was it was years ago. Release her.”

William brought the stick down. The mosquito went down to it’s knees, then stood again. William struck time after time until the mosquito lay lifeless behind the woman. He moved around the woman and brought the stick down on the toad. He could feel bones crunching beneath the stick. He struck again and again until the toad was also dead. The woman hung limply from her chains. Elizabeth rushed to support her. William tried to free her hands, but he needed a key.

“Use the amulet and your will,” Elizabeth said gently.
“Will it work?”
“Of course it will,” she gently chided him for his disbelief.

He raised the amulet and closed his eyes. He used the chant to focus his will. It took only a moment to release her. Elizabeth was pulled down to the ground by the woman’s weight. She sat on the ground, holding the shaking woman in her arms and petting her hair while she recovered.
“What’s next?” William asked, sitting beside Elizabeth, while staring at the redhead’s gorgeous breasts. He reached out and ran his hand over one, wiping off the dirt. The woman shuddered, but didn’t open her eyes.

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