Teasing Wife Learns a Lesson

Tommy didn’t want to disappoint his new plaything. He had seduced almost every young wife on the entire street, but never one who was as hot for it as Carrie Sherman. He smacked her ass just to hear her moan, then pulled his cock free from his boxers.

Carrie couldn’t see his cock from her position, but she certainly felt the huge head as it rubbed up against the entrance to her pussy.

“Oh my God! You feel so big!”

“That’s right, slut, and pretty soon it’s gonna’ be in that sweet little pussy. What would your husband think of his pretty little wife if he could see her right now?”

Carrie didn’t want to think of her husband at this moment, so she didn’t answer. Tommy laughed cruelly and began to rub the fat head of his cock against the wet and ready pussy lips of the shamed housewife. Carrie moaned loudly as the cock slid up and down, bumping against her swollen clit. She soon realized that it wasn’t enough and to reach climax she would need more stimulation.

“Please, Tommy!”

Tommy continued his slow teasing of the wife’s pussy.

“What’s that, Mrs./ Sherman? I can’t hear you.”

“Oh God, Tommy! Please…please put it in me!”

“I don’t know, Mrs. Sherman. Maybe you’re right, maybe we shouldn’t do this.”

Tommy made as if to pull away and Carrie screamed.

“No! Tommy…don’t leave me like this! I need it. Please!”

Carrie was crying tears of frustration, begging the young man to fulfill her need. Tommy leaned over her and grabbed a handful of blonde hair.

“You see how mean it is to tease someone, Mrs. Sherman?”

Carrie nodded, tears dripping off her nose.

“Yes, Tommy.”

“You’re never gonna’ tease anyone again, are you?”

Tommy pushed the tip of his cock past Carrie’s swollen cunt lips. She gasped at the pain of having such a huge cock forcing its way through her tight entrance.

“No, Tommy. N…never again.”

“That’s right.” Tommy let go of her hair and patted her head like a favored pet. “From now on you’re gonna’ be my little slut, aren’t you?

Tommy rammed half of his cock into her pussy and Carrie groaned. He was bigger than she had thought. Already he was reaching places her husband had never touched.

“Yes, Tommy!”
“Yes, what?”

“Yes! I’m your little slut!”

Tommy jammed in the last few inches of his cock until his balls slapped wetly against her pelvis. Carrie screamed and collapsed against the counter top as her young master hammered expertly into her slim body, pinning her like an animal to the counter.

“Oh, God! Yes, Tommy! That’s it, baby! Fuck your little slut! Oh! Fuck!

The profanities spewed from her mouth, something that had never happened with her husband. She really was becoming a slut, reveling in the vicious fucking and the lewd words. She began to pump her ass back against Tommy’s thrusts, their bodies meeting in a rhythmic pounding of flesh. It wasn’t long before she could no longer hold back her orgasm.

“I’m cumming, Tommy! Harder! Faster! Fuck me! I’m CUMMING!”

Her body convulsed violently as she released all her pent up lust. Her pussy flooded with juice that spilled out of her cunt and coursed down her thighs. Tommy kept pounding her again and again until she was taken by a second and a third orgasm. She had never reached three orgasms in such a short period and when he finally stopped, she was shivering with exhaustion.

Tommy pulled out his cock and ordered her to kneel in front of him. She no longer had the will to refuse and lowered herself wearily, the linoleum cold on her knees. She looked up at Tommy with eyes clouded with lust and saw him stroking his livid cock, the balls red and swollen with his sperm. She knew what he was going to do and instead of being repulsed by the thought, she felt her mouth water.

“That’s right, slut, time to finish me off. I want you to jack me off all over your face so I can see what a real slut looks like.”

Carrie obeyed, her wedding ring glittered as she took his meaty cock in her hand began to stroke him eagerly. She never did this for Howard, always making him cum inside of her so at least she couldn’t see the filthy liquid. But after what had just happened, it no longer mattered.
“Oh, yeah, slut! Stroke that cock! Make me cum all over your pretty face. I’m gonna’ leave you all nice and sticky for your hubby tonight! Oh! FUCK! YEAH!”

Tommy shook and Carrie felt his huge cock throb, then suddenly she felt huge globs of warm, soupy liquid splash across her face. It splattered into her blonde hair and pooled in her open mouth, dripping down her chin. Tommy was coherent enough to aim a final blast at her chest, spurting hot jizz over Carrie’s tits.

He left her there, on the floor of her kitchen, cum dripping off her once faithful body, promising to return the next day to finish the job. Carrie shivered, not in fear, but anticipation.

Carrie smiled to herself, completely satisfied with her punishment for teasing.

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