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Excerpts from the novel TOMORROW’S WORLD by Steve Nelson
TOMORROW’S WORLD is an erotic Science Fiction novel by Steve Nelson. A man from the 20th Century awakens from a high tech hibernation experiment centuries in the future. In this future world nudity is the norm and sex is the passion.
…”HELLO” he said. “My name is Vin147, I am the Administrator here…The nearest we can figure is that you’ve been in your Dream Machine for about 200 years”. I was stunned! “ We are very sorry to say that all who knew you are now dead and gone. But look on it this way” said Vin. “You’ve been given a new chance. Our way of life is very nice and you’ll see it soon.”
* * * * * *
I was aware of others that were there helping me along on the wheeled hospital bed. I also saw that they were all naked and bald, with a small gold chain and badge around their necks. They had wrist devices and some type of rubber slippers on their feet and that was it!
I took special notice that some were women; and they all had big beautiful tits! “I’m in Heaven” I thought.
* * * * * *
The rise in health and strength that my cock has received is astounding, not to mention the beautiful nurses that have helped me with toiletry and showering. I’ve wanted to just reach out and have a big taste of their lovely big tits for days now.
* * * * * *
Vin paused and smiled, “I have a treat for you, then.” He stepped to the door and came back in a moment with an extremely lovely woman in tow. “Arthur, I want you to meet, ‘Female401E’. She will be your assigned companion to help you through your transition to our, or your, new way of life… Understand now, she is not your slave or your servant. Female401E is a qualified nurse.”
“From now on you are officially known as ‘Male501E’” said Vin. “Male501E, I believe you’ll be happy to know that Female401E is your downstairs neighbor.”
* * * * * *
“I AM VERY PLEASED to meet you” I said. “Please don’t be too formal” she said. “I am Female401E. I am here to help you with everything you may need. I’ll be by your side always unless you tell me to go away.”
“Are you kidding?” I said. “I don’t think I’d tell you to go away if I live to be 100.”
“Your new apartment is our first destination for today” she said. “Do you feel up to it?”
“Lead on Honey, I’m sticking with you!” “Please, my name is Female401E!” she said. “Ok sorry, but the number part sounds to me so official and unfriendly, how about, ‘My Female?” I said. “Just Female’” she said. “As I am not yours.” “Ok. Deal. Female it is then” I said.
“Male501E, you must understand that it is my job to help you learn and adjust to our ways, to make them your ways.” “OK. And I have an adjustment for you, then” I said with a smile. “When we’re together, you just call me ‘Male’, OK?” She thought a moment then said, “OK. We have a deal, ‘Male’.”
I sat back on the hospital bed and gazed at her. She wanted to speak again but I shushed her. “Do you know how beautiful you are?” I said. “You remind me of a female I saw in a publication back in the 20th Century. Your eyes are simply delicious. I feel I will melt when I look at you… I just love that bronze skin tone you have… You are slim with nicely rounded hips and your ass is just gorgeous!”
* * * * * *
“IS YOUR PUSSY HOT AND WET?” I asked. “Believe me Male, it has been since I came into this room” she said. “Now Male, are you through enjoying my body?” she asked. “Never!” I said.

Female 401E spoke again in her sweet voice. “First I want to help you with what you’ll see when we exit the Medical Center. You will see females mounted on males as they go about their business. It is customary for females to mount a male for trips here and there. Females do not do a lot of walking in our society they simply mount a male if one is handy.”
“As you’ve seen I am sure, the males here are incredibly strong in the legs and arms and of course you may also notice how large and strong the male’s cocks are.”
* * * * * *
“Ok, you’ll also see couples from time to time along the way and on the commuter trams making love. Do not stare. You see, in our society, beauty and love and making love are life-long desires we all have. Love and making love is what our society is all about. It is what we’ve been genetically engineered to do. We celebrate healthy living and sex. It is our way.”
“No worries Female. I understand and agree fully.”
“Now I want to get to know you better, Male, before your cock grows as large as the other males. I am intrigued by your small 6” size.” With that statement she began to give me a fabulously wonderful blow job.
* * * * * *
True to her word, as we left my room at the Medical Center hand in hand, I saw females here and there being carried about while mounted upon muscular males. I also saw couples here and there making love on couches and other soft pedestals which were placed along the way, as Female told me, just for that purpose. I also felt warm air circulated about me, in this beautiful domed city of love, so that walking about naked felt quite normal and comfortable.
* * * * * *
INDOOR HALLWAYS of the building are carpeted and outdoor ones are not. There is a nice pastel color décor for each level. As I walked along the hallway of level 2 of the building, a female came out of her apartment and was surprised to see me walking alone.
Hi, I am Male501E” I said. “I just moved in.” “Oh yes, I’ve heard of you. I am Female289E. You’re the male who has come to us from the past.”
“Yes that’s me” I said. “I’ve been here only a short time and I’m just finding my way around.”
“Well, come right in. You can pleasure me while I wash a few dishes” she said. So in I came and did as I was told.
* * * * * *
As I came in the door she took hold of my erect cock and led me over to the kitchen area. We embraced, then kissed for a few minutes, then she said, “lick my ass while I finish these, won’t you, Male501E?” “Yes Female289,” I said. Then I knelt down took hold of her fine ass and began my fun job. She had just washed and was scented nicely. These people are really into being clean at all times. I love it! I licked up and down her beautiful ass and lavishly about her hole. She arched her back so I could target her pussy better. I tasted her folds and plunged my tongue in deeply and tasted her sweet honey. I don’t know how long I was at this. All I did was massage her cheeks and suck and lick like there was no tomorrow.
Some time and not a few moans later, she announced she was done with the dishes. Female289 took hold of my cock again and led me out on to her outdoor balcony where she had one of those nice sex couches waiting. She said, “Now lie down I’m going to ride that little cock of yours.” I lay down as told and she mounted me and began to ride me, slowly at first. She bent over to kiss me as she rode. I sucked at her nice tits. This is Super!
I held her bald head and we kissed deeply. She sat up and shrieked and moaned as she rode faster… She rode me for maybe 15 to 20 minutes, I can only guess, making those wonderful female sounds that I like to hear. Then my Wrist Com chimed and Female401was on the line. “Yes Female, I am here in 289. Female289 is just enjoying me” I said.
“Oh, I’ll come right away and help.” Soon Female401 arrived and Female289 said to her, “Come and ride this male’s little cock. It’s really fun! I’m going to have this male suck my pussy again.” Female289
moved off my throbbing erect cock and moved up to put her wet pussy to my lips. I licked and sucked and probed. Female289 shrieked and moaned even more. “Fuck… This male is good! “she said. As Female289 did all this, I felt Female401 mount my hot and waiting cock and begin to ride. Now I had two females sighing, shrieking and moaning as I pleasured them. We were all linked in tremendously exquisite joy! These females shrieked and moaned almost in unison, and not a few times gave me the nice compliment, “Fuck! Oh Fuck!! This male is good!!!” Female289 reached a fully loaded orgasm and cried, “Fuuuuuck!” She was through and climbed off, she lay down on the side of the couch panting with exhaustion and moaning with pleasure. Female401 was just about to orgasm as well, she leaned forward and I took one of her magnificent Tits and I sucked hungrily. She moaned loudly, “Fuuuck!” She shook with excitement and slowed her motion to a stop.
Female401 said to me a few minutes later as we lay there in an embrace, “Now, don’t you go and finish on me just yet, Male. You have a job to do down at the Medical Center.”
“Ok, whatever you wish, Female” I said, sitting up. She wrapped her legs around me. “Are you sure you can do this?” she asked.
“I believe I can Female” I said. Now, with strength I’d never before known, I rose up with her mounted on me. I walked out of the apartment as Female289 was saying, “Goodbye. Come and fuck me again won’t you?” “Yes Female,” I said. “I always do what I am told.”
* * * * * *
I walked proudly with Female401E nicely mounted upon me like the other males did with their females. This was a wonderful moment for me, taking my place in this beautiful society as one of them. I walked with Female mounted on me all the way to the waiting tram on the street and took my place as a male with mounted female should. I relaxed a bit as we sat on the seat of the tram and she rode me slowly.
“Now, what’s my job to do at the Medical Center?” I asked. Female told me that I must make a donation at the Sperm Bank. …”That sounds just super” I said, as I tasted her lovely tits.
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** Now some selected chapters from my new book TOMORROW’S WORLD #2 Desert Trek

Chapter 15 A Nightmare Lay Ahead
Off to our right or, off the starboard bow to use a nautical term, appeared the ruins of a good sized city. I have no idea if it really was the city of Phoenix in the old State of Arizona, but it could have been.
As Vin told me, we haven’t really the time or the supplies this trip to do exploring, so I had this site marked on the map we were generating as we went. The city was a complete ruin. Only cement walls and metal reinforcement could be seen in a very dilapidated state. It would be dangerous as well to go looking about amid these crumbling structures. I didn’t want any more injuries to my people, so only photo’s and sensor scans were taken as we passed. The city was vast and it really was in a sorry state. Plus there was ZERO plant life seen.
It took some time to get by it so we all had a good look at it. These lovely humans were fascinated by this panoramic ruin. Me, I was somewhat saddened by this sorry looking relic of my era. Female noticed my sadness and comforted me with extra affection till we had gone by the place. Of course Female looked upon this extra care of me as, just what a female does. I thought it was nice though and very helpful. Female seems to always know what I need and when I need it.
The way ahead was flat and looked to be clear so I stepped on the accelerator. HS5 shouldn’t be too much farther. This has been one exciting trip so far, but I for one have had all the excitement I need. We should reach HS5 this afternoon or within the next hour or two. I wanted to arrive before night fall. Our travel supplies were growing short, but we could take one more day if we needed it. A few miles further on, we came upon something very different only a few yards off to port. We’d need that extra day.
You can’t imagine something like this till you actually see it with your own eyes. I had heard stories and saw old black and white pictures of the death camps of WW2. But nothing could prepare us for the real thing right before our eyes.
It looked to be somewhat well maintained, given the fact that it had been here for over 200 years. The galvanized fencing that surrounded FEMA camp 36 was pretty much intact.
The razor wire atop the 12 foot fence looked like new and sparkled in the daylight. I read the main inscription on the sign by front gate.
‘Federal Emergency Management Agency Camp 36, U.S. Government Property, Unauthorized personnel Keep Out.’
Well since I am the last actual American Citizen I figured I Am Authorized! I had 2 reasons for stopping at this facility, 1) Intense curiosity about the fate of my countrymen, given the diabolical stated goals of the Elitists of the 20th Century. And 2) Could there be clues to the locations of facilities that support those tripod killing machines?
I conferred over the com about who should accompany me inside to learn all we could about these questions. I didn’t want to take any females with me but Female insisted that at least she come along. So I gathered a group together consisting of; 2 biologists, (1 male and 1 female), 2 engineers with laser cutting tools for locks and such, again (1 male and 1 female), and myself and Female.
I powered up the laser cannon on Vehicle 1 and melted the lock on the front gate in short order.
“Ok everyone,” I said over the com mic. “While we go in for a look about I want everyone to relax but keep an eye on us in case we get into any trouble. Oh & let’s have one of the RDV’s accompany us in,” I said as well.
We suited up as we had been comfortably naked all day. Female looked so incredibly sexy in her nice white protective suit. Skin tight it clung to her delicious body. Her big tits shown through with erect nipples at their tips. Lastly she zipped her SEX Flap into place and was ready to go. Female helped me to attach my cock cover and snap it into place about my nice 12” hard shaft. We checked each other over completely. Then we stepped into the air lock, cycled it and stepped out onto the somewhat barren landscape of this area of the devastated Planet Earth. We saw the others of our party stepping out from their vehicles in the convoy. An RDV came over and stood ready, its motor purring confidently with power. We moved off toward the main gate.

Chapter 16 The Death Camp
We entered the FEMA camp and went straight to the Admin. office. The Admin office wasn’t far from the main gate so we walked there. The RDV followed close behind. I said to Male18 our accompanying Biologist, “Scan for any toxins or biological agents out of the ordinary at all times when we are in here.”” Yes Male1,” he said. “Female15, scan for any life signs as we tour this facility.” I said to our other accompanying Biologist. “I’m on it Male1,” was her response.
We came to the door and it was unlocked and I opened it with a wrenching sound of long worn metal. The office was a mess! Cabinets that once contained files were thrown all about the place. Computer consoles were smashed. There was nothing here to really see. But we took a few moments to look about anyway.
Male19 one of our accompanying Engineers called out, “Hey I found something!” He had found a locked and sealed door that lead underground somewhere. “Well, have at it,” I said. He brought up his laser cutting tool and quickly melted the lock. “Any indication of contaminants,” I asked Male18? “None Male1,” he said. “Ok, let’s take a peek,” I said, as I led the way. I turned on my hand light and the others did as well. There was no power in the facility. The interior air rushed out as we opened the door. Evidently this underground had been sealed airtight. “There may be some intact records down here,” I said.
We came down a stair way to a long corridor. The corridor went in two directions a long, long, long ways. “Perhaps this corridor runs the length of the camp,” said Female. “Maybe,” I said? “But let’s stay together,” I told everyone. There weren’t any objections. Our lights were all there was in this dark underground. We moved slowly scanning with our lights and instruments. Except for our foot falls the silence was deafening and spooky.
We came upon a room marked CAMP RECORDS. “Bingo!” I said. The door was locked as well. “Male19 do your thing,” I said. He stepped forward and melted the useless lock. I opened the door and went in followed by the others. File cabinets were in neat order and some old computers were sitting there at work stations silent and dark.
We looked all over the records room for about 45 minutes. Our engineers came up with some computer discs that looked interesting. I looked through the paper files with Female. The Biologists looked at medical records and medical related computer discs. “Male19 can we extract information from these old computer discs?” “Sure Male1, we can adapt them to run on our systems.” “Good, get anything that looks interesting, then let’s get out of here.” I added, “This place is Creepy.”
These beautiful humans didn’t understand exactly my terminology, but there were no complaints about my desire to leave as soon as possible. They all felt the compressing darkness of the place. Call it ghosts or whatever you will. This place was an Evil establishment!
“Male1,” called Female15, one of our Biologists. “Come and look at this!” I looked at the papers she was holding and she was beginning to shake. I held her tight and began to read: The papers contained final numbers and stats about; [Extermination of Undesirables]! The final count at the bottom of the page, dated 2010 read12, 340,566 Undesirables Exterminated at FEMA Camp36! “There were 200 million Americans at about this time and over 12million were exterminated at this facility!”
I was stunned! The Evil of that Scientific Dictatorship that had hold of the government back then had done this here and probably more at other camps that were known to exist. Now I shook too! I began to sob, I wanted to and tried to, remove my head piece. Female came to me and held me tight. “You Must Be Strong for us Male!” she said sternly but with loving care. “That G. D. Government, run by those Eugenicists Murdered over 12million of my fellow countrymen at this facility alone!” I said in a mixture of disgust and anguish.
I held Female15 very tightly and Female held me tight as well. I stood there, my mind in turmoil for several minutes. Then Female quietly said, “Male you must get hold of yourself, you must stand firm for us, we all need you. I need you!” I turned to look at her from my visor thru to her beautiful eyes behind her visor. I couldn’t let her down! “Yes, yes, you are right Female. The past is the past.” I turned them both and looked at them. Female and Female15 looked at me and I said, “The past is the past, We must learn from it and see to it that such a thing Never happens again!”
We gathered the computer discs in a handy bag that one of the engineers had brought along and left this disgusting dismal place!
Exiting the building we hoped on the RDV for a ride to checkout one of the huge Warehouse like buildings that were neatly laid out in rows throughout the camp. What did I really expect to find, I don’t know?
We opened one of the airtight sealed building doors and stepped into neat corridors or shelving thousands of yards long. The shelving was strong and sturdy and clean white, the building was in good order. But what was on the shelves made me gag and want to vomit! There neatly stacked in rows as to size and type were Thousands and Thousands of human skulls. Tags were stuck to them denoting medical stats and other data. Our biologists, recovered as well as we all could be, studied these with clinical efficiency. Again I didn’t want to stay long. I got no arguments on that from anyone. We inspected the place for only about 15 minutes that seemed like it was hours.
My next concern that I had to focus on was finding out anything about the Tripods that could be discovered.” The computer discs should tell us if there is anything here about the Tripods,” said Male19. “Right, let’s get back then, there’s nothing here we need,” I said. The Biologists concurred.
We boarded the RDV and headed back to our convoy of colonists. Female talked to me lovingly and confidently as we road back to the convoy. “Male, look at our convoy vehicles, they are filled with happy humans. Humans that mean to build a happy future. You must concentrate on that. Leave the ashes of the past and let the dead rest and concentrate on helping us to build a bright and happy future! Can you do it Male?” “YES!, Yes I Can! I am an Amer-I-Can, the last of my kind. For their memory, and for You, I’ll help build that bright future that you dream of Female. You and all my fellow humans can count on me!” Female smiled her happy smile at me as we cuddled together riding along on the RDV. I could see her bright eyes and happy smile as our headpieces were pressed together. “Hey, That is the happy smile I always want to see. Whatever I have to endure to see that smile, I’ll do it ok?” We held each other as we arrived back at Vehicle1.

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