Gourmet Food

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The sun shined down brightly on a beautiful green valley, an old volcanic crater, surrounded by wooded mountains. The majority of the valley was filled with a huge, deep mountain lake glittering in the sun. The lake reflected the surrounding mountains and a few white fluffy clouds. It’s surface was marred only by the wake of a canoe paddling gently across it’s calm waters, and the reflection of a great dark hulking saucer floating high above it.

The tiny village, made up of tepee’s and wooden hogans, was located near the edge of the lake. It’s people went about their daily routine, oblivious to the great saucer in the sky. It was a site they had grown up with, and seen almost daily. It was comforting. But the villagers called the saucer the Great Hat, because it bore a strong resemblance to a hat worn by their ancestors.
A group of men fished from the bank of the lake. Women and children with baskets picked fruits and berries from the surrounding mountains. Both men and women tilled the huge garden just beyond the village. The garden provided most of their food.

The surrounding mountains and the great saucer above, provide the remainder.
Even among all the industrious work in and around the village, there was still ample time for play. Men and women frolicked in the lake, and the nearby meadow, laughing, chasing, and loving. Children looked on and followed their examples, learning proper reproduction at an early age, to please the Great Hat. On Fornecia people passed the time by either one of two things, gathering food, or making love.

A strikingly beautiful blonde woman was being chased across the meadow by an equally attractive and blonde man. They stopped beneath the shadow of the Great Hat, then laughing, plunged onward.

Cassey squealed breathlessly when she saw Thin catching up. She laughed, turning to sprint through the tall grass and daises of the valley meadow. Thin watched the left cheek of her ass protruding from the ragged raccoon skin she used as a skirt. Her naked, full, large breasts bounced enticingly on her chest. Thin’s cock was hard, wagging painfully inside his own deer skin loincloth.

Cassey was a beautiful girl, with long blonde hair and tanned skin. She was healthy, but then again they were all healthy. Thin could never remember any Fornecian growing ill and dying. The Great Hat would provide medicine long before illness could strike. There was no death on Fornecia. Only health, happiness, and sex, lots of sex. Fornecians commonly had sex up to six or seven times a day. The Great Hat seemed to encourage this. Fornecian’s were the willing subjects of the Great Hat. The Great Hat provided food, implements needed for everyday life, and advice if it was properly petitioned.

The only goal of the Fornecians was to be happy until they attain the age of ascension, then they could reap the wealth of their hard-earned retirement. When a Fornecian reached the age of 16 to 18, they were taken up to the Great Hat on a glowing beam of light. The Great Hat was their guardian and protector. It was known fact that those who rose to meet the Great Hat lived out their lives in pampered luxury.

If he had thought of it, Thin might wonder why no adults were left on Fornecia to raise their young. He also might have added up his summers and realized that both he and Cassey had nearly attained the age of ascension. He might of began planning, possibly worrying about all the possibilities. He might wonder why Cassey’s five previous offspring had been taken from her to be raised, until the age of 5, on the Great Hat. But with a soft attractive ass such as Cassey’s in front of him, he only thought of Cassey.

“Stop, I’m getting tired,” Thin yelled. “If you tire me too much, I will have no strength left to pleasure you.”
“Who said I wanted to be pleasured by you?” she laughed, running in circles before him.
“Who else has pleasured you in the past 10 summers?” he laughed, slumping to the ground.
“Ten?” she seemed startled.

“At least. Maybe more. We started early, remember?”
“Yeah, we did, didn’t we,” she said thoughtfully. She slumped to the ground next to Thin. Thin lunged forward and pressed his nose against her soft, pliable ass.
She giggled, but remained in place as he pressed his long, narrow nose against her sweet asshole, as if trying to burrow it’s way inside her. He finally pulled back and licked her spinster lovingly. She shivered and pressed back against his face. The slight trace of sweat gave her ass and pussy a sultry, forbidden scent and taste.

The Great Hat decreed that all Fornecians must keep themselves spotlessly clean. Those who did not follow this rule could find themselves the target of cold, stinging, mediciny water dropped from above. The Great Hat kept track of such things. The Great Hat was omnipotent.
Thin slid his face down until his mouth encountered her sweet, blonde pussy. He licked her diligently. She liked being loved from behind. He liked loving her that way. Her ass was her very best asset.

He straightened and pressed his hard cock into the crack of her ass. Her ass felt good against his hips as he pressed his hard cock against her pussy, parted her velvety lips, and pushed hard to impale her. She gasped as he plunged up inside her hot, moist love canal.
“I think you’ve grown,” she gasped, in time with his massive thrusts.

“No, I’ve reached the age of ascension, I’ve quit growing,” he said absently, then stopped in mid-thrust. His mind began churning over the hundreds of illicit rumors about the Great Hat. One in particular about their growth.

Gasping at the loss of his thrusting cock, Cassey began pushing back against him, picking up the tempo herself.

“Sorry,” Thin said, kissing her left ear as he continued his pistoning strokes.
“That feels so good,” she sighed, wiggling her ass against his crotch as he fully inserted himself. “Do you think they have lot’s of sex on the Great Hat?” she mused, looking up at the sky. Sure enough, there was the great hovering saucer, faithfully positioned above them. It rarely left. Were they watching Cassey and Thin now? Cassey never thought she’d be embarrassed by the presence of the Great Hat before. Suddenly, she felt very uncomfortable.

“Thin, do you think they are watching? What would the adults do up there?”
“I don’t know,” he gasped as he slid his cock in and out of her velvety lips. He shuddered and closed his eyes as the intense pleasure crept from his crotch throughout his entire body. Heat burned in his ass, his loins were molten pools of liquid fire. He knew he was building to a fantastic orgasm. He reached around Cassey and grasped her ample breasts. Even after five kids she was still physically perfect. Her waist was slender, despite her ample breasts and full ass. She was magnificent. Her short, compact body felt good against his hips and chest. Her firm breasts felt glorious in his hands. Her pussy grasped his cock like a hand in a glove.

“They could be watching,” she said objectively. “We’d never know.”
“Oh God!” Thin screamed. Shut up about the Great Hat, will you. I’m about to orgasm.”
“Go ahead,” she said as she relaxed on the grass. “I’m not in the mood, but your body feels good against mine. I just wish you would quit jolting me. The grass burns my skin.”
“On no,” Thin moaned, trying to concentrate on her sweet ass. He felt the fire building slowly, his balls burned with intense heat. He should have cum already, but her annoying chatter was delaying him. They had been at it for over 30 minutes now. His first impulse was to go on without her, but his pride wanted her to cum too.

“Oh yes, that does feel good,” she said, nuzzling her face into the crook of her soft arm. “I hope we ascend together,” she sighed. Thin could hold off no longer. It was obvious that Cassey, for the first time he had known her, would not cum. He was very disappointed, but his cock needed relief. He suddenly stiffened and pressed his body tightly against hers. He shuddered as his cock emptied it’s contents into her how, moist pussy. Finally he collapsed behind her, totally exhausted.

“All done?” she asked brightly.
“Yeah, I’m done,” he said in disappointment. Maybe it was time to find a new partner. He still grew hard at the very sight of Cassey, and his blood boiled when he saw other’s looking at her, but maybe it was time for his ascension. Maybe he had grown up enough to move on, look for other mates.

“Huh,” he was startled back to reality. He knew she had been talking to him, but he’d missed her meaning.
“Can we talk about ascension? It’s nearly time, you know.”
“Yeah. And I think they are right, everyone’s time runs out when they stop growing. What does that mean, Cassey? Why take people up to the Great Hat, when they finish growing. What happens?”

“Well, they stop growing.”
“And what does that mean? How does that change a person?” he asked intensely.
“I guess… I guess it really doesn’t. The only change would be that they continue feeding us, but we no longer get larger.”
“Yeah. And what would that signify? Why would that matter?” he asked, suddenly ashen.
“I don’t know, you tell me,” she said, suddenly impatient.
“Think about growing things. Think about a tree. You plant a seed and it grows to full height. Would you kill it?”

“No, of course not… except maybe for it’s lumber.”
“And a carrot. You plant a carrot and it reaches full size. Would you pluck it from the ground?”
“Sure, if it was done grow… Oh God, Thin, what are you saying?”
“Long ago people ate meat. I’m sure the rumors were true,” he said, looking at the Great Hat.
“What’s that got to do with us?”
“We are meat,” he said, grasping her hand and gripping it tightly.
“No!” she shouted.
“Yes. Meat comes from animals. Meat has blood and fat. We are meat,” Thin gasped.
“Oh Thin, do you know what that means?” Cassey screamed.
“It means that they could be farming us for food. It’s the only thing that makes sense.”
“No, Thin, no!” she turned away. “We’ve had friends,” she looked up at the Great Hat again.
“I know, dam it, I know,” he wailed.
“What can we do?” she asked helplessly.
“Hide? Run away?”
“Would… would that work? Have others run?”
“I think so. It’s never discussed, but I believe people have disappeared before they ascend.”
“Maybe we could leave when the Great Hat is not in the sky.”
“It only leaves after three full moons. How long since the last time?”
“I… right after Sheena ascended. Almost three moons now. It was in the winter.”
“So it’s due to leave. But how long do we have? And if it only leaves after picking up the adults, we may have no time at all. The light could come on at any time and lift us up. It only left AFTER Sheena ascended,” he reminded her.

“Thin, I’m afraid,” Cassey moaned.
“I know. Let’s try to act normal while we figure things out. After all, we could have several moons left, perhaps several seasons.”

“Ok,” she said hesitantly. She meekly followed him toward the village.
They found Lefa, the most prolific child bearing woman in the village, surrounded by lovers. Thin paused, feeling his cock hardening in his loincloth. He seldom made love twice in one hour, because it tended to chafe his loins. But anybody could make an exception for Lefa. She was such a tease. At the moment she sucking Regen’s cock, as he knelt with one leg on each side of her chest. Rytha and Dianne were sucking on her ample, milk-filled breasts, taking their daily sustenance from her breasts, while she fingered each pussy with her outstretched hands. Her fingers were wet, coated with pussy juice, so they must have been at it for some time. And of course Lefa favorite concubine, Ezel, was lapping heartily between her legs. Ezel was a younger, blonde version of Lefa. Lefa had light brown hair and the most ample figure in the village. Since the age of ten she had steadily born a child, with a total of 7 in all. She was the third member of the village to reach the age of ascension. Thin planned on speaking to her, after he gave Cassey a good fuck.

“I need you,” Thin whispered into Cassey’s golden hair.
“Me too,” she gave him a quick smile and knelt in the grass near Lefa’s feet. She too wanted to watch Lefa while she fucked. They had done it before, often. Lefa was so sexy. She had a full figure, huge breasts and hips to match. Her soft lips were legendary. There were few people in the village, who had not kissed them. Lefa liked to kiss. Lefa liked sex. She had joined Thin and Cassey many times, and each time was magnificent.

“Oh, I can feel you draining my breasts,” Lefa whispered. Her breasts had been continually milking since her third child. They were a wonderful form of entertainment, and nourishment.
“You’ve started a fire in my pussy, Ezel, now you must put it out,” she smiled down at the plump blonde girl before taking Regen’s cock into her mouth again. Regen gave a whining cry as the hot lips encircled his manhood. She fingered each pussy rapidly, while she bobbed on Regen’s cock. Ezel’s mouth worked diligently on her pussy. She licked and pulled at the pink, rubbery flesh then sucked the dark fuck hole for it’s juices. Lefa rose up off the ground, thrusting her pussy against Ezel’s mouth as she sucked her pussy dry. In a moment Ezel resumed her lapping, but this time she began on Lefa’s clit. Everyone knew the end was near. Lefa was getting very violent. She had three fingers thrust up inside Rytha and Dianne, thrusting violently. Rytha and Dianne cried lightly, but continued drinking from Lefa’s huge breasts. Her breasts were now visibly empty. They hung down on her chest like deflated balloons. In a few hours they would be full again and ready for the next customers. Lefa loved nursing, especially during sex.

Thin pumped his cock in and out of Cassey’s still juicy pussy. She was down on her hands and knees, less that three feet from Lefa’s pussy, watching intensely, while Thin slammed into her naked ass. Her skin skirt was thrown up on her back. Her golden ass glinted in the sunlight, generating more than one jealous glance. Many in camp resented Thin and Cassey’s monogamous relationship. Sexual freedom was a way of life to the Fornecians.

Regen began panting loudly. He held Lefa’s head in his hands and pumped his huge cock into her mouth. He was only seconds from an orgasm now. His eyes rolled back into his head. He tipped his head back and moaned, then stiffened as his orgasm struck.

“Oh yes,” he screamed as his cock pumped cum into Lefa’s lips. Her hot sucking lips greedily sought each spurt and drop of cum, savoring it like a precious wine. She drank enthusiastically, not realizing that her own orgasm was only seconds away. Caught unawares, she stiffened with wide eyes, jerked her mouth aside and screamed. Her back arched and her ass rose up off the ground. The girls rode her stiffened fingers to bring on their own orgasm. She didn’t even seem to notice. Her eyes went to Cassey as her orgasm seemed to go on and on.

Cassey was still staring into her eyes when her own orgasm struck. She panted and squealed. Thin intensified his attack to cum with her. He was a little late, but it didn’t matter. In a moment tired, satisfied people began to fall on the grass, on or near Lefa. She smiled at her friends. She took her juice coated fingers and fed them to each girl belonging to the juice. The girls sucked eagerly, clearing off every last drop of sweet fluid.

“A wonderful day,” Lefa said to Cassey. “But you look troubled.”
Thin nudged her into silence.
“I will explain later,” Cassey whispered.
Lefa nodded with an odd look.

Thin moaned, rolling in the furs. He rolled into his roommate Theo, who pushed him harshly aside.

Thin dreamed of many things, including apples which grew to fruition and were plucked and eaten by the Great Hat. Eventually he found himself hanging on the tree. He heard a noise behind him and turned to find Cassey hanging on the tree as well. Even as he looked a great hand came down and plucked her. He watched her struggling body being thrust toward a great open mouth full of white teeth. The mouth closed and Cassey screamed.

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