Laundry Lay

Author: Goblin

I live in an old townhouse downtown that has been converted into apartments. It’s a long haul up to my apartment on the fourth floor and it’s even worse on laundry day. With the laundry room being down in the basement, it’s like three or four trips up and down during the day and you are never guaranteed that the machines will be available or in working order. I only put up with it because of how cheap the rent is for such a large space this close to work.

About a month ago, a new woman moved into the apartment directly below me. She was sexy, with an ass that wouldn’t stop and these boobs that must have been at least 38DD. Her hair was a raven black and when she smiled, you could tell she’d spent a lot of money to keep them a lustrous pearly white. Oh, and she had these deep green eyes. Just a hot package all around and from the sounds emanating from her place late at night, she was very popular, too. Once, at three in the morning, I heard a scream and the sound of a big piece of metal hitting the floor. That was also the morning when one of her boyfriends came limping down the stairs past me. I guess they had had a little accident.

She’d never said more than a couple of words hello, though, when we were passing on the stairs or ran into each other at the mailbox. I didn’t even bother trying to chat her up. I had seen situations like this before where trouble had started amongst the tenants in a building once they’d started sleeping together. It’s too easy to find each other once it’s over and one of you is always popping in wanting to borrow something. I did wonder what it would be like to fuck her, though.

Anyway, I was down in the laundry room tossing a load into the dryer and with one in the washer when she came in, carrying a basket of her own. My eyes kind of locked on her for a moment because she was wearing these workout tights that were cut down to just below her breasts. They were so big, that they sort of flopped to the sides and spread it apart so you could see just enough to get all horned up, but not enough for her to get arrested for indecent exposure. As far as I could tell, all she did all day was sit up there watching television and working out. I’d never seen her leaving or coming home when other people who had to labor tended to be on he move.

All that working out had sure paid off, though. She had these long, smooth legs that were perfectly proportioned for a woman who was almost six feet tall. And the tightest ass. She looked kind of like one of those Las Vegas showgirls you see in the tv commercials. She headed straight for the washer that was free without even a hello. For a second the thought crossed my mind that she must be a stuck-up bitch and that I could tell her so, but I thought better of it and continued sorting and folding clothes as I waited for the next batch to finish. Every once in a while, I snuck a look at the lingerie she was loading into her washer. You could sure tell she wasn’t married. It was all sheer and clingy and looked like it had come from Victoria’s Secret.

I started for the door with my full basket when I heard a bang and a yell. I set my laundry down an walked over to her. The slider where you put your change to start the washing machine had jammed shut without dropping her coins in and the washer wouldn’t start. She couldn’t get her coins back, either. It was a simple enough thing to fix. I just grabbed the slider tight with my hand and gave it a strong yank. As my arm came back, my elbow bumped into something soft and warm. It was one of those huge tits of hers. She’d gotten right up behind me to watch what I did. I let it stay there, rubbing up against her breast for a minute and she didn’t say a word. She just smiled, said thank you, and told me she hoped that there was something she could do for me some day.

As I headed on up the stairs to my apartment with my laundry basket, there were quite a few things I thought up in my mind that she could do for me and they all revolved around her tits and that nice, firm butt of hers. After I’d put away that load of clothes, I headed back on down to wait for the next batch. I never expected to find what I did once I got there, though. She was sitting there, nude, on top of her washing machine with her legs spread wide apart and her head thrown back. I could tell from the sound of the machine that it had gone into the spin cycle. She was sitting there wiggling on it. I’d heard that some women got off on this, but I hadn’t believed it until now. I announced myself by dropping my basket. The loud noise startled her and she jumped down off the washer, covering her tits with her hands. This left her pussy exposed and I could see that she had a bush trimmed in the pattern of a heart and that her juices had left it glistening in the light from the fluorescents hanging from the ceiling.

She just kind of stood there, staring at me, so I thought "what the fuck" and I walked over and stood right in front of her. Her lips parted slightly as her hands fell from her breasts and the tip of her tongue ran across them from one side of her mouth to the other. That was all the signal I needed and I could feel my cock getting hard. I reached out and touched her boobs. They were warm and firm to the touch. I palmed them and gave them a squeeze. I ‘d never been with a woman with tits this big. She reached down between my legs and began rubbing the flat of her hand against my crotch. My cock became stiff and uncomfortable as it rose up in response.

I ran my hand down her firm, tight body and felt around her quim. It was drenched with her juices from her ride on the washer. I decided then and there that I just had to fuck her! It was the middle of the afternoon, so the odds were that we wouldn’t get caught and how often would I get a chance like this?. I lifted her back up onto the washing machine and got my tongue busy down in-between her legs. I lapped at her pussy and it tasted like honey. I ran my lips around her labia and then nibbled and tickled her clit while I worked my fingers in and out of her vagina. I could feel her juice starting to run again, so I unzipped my jeans and flopped out my cock. She reached down with those smooth, petite hands of hers and began stroking it. She held it tight and stroked it fast. Too fast. I wanted to fuck her, so I pulled her hand away and slipped my hands round her waist and down to that sweet ass of her’s. I pulled her off of the washer and once her feet were back on the floor, I turned her around. She bent over braced herself against the machine as I ran the head of my cock along her ass crack. I slapped her butt with it a couple of times and it swelled up to it’s full eight inches.

I stepped up to the plate and she reached from underneath and guided my cock into her pussy. Once the head was in, I shoved the rest of it in hard. Her back arched and she gave out a purr as I grabbed hold of her waist and began thrusting my hips into her with hard fast strokes. I began slapping her ass with every thrust as if I were a jockey whipping a horse home. She didn’t seem to mind it and gave out these moans of pleasure that just drove me wild. I started thrusting harder and could hear the slap of my thighs as they banged against that bubble ass of hers. I was banging her so hard that it was lifting up the front of the washing machine with every downstroke. She just began screaming that she wanted more more more! Now I knew what all the noise from her apartment was. She was a screamer. I didn’t care at this point. If someone came in and caught us I was in no condition to stop. I had to drive this bitch home.

My cock was beginning to pulse and throb and I could feel the cum start to well up from the base. My balls were tight up against the shaft and I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I tried a few, slow, long strokes trying to hold back, but it wasn’t gonna work, I just had to go for it and I could feel her bucking back against me as she reached her climax. That was all she wrote for me and I blew a huge load of my love cream. I collapsed onto her back and kissed and carressed her as I recovered my senses. She just sort of gyrated her ass and murmured, so I guess she had enjoyed it as much as I did. Before we could say anything to each other, there was a noise from the direction of the stairs. We rushed to grab our clothes and cover up. We just barely got ourselves dressed when the old lady from 3B came walking in. I’m not sure if she noticed that we were all disheveled or not. I’ve never had another experience like that with her in the laundry room again, but I do know her name now. It’s April and she has to come by my place to borrow a cup of cream quite a bit nowadays. What did I tell you about fooling around with other people in your building?

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