Summer Solstice

Afterward, Lisa spoke, “ Well, do you have any ideas as to what caused it; that’s why I drove here, to find out if you know anything; there’s no one else for me to turn to.”

Looking at her for a moment, Audrey replied, “I’ve got a partial hypothesis, but I’ve got to test it out.” Then she added, “ From looking at your records back during our previous interview, I saw you’re pretty bright, perhaps you can help me out here.”

“ Sure, I’ll help you with anything you need.”

Afterward, Audrey went over to some electrical equipment and looked down at it, saying to Lisa, “ The first thing we’ve go to do is get some power.” Next, the sexy dark haired genius bent down and reached for the pull cord upon the devise below her, for it was an electric generator powered by gas. Moreover, the exhaust pipe went into the wall exhaling the fumes to the outside. After three pulls, the thing started. Also, it had a muffler on it; hence there wasn’t much noise. Next, Audrey said, “ Good, let’s get busy.” As a result, Audrey pointed at some equipment on the other side of the room and told Lisa to bring it over. Responding, the blond returned with the said devise. Then, Audrey began assembling the different component parts that she also had before her. Eventually, she began working on the object Lisa carried over.

While Audrey worked away, Lisa stood there and watched. However, two minutes later, she ask, “ So what’s your theory?” “ How do you think all this shit happened?”

Shifting her attention momentarily toward Lisa, Audrey ask in reply, “ Did you notice today’s date?”

“ Yea, it’s June 21.”

“ Yes, but it’s a special day out of the year.”

Musing for a second, Lisa said, “ Yea, it’s the summer solstice, the longest day of the year.”

“ Also, this year, there’s increased activity on the sun; the flares are more intense than usual.”, Audrey added.

Lisa was now picking up her point, “ Right, and today, the sun’s rays are directly perpendicular with the northern hemisphere.” She also said, “ That may explain a greater influence of the sun relative to what goes on down here.”

Audrey next remarked, “ In addition to the northern hemisphere, it’s possible that the whole world could have been affected, for the bulk of the world’s equipment depends upon the satellites directly above this country.”

Understanding where Audrey was going, Lisa ask, “ So how do you intend to fix it?”

“ I’ll have to study some communication equipment and see how it’s been affected, perhaps there’s a way to reverse everything.” Then, she said, “ Wait here, I know a devise that I know for sure has been influenced by the problem.”

Leaning herself against one of the tables, Lisa simply nodded as Audrey left the lab.

Walking back up to the design center, the supervisor entered the room, being greeted by her little friends who yelled up to her, “ Did you find anything out?”

Audrey simply replied, “ I’m working on it.”

Going over to desk number sixteen, she separated the computer from both the monitor and keypad. With only the rectangular computer box in hand, Audrey left and returned down to the lab. She placed it atop the same table Lisa was leaning her ass against and said, “ The problem should be in the motem; don’t you think?” Lisa agreed. Audrey removed the said part and walked with it in hand over to the equipment she was previously setting up. Afterward, she attached the computer part to the other devise and ran a diagnostics test. Sure enough, she noted a discrepancy in the circuitry. She said to Lisa, “ Here, just as I figured.”

Lisa came and observed the effect. The blond remarked, “ Yea, something’s different about that IC.”

Afterward, Audrey ask the lab computer, which had no motum and hence was free from the shrink problem, to make a schematic printout of the modem circuitry. Finally, she had her answer. The schematic told her that a very rapid succession of micro second glitches of a higher intensity overrode the normal pattern and created its own design similar to a cancer cell in a living organism. However, upon further inspection, the brunette remarked to the blond, “ You know, we can change this; it can be reversed.”

Lisa then said, “ Indeed, I know just the thing.” Sitting down, she got a pen and redesigned a portion of the modem’s circuitry that was affected.

Audrey looked down at the plan and said, “ Hey, not bad Lisa; however, you forgot about the induction parameter.” Next, Audrey ask for the pen and redrew the schematic, adding the additional lines and nodes. Finally, both women agreed that the new design should work.

With the paper in hand, Audrey began to assemble some simple IC’s upon a circuit board. Next, she took a modem, bypassed part of its inner network, and connected the modem up to the new design. Eventually, they completed the construction of a new modem. Also, this devise was compact enough to fit back into the original slot upon the computer which she, Audrey, had brought down from upstairs. Therefore, upon taking the thing, Audrey walked over to the rectangular computer box. After sliding the modem into its place, she finally tightened all the screws. That done, the sexy feline was ready to carry the box back to the design room.

However, just as she was about to reach for the computer, her blouse caught itself on the table’s edge. Next, the buttons were torn off and the front flew open, revealing Audrey’s bra. Lisa looked at the woman who smiled back embarrassingly. Then, the young attractive blond felt a rush go through her. As far as she knew, she wasn’t a lesbian; however, for some reason or another, she felt attracted to the sexy dark haired supervisor. As a result, Lisa slowly went up to Audrey and gently said, “ Eversince I first saw you, I’ve always respected you.”, saying this with a soft and seductive tone.

At first, Audrey only stared on; however, seven seconds later, she said, “ You’re pretty great yourself; you sure knew how to design that schematic pretty fast.”

Smiling, Lisa replied, “ Pretty fast?; that’s not all that’s pretty around here!” Audrey knew what she meant. In addition, she too was feeling something for Lisa.” They looked into each other’s eyes for five seconds until Lisa moved her left hand over to Audrey’s shoulder and began to caress. Audrey returned the gesture by placing her hand upon the blond’s ass. Next, Audrey opened her bra and let it fall to the floor. Lisa removed her shirt. Afterward, Audrey unbuttoned Lisa’s jeans and pushed them down and over the sandals. Finally, Audrey opened her pants and slipped them off. In the end, she removed her panties. Both felines were now at it with full vigor!

Going to her knees, Lisa stuck her tongue up Audrey’s slit. She licked away as the brunette laid her hands upon the blond’s hair and caressed away. Next, Audrey moaned and moaned. However, just before she came, the other female backed off and gently turned Audrey around so the electronic designer’s ass was now in the student’s face. With total respect and enthusiasm, the young lady kissed away at Audrey’s rear. Five minutes later, Audrey sank to her knees and Lisa stood up. Then, Lisa turned around and made a few steps back so Audrey’s face was directly before her cunt. As a result, Audrey returned the previous favor and licked away at the girl’s pussy. Nevertheless, right before Lisa was about to come, the brunette withdrew her tongue and moved her head back. Afterward, Lisa sank to the floor, and both horny dykes sat next to each other and gazed in their respective eyes. Lisa said, “ I love you Audrey.”

Audrey replied seductively, “ I love you too Lisa.”

Without much further ado, both slid their middle fingers up each other’s cunt and began playing. The mutual stimulation went on for ten minutes until they both came almost in unison. Slightly exhausted, yet refreshed, the ladies slowly got to their feet. Audrey remarked, “ Well, now that we’re sufficiently introduced to one another, we’ll have a great time working together.” Smiling, Lisa gently laid her hand on Audrey’s pretty ass. Audrey smiled back, but nevertheless said, “ Ok, we’ve got to take this thing upstairs and see if it works.”

Next, Lisa stated, “ Wait, there’s a problem.”

“ Why, what’s wrong?”, ask Audrey.

“ How are we gonna power the computer? There’s no electricity up there.”

Glancing to one side and pushing her lips tightly together, Audrey only said, “ Shit!”

Next, Lisa inquired, “ Aren’t there any electrical cords here?”

“ Yea, but we’ve only got two.”

Then, the dark haired one went on, “ Tell you what, I’ll leave and go to a hardware store; there’s one only a half a mile away, why don’t you take the computer box upstairs, and I’ll meet you there when I get back; it won’t be more than fifteen to twenty minutes.” Lisa nodded in agreement. She grabbed the rectangular thing and went upstairs. Also, non of the two women worried about being naked, for it was now totally clear to them that they were the only two normal sized people left in the area; all the shrunken people were also naked, so it didn’t matter. Consequently, Audrey, wearing only the knee high black leather boots with elevated heels, left the building, got into her car, drove to the hardware store, and went inside.

Inside the store, Audrey went strait to the electrical isle. To her right, at the base of the merchandise fixture, she found the one hundred foot yellow extension cords. As a result, the sexy woman squatted down before the bin and grabbed as many cords as she could hold. However, as Audrey took up the objects, she heard a feight little yell from below her ass. Turning her head back, she moved slightly over and saw a three inch tall little naked man looking up to her, crying, “ Help me, help, can you help me?!”

Audrey only replied rudely with, “Not now bug fucker, I’m busy!” Nevertheless, he continued to pester.

After Audrey got all the cord packs together, she stood up and was about to leave when he screamed up to her, “ You dam bitch!”

Audrey turned around and stared down at the little one. Standing before him, she ask wickedly, “ What did you call me?” Realizing his mistake, the man backed off a few steps as Audrey went on, “ You’re in no position to call me anything.” Then, she gave him a diabolical smile, looked both ways, and brought the sole of her stiletto masterpiece right down atop the tiny creature. All she heard was a little pop as his insignificant body exploded under her boot. Satisfied, she turned around and went out to her car. Finally, Audrey threw the cords on the passenger seat and got in, started the car, and drove back to the corporation.

Pulling into the company’s front parkinglot, the dark haired vixen turned off the ignition. She reached over toward the yellow extension cords and took them all up. Afterward, the lady left the vehicle and entered the building, ascended the stairs, and went into the lab. With that done, Audrey threw the cords down and left the room to head upstairs. Entering the stair well, she went up to the sixth floor. When Audrey got to the said floor, she walked out into the hall and toward the design room. Also, the room’s door was propped open with a wedge; indeed, it had been so all day. However, as she neared, she heard a sound coming forth. Walking closer, she could discern that it was Lisa. Audrey went through the door and turned the corner. Her eyes fell strait upon Lisa’s body stretched out on the floor. Lying there, the young blond was shoving one of the little guys in and out of her cunt! As Audrey approached, Lisa heard the boots and quickly sat up with the helpless male in her hand. Slightly afraid and embarrassed, Lisa said with a guilty smile, “ I was only having some fun; I didn’t hurt anyone.”

However, to Lisa’s surprise, the supervisor smiled down at her and laughed, saying, “ Don’t worry, I did the same with some of the people back at my condo place.” Relieved, Lisa put the man down and got up.

Next, Audrey turned her attention to the tiny ones and said, “ Guess what, I think I’ve found a way to reverse the shrink problem and bring all of you back to normal.”

Consequently, the little creatures all looked cheerful and said, “ Boy, I hope this works!”

Afterward, “ Audrey said, “ Lisa, wait here, I’ll be back with the electric power; I’ve got a whole bunch of cords; I’ll plug them together and run the line up here.” With that said, Audrey left and went down to the lab. She assembled the extension cords and ran the entire assembly from the lab up to the design room on the sixth floor. Finally, she was ready to test the new modem on the people.

The supervisor reassembled the computer components, making sure the monitor was correctly attached to the box. Next, she plugged the AC outlet of the computer into the extension cord. With all done, Audrey remarked to Lisa, “ Well, all we’ve got to do is turn the thing on and click the motum icon; I redesigned it so the reversal effect is independent of having to be on line or not.” Afterward, she turned the monitor screen toward the shrunken ones. Then, Audrey moved the cursor to the “my computer icon”, clicked, and hence displayed the motum picture. After that, clicking on this icon, she retrieved a page which gave her a number of options. One of the options activated the motum. Remarking to Lisa, she said, “ When I make the next click here, we’ll know.”

However, Lisa interceded and said, “ Don’t you think we should stand behind the panel when we click the mouse; what if something goes wrong and it screws us up?”

Pausing for a second, Audrey said while nodding, “ Good idea, but the mouse cord isn’t long enough; I’ll be back from the lab; we’ve got extensions down there.” Audrey returned three minutes later with a mouse extension cord, plugging it into the appropriate place and finally ventured with Lisa behind the panel, standing herself before the desk. While leaning her sexy ass against the desk’s side, Audrey depressed the mouse. From the ceiling, they both saw the partial reflection of a bright light.

Next, the two women heard a voice, “ It’s working, it’s working, I’m getting bigger!” Also, a strange sound seemed to emerge from behind the panel, coming from the location of the makeshift computer. Finally, the noise stopped.

Audrey and Lisa looked at one another, Their mutual gazes broke at the sound of a woman’s shoes moving closer to the panel from the other side. Next, emerging around the corner at the panel’s end, a lady turned and yelled to the two felines, “ Look at me, I’m normal again!”, glancing at her own hands as she spoke. Truly, the female was uplifted as she voloped in her return to normality. Then, another female employee stuck her head around the corner and congratulated Audrey for her workmanship, that is, workmanship. Smiling back, Audrey ventured to the end of the makeshift wall. Following, Lisa and the two other women went into the larger open area. There, they were met by a group of jubilant people. However, Audrey automatically noticed one thing, the people who were all standing around naked and returned to normal were all women. As she approached, she noticed the males were still three inches tall. In fact, they stood around looking up to the women with expressions of wonder, fear, and bewilderment.

Eventually, one of the men yelled up to Audrey, “ What about us, why didn’t you return us to normal?”

Looking down at the tiny members of the opposite gender, she answered, “ I don’t know, everyone’s supposed to return to normal.”

With an inquisitive expression, she turned to Lisa. Lisa replied, “ Maybe it’s due to something about the biological differences between males and females.”

Audrey agreed, for she said, “I’ve got a hunch, I’ll have to investigate.” Next, Audrey spoke to the other females in the room, “ Hey girls, how about helping Lisa and me find out how to return the men to normal.” Complying, the women all ventured downstairs to the lab.

Entering the laboratory, Audrey was followed by Lisa and fourteen women, for of the twenty two individuals working under Audrey, fourteen were female and the remaining eight were male. When she arrived in the same area she’d been previously working, the sexy and naked dark haired beauty began giving out instructions to her female companions. In addition, all of these women didn’t seem the least embarrassed about being naked, for they were all in mutual female company, and the males upstairs were too small to be of any harm. With the orders and procedures explained clearly, the felines went to work. An hour and sixteen minutes later, they figured out the problem. A female by the name of Bernice remarked, “ Here, look at this.” Eagerly, the rest of the ladies went over and looked at the lab computer’s screen. Bernice displayed two diagrams next to one another; they were each a detailed representation of the respective male and female sex chromosomes.Bernice said, “ See the different genes embedded in each of these chromosomes.” The group nodded as the lady continued, “ Well, if you look now at the electrical schematic of the abnormality which caused the original shrinkage, you can see that there’s a diode type effect.”

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