Summer Solstice

Nevertheless, despite the fear, one of the females yelled up angrily at Audrey while shaking her little fist, “ Hey, that’s my boyfriend you got there, go get your own!”

Looking down at the woman, Audrey laughed saying, “ Yea, and what are you going to do about it?”

Realizing her helplessness, the other lady became more subdued and said timidly, “ Well, ah, well, nothing, but…”

Audrey smiled and answered, “ Tell you what, I’ve got a boyfriend, I’ll trade you mine for yours.” Obviously, the other woman was in no position to make demands, she simply complied. Thus, Audrey said, “ I’ll be back in a few moments.” She stood up straight with the man in her hand and left the condo. Upon leaving, she saw Irene go inside and rejoin her fellow companions.

Ninety seconds later, the giantess returned with Luke in one hand, and the other individual in the other. She again squatted before the group and released Luke upon the floor, saying, “ Here you go, enjoy each other.” Next, she turned around slightly to observe Irene. Then, Audrey reached for the lady, got up, and returned to 628. Inside, she placed Irene upon the carpet. Audrey, on the other hand, sat down on the solfa, spread her legs, and began shoving the man in her hand in and out of her cunt, going on and on!

The sight of Audrey’s magnificent figure restimulated the janitor. Beginning to erect, he walked over to Irene. Laying his hand on her ass, he said, “ How about a little fuck, and at our size, it’ll really be little!” At first Irene backed off, but then she too started to get excited at the sight of the naked man before her. Immediately, she went down to her knees, grabbed his cock, and started sucking on it.

While Irene sucked away, Audrey had her orgasm; she tossed the little man aside atop the solfa cushion and got up. Walking over to the two little people making out, she stood before them with one hand resting upon her hip. Gazing down at them, she said, “ Why don’t you fuck her ass?” Both little ones looked up and Irene pulled her face back from the janitor’s dick. Next, reaching for Iren’s butt, the maintenance guy turned her around. Afterward, he poked his prick into her ass crack. Upon feeling the sensation, Irene went down on all fours and let him in. As he humped away, Audrey just stood there and studied all below her. Finally, he came up her asshole as Irene fingered herself to ecstasy. The janitor withdrew, and both of them stood up straight, looking up to the goddess.

Audrey said down to them, “ Enough funning around, we’ve really gotta find out what’s wrong.” Consequently, the brunette walked over to her stereo set and looked at it, remarking, “ What the fuck could have happened here?” Next, glancing at her watch, she noted the time, two fifteen. Turning again down to the two little naked ones, she said, “ I’m leaving; I’m going back to the research center; I’ve got to find something to fix this problem.” Then, Audrey went over to her clothes and slipped back in. Finally, she pushed her side lock behind her left ear and walked out, closing the door behind her. On her way to the stair well, the feline past suit 605. She yelled into the room, “ I’ll see you guys later.” Without waiting for a reply, she pulled open the emergency door and descended the stairs. Outside, the supervisor got into her car and drove back to “International Circuits”.

Getting to the company, she went inside. However, she didn’t return to her normal work area. She went instead straight to the experimental lab to see what could be done in reference to the apparent world wide problem. Further, it was now almost three o’clock when she put herself to work.

Earlier that same day, Lisa lay in her motel bed twenty one miles away from “ International Circuits”. Lying next to her was her boyfriend. Also, while glancing at the clock on the nighstand, she saw that it read ten thirty. Moreover, she hadn’t anyplace in particular to go that day, for school was out and she wouldn’t start work until a week later. In addition, Lisa had signed up for a workstudy program which would land her at “ International Circuits”. Indeed, she’d been studying electronic circuit theory for the past three collage years and was doing quite well with it. Truly, she was one of the brightest students, a shining star on the intellectual horizon.

Lisa had met her boyfriend at the same college. He was a business major. They liked each other at first sight and have been dating ever since.

Immediately after she awakened and saw that she had plenty of time to spare, the female reached over toward the naked body of her boyfriend and grabbed his cock. Massaging it until the organ became erect, caused him to awake. Looking into her eyes, Nick then moved his face to her tits. Afterward, he sucked away at her already hardened nipples. Consequently, Lisa brought her other hand to her cunt and fingered herself. Both naked love birds played along with each other until she came. Next, the attractive blond turned around and got on all fours. Then, moving back slightly, the lady stuck her beautiful ass directly into his face. Turning her head around, the blue eyed woman said, “ Hey, lick my ass, will you.” Nick didn’t hesitate, for her butt was really something to look at. Sticking his tongue between her asshole and her cunt, he began to lick, going up the crack until he was at the lower part of her back. Next, he did it all over again. Licking away at her lovely backside. Finally, he raised his chest so as to be only upon his knees. Then, he moved his crotch forward and stuck his dick up her asshole. Banging away, he finally came. Exhausted, the man pulled out and fell over upon the mattress.

Afterward, Lisa got off the bed and ventured into the bathroom. Closing the door behind her, she started to clean herself off. The time was now ten forty four. Nick slowly got up and went to the portable stereo placed upon the table next to the door. He turned it on and returned back to bed. Afterward, the guy laid himself down again and listened to the radio while Lisa finished up. However, four minutes later, a weird sound started coming from the radio. Next, the lights went out. Also, Nick felt funny. In the darkness, he felt as light as a feather.

Lisa was just finishing up when darkness enveloped her. “ Shit”, she said, “ Why do these things always have to happen when you least expect them?” However, she wasn’t affected by the shrink problem because the bathroom door was closed. Naturally, since the small chamber was dark, Lisa opened the door and went out. Again, she was greeted by almost complete darkness. Hence, the female walked over to the window curtain to slightly open it. While she walked over, Lisa remarked, “ Golly Nick, why didn’t you open the curtain, can’t you see the power went out!” Finally, she slid the curtain partially open. Then, Lisa turned around to see her little three inch high boyfriend seated helplessly upon the mattress.

Their eyes met. Stunned for a moment, Lisa looked on but then remarked, “ How did that happen; look at you, you’re no bigger than a mouse!” Slowly, the sexy naked blond walked over to Nick and looked down at him.

Listening, she heard his tiny cry, “ Lisa, what’s going on, what happened to me?”

“ I don’t know, but maybe it has something to do with the power outage.”

Then, Nick said up to his towering girlfriend, “ Yea, a strange noise came from the radio just before the lights went out.”

Walking over to the portable stereo, she did indeed see that he turned it on after she went into the bathroom. Next, Lisa turned off the switch and said, “ I guess we’ve just got to go outside and find out what the fuck’s going on.” As a result, the attractive 5’ 6” blond went over to a plastic bag on the floor into which she had a fresh change of clothes. She slipped into her white panties and bra. Afterward, the lady went into a very short pair of jean cutoffs. In the end, putting on a skimpy blouse, Lisa knotted the bottom together. Finally, the woman put on her high heeled sandals.

With all done, Lisa went over to Nick and raised him off the bed. Looking at him, she said, “ Here, you’ll go back there for now.” With a gentle motion, she let Nick fall into her back jean pocket. Then, the catty feline opened the motel door and went outside.

college girl was immediately struck with the pleasant warm ocean air, for the motel was located only a few hundred feet from the shore. Looking out upon the beach, she admired the sight. However, she obviously had more pressing things on her mind. Hence, Lisa ventured over to the motel office. Upon arrival, she rang the manual bell on the counter. No answer. Again, she depressed the pin. Again, no response. Nevertheless, she listened closer and heard a small cry, “ Down here, down here!” Consequently, the woman went around the counter and was greeted by the sight of a shrunken little three inch tall man. Standing before her feet, he yelled up to her, “ Help, don’t leave me here!”

While looking down, Lisa remarked, “ Wow, it looks as if everyone’s been shrunk!” Next, she bent down and raised the little frightened creature up. Afterward, Lisa stood up straight again and walked over to her car in the parkinglot. When she arrived, the lady removed Nick from her back pocket. Then, after removing the key from one of her front pockets, she opened the door. Lisa set both shrunken ones upon the passenger seat. She got in, placed her ass down, started the car, and drove off.

Given the nature of the present situation, she had only one place to go. Indeed, she met Audrey two months back and was impressed with the dark haired genius. While driving down the interstate, Lisa said to herself, “ Perhaps Audrey can figure out what’s going on; if anyone can, it’ll definitely be her.” Moreover, while moving along, she noticed the absence of traffic. This made her wonder about the extent of the problem. Nevertheless, she drove the twenty one miles and eventually took the off ramp. Driving a mile further, she pulled into the parkinglot of “ International Circuits”.

After turning off the ignition, Lisa reached over for the two naked males and got out of the car. Next, she placed each of them into her two separate back pants pockets. Walking through the front entrance of the building, Lisa ascended the stairs after finding that the power was also off in this area, and hence the elevators weren’t working. The college junior went up to the sixth floor and into the room where she previously conferred with Audrey about her summer job. Audrey wasn’t there, but in the center of the room, she observed a collection of tiny naked people. Going over to them, she ask, “ Where’s Audrey?”

One of the people said up to her, “ Audrey left.”

But then another little individual remarked, “ I think she’ll be back; she said she only left to see what’s going on, for she was the only one who wasn’t shrunk.”

Looking down, Lisa said, “ Well, in that case, I’d just better wait here. Next, Lisa saw one of the chairs at a work station and sat down. However, as she lowered her beautiful ass upon the seat, she heard a small scream and then felt a squishing sensation. Consequently, Lisa jumped forth and yelled, “ Oh fuck, I forgot about the two guys back there!” Turning her head back, she looked down at her ass. All she saw were two red stains oozing from each pocket. Yes, she crushed both men to death. However, she then remarked, “ Oh well, if everyone else gets back to normal and this problem ends, no one will prosecute me considering the circumstances.” Indeed, she seemed more amused by the death of her boyfriend than regretful. Be as it may, she again turned around and looked down to her rear, remarking, “ This feels gross, God is it crummy!” As a result, Lisa unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them over her sandals. Next, she did the same with her panties, for the blood went all the way through.

Afterward, standing there with her cunt and ass exposed to all the little people, she ask, “ Isn’t it hot in here?”

One of the shrunken ones replied, “ There’s nothing we can do about that, the windows don’t open; the temperature is regulated by the air-conditioning.”

Therefore, Lisa replied with, “ Since all you little ones are naked, it’s not gonna make much difference if I go all the way.” Consequently, the student removed her blouse and bra. Finally, wearing only her beautiful stiletto sandals, the lovely and attractive feline stood completely naked, looking down at the collection of tiny ones.

For an entire minute, there was silence. However, after the allotted time, Lisa squatted down and took hold of one of the males. She stood up straight again and ask him, “ So what’s your name little one?”

“ I’m Gus.”

She next said, “ I’m Lisa.” Then, while they continued to stare into each others pupils, she noticed that he began to erect at the sight of her. Obviously, this gave the lady the green light to act upon her own feelings, for the sight of the tiny men began to do something to her, she became horny! Immediately, Lisa moved her fingernail beneath the shaft of his miniature cock and began to stroke, gently playing with the little creature. Gus stood there all stiff and bathed in the image of her gigantic beauty. However, just before he came, she ceased the action and again squatted before the group. With Gus in her hand, she looked down at the people and noticed that the men were all erect. Further, the little ladies all had tiny juice streaks running down their inner thighs. Obviously, Lisa was delighted, saying to all of them, “ Let’s have an orgy!” Next, complying with her words, the males approached the females, beginning sexual activity before the giantess. Soon little woman were getting their cunts and asses fucked by little men. Also, women were seated upon men’s faces and dicks. The party went on as everyone voloped without shame or discretion.

As Gus stood in Lisa’s hand, the blond reached down and grabbed one of the females seated upon a male’s cock. The giantess pulled her forth and up to Gus. Then, Lisa turned the feline around so as to have her cute little rear pointing straight at Gus’s dick. Pushing Gus forward, Lisa forced his little prick into the lady’s asshole, moving him in and out until he came all over the three inch high female’s butt. After returning both to the floor, she reached for another couple. Taking the male, she pushed his cock into the lady’s cunt. Moving him back and forth, she made him cum up the little woman’s slit.

With that done, she returned the two onto the floor and laid herself down, stretching out and moving her right hand to her pussy. While she played with herself, Lisa said, “ Why don’t all of you climb on top of me and fuck around up here.” Eagerly, the males made the ascent atop her curvaceous body. The females followed, and eventually all were crawling around on the beautiful giantess. Immediately, two of the little men went to her tits and began playing with what to them were two giant nipples. Lisa’s red pencil erasers began to erect as the men toyed away. The student began to moan, “ Oh yea, oh, oh, oh, yes, keep it up!” Finally, she fingered herself to an orgasm and came.

Next, Lisa slowly rolled over and let the little ones run with the rotation. When she was on her stomach, she turned her head back and said seductively, “ Well guys, what do you think of my ass?” Staring back, the little males eyed her butt. Then, they made the journey to her posterior. Going down to their knees, they all began kissing. Lisa now had a bunch of little males adoring and worshipping her ass. As the males did their thing, the females stayed atop the center of her back. However, they must of liked each other’s looks, for they began to play amongst themselves. In fact, the women all had a good finger fucking time. All in all, Lisa and her new friends spent the next couple of hours enjoying themselves before the dark haired beauty would make her return.

It was now almost three, and Lisa was still on the floor when she quickly moved her head and said, “ Shh, I heard something!” Then, the blond slowly sat up, giving her naked little friends a chance to get off. With all back on the floor, Lisa stood up and went back to her bloody cutoffs. Not bothering with her underwear, she simply slipped into the jeans. Grabbing her blouse, she threw it over her shoulders and tits. Afterward, the lady slowly moved to the room’s door. Again, she heard a sound, more the sound of a lady’s footsteps. Next, a door slammed. However, it appeared as if the noise was now moving off in another direction. Finally, another door slammed and all was silent.

Turning to the shrunken ones, Lisa said, “ I gotta see who that is.” Leaving the room, she went out into the hall. Moreover, the sound came from below; hence she went to the stair well and descended the stairs until she was on the fifth floor. Opening the emergency door, Lisa ventured into the fifth floor hall. Then she yelled, “ Hello, is anyone here!” However, as she walked, there was no response. Lisa looked and yelled into every room on the fifth floor and found no one. Consequently, she went to the fourth floor and did the same. Again, she found nothing. Nevertheless, when she finally worked herself to the second floor, she past a room which said atop its entrance, “ Experimental Lab”. Underneath, smaller words read, “ Authorized Personnel Only”. However, given the present crisis, she ignored the words and opened the door, yelling in, “ Hello, can anyone hear me?” First, there was silence.

Lisa was about to leave and search elsewhere when she heard, “ Stop, stay where you are!” Stunned, Lisa did as the female voice commanded, not moving a muscle until she saw the figure of a lady move out from around the side of one of the research tables. Also, the woman she saw had a foot and a half metal pipe in her hand. Slowly, the lady emerged from behind the table and approached.

However, Lisa ask, “ Audrey, don’t you recognize me; we met once before upstairs; I’m to work here next week, remember?”

Audrey’s face changed to one of inquiry; then the dark haired lady smiled and said, “ Lisa?” Lisa returned the smile. Laying the pipe down, Audrey walked up to Lisa. They both shook hands as Lisa struggled with her other hand to prevent her tits from popping forth.

Afterward, Audrey ushered Lisa into the Lab. As Lisa walked behind the dark-haired one, she quickly buttoned up her blouse, for her tits bounced around as she moved due to the absence of a bra. When inside the research chamber, Audrey looked at Lisa and ask, “ So, where did you come from?”

Answering, the blond remarked, “ I was taking a short vacation between school and work when all of a sudden this weird thing happened earlier this morning; my boyfriend and I were in a motel room; however, I went to use the bathroom, and when I returned, he was shrunk down to only three inches.” She went on, “ After that, I went outside to find out that more people have been shrunk; in fact, it seems as if it’s happened to everyone.”

Audrey next inquired, “ Did the power go out at the motel?”

Lisa replied, “ Yea, that’s right; there seems to be a connection between the two.” Also, Lisa progressed with her words, “ There was a strange sound coming from the radio when Nick, my boyfriend shrank, or so he said.”

Interceding, Audrey said flatly, “ Everyone else tells me the same thing.” Continuing, she remarked, “ When I was upstairs earlier today, all the people I work with shrank; they told me that a strange light came from the computer terminal.” Going on, the feline said, “ It seems as if the electrical outage somehow created a glitch in the system that caused the shrink thing.”

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