Spin Cycle

Author: Steph

Saturday afternoon means laundry time. I hated doing laundry. I hated the fact that I had to go all the way down to the basement of our building. It was cold down there, not to mention boring. There was usually no one down there when I did my laundry. This time was different. There was a chic there. “Hello,” she said as I walked down the last few steps, “I just moved in.” “Welcome to the building. I’m Trish and I hate this laundry room!” We both laughed. She flashed me a smile, “My name’s Monica.” We made idle chit chat as we waited for our clothes to wash. She just moved here from England, was single and didn’t believe in panties. She was funny and was rapidly growing on me. She and I met like that for a while, both always being the only ones down there Saturday mornings.

A few Saturday morning’s later I headed down to start some laundry and there she was in only a t-shirt. At first I thought she must have ran out of clothes, but dismissed that idea since she never had a problem before and was there last Saturday. She turned around and smiled. “I thought that was you, Trish.” “Who else would it be? It’s just us on Saturdays.” Then I got the hint. She was down there not to do laundry but waiting on me. She sashayed over to me. She leaned forward and pressed her body against mine as she reached behind me and grabbed her detergent. The smell of her mixed with the smell of the laundry room and the feeling of her perky breasts pressing against mine made me tingle all over. I watched her add her soap to the load. “Oops!” She had dropped the soap scoop onto the floor. She bent over, her t-shirt climbed further up her body as she reached down to pick up the scoop. Monica’s perfect round ass and her pussy lips nestled between her thighs were in full view. I couldn’t help but stare and try to keep from drooling.

She of course knew I was looking at her, she did it on purpose. As she stood back up she turned her head at me and smiled seductively. I was still trying to stop staring at her ass as her t-shirt slid back down her body and covered it. I was having all kinds of thoughts go through my mind and by the time I realized she had turned around, I felt myself become moist. She took my hand in hers, brought it up underneath her shirt and cupped my hand around her breast. Her erect nipple pushed against the palm of my hand as I squeezed a little firmer. Her soft moan was barely audible over the hum of the washing machine. I slid my other hand under her shirt and cupped her other breast.

I began to lightly knead her flesh in each hand, as I did, I straightened my arms, making her shirt rise up her body revealing her tits. Her soft skin was covered in goose bumps from my touches and from the cool air. I tugged upwards and pulled her shirt over her head, tossing it aside. I quickly brought my mouth to her breasts, kissing around them, down her cleavage and underneath them. They were perfect, perky and just the right size. I slowly sucked each nipple into my warm mouth, let my tongue dance around it and letting it fall out of my mouth. Her moans were still soft, and were starting to become whimpers as I continued to play with her tits.

She tiled her head back; her long brown hair spilled onto her back and brushed my arm around her waist. I slid my other hand down her ass and around her thigh, working upwards to her mound. I lightly brushed the back of my fingers along her thick hair. She jumped slightly at my touch and gasped in surprise. I slowly worked my fingers into her wetness, every time I went a little further, I’d pull them back out and go again. I was teasing the hell out of her and her whimpers grew louder and more desperate.

I stopped teasing and began to let my fingers stroke the length of her clit, stopping just short of her tight hole. She raised her thigh and wrapped her leg around my hip giving me better access. I slipped my middle finger into the depths of her moist pussy making her moan in delight. She instantly squeezed tightly around my finger as it penetrated her. I rolled my thumb over her clit as I slowly wiggled my middle finger along her g-spot. She pressed her hips against mine, forcing my finger in further. “Mmmm Trish.” She moaned again, “Fuck me with your fingers baby!” I immediately increased my speed at her command, pumping my finger in and out of her pussy as my thumb rolled over her clit.

I felt her pussy spasm around my finger and her juices began to flow coating my fingers. She squeezed her thigh tightly around my waist, pressing her body firmly against mine as her climax rushed over her, her hips rocking against my hand. As she came down from her climax she lowered me down onto the pile of her clothes scattered on the floor. She slipped her tongue from between her lips and licked mine, leaving a wet trail across my mouth. I couldn’t resist and pulled her tongue into my mouth. As we kissed she brought her hands up my long t-shirt pulling it upwards and revealing my shaven mound and eventually my tits. Once she felt her skin against mine she started to travel down my body.

Her warm breath sent tingles along my body as she breathed against my waiting mound. She slipped her tongue from her mouth again and lightly ran it the full length of my lips. I wanted to scream it felt so good. With her fingers, she spread my lips apart and went straight to sucking on my clit. My legs spread as far as I could get them, giving her ample room to maneuver and tantalize my pussy. She brought one of hands down and pushed two of her fingers deep inside my canal. I moaned loudly in delight and squeezed tightly around them, pinning them inside me. She slowly rubbed her fingers against each other as she sucked and licked my clit. Her sucking sounds filled the laundry room.

She would stop every so often and blow a jet of warm air across my clit causing my body to shudder. I felt my orgasm begin to build within me and my moans steadily grew louder until they erupted almost into screams. My climax was intense and forced my entire body to tense up as it consumed me. I squeezed my thighs around her face forcing her tongue against my clit. My juices flowed freely and covered her mouth and fingers. As she worked me down from my climax my body went limp and I struggled to catch my breath.

She reached up, pulled my long shirt back down, and helped me up. We kissed again, my juices thick on her tongue. I never again did complain about doing my laundry.

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