Sara’s Gang

Author: Ramo Kye

Sara was in a large, sterile room, all white and lit by ultraviolet lights overhead. There was only one, drapeless window and it was shuttered from the outside. In the center of the room was a double bed. Exact center, so that it didn’t touch any walls. The only other bit of furniture was a table, set to the side of the door which she’d entered through.

She wasn’t sure she could go through with it. But she undressed, just in case she could.

She pulled off her shirt, then looked around, wishing there was a mirror for her to check if her long brown hair was in place. Finding none, she patted her hair down as though she’d just exited a swimming pool. She folded her shirt neatly and placed it on the table. Then took off her bra and folded that as well.

She took hold of a breast. She couldn’t hold it all in one hand. Two would do it. She ran her fingers beneath the firm mound of flesh. Teased her nipple with the tip of a painted fingernail. And she wondered who else would be touching her this day.

“Sara?” Dr. Fitcher had entered the room and closed the door behind him. With the surprise entry, her hands came up to cup and hide her nipples. “Sara, this is no time to be shy. We don’t have much time here.”

She relented. Dropped her hands and bent down to take off her shoes.

“You’re right, Doctor. Sorry.”

“Are you sure you’re ready for this? We could postpone.”

“No Doctor. I’ll be fine.” She tucked her sneakers under the table, rose and started to undo her pants. “Just a little nervous.”

“Perfectly normal Sara. You should be a little nervous. It isn’t every day that our fantasies come true.”

Sara took off her pants, then her panties, folded them both, and placed them on the table beside her shirt and bra. The doctor tried to feign professionalism, but she could see that he eyed her well-toned legs and neatly trimmed pubic hair.

“Two minutes then?” he asked.

“Yes. Give me two.” She couldn’t look at him again. All she could do was stare at the bed.

“You’ll have a wonderful time, Sara. I’m sure.” The Doctor left the room, leaving the door slightly ajar behind him.

Sara wasn’t sure of what to do next. She could stand there and wait. Or she could lay down on the bed. She considered a third option – hiding under the bed – but figured that would be childish. She moved to the bed. On it were four pillows propped against the headboard. She slipped under the sheet, sitting, with her back against the pillows. Then she grabbed one that was off to the side, and hugged it as though it were a favored teddy bear.

On schedule, the door opened and an older man walked in. Fifties, partly bald head and gray beard, but with a relaxed, confident look in his eyes, as though he owned the room, or any other room, he entered. He moved straight over to the bed and thrust out his hand.

“Merv, they call me.”

“Sara.” Their hands met and shook.

“Let’s see what we have here, Sara.” Merv gently plied the pillow away, exposing her breasts.

“Very nice.” He smiled.

The door opened again and another man walked in. This one was tall, thin and pale, having spent much too much time behind a computer’s rays. He wore poorly fitting glasses and a shirt that wouldn’t stay tucked in. He too, walked to the bed, and began to undress in a less than romantic way.

“I’m JoJo,” he said as he pulled his t-shirt over his head, taking his glasses with it.

Merv gently slid the sheet off Sara, discovering that Sara’s legs were tucked tightly together.

“She’s pretty,” JoJo said as he unbuckled his belt.

“Yes, she is.” Merv reached a hand out and cupped Sara’s nearest breast. Sara froze mid-breath. “Is this okay?” She let loose a breath, agreeing to the touch.

Sara noted that a tall and muscular black man stepped into the room. He undressed by the table, folding his clothes neatly and placing them next to Sara’s. Once done, he moved to the bed, his large cock swinging from side to side as he strode. He introduced himself as Bud.

“Bud, this is Sara. Sara, why don’t you part those legs and give us all a look?” Merv didn’t wait for permission as his fingers urged Sara’s inner thighs apart. JoJo took advantage of the move by sitting on the bed and kissing Sara’s nearest kneecap. Bud was even less patient as he mounted the bed, held Sara by the shins and began to kiss and lick at her pussy.

Merv, the only one of the group who still had clothes on, hastily began to undress. JoJo, noticeably avoiding Sara’s eyes, moved to suck on a breast as he tickled the others’ nipple with a thumb. Once Merv was naked, he moved back to the bed, grabbed Sara’s hand and placed it around his hard-on.

Sara’s head swirled as quickly as the situation. One moment, she was tussling with Merv’s gray pubic hair. The next, Bud pulled her down off the pillows by her shins, landing her pussy at the tip of his cock. JoJo, excited by her tits, knelt next to her, cupped her by the ears and guided her mouth around his erection.

As Bud began to throttle into her, his large cock forcing her to gasp with each inward stroke, she tried to hold JoJo’s cock steady with one hand while she nipped and licked and sucked at it. Vainly, she tried not to ignore Merv’s cock, still growing proudly in her hand. Eventually, Bud’s cock began to expand as his pace hastened. Her lips left JoJo, though her hands remained on the two cocks, bracing her as Bud swelled and came into her. Sara orgasmed as well, stroking the two men in time with her yelps.

“My turn next. I wanna fuck her next.” JoJo shouted enthusiastically as he hopped onto the bed. He grabbed Sara by the waist and turned her around until she was on her knees, pale ass rounded upward. Aided by an ample supply of Bud’s semen, he began to drill himself into her. She tried to steady herself on her elbows, though JoJo’s thrusts kept her slightly off balance. Merv moved to the bed’s edge and held his cock steady for her as she took it in her mouth. As JoJo pulled out of her, she’d nibble on the tip of Merv’s cock. And when JoJo thrust in, she’d bury the cock in her throat. Bud, his cock now smaller but pulsing near another erection, moved to Sara’s side and alternately tugged at and massaged her breasts.

JoJo’s thrusts were erratic, and didn’t calm as he neared orgasm. His technique was closer to apple bobbing that it was to fucking, but just as wet. When he came, he missed on the inward stroke and sent a pile of his jism into the crease of Sara’s ass. A moment later, Merv came, filling the back of her throat with his hot jism.

Sara collapsed on the bed. Her ass, pussy and mouth all slick with sperm. But Bud was ready for more, and decided to have her as JoJo had. Only he would do it right. The head of his cock slid inside her ass easily, generously lubricated by JoJo’s cum. Sara gasped as her surprised muscles clamped down hard on Bud’s invasion. He eased out slightly, then slowly in. And again. He continued until Sara relaxed. Surprised by how stimulated her ass had become. JoJo reached a hand under her and began to stoke her clit, flicking it, sending tiny sprays of who knows who’s cum onto the sheet. Sara backed her ass into the entire length of Bud’s ample shaft, gritting her teeth and rocking into the sweetest, hardest orgasm she’d ever experienced. Her throbbing sphincter launched Bud into a howling orgasm of his own, he clamped his hands onto her hips and rode it out, not knowing if it was himself or Sara that continued to buck wildly back and forth. JoJo, eyes bugging out of his head, jerked himself off and painted one of Sara’s calves with streams of cum.

Merv had busied himself by fucking Sara’s hair, driving his dick into a mass of scattering tendrils, then pulling out slowly, letting her hair tug and catch him as she moved forward and back. He’d finally get his chance at her pussy. As the other men dressed, Merv made kind and gentle love to Sara under the sheet.


“Doctor,” Sara was now dressed, and her words danced through a smile. They were in the doctor’s office, surrounded by bookcases and framed certificates.”That was wonderful. You brought my fantasy to life. I’m only sorry you didn’t join them.”

“I would have enjoyed it, Sara. But you know, that would have been unethical.”

“Of course. Will you take a check?”

“Certainly,” Dr. Fitcher agreed.

Sara wrote out her check, smiled broadly, then whistled her way into the hall. A few moments later, the three men appeared at the office door and knocked their way in. It was Merv who spoke up.

“Thanks, Doc, that was great. We all enjoyed it. Our fantasy come true.” The other two nodded agreement.

“So Doctor,” Merv continued, “Will you take a check?”

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