Over Time

Author: Cecilia

My name is Jose; I’m 19 and a student at the local college. My buddy Michael is 20 and also attends the same college. We’re on the soccer team together and we’ve started a business painting houses and moving furniture to earn money. Actually we’re doing pretty well. Working together painting and being on the team helps us keep each other motivated and in shape. I’m Mexican with dark hair, a hairy stocky body and green eyes. Mike is Polish with blond hair, blue eyes and a smooth chest with hairy legs. In the showers we would joke about being twins because we’re both pretty well hung. Ok so we don’t look a thing like each other, so many people don’t get the joke.

We were painting a house for this married couple. It’s a big house so we’ll be working on it for a couple of months. The husband is in his fifties and works on Wall Street, which is an hour and a half drive. He makes a lot of money but he doesn’t take care of himself. I guess spending three hours commuting each day doesn’t leave any time to work out or spend time with his hot wife. His wife is a lot younger about 30, a leggy black haired babe with a knockout body. I don’t see what she sees in him unless money is an aphrodisiac.

We were working in the living room the other day and she kept coming in asking if we needed anything, coffee, lemonade, whatever. Then she said she was going to take a shower. A few minutes later she returns with wet hair and a loosely tied robe and starts another conversation with us asking about our school and what sports we played. As we’re talking her robe slips open and we could see her tits and snatch and everything. Mike and I just looked at each other and kept talking to her. She acted as though nothing was wrong she made it impossible to look at the wall I’m painting when her gorgeous tits are there and I just want to spread those legs and get down to business.

She sits down on the drop cloth laid on the couch and the robe is all the way open.

Finally I say, “Your robe is open, I thought you ought to know.”

“Oh dear, I hope that doesn’t cause a problem. I just like to be comfortable” she said in her thick accent as she stretched out on the couch and her with her firm full breasts pointing up and her legs spread.

“It just makes it hard to concentrate on our work” Mike said, his boner hard and halfway down his leg.

“Maybe it’s because you boys have been working too hard and you need to take a break. Why don’t you sit down and relax for a little. If it takes you longer to paint we’ll just pay you overtime” she said.

We came down from our ladders; we still had paint clinging to our skin and body hair and sat on the couch at the same time. She sat in the middle of the couch and Mike and I sat on each side of her.

“It’s so nice having you guys here. I get so lonely living out here with my husband away all the time” she said a she put her hand on our crotches.

My penis was straining against my painters pants and I put my hands or her breasts and her nipples hardened.

“Ohhhhh, that feels so good.”

Mike went ahead, started sucking her other big nipple, shoved his fingers up her shaved pussy, and started playing with her wet clit.

suck my cock!” I told her. She went down on my dick and I grabbed her head and started pumping up and down. She gagged but it felt really good. I stopped for a second as she caught her breath and she went slurping up and down on my seven inch, fat dick. Meanwhile Mike started munching grass and was licking her clit.

“I want to fuck you Mike said.

“Do you have a condom?” she asked.

“No I don’t but we’re both clean. You can trust us.”

Mike went ahead and pushed his cock up her hungry wet cunt. He fucked her hard like a jackhammer as I fucked her hot wanton mouth.

Then I slid down started fucking her tits, putting my big seven inches into her soft pillows of flesh. Oh man they were so incredibly hot but she had this big J-Lo ass that I wanted to try. I always wanted to fuck a girl up the ass nobody ever let me. I spit on my finger, reached down, and started working my finger up her bum hole.

“Ohhhhh, uhhh, be careful” she said.

I moved down, spit on my cock, and put it up her ass.

“Careful, slow, that hurts” she said.

“Okay, I’ll go slow” and I worked it in a little at a time as I licked her ears and played with her nipples to take her mind off the pain.

Pretty soon I was all the way in and Mike and I were fucking her furiously.

Suddenly she tensed up, her nipples became hard as bullets and she came and Mike felt a rush of female juice grease his cock and he stiffened and slammed into her cunt a final time and shot his load before pulling out. I stretched her out on her couch on her stomach and continued fucking her tight ass. I felt so powerful on top of her fucking her from behind in that incredibly tight hole. I never felt anything so tight in my entire life. I just plunged in and out of her big creamy tanned ass, wrapped my hands and arms around those soft breasts, and smelled that black hair as my hairy torso pounded my meat into her tight pucker.

Mike was getting hard again just watching and pushed his cock into her mouth, held her head down as he started mouth fucking her. I watched her suck his dick, surely tasting her own juices when suddenly he pulled out and came a second time all over her face and hair. Seeing her covered in cum totally heightened the experience and I felt my orgasm churning in my loins. Only after a few more thrusts I exploded pumping hot jism into her round ass.

We were pretty much wasted for going back to work for the rest of the day so we just watched sports on ESPN as she gave us beers and had more sex with us. Yanno, there is nothing quite like a horny rich wife. It’s taking longer to paint the house, but fuck it, we’re getting overtime.

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