Author: Holly

I walked into my room one day, I didn’t expect to not be alone. The first thing I see is her laying on my bed naked. Giving me that I want to fuck you right now look. Of course I am taken aback at first. I forget that she knows where the key is, but she hid her car and everything. Before I can even say anything, she is up on her feet, gracefully but threateningly walking towards me. Biting those pretty red lips and lookin at me with those green eyes. She grabbed ahold of me and ripped my button down right off of me. All the buttons popped off making that “pop, pop” noise. Yanks my hat off my head, and throws me against my bedroom door. It slammed shut with my weight being forced upon it. Inside I am not real sure what to do, so I just went with it. I was excited. I had never expected this side to come out of her. Immediately she was kissing me, runnin her nails down both sides of my rib cage. She was biting along my jaw line, and not very gently at that. I could already feel the welts coming up where her teeth had been.

I was already wet, I could feel it there in between my legs. I started to speak, and all I could get out was “Oh God” before she forced her tongue inside of my mouth, stopping all vocals. I felt her hands on mine, and she threw them up against the door, and being pressed there. I tried to move one, and she stepped back and looked at me, with the most evil look, but was so fucking hot, as she said “Stop, or I will stop” so I put my arm back up. She pulled me away from the door, and pulled my bra undone with one hand, and threw it behind her. She took my nipple into her mouth and started ficking her tongue against it, and biting it slowly at first. Then she got excited, and pulled hard with her teeth. I sucked air into my mouth, in sort of a painful tone, but I was enjoying it. She used her hand to pull at my other nipple, taking the ring that was in it, and twisting it. I suppose those things come in handy for something. She then ran her fingernails on her other hand down my ribs again.

My god, I was fucking dripping by this point. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to take much more. She moved her mouth down to my hip bones, as I am standing there hoping the next article of clothing would be coming off soon. She used one hand and pulled my belt undone, and used her teeth to get my pants unbuttoned, and unzipped. I think that was a hidden talent that I had no clue about. And I am just standing there, taken prisoner almost, looking at the line of her back as she is pulling my pants off. That soft skin, and I just wanted to bear my teeth into it. I wanted to throw her against my bed and tear into her. But she wouldn’t let me, and that just made me want her more.

She bit her way back up my body, teasing me by running her tongue up my thighs and biting and nibbling up them. She used her tongue to play with my waistline, and I could just imagine how that felt against my clit. I wanted her to take me and make me hers so bad I couldn’t stand it.

Soon she had me so wet that I felt like I was melting, she threw me on the bed, and took me. I was completely hers. I couldn’t help it. I let loose. She shoved her fingers inside of me, and flicked her tongue against my clit so fast that I was cumming in two seconds. But that wasn’t enough for her. She kept going until I was screaming. I wanted her to stop, because I wanted her. I wanted to feel her, taste her, touch her, fuck her. She wouldn’t let me. She finished with me, and left me there laying on the bed, panting and wet and I couldn’t breathe.

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