The Hitchhiker

Author: Sci

Mason Barnes squinted through his mud-streak, rain-soaked windshield. Despite the brutal rain and slushy falling snow, he could just make out the Panhandle Truckstop sign up ahead. For late winter in northern Texas, it sure was a messy day, Mason thought as he spun the wheel to enter the parking area. He didn’t need to park, he wouldn’t be staying. He expected to be in St. Louis by morning. First he would fill both the truck and his own bulging stomach.

He pulled into the comparative neatness of the pump area, locked up the brakes and shut off the engine. He saw something up ahead through the rain, just as the wipers quit. Mason shut off the lights, opened the door and stood, looking out over his cab.

“Hey, Barny, fill her up?” Greg asked as he moved alongside the dripping rig.
“Yup, clear to the top. The next fillup will be in Missouri. Their prices suck. Hey, Greg, who’s that?” he pointed at the pathetic looking girl at the back entrance to the truckstop.

“Don’t know, she’s been there for an hour. Turned down a few rides. Don’t know where she’s going,” he said as he slid the nozzle into the chrome tank. “She’s young,” Greg added.
“Yeah, I can see that. Well, I’ve got an extra seat, I might as well fill it with some cuze.”
“Barny, I told you, she’s young?” Greg said uncomfortably.

“So?” Mason asked as he climbed down.
“So the word cuze doesn’t seem appropriate,” Greg shrugged.

“Greg, you have a soft side,” Mason laughed as he made his way toward the young girl. She turned and watched him approach while he was still near his truck. It was certain that she had been keeping an eye on him. She was tiny, coming up to shoulder height on a normal person.
“You hungry?” Mason called.
“Yeah. You buying?”
“Sure, if you don’t eat much,” he joked, waving her forward. “Where you going?” he asked, trying to avoid the slushy puddles.

“St. Louis,” she said. She wiped the rain off her face and gave him a brief smile. She somehow avoided the puddles without even looking. He wished that he had her gift. His left pant leg was wet clear up to the knee, from stepping into one pothole. If the damnable rain would let up he could see where he was going.

“Me too,” he said as they reached the restaurant. He held the door open. He felt a thrill when he saw how beautiful she looked in the light. She was about 18 and would be a very tasty morsel, quite a distraction on the long ride north.

“Can I ride along?” she asked, pausing before entering the open door.
“God yes,” he gasped, then pushed her inside with a sly smile. The other truckers turned to watch, as they made their way to a table. She was quite an attraction. Mason recognized two men in a far table. He waved as he sat. The waitress appeared as if by magic. Normally Mason would be totally enthralled with her bulging breasts in her open top, but today his own guest drew all attention, even his own. She shrugged off her coat and sat in some kind of a stretchy top which hugged her breasts like Saran Wrap.

“Coffee?” the waitress asked.
“Ohuhyes!” Mason said explosively, turning a moan, cough, and yell, into a yes. His eyes were locked on the girl’s revealing top and bulging nipples. He tore his eyes away and looked at the angry waitress.

“Yes, coffee with cream.”
“Same for me,” the girl nodded sweetly. Her sweetness was lost on the waitress, who sensed a foe in the girl.

“What’s your name?” it was a point in his favor that he actually looked at her face for three seconds, before his eyes predictably went back to her breasts. He couldn’t remember ever seeing such a shapely, perfect set of breasts on such a young girl. He craved a touch.
“Amber,” she said shyly.

“What a beautiful name… an old name,” he added, looking at the faces around him. His fellow truckers were not letting up, which made him a little angry. What the hell did they think they were looking at, anyway?

The meal when quickly for Mason, but not quickly enough for Greg. He didn’t like a big rig resting in the premium pump area for more than an hour. Mason was surprised to see the time as he started his Kenworth and pulled out of the lot, heading north.

“Can I change back there?” Amber asked as they hummed down the road in the warmth of the cab. It was getting really nasty out there. He might have to pull over soon, like several of the other rigs had. In fact, he thought as his eyes went to Amber in his mirror, he could almost guarantee it. She was naked from the waist down, rubbing her wonderful naked body with the shirt she had taken off. Her nipples were swollen and puffy, absolutely perfect. He glanced at the road and jerked the rig back onto the road. Her eyes went to the mirror and she smiled into his eyes. That was enough, he pulled over to the side of the road and pulled the emergency brake. With the truck still idling for the warmth of the heater, and the flashers lighting the area around it, he turned and crawled back into the sleeper.

Amber smelled nice in the confines of the cab, sort of warm and earthy with the slightest hint of perfume. She looked so tiny and beautiful, sitting half naked in front of him. She looked up with sad, trusting eyes and smiled.

“My God, you are beautiful,” he gasped, moving closer and placing his hands on her naked shoulders. He felt a slight shock and thrill at the touch of her skin. He felt his cock raging in his pants. She had turned him on so badly, he could hardly think. His mind was a turmoil of conflicting thoughts. One part of his mind screamed that she was innocent, another wanted to take that innocence brutally, with no thought for her own feelings.

He ran his hands down to her rib cage, noting how skinny and sleek her waist was in his huge calloused hands. Finally his hands came up to her delicious breast, hesitant as he looked at her face, waiting for her reaction. She gasped and closed her eyes, just the signal he had been hoping for. He snaked a hand around her back and pulled her close. As her eyes opened, his mouth claimed hers. She hesitated and tried to pull away, for a moment. But within seconds she yielded to his passion and melted into his arms. With one arm behind her, and one hand on her breast, his mouth sought hers, his tongue fenced with her tongue.

Breathing noisily through their mouths, they sought, touched and withered against each other until Mason pushed her back on the seat and leaned over her. His hands went to the metal button on her jeans. He undid the button and pulled down the zipper with practiced ease, while maintaining his withering kiss. Her hands seemed to be everywhere, stimulating his body as he had never felt before. As he yanked down her levis, he broke the kiss to look down at her pussy. It was unbelievable. A small tuft of hair pointed the way to small, swollen lips which were about the size of a normal mouth. They bulged above her pelvis creating a small, delicate mound. Her legs and thighs were tiny and slender, perfectly shaped. The slight tan was absolutely beautiful.

“My God, you are so fucking beautiful.
“Please don’t use that word,” she whispered.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to be crude.
“That’s alright. Do you eat pussy?” she asked anxiously.

“Oh hell yes,” he gasped. He immediately slid back and leaned forward, with his massive body obscuring her tiny legs. He held her legs in his arms for a moment, licking his way up each one until he reached her shuddering inner thighs. The view was absolutely unbelievable. He could never remember seeing such a beautiful little pussy, or such a perfect little ass. He moaned as he fell forward and took her entire pussy into his mouth. She gasped and arched up off the bed, filling his mouth with delectable pussy. He ate her honey sweet mound, while his hands filled with her tiny, tight little ass cheeks. He massaged them brutally, as his tongue explored her pussy lips. He loved her flavor, he loved the heat and aroma which assailed him. Her tiny thighs felt soft and wonderful against his cheeks, clutching his face, holding it in place as he worked.

He pushed his tongue into her vulva and tongue fucked her. Her legs sprang open and flew up, with her knees bent and open as if giving birth. He slid his thumbs into the valley of her ass, and squeezed each ass cheek, as his tongue searched inside her. She was such a sexy little thing, he thought as he watched her face go through many different expressions.

Mason slid his right thumb into her pussy, as he flailed away at her clit with his agile tongue. He lubricated his thumb well, then slid it into her asshole. She arched and gave a little scream, then seemed to heat up almost immediately. In no time at all she was ass fucking herself on his thumb, while his tongue probed her delicious pussy. It was so damned erotic. He knew this would be the most memorable fuck of his life. He couldn’t wait to get that tiny pussy wrapped around his cock.
“Oh, oh, oh,” she gasped in ever-increasing moans. She rubbed her pussy against his face, her ass clenched around his thumb, seemingly pulling it into herself. She gasped even louder several times ending in a long, loud scream of passion. She arched her back and shuddered, unmoving as he gently mouthed her spasming pussy. His mouth filled with her erotic juices. He swallowed and waited as she shuddered, then seemed to melt. He followed her pussy down to the bed, sucking gently without using his tongue, then lifted his mouth off her sexy flesh. She gave little kitten cries as she relaxed, the perfect vision of a sexy little girl. He pushed one tiny leg up and pulled his thumb out of her ass. She screamed and surged up off the bed, then relaxed again. She was breathing heavily, with her eyes tightly closed.

Mason grabbed a box of baby wipes and pulled one out, to wash his dirty thumb. He watched her beautiful face, waiting for her reaction. He finally tossed the wipe into the trash and laid down beside her. Her eyes flew open and a smile crossed her face.

“That was great,” she gasped happily.
“It sure as hell was. Want a drink?”
“Sure. What do you have?”
“Beer and soda,” he said, opening the small refrigerator near their heads. She looked inside with interest. He had a large assortment of beer and soda, plus a few store- bought sandwiches.
“Beer,” she said without hesitation. He handed her a beer and opened one for himself. She looked so damned cute in the light of the refrigerator, so he left the door open for a while. The cold air felt good on their sweaty faces. He rubbed the cold bottle on his face, then took a long swallow. She rubbed her bottle on her tiny breasts, then drank as well, with a sly teasing smile on her face.

“Do you have any idea what effect you have on a man?” he asked, swallowing convulsively.
“Of course. I also interest more than a few women. That’s the hardest, of course. Men will fuck anything with a pussy, but women are far more discriminating.”

“Oh God, that is so fucking sexy,” he gasped. He saw the frown cross her cute little face.
“Sorry,” he mumbled, drinking again, not sure what he was apologizing for.

She nodded patiently, tipped her bottle up and finished it in five continuous swallows. She handed him the empty bottle with a smile. He quickly tried to finish his own beer, nearly drowning as he chocked. He stopped, gasping for breath, then finished it. He felt her hands fumbling at his waist. He knew that it was hard to find his belt, with his large overhanging belly. He leaned back and undid his own belt. She fumbled at his zipper and finally pulled his pants down with a strong yank. He watched in anticipation as she pulled down his pants and underwear. He was embarssed by his fat body, but he badly wanted to fuck this cute girl.

“I love tiny girls,” he gasped, watching her sweet little face nearing his cock.
“I know,” she whispered. “Tiny girls, young girls, very young girls,” she gasped, capturing his cock in her lips. He enjoyed the hot flesh on his cock for several minutes, before her words penetrated his passion fogged brain.

“How… how could you know that?” he asked guiltily. Visions of a dozen young girls filled his brain. He remember each one in minute detail. Their tiny, hairless mounds, their budding breasts, their sweet trusting faces. The last had been his own step-daughter. He was torn between guilt and passion at the memory. With Amber’s hot lips on his cock, each one seemed to grow twice as vivid. His cock was sliding easily in and out of her hot mouth. He could feel her tongue exploring his cock, as her mouth slid up and down. The suction of her lips was almost brutal.

With the vision of all those young, delicious girls in his mind, he felt his passion rising. Heat was building in his loins. Soon he would explode in an intolerable fire.

“Oh yes, suck my cock,” he moaned. He threw his head back and slammed into the refrigerator door. She was looking into his eyes as the refrigerator light suddenly went out. He froze in terror as her eyes took on a yellow glow in the darkness. Then, as if it had been a dream, they returned to normal. He was still scared to death, but the fact that he was seconds from an orgasm kept him rooted in place. Her lips were so soft, so damned hot.

“Oh God,” he yelled as his orgasm began. She took her mouth off his cock and stroked it in her tiny hand.
“I told you not to say that?” she yelled, before taking his cock into her mouth again.
“Say what?” he demanded. He felt a brief pain and pressure on his cock. She raised her face as his cum began spurting over her naked body. Her face was bloody. She spit something out and looked down at him with an evil smile on her face.

“God!” she roared. “He and I are not exactly on speaking terms.”

Mason endured his orgasm, even as his spine crawled at the change in Amber. He wanted to get her out of his truck, but not before he finished his orgasm. She calmly took down a baby wipe and began cleaning the blood off her face. Feeling an intense pain in his cock he looked down, but could not see anything. He yanked open the refrigerator and his eyes widened in horror. The entire lower half of his body was covered with blood and cum. He turned to look at what she had spit out. His face was just a few inches from the remains of his cock. He could see the blood still oozing from the severed member. With a heart rending scream he pressed his hands over his cock.

“Too late for that, lover,” she said with a laugh. She leaned forward and took another beer from the refrigerator. She twisted the top and dropped it onto Mason’s bloody crotch. Still naked as the day she was born, Amber climbed down from the cab and turned, melting into the darkness. In a few minutes the clink of an empty beer bottle on rocky ground broke the silence.

The click, click of the flasher accompanied the amber lights which reflected off the brush around the road. Cars passed, not noticing the sight of another truck parked along the highway. There were many such on a nasty night like that.

Mason made a valiant attempt to reach his radio. He died that way, with his legs still in the bed of the sleeper, his dead face pressed against the blood-filled bottom of the driver’s seat, and his naked hairy ass protruding above it. It would have been a disgusting sight to any who looked inside, but nobody ever did. Nobody ever bothered looking inside a truck.

The police passed without noticing. The truck was breaking no laws and all trucks looked the same. There was no reason to bother the trucker. Looking down on America’s highways, there were many such trucks around the country, and throughout other countries, for that matter. Empty abandoned trucks containing rotting skeletons. And somewhere, at some truck stop, a trucker was looking at a cute young girl and he just knew he was going to get lucky.

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