Weddings Always Make Me Cry

Author: Dan

I’d been invited to a wedding and I was dateless, but thought I might be able to pick myself up a nice piece of ass at the reception. People always seem to get so pissed at weddings and often the girls really let their hair down and turned into horny little sluts. Well, to my disappointment there wasn’t much unattached talent at the party so I decided to make the most of the free booze and food and have a good time anyway.

I hardly knew anyone there so I loaded up my plate, grabbed a bottle and headed out to a large balcony that was off the reception room. After I’d eaten I thought a walk in the grounds might be nice so I started to wander around and that’s when I saw someone sitting under a tree in the dark.

As I approached I could see that the stranger was a woman of mature age and I could hear muffled noises that sounded like crying. She heard me approaching and began to wipe her eyes and she tried to smile as she stood up brushing grass off her dress.

“Hello there” I said cheerfully, “What’s up?”

“Hi yourself” she said sniffing slightly. “I am ok, weddings always make me cry,” she said.

“Well I’ve got a nice bottle of champagne here that I swiped from the bar. Want to share it with me?”

“Oh yes please” she said with a smile, her tears all dried up now and gone it seemed.

She was definitely older than me but it was hard to tell her age as she had one of those elegant chiselled faces with wide slanting eyes and she was indeed a beauty. Small smile lines appeared around her mouth as spoke and she had an aura of sexuality about her I had never picked up in younger women.

We sat under the tree drinking the wine and told each other about ourselves and why we were there alone. She admitted that she had been crying because she had always been unlucky in love and had never been married. Now that she was pushing 50 she was convinced she would always be alone.

I decided there and then that I would make her feel desired at least and proceeded to successfully charm her out of her mood. By the time the bottle was empty she had the giggles… She was filled with champagne bubbles in her head and a cheeky smile on her succulent mouth. I asked her if she wanted more to drink and she told me that what she really wanted was to take me home and make wild passionate love to me!

I wasn’t really surprised by this considering her melancholy of earlier and my attempts to seduce her! This lovely feminine lady who I had found crying like a little girl was now acting like a slutty little wildcat and I knew I was in for some interesting sex with this perfectly delightful creature.

She moved forward and kissed me softly on my mouth and whispered “God I think you’re sexy. “I’d really like to have you right now.”

The taste of her beautiful mouth, the heady scent of her perfume and the way she was acting had my cock bulging behind my zip and when she reached down and squeezed it I attacked her in a wild and reckless way. I grabbed her breasts hard and roughly undid the front of her dress. I could tell by the wanton look in her eyes that this is exactly the way she wanted it.

“Oh yes baby” she said. “Oh yes, I like it rough, so don’t stop what you’re doing, please don’t stop.”

Her breasts popped out of her dress and they were big and full and had large deep brown nipples and I bit them and sucked at them hard and she squealed in delight. I pushed her back up against the tree and unleashed my swollen member from the confines of my pants. She grabbed it with both hands and shoved it in her mouth and sucked on it like a starving baby would suckle its mother. Just as I thought I couldn’t stand it anymore she stopped sucking and begged me to fuck her.

“Oh god my pussy is so wet, please fuck me, fuck me now!”

“I will.” I said. “But first I have to taste your hot juicy slit.”

I was still on my knees and she stood and leaned up against the tree, pulling her skirt up at the same time. God she made a beautiful sight in the moonlight with her blouse gaping open revealing her bruised swollen breasts and her skirt hiked up exposing her cleanly shaved pussy, her clit red and standing out against her pale skin. She rubbed at herself until I enveloped her perfectly ripened cunt with my warm mouth and licked her roughly with my tongue. She tasted delicious and she moaned as I sucked on her hard little clit.

I stood up and we pressed our hot sweating bodies hard together as we kissed, savouring the flavour of each other on our tongues. I picked her up and slid her down onto my hard throbbing cock and I fucked her there up against the tree. She wrapped her legs around my hips and I rammed myself into her aggressively and her cunt tightened each time I withdrew forcing me to stab into her harder and harder.

She was so hot and juicy inside and I could feel the wetness leaking onto my rock hard balls as her little round butt banged down onto them as we fucked.

“Oh god I am going to cum” she said and as her pussy began to pulsate she started to cry softly as if in awesome relief.

I couldn’t stop looking at her expression as she rode her orgasm that seemed to go on and on. The look on her face was pure pleasure but mixed with the tears in the moonlight it was an awesome twisted sexual thing that seemed unreal and out of control. When I finally allowed my cock to explode it started squirting so hard that it almost hurt. When the flooding was over we slid down the tree totally exhausted and I held her tightly as she continued to whimper quietly.

“Are you alright?” I asked and she smiled and said “Yes, it’s just that I always cry when I cum, especially at weddings.”

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