Mom and Fred

Author: Michael Shuler

Am I obsessed? Oh yeah, I am definitely obsessed. I have a new hobby, watching my mother and her boyfriend Fred, have sex. Sick? Yeah I suppose it is. I started like every other son on this earth. I saw mother naked a few times, once in the bathtub, once or twice when I opened the bathroom door and she was on the toilet, and once when I came home and she didn’t know it. The next thing I new I was sitting on the couch in the half-darkness and she came waltzing by completely naked. I was shocked. It was quite a sight. I masturbated for over a year using that memory. And that started my obsession. At that moment I became a voyeur.

The big change came the night that mom and Fred were out late on a date and came home about 2 AM. I got up, hearing a noise. I needed to borrow gas money from mom, as usual. I needed it early the next morning and knew she wouldn’t be awake, so I set my mind to wake up when she got home. Only she wasn’t alone. There was mom in the entranceway of the house, kissing Fred with her blouse open and fantastic chest gloriously naked. My god, she was beautiful.

I stood just inside my bedroom door and looked down the hallway. Mom had small, firm breasts, breasts that most 18 year old girls would kill for. I mean they were perfect. She kissed Fred passionately, and Fred kissed her back. As I watched he kissed her ear. Mom moaned so loudly that it would have waken me up if I had been asleep. What the hell were they doing, making out in the hallway? Were they plastered? She had a room just down the hall from me.

Fred kissed her chin, the side of her neck, then beneath her chin. She really liked that. She moaned like crazy. Then, to my surprise, Fred clamped his lips onto my mother’s breast and began sucking.

My cock was so hard I thought I’d die. I opened the front of my boxers and took my cock in my hand. I began rubbing it while watching mom make out through the crack in my door. I thought I’d explode when I ran my hand up and down my cock a few times. I restrained a moan of pleasure. It didn’t take long for the lubricant from my cock to lubricate the head. I ran my hand over the slimy end of my cock and my knees nearly buckled. It felt so good. I opened my eyes again and gasped in horror. They were coming. I slid my door closed as fast as possible without making noise. I heard footsteps passing as I leaned my head against the door, waiting. Mom giggled before closing the door to her bedroom.

I locked my bedroom door, fell on my bed and finished my masturbation with vision of my mother’s breast in my head. It was a fantastic handjob.

A picture of my mother making out remained in my mind. So when I saw the add for a panning hidden video camera for $75 dollars, my eyes widened in surprise. I could put this camera in my mother’s room and she would never know it. In fact, my mother always left her closet open. It would fit nicely on the top shelf. That clutter had been unmoved since my father died ten years before. It had been some of his stuff, mostly. Yeah, the camera would fit up there very nicely. I clicked on it, took out the slip from my mother’s credit card, and ordered it. She would never know.

The camera came in, I read the directions, and stuck it to an old Monopoly box in her closet with a piece of two-sided tape. I waited breathlessly until Friday night. I heard them come in the door, as usual, and head for her room. I carefully locked my door and booted up the software for the camera. With a little tweaking I had a high quality image I could be proud of.

At first I was disappointed. Although I had a good shot of my mother’s tits, the rest of her body was covered with a silk sheet. I hated those sheets, they were leopard skin design. I didn’t know how she slept in them.

My mother sat up and Fred surged up off the bed and captured her nipple in his mouth. The way mother was moving, I think they were fucking, but I didn’t know for sure.

Fred had a beard and mustache which must have tickled mother’s breasts, but she didn’t seem to mind. She had her eyes closed, obviously enjoying his mouth and tongue on her breast. I was so horny I could have fucked a fence post. Unfortunately, all I had available was my hand. I grabbed a roll of toilet paper and set it on the desk by the computer. I stood and shoved down my shorts.

My God, mother was certainly beautiful. And she looked so damned sexy on my computer screen. I was proud of her.

I took my cock into my hand and began stroking it. I moaned in pleasure, not fearful of being heard. There were several walls and a lot of space between our rooms. Bless the guy who thought up this camera. It was the best invention since the bicycle.

“Oh, yes,” my mother mouthed silently on the camera. The next thing I needed was sound. I didn’t know how to arrange that, possibly with a more expensive camera. I stroked my cock furiously. I was delighted when Fred reached out and slid the blanket off my mother’s ass. She had such a beautiful ass, tanned and shapely.

Fred laid back on the bed and my mother moved closer to his mouth. My eyes bugged out when I saw her move forward and put her pussy into Fred’s eager lips. He sucked and licked while she withered above him.

Then Fred did something which I will be eternally grateful for. He turned on the bed to give his feet more room. This put him so I had a perfect view of him eating her pussy. It was almost as if he knew I was watching. I shivered at the thought. Stroking my cock rapidly, I kept my eyes glued to my mother’s sweet pussy. It was small and hairless. How beautiful. Fred stuck his tongue right up inside my mother’s pussy, spreading the lips apart as he slid his tongue through it from bottom to top. He paused and fluttered the tip of his cock on her clit, and she went wild. Her hands went to the top of his head and she pulled him up tightly into her pussy. His eyes flew open and a look of desperation filled them. He licked furiously for several more minutes, then paused, spoke to her, and she rolled off his face.

I moaned, annoyed at the interruption. I was getting close to an orgasm. It was just a matter of minutes now. My cock was well lubricated. My hand slid easily over the length of my cock. I was feeling the deep, slow burn in my balls.

Fred left the bed. I heard the toilet flush in my mother’s room, then Fred reappeared. He fell to the bed and my mother crawled across the bed after him. She sank down and took his cock into her lips and I almost died. I pumped my hand on my cock furiously, gasping for breath.

Mom only sucked his dick for a moment, then he rolled over on his back. She walked across the bed on her knees, straddled his body, and eased herself down on his cock. I could almost feel it on my cock. It must have felt so damned good.

“Oh yes,” I gasped, now out of breath. Mom began rising and falling on his cock. I wondered how she kept from breaking it. She was obviously feeling wonderful. Her head was back and she was bucking like crazy. Once again I noticed how damned beautiful my mother was. If I hadn’t been proud of her before, I was certainly more proud of her, now that I had seen her naked. What a fox.

By panning the camera in, I had such a good shot that I could clearly see her puckered asshole. I whined slightly as my orgasm started. I clamped my hand over the head of my cock, with my eyes glued to my mother’s asshole, and cried out as the spurts of hot cum filled my hand.

When I looked back up, mother and Fred had finished their orgasm’s as well. Mother was sliding gently forward and back on his wilting cock, which now lay on his abdomen. Mother rolled off and I turned off my computer, then wiped myself clean enough to use the shower without dripping on the way there.

After my shower I fell on the bed and went to sleep with visions of my mother’s beautiful body filling my head.

Saturday, the following night. They went out for drinks again. This time they came home early. I had made a snack and was watching the Tonight Show. They came in arm-in- arm. I waved, we spoke for a while, then they made their way back to her bedroom. I dropped the bowl of popcorn and ran to my room.

It took a few minutes to boot up the program. I waited breathlessly.

Mother was laid out in the bed, with her head in my direction. Fred was eating her cute little hairless pussy like it was the last food on earth, and he was starving. He lapped her pussy like a dog, she squirmed and cried so loudly I could hear it clear down in my room. Mom really liked having her pussy eaten.

Her hands went to her breasts and began mashing them. I watched her long fingers indent the flesh of her breasts. They were so sexy and beautiful.

Fred quit eating my mom and sat up on his knees, looking down at her with a smile. I leaned forward in anticipation. I needed to learn how to record it. I knew it was only a matter of downloading the software from the internet. This was good stuff.

To my horror, the picture of my mother, and the bed, suddenly altered. Without warning the pictured tipped toward the floor. Then the camera hurtled through space, bounced on the carpet, and lay aimed toward the shoes in my mother’s closet. I gasped in horror and sat looking at the shoes, waiting for her scream of outrage. But apparently the camera had fallen unnoticed. In half an hour Fred left. Apparently he had to be somewhere, which is why they came home early. I was hoping that mom would leave the bedroom so I could fix the camera. Maybe it was best to remove it for a while.

I gasped when the picture on my computer abruptly moved. It swung back and forth, aimed at the floor, until it suddenly showed my mother’s naked pussy. I didn’t know it, but she was looking over the camera and the pussy shot was accidental. I gasped and moved forward, taking in every intricate detail of her sweet little box. It was perfect. As good or better than the pictures in Playboy or Penthouse. God she was beautiful.

The camera moved closer and I quickly tapped the key to make it focus. The movement of the lens alerted her. Without warning the camera tipped up, showing only my mother’s face.

“Kevin, I think it’s time we talked,” she mouthed the words into the camera. I knew I was in trouble.

I was grounded one month for watching my mother have sex. I was grounded for another month for using her credit card without asking. I certainly learned my lesson. The new camera is mounted in a smoke alarm.

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