The Ole Saloon

Author: erotic-man123

It was in the 1800’s there was a western town, Wichita. The town was full of scum and whores. Upon those many scandals and theifs, there was a man who had no family no friends, just the hopes of exceeding his sex life, his eroticism. He was tall, handsome, tan and had a bushy stache that met from his nose to the top of his lip. He was built like a hard-working man and had dark black hair that grew out like the kind of hair most men would want. thick, easy to handle, and god looking. The name was Samuel Bowser, most called him Sam.
The day was cold, as the air was filled with silence and the clouds would gently weep. There was an old run down saloon that sat in the middle of Wichita, surrounded by other old buildings occupied by the scum and scandals of the city and some of poor families who withered at the stairs of the rich hoping for at least maybe bread crumbs. The saloon was ran by an older man, Jack McMann, he was at least in his late forties, he was also the bartender there. He was a chubby man with barely any hair, just at least a comb over of what little he did have, and his beard was gray with little bits of black and it was also bushier than most beards you see, but Samuel was on his way into the saloon because he had known the bartender for quite some while now, and was meaning to pay a visit to the man. The place had been know for prostituting, so if any guys wanted to have a good time with any whores than that saloon was the best place to go, and that was Samuels intentions.
Samuel walked into the saloon with his revolver at his side buried in his holster. He looked at the men in the bar laughing having a good time. Sam took a path through all the men laughter and went straight to the bar where Jack greeted Sam with a nice greeting from folk to folk. “Good day to you sir” said Jack”. “How do you do old friend”, said Sam. “Well everything has been going fine with me old saloon here”, than Sam felt the need to waste tie with this old friend of his, so he started to get straight down to business. “So I came here hoping I could try having a good time with your best prostitutes”, said Sam in a low and serious voice. “Sure” said Jack, “Like usual just go upstairs and pick the best one for you”. “Thanks” Sam than said heading upstairs.
As Samuel reached the second floor of the ole saloon it smelled of cheap bourbon and dry blood. The second floor was filled with whores and many rooms with shut doors. “You’re pretty good-looking for a townsfolk”, Sam heard from beside him. As he turned and looked at the woman he saw an aged blond who was quite busty, and had nice tight legs and firm tight body. She was wearing nothing but a pretty face along with a black bra and black panties. ” You look’n for a good time handsome man, cause if so than I’m exactly who you’re looking for” the woman retorted with a nice slandering smile. “Actually I was” said Samuel, “what a coincidence”. ” Than why don you and me go into an unoccupied room and have good time”. “Well now that’s what I’m talking about” Sam said in a very humorous voice. Samuel was a happy man due to what just happened and you could easily tell by the expression on his lonely face. As the two walked into a room with nothing but a mattress and skanky lingerie spread upon the floor he noticed sweet aroma of eroticism rising up in him, wishing to achieve the best in his sex life. As the door was shut behind the kinky man, the whore stood straight up and wrapped her arms around her back and undone her bra. As her bra hit the floor he had no other intentions but looking at her humongous breast she beheld upon him. Though she was much older than him, her breast’s were awesome.
Sam was really aroused as she slipped her panties off. He than automatically started to take his shirt off while she layed upon the mattress. He than got off his shirt and pants and threw ’em onto the hard floor, and he suddenly threw himself onto the prostitute. She grasped his shoulder with a tightening grip and let the sex begin.
As Samuel entered a state of kinkiness he was smothered with her magical breasts while he sent off the scent of miraculous encounters with struggles of handling himself with her embedded excitement. The whore screamed loud and wild as Sam stuck it in her vagina and had stroked it with her clit. He suddenly awed in the moment of amazement as he had relieved himself inside of the whore. After the sex the moonlight reflected off of the stars and allowed the night to set in. That night Samuel showed that he had became a man and from there on out he had spent many years of his life exploring his eroticism.

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