Discovering a friends willingness

Author: Scottydelight

    I had wanted to open the door just wasnt sure how. I asked him to stay the night which was the first time but he agreed. I picked him up and sprung my paln into effect. He was a little younger and knew he had little experience. I told him about porn mags I had. He didnt respond immediately so I asked if he ever seen one and if he wanted to. He said he did and grew excited as we neared the house. I held out that I had movies too so I could pull them out at the right time.
We got in and he jumped right into flipping through the mags. I let him thumb through awhile to get him horny and braver. I told him I had movies too but had a condition in order to watch them. It was the same one given me. It serves two purposes, to open the door and reassure. I explained they had to be watched naked. I added I too would be naked and he still seemed nervous. He wanted to have a blanket to be naked under it. I agreed thinking he would loosen up as the night went on. I laid in full view giving him all the time and opportunity to look. He regularly turned to look. I didnt touch myself at first letting my hard on come and go. It caught his attention.
An hour or so into the porno I told him to lose the blanket since I was out in the open naked. I pulled the blanket off and he said he had a little dick. I looked at it and said it was ok. I told him to sit on the bed with me. He sat tentively and I told him to lay out like me. He took care to not touch at all and I pulled his leg over mine saying it was ok. I began to play with myself. He was now upclose to my penis and stared at it. I had an idea to give him a message and get a gauge on his willingness. I grabbed the lube and offered some. He took it and I got some and rubbed onto his dick. It was little but could feel it stiffen when I touched it. I didnt mind his size it was fine. He took a long look and I knew I had planted the seeds. I left it at that and just played with myself. I saw him gaze longer and longer at my cock.
I asked if he had ever fooled with a guyfriend before. He said yes and I told him me too. I explained how I was ok with it and stroked his cock to prove it. I announced how I didnt mind even if he touched my dick. We talked about it for awhile. He asked questions getting the idea. Suddenly he asked if I wanted a dick massage. He could massage it for me and I hid my excitement as I agreed. He began to touch me getting a feel for it. He stroked me expertly. He kept talking about the hardness of my cock. He soon had a new idea. He offered to suck it for me. He took my cock without any reservations. He mouthed my cock and sucked me like a popsicle. He adked how it felt and it was really good. He said it was the first dick he sucked. He alternated from his hand to mouth. He wanted to sit on my dick and put it between his butt cheeks. I was well lubed and slid between them easily. I stopped him only to keep from ejaculating.
After a break we started up again. After some more head and hand he wanted to sit on my dick again. He sat facing away from me. I poked in and out of his hole and cheeks. I began to moan and squirm and sensing it he beared down on me. I slid up and down and began to squirt. The first shot must have filled his cheeks cause every time I did shoot it squirted out the top of his cheeks. It made it to the middle of this back. He jumped off thrilled at the pleasure he gave me. He didnt clean his crack out which I liked.
Some time passed and we remained naked. I laid on my side and he began pressing against my dick. In a few seconds it became hard. He sat on my dick awhile before going back to handling it. He moved to take me in his mouth and got between my legs. When he sat up his dick was almost touching his. He too noticed and pressed to make them touch and did. He moved my legs together and straddled me getting good leverage on me. He slid back and forth our cocks touching pressed between our bodies. I told him after that first orgssm not sure when I’d cum. He set out to make me cum again. He slid totally focused on what he was doing. I felt the twinge of an orgasm and told him. He beared down with purposeful intent. I began to ejaculate and he pressed firmly as the slick gushed. He stroked well past the climax making me twitch. We slept naked covered in my sperm. It was great better then I could have hoped.

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