Nightly Rounds

Missy’s lips repeated sucked Trina’s pointed clit into her lips, then released it. The thrill of her clit sliding between Missy’s hot red lips, was exquisite. It was like fucking a wonderful, agile pussy with her clit.

Because of her position, below Trina, Missy’s mouth filled with juices repeatedly. She simply swallowed Trina’s offering and continued eating. She felt as though she was drowning in pussy slime, but she didn’t mind. She was willing to die in such an exciting, sexy manner. Death by pussy was one of her new fantasies, as long as the pussy belonged to Trina.

“Um, yes,” Trina whispered down to Missy. She licked her lips, then closed her eyes, tipping her head back until she was facing the ceiling. Her body bobbed rhythmically on Missy’s sweet face. Fire shot between her legs and up to her tits.

Missy stuck her tongue up Trina’s vulva and sucked harshly. Trina was about to cry out at the pain, but before she could Missy released her. Her long tongue squirmed inside of Trina, searching out her sweet scent and abundant juices.

Trina rode more quickly, tongue fucking herself on Missy’s willing tongue. The sensation was heavenly.
Missy sucked again and Trina cried out in pain, lifting off her mouth to escape the savage lips. Missy surged upward, capturing the small pussy in her lips and milking it repeatedly by pulling her mouth off, only to surge upward again.

With an aching neck, Missy fell back on the pillow and massaged Trina’s pussy with her hand.
“You are so sexy and delicious,” Missy whispered. “Can we do this again?”
“Maybe,” Trina said non-committally. She had heard the same thing many times. She actually tried a few relationships, but the time spent on her job, and the ensuing jealously, always made any relationship end in hate and pain. She didn’t want to face that again. Trina was a college student who danced naked on stage in her spare time. That didn’t leave much time for anyone else.

“Please?” Missy begged. Her hand stirred the mush of Trina’s wet pussy frantically.
“I will see you again while you are here. We can discuss other arrangements later,” Trina moaned, unwilling to spoil her imminent orgasm.
“Ok,” Missy smiled before pulling Trina’s pussy down to her mouth. She wiggled a finger in beneath Trina and inserted it into her pussy, while her mouth returned to Trina’s clit. This was exactly what Trina needed, she needed to feel something inside her. Missy was very intuitive.

Lapping like a dog, Missy’s tongue strummed Trina’s swollen clit, while her finger wiggled inside her. Trina rolled her head from side to side, with her eyes tightly closed. A huge smile lit her sweet elfin face.

Missy began sucking savagely on her clit, but this time she didn’t care. She was so hot that the pain simply intensified her pleasure. She jerked her pussy forward, fucking herself on the long finger, while flailing her pussy against the sweet soft face beneath her. She looked back at Missy’s open robe, her swollen stomach and huge bouncing breasts. The patch of very light brown hair beckoned her enticingly, but she knew that the girl’s stomach was too large to allow a 69. Already, she was craving the taste of pussy again. Looking down at the sweet, adoring face and green eyes, she massaged the girl’s blonde hair as the girl ravaged her loins.

“Oh, your mouth feels so good,” Trina gasped, looking into those deep pools of green.
Missy’s moans matched Trina’s gasps of pleasure. Both sounds echoed through the room, and the quiet hospital. The smell of pussy was strong and heady in the room. It’s alluring aroma would remain in the room for hours, even days.

“Oh, lick my pussy, make me cum,” Trina murmured. She reached back and took one huge globe of breast into her hand, mashing it violently as Missy’s tongue strummed her clit. Trina wished that Missy’s finger was longer. She wanted to feel a huge finger inside her pussy, the size of a dick. She looked around the room for something to use as a dildo, but she saw nothing.
She again looked longingly at the pussy behind her, but knew it was far from reach. Maybe if Missy was on top and she was on the bottom… no that would be too dangerous for a pregnant woman. Her mother trusted her to take care of her patients. She would not betray that trust and get her mother into trouble. Maybe she could eat Missy again, if time permitted.

“Oh fuck, I’m coming,” Trina gasped. She was shocked at the intensity of the fire brewing between her open legs. Missy was about to give her a big orgasm. Missy pulled her thumb out of Trina’s pussy and inserted her thumb. Trina liked this, it was shorter but much thicker. Suddenly the thumb disappeared and Missy’s index and middle finger replaced it. Trina new that Missy as looking for a way to give her a truly memorable orgasm. And she was succeeding.

“Another finger,” Trina gasped. “Use another finger.”
Missy reluctantly inserted a third, then all four fingers. They felt enormous inside her. She tried to adjust her posture to make more room for the fingers. Suddenly time seemed to stand still as her orgasm intensified and paused, then exploded with a horrible intensity. Bucking on the poor girl’s mouth, and rubbing her pussy against the hot red lips, Trina ignored Missy’s temporary pain, in the throes of a huge orgasm. Grunting like a wild animal, Trina hunched her pussy against the helpless face. With her face twisted in pain and pleasure, she rode the sweet face over and over again, only relenting when her orgasm began to wane and dissipate.

“Oh yes,” Trina said, over and over in an ever-quieting voice. Slowly she relaxed and settled onto Missy’s smiling face. Missy slowly pulled her fingers out of Trina’s pussy. Trina squealed and shot up off Missy. She reluctantly turned and rolled off of Missy, sitting on the edge of the bed as her body relaxed. Missy licked her fingers clean, then placed a hand on Trina’s soft thigh.

“You were wonderful,” Missy said in a small voice.
“So were you,” Trina said, turning and kissing Missy on her soft lips. “I’ve never cum so big before.”
“Really?” Missy gave her an innocent look.
“Absolutely. God, what time is it?” she suddenly asked.
“About 2,” Missy said, glancing at her watch.
“I have to go. How long will you be in?” Trina asked as she pulled on clothing.
“I don’t know. I might go home tomorrow.”
“Can we see each other out in the real world?” Missy asked hopefully. Trina thought for a moment, then made a decision.
“Come to Antonio’s when you get a chance. I dance there.”
“Really,” Missy said joyously.
“Bye,” Trina said, giving her a quick kiss, then rushing toward the door.
She found her mother waiting outside the door. She looked curious and happy.
“Well, it took you long enough,” Her mother said.
“She’s special,” Trina said, her cheeks dimpling in embarassment.
“I told you so. 3C is available now. I just finished with her and she’s all bedded down for the night.”
“Do you think… I mean is she…”
“Lesbian? I believe so. While I was taking her temperature I leaned my pussy against her hand, where it lay on the side of the bed. She didn’t move it,” her mother said with a smile.
“Is she pretty?” Trina asked in growing excitement.
“Well she looks like the woman on the pancake syrup, if that’s any indication,” her mother laughed.

“I can live with that,” Trina laughed, rushing forward. She gave her mother a quick kiss on the lips, then hurried down the hall. Her mother watched her thoughtfully, licking her lips as she watched her impulsive daughter rush away to eat a patient’s pussy. “Who would have guessed…” she whispered, then licked her lips again, tasting the distinctive taste of a sweet young pussy, left by her daughter’s lips. The taste stirred old memories, and college days filled with exotic excitement. She watched her daughter disappear, then hurried into Missy’s room.

“Hi, Melissa, I’m Trina’s mom, and you taste absolutely delicious,” she said as the door closed behind her. It was only a moment before the distinctive click of the lock echoed in the empty hallway.

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